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White Women + Anal Sex

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Tomascini, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. My wife actually prefers anal as her hole is tighter for my small cock.
  2. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest


    Then your Wife would Love My Cock Filling Both of Her Holes.
  3. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    "Like many of the other cucks, I've never had the pleasure of taking my wife anally. On the other hand, 7 of her lovers over the years have had that pleasure, most on more than one occasion." This seems to be a common thing because this is my wife also. She never let me take her anally, said she isn't into that but when her first bull suggested it she told him she's never done it, but will try. SO he had me get some lube and put it on his cock and on her. He went very slowly but after a while seemed to "pop" all the way inside her. She went crazy. Said it hurt but after that "pop" it felt so good and when she came with his cock in her ass, it was an amazing orgasm. When I asked her why she let him, not me, she said she felt he "expected" it from her and she had to do it for him. As crazy as it sounds that turns me on like nobody's business. I came in my pants just watching that first time
  4. tee stud

    tee stud New Member

    Inbox me , love to pound her ass (in front of u anytime)
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  5. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    This is my wife.. can you believe she loves her little asshole pounded?

    Well I did it a few times first we got married from all the women it was to my surprised my new wife truly enjoys getting fucked in her ass.

    When stated cuckolding me a lover she dated for a while fucked her in the ass many many times and I’ve seen her cum nice and hard with his cock deep inside her.

    She always commented that she liked his cock because its only about 7 inches and thin almost same size as mine but she enjoyed his more because he’s her lover.

    She lately started dating a new lover with a large cock at least 10 inches and thick. I’ve watched them fuck the first time. The second and third time she went played with him alone; on the third play she went for a quick 1 hour of fucking at late at night just before we started to play.

    When she got back and to my surprise she told me he fucked her in the ass. I’ve seen his big and thick cock before I would not imaging her taking it in her ass but she told me they did it and it was hot and she enjoyed it and even had him finish inside her.

    I could not wait for my wife to take her panties off and come to bed and show me. She got on top of me in my favorite (69) position I eagerly opened her but cheeks. She was right her asshole looked stretched well and dripping with cum. Her asshole was still open and the lining of her asshole looked soar. When I asked her how she was able to do it she said nice and easy and lots of craving for his cock to have it in her asshole, both were able to get it in as she sat on it and he was able to penetrate her asshole well in a few positions. She said her asshole was so tight around his cock they both loved it until he finally filled her with his juices; she didn’t so she was still horny as hell. She sure was horny as hell her pussy was dripping she made me lick both her pussy and her asshole and finally had me stick my lounge in her asshole, it was kind of loose and cum slimy. I shot my load in her mouth as I pushed my tongue way up in her asshole.
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  6. diva

    diva New Member

    Had you ever had the opportunity of eating anal cream pie after her bull had filled her ass with his cum i.e. she sitting on your mouth immediately after he pulls out? I always fantasize about that i.e. a cocktail of his cum and my GF's anal juice.mmmmmmmm
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  7. justdouss

    justdouss New Member

    My wife would be disappointed if she didn't get a butt fucking.
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  8. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    That is hot. Does she let you fuck her ass or only her bulls?
  9. justdouss

    justdouss New Member

    I only get her ass after her boyfriend fucks it. I don't mind.
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  10. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    That is incredible ! I don't get to fuck my wife's never have, never will. That is only for her bulls
  11. justdouss

    justdouss New Member

  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That's very nice. Why should you mind? She's all lubed up and ready.

    Ever do a DP with her?

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