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  1. Clarepear

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    The first time it happened was an unplanned even when we were dating, while he was at work I had fun with a male friend. He was irate when he found out and we went on a break.

    The first time we spoke about it was when we were engaged. He agreed to let me go through with this without any relationship consequences. I was working for a summer camp an had feelings for a cute colleague. I told him who it would be and my hubby came to a staff party and they hit it off great.

    I sent him a text just before it happened
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  2. Clarepear

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    I hit post too early and can't seem to edit the post. But I meant to add that I sent him a text that said, "last chance to back out" just before it happened and he replied, "enjoy yourself!". About an hour later I texted, "Done, you're the best" or something like that.

    He was trying to watch TV for the hour, but he couldn't focus because his fiance was getting nailed by a hot guy!
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  3. BretR

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    I was in the corner watching him taking her hard and deep and making her react like I hadn't been able to make her do in a long time
  4. vladdy

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    I was working evenings at the time. She told me that she was getting together with a old friend who she went to school with (a female friend).

    Well, it turned out that this girl was just covering for my girl while my girl went and slept with a guy she met on the internet. She found a nice guy out there who had a very large cock and was happy to let her play with it.

    I figured it out after a few months.....
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  5. bethandpeteuk

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    I planned it, i arrange for a friend to take her, he had wanted beth ever since we got together.
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  6. waynerobertson

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    As a Bull couples really need to talk about both their desires and needs. I like meeting the guy first and then together the girl. I like it when he stays and watches and strokes. Many couples listen to my ideas and we take it from there. The idea is to enhance their relationship not hurt it.
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  8. fkmywfxn

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    It was in his bedroom and I watched from helping take off her clothes to getting redressed, after being well fucked by both of us, to leave.
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  9. curiouscandc

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    I was at work. She met a guy that lived in another city and got a hotel room. She texted me pics all afternoon. Needless to say that I didn't get anything done at work.
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  10. surfrider

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    We had talked and fantasized about it for a year or so, when out of the blue while I was a thousand miles away on a business trip I get a text pic of her sucking a cock, just a pic no text or any warning at all. Talk about angst. Totally was not expecting anything like this. Then about an hour later another pic with a big load of cum on her face with a text message, "not winking that's cum in my eye". I wasn't able to call her till I got back to my hotel room, a couple hours later. While she was giving me some details I came in my pants.
    Since that day she has taken total control of our sex life. Some days wonderful and some are really tough.
    Lately she has totally cut me off from any sex. But thats for another tread.
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  11. gbhl44

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    We had discussed this a few times with Dwayne. He is married to a woman who goes to our church. My wife is very active at church --- teaching bible study to the youngsters, helping at mass and was on the board of trustees for 5 years.

    He came over after mass one Sunday morning. He's a few years older than terry and we wanted to make sure one last time before we decided to take this step.

    He made it clear that he would be in control and that this would be our secret. He wanted none of this to leave our house or get back to his family.

    I looked to my wife and terry agreed. That's when Dwayne took over.

    He started dancing with terry and rubbing her ass through her church dress while I was told to stand in the corner with my back turned to them. They started to make out and after a while Dwayne ordered me to help terry out of her church dress. He then snapped a pic of us "as insuranc" that we would keep this secret.

    When she was in her bra and panties he took her hand and led her to our bedroom. Her told me to take our wedding album and some photos of our kids and set them up on our dresser.

    He then had my wife kneel down in front of him "just like you are in church, slut" and pull down his pants.

    At that point he told me to go downstairs. He called me on my cell phone so I could hear him fuck my wife but I was not allowed to watch

    That was our first time.
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