Where were you when it happened

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  1. watchedwife

    watchedwife Member

    I was in a chair right next to the bed as the other guy fucked her. It was so hot to see him eat her pussy, and watch her as she sucked his cock. But the best part was watching him slide his cock deep in her wet pussy and seeing him filled her pussy with his hot cum.
  2. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I was out of town on business, which is when she is more comfortable with it.

    Unfortunately, I have never been allowed to watch.


  3. Winston20

    Winston20 New Member

    The very first time was in my house mate's room.

    Marian and I had been going out for a couple of months only. She wanted to go steady but I wasn't quite ready to commit yet. I had another girlfriend with whom I didn't want to break up with at least not until after I would meet her in Paris. I selfishly told her that she should 'mess around' some more before getting into another longer term relationship. I didn't believe she would do it.

    Few weeks after my weekend in Paris (which was great), we were watching movies in my housemate's room, together with a friend of his. I was bored and said I wanted to go out and have some fun. The friend say okay, let's go but Marian and Jay said they were lazy.

    I returned home deep at night and noticed that the light in Jay's room was still on. I wanted to say 'hi' and opened the door. I saw Marian and Jay sitting on the couch. They grinned sheepishly at me and said hi too. I noticed there was something not right. Her clothes were out of order, her blonde hair was messy and he seemed to have a bulge in his pants. WTF?

    They surely had been making out! For a few seconds I wondered what to do. Claim her back, join them or just barge off?

    I felt angry and frustrated, and instinctively decided to go to bed. Damn, I had lost her already... I couldn't deny it was my own fault...

    Since it was past 3am I was tired and fell asleep.

    Perhaps an hour later, I woke up when my room door opened. I looked up and saw Marian's silhouette. Why was she here!?

    She approached my bed and sat on the edge.

    "I wanted to see if you were alright" she said.

    "No" I grumbled. "Did you have sex with Jay?"

    "Yes. I thought you didn't care. You said that I should mess around some more."

    She was right...

    "I waited until you'd come home. I wanted to see how you'd respond."

    Oh my, so I could have stopped it from happening...

    Marian bent over and kissed me.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you..."

    Admittedly, that was sweet. I appreciated that she came over to see me. I pulled her towards me to join me in bed.

    We kissed some more. I noticed that I was getting a hard-on. I considered having sex with her. She seemed to want it. I reached between her thighs. Her crotch radiated heat and her panties were damp. Was that for me, or....?

    "Did Jay come inside you?" I asked Marian.

    "Yes" she said.

    Sigh... Then I didn't want it. I didn't want to feel my dick sliding in another guy's cum. The idea repulsed me. I wiped my fingers over the bed sheets.

    Marian seemed to understand. Her fingers crawled down my belly and closed around my foreskin. I didn't want her to do this, I was still angry and upset. But she ignored me when I gently tried to push her hand aside. She continued to stroke me. She broke my resistance. I assumed she'd go down on me but she ignored me when I wanted her to slow down. Instead she pulled me over the edge within a minute...

    "Ooohh-uh-oohhh... Argghh..." I groaned as she felt the warmth of my cum flowing over her fingers... I felt good but I hated making a mess.

    I now felt empty and dead tired. Marian gave me a kiss on my lips.

    "I'm going back downstairs. Tonight I'm with Jay" she said and got up. She walked back to my bedroom door and disappeared.

    My hang over caused a me to feel severely depressed the following morning. I sneaked out of the house and went for a long walk.

    What the hell had happened? Damn, I wanted her back! I didn't want him to go out with her. Okay, I'll commit.

    I called her a day later and made her my offer. She didn't say no, but not yes either.

    "Will you continue to see Jay?" I asked, worried.

    "I don't know. I may because I like Jay too. But I'm really confused now. I need some time..."
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  4. small9

    small9 Active Member

    In my living room. They were up in our bedroom. I slept on the couch that night. She decided to cuckold me with an ex. She called him up then met up with him and then brought him home. She explains Ned the situation to him while they were out. He was into it. They said hi to me and she told me they were going to go upstairs to fool around. I was told to stay down stairs. After a while I knew they were finished because it got quiet. I went up to see her and the door was locked so I went back down and slept on the couch. Couple hours later he left. He has been the regular bull ever since.
  5. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    I was watching out our bedroom window as she got fucked by an old boyfriend in the front seat of his car. It was the day before we married and yes it was planned.
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  6. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    The first time I was at home waiting for her to come home from a date. It was her first date with this guy but she never came home that night. She went to his place and fucked all night.
  7. CaptainCuckold

    CaptainCuckold New Member

    We had a contractor working on our house. At the time our sexual relationship was horrible. We went to lunch on a Saturday, and she said she really needed to have sex. We talked about her doing the contractor as she said she kinda liked him. She would text him often about how the work on the room was going, and from those texts she said it wouldn't be tough to make that happen. I was at work when she called me, and she simply said, "I just fucked the contractor." It took all of four days. Lol She didn't use a condom, although she had one in her purse. Her tubes are tied as well. I hung up and was a bit dazed. Not much work got done the rest of the day, but she called early afternoon, so not much day left. I got home and ate her immediately and then came in her pretty fast.
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  8. Luis5711

    Luis5711 New Member

    It was planed

    It was in a hotek room and I was listening to everything, the kissing, the oral sex and finaly the penetration. It was very exiting.
  9. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Well I was there on our pull out couch, getting my pussy fucked by a big black bull :p

    I made him sit in the corner and film it...
  10. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    Was in our first apartment together long before we were even married. A good friend of ours who was also an ex-boyfriend was over and we were all pretty drunk. The conversation had turned to sex and the booze continued to flow. Late in the evening I had asked her if she was still interested in him and she admitted she was, at which point I asked if she wanted to fuck him. She hesitated for only a second and told me she would like to so I gave her the nod and for the next hour and a half, I watched him screw the hell out of her on the living room floor and put two loads inside her. That's what got the ball rolling for us!
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  11. littlebuggers

    littlebuggers New Member

    i was working away in london, while she was at work in the north of england, her work colleague had been showing interest in her for weeks, upto this point she wasn't really interested in black guys, so i told her she could go for it if she wanted, she later told me the office was empty as the other workers had gone out (can't really say what kind of office it was, but small amount of staff that took the clients out a lot) i then got a text message 45 mins later saying "i just shagged Paul", i instantly got a hard cock and was shaking, mixed reactions for the first time, but was so exciting. so her first experience was with a hung black guy that cum inside her pussy, i was hooked!!!
  12. Pagel

    Pagel New Member

    I was at home.. She was wearing short shorts, vneck t shirt with no bra, new lacy panties and cowboy boots. I helped shave her pussy completed smooth for him, and applied body lotion to her, she gave me a quick kiss and she was off, not sure why I was so nervous. The drive was 30 minutes. She texted me and said she was there, I thought it would be a slow thing, but no, I got a text pic of her legs over his shoulders and he was buried deep in her. I nervously waited it seemed forever and a quick text from her, "this may take awhile, go ahead and go to bed" like I could...
    About 3 hours later I got text from him that he was sending her home.
    As soon as she got home I directed her to the bed she pulled off her sticky panties, what a delight...
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  13. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    Great Responses from everyone!

    Thank you all - let's keep this one going!

    Rob n Ter
  14. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    If the first time had happened after we were married, I was at home while she was at a work conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She went on the corporate jet, accompanied by senior execs (all male) including her direct supervisor. She was close to him--he was basically her mentor. She called me up on the Saturday night after the event was over and was tipsy with white wine. That was the first time she jetted off with that crowd.
  15. TnMtns

    TnMtns New Member

    He was the manager at a local golf course where I had played some golf and wife had taken lessons. He was married BUT separated. I considered him an acquaintance, we were not "close friends". He was a close friend of the golf pro my wife had been taking lesson from.

    I was at home...she met him at restaurant in the bar...they moved from their back to his apartment. She called me from her cell phone to tell me she was in the parking lot of his apartment. Three hours later called to tell me she was on the way home.
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  16. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    From what little I know of your relationship, it started well before the two of you got married.


  17. sterling119

    sterling119 New Member

    First time for us was in a friends basement bedroom. We had been working on cars that day, we went in to get cleaned up and have a drink. They had been attracted to each other for a while so the flirting was normal for them. Finally the flirting became more touching with me finally starting to undress her and our friend touching her all over when I gave them both the nod to just get it over with since they both knew they wanted it. She laid back on the bed, he got between her legs and started to fuck her good. Both enjoyed very much with her having a really good orgasm......his followed shortly after and of course since there was no plan for this to happen the sex was bare with him filling her to overflow.....Very hot to see them cum together and then as he pulled out seeing his semen running from her was fantastic!! I took her shortly after and we have never looked back since. Over the years she has now had 16 other men fill her and we still enjoy it as much as ever.
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  18. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    First time after we married was probably a week or 2 later at a party. She got fucked up against the side of the garage by the host while I kept his wife distracted inside.
  19. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    The first time was a few months ago. We had discussed her taking a lover for quite a long time and identified someone who I know throught work. My wife had met him on a number of occassions, and liked him. He clearly liked her, he had mentioned to me once or twice how pretty she is. We also thought he would be trustworthy (we were right) and it helps that he lives in the next town.

    So, he came over for dinner (not the first time). We had agreed that she should try to seduce him, though had no definite plan beyond a certain amount of alcohol. As the evening progressed we began to talk about Strictly Come Dancing; I like the programme, but can't dance and don't really know much about it. As the conversation progressed my wife decided she needed to illustrate what she was saying; she asked her guest to help her. They were both quite merry at this point and it was not long before his hands began to wonder. She did not object. As they finished, their faces got very close and they kissed. He quickly pulled away and looked guiltily at me. I just waved his apology away, and said "I'm Ok. You continue." He did , and before long had her naked and soon afterwards was fucking her on our living room floor whilst I watched. He is still her lover.
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  20. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    At the time, we didn't even know what cuckolding was, but she cuckolded me hard the first time. She did it in our marital bed, with one of my best friends, and I watched by peaking through a cracked door. It happened 26 years ago, and she is still smoking hot, still cuckolding me whenever possible, and still sleeping with our long distance friend whenever travel allows. I've posted the story here before, so I'm posting the link here. Her first time is the second story down.

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