Where were you when it happened

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by rfresco, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    Have a question for all the guys in here - where were you the first time another guy was in between your wifes legs?

    Were you at home, wondering why she was so late? Were you on a business trip while she was having fun? Busy at work? Let us know! Should be interesting!

    Also, was it planned or not? How did you feel when you found out?

    For us, we were in a bar - insert long story here - and a guy picked her up. I waited in the bar until she returned. It was a nervewracking experience, but seeing her excitement afterwords made it all worthwhile.

    We started sharing her (I'm not a cuck - she's a 'hot wife' though) periodically throughout the years.

    Let's hear your story! Concise, but detailed!

    Rob and Teri
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  2. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    I was home alone in bed the first time my was with another guy. She was 100 miles from home and met a old boyfriend for drinks. She called me around 11:00 pm and told me she was staying the night with him. It was a long night for me.
  3. buckn8kid

    buckn8kid Hair Trigger Cuck

    We were at home.She was spread out on our bed with her legs in the air,panting like a dog,hands on the headboard pushing her cunt into his long fat cock as hard as she could.He had his feet on the footboard hammering away also. I was standing by the side of the bed and my hand was blurrrrrrrrrrrrrr,jacking myself off.
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  4. swampdragon

    swampdragon New Member

    It was at a swingers club, we met the couple there and went back to the hotel room. All four of us were in the bed with the others spouse. I enjoyed watching him between her legs more than I enjoyed being with his wife. I guess thats when I knew I wanted to see her with more men. We stayed with couple for awhile before we finally took the step and had a single guy over. I have already posted that story.
  5. pete359a

    pete359a New Member

    i was in my truck, half way across the country from them. they made a video for me to see when i got home
  6. Kermess

    Kermess New Member

    I was in the sofa in front of them seeing them kissing and licking, my wife didn t fuck him but they enjoy themseves very much
  7. OhioHusband

    OhioHusband New Member

    I was right beside her

    I had worked it out with my best friend Russ and OhioWife separately. So when we got together at our house it started out a little awkward. On the couch watching TV.

    I started to kiss OhioWife and before I knew it Russ had his hand under her skirt, and was soon on his knees licking her pussy while I kissed her.

    I was there to rub his cum into her tits when he came too.
  8. Kermess

    Kermess New Member

    My wife also had her tits full of cum, he made her cum twice (finger&tong) she rubbed his cock on her tits. It was hot.
  9. labanbi

    labanbi New Member

    After some chatting, we invited him to dinner. After we went to the sofa, him kissing, licking and fingering her. Me watching. Then onto our bed, where he licked and fucked her very wet cunt. Me? - sitting beside naked and jacking off. We all fell asleep with her in the middle. He fucked my wife several times during the night (I was awaken by their fucking). He fucked her one more time while I was in the kitchen making breakfast for al of us.
  10. litelegs

    litelegs New Member


    My wife and I had been having fun teasing around with our landlord then when I thought the time was right I said I had to go to to town for something and left, actually sat at a park for about 45 min [just wanted it happen] when I got home he was gone and she was nervouse but happy and there was a pretty little wet spot on the sheets and there had been no time for b control.
  11. mrstevela

    mrstevela New Member

    I waited, hard as a rock

    When my wife called me and asked me to put the kids to bed, as she'd be home late, I knew that she had decided to have sex with one of her co-workers. She'd worn a sexier dress than usual to work that day, with the real nice black lingerie underneath, so I knew she was horny. I lay awake, hard, anticipating, until 1:30 AM when she finally got in. I asked her if she got laid, and she said "you bet I did" as she slipped my hand underneath her dress, into her panties. She had let her lover take her in a motorhome parked very close to our house, and he'd been cumming in her not ten minutes before and her pussy was slippery, hot and messy. She was still hot, and pulled me on top of her as soon as she got the dress and panties off, humping until my dick was buried in her. I came inside her in about 5 strokes as it was so hot and velvety - no way I could hold back. Then I ate her, and we fucked again. My nuts were sore the next day. Later, she told me it turned her on to see me so hot and make me cum inside her so fast. Man, it turned me on!
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  12. nietzsche

    nietzsche Member

    I was in the other room. He wasn't comfortable having me there in the room the first time he was with her; but they were at our apartment in our bedroom, so I at least got to hear what was going on.

    That's assuming that this WAS the first time. Since she admitted that after we started dating, she gave her previous boyfriend a parting blow job, it's always possible that maybe there was a bit more. :D
  13. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member


    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond. I think the answers so far show a great cross-section of how we started in this lifestyle. The varied comments are great! Please, keep responding!

    Rob and Teri
  14. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    I was on business trip in the southern part of Germany and took my wife with me for the weekend we intended to stay in this town. We discussed such situations for 5 years and we agreed to try it.

    From our room I went down to the hotel bar to have a drink during my wife prepared for her show. She joined with a reveiling outfit and took a seat on the other side of the bar. A grey haired business man joined her soon and they had a nice chat. 2 hours later they left the bar and spent the night in his room. Next morning she came back and it was the most exciting moment for me.

  15. wifes_craving

    wifes_craving Well-Known Member

    The very first time was planned out and I was at work. She invited a coworker of hers over to our house for a few drinks. She ended up fucking him however it was kind of disappointing for her because he could not stay hard. A few weeks later we met a man who ended up fucking her several times over the course of a year. We both kind of consider him "our first" because her coworker could not stay hard.
  16. Subrookie

    Subrookie Active Member

    Working on the son's bike

    She had cheated on me from the start but the first time that I was waiting, knowing she was doing it was when we were taking the daughter and her friend to a movie. They were 12 and we picked up her friend on the way to the movie. During the conversation as we drove the friend said to my wife, in front of me, that her dad thought she was "hot" and they giggled. I said what do you mean and the friend told us her dad was divorced and not dating so he was extra horny, they both giggled again.

    After dropping the girls off I joked with my wife about what they had said and during the conversation I could see she was thinking about it.

    We got back home and I went about working on the son's bike as I had promised him I would repair a flat tire for him. Diana, my wife, reapperaed in the driveway after a change of clothes. She looked good. She told me she had something to do. I was afraid she was off to see the other dad so I joked about him and her getting together when she told me to just repair the bike and she would return.

    As I finished the bike and my son was testing the wheel she returned. I knew where she had been even though she had not told me. When she got out of the car I could see the look on her face and I knew. She walked past the son and I without saying a word and straight into the house. She was only gone about an hour and I felt excitement, jelousey, I was scared and I had a hardon.

    I went into the house and she was getting out of the shower. I asked her "did you go and fuck him?" I thought it would make her mad but she knew that I knew she cheated on me. We had never talked about it but we both knew. Now I was standing there asking her.

    She just smiled and and told me she loved getting a quick unexpected fuck in the middle of the afternoon. Then she grabbed my hard dick through my pants and said she could tell that was also happy about it.

    Since then she has never tried to hide her sex life from me. I have seen her with a lot of men over the years.
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  17. sluttywifeandme

    sluttywifeandme New Member

    We met the guy at a restaurant in a hotel lobby and after an awkward drink and barely touching our nachos we went upstairs to a room. She was really nervous and asked me to wait in the bathroom for a little while while they got comfortable. After 4 or 5 minutes that felt like an eternity I came out expecting to find them talking or maybe kissing but they were both completely naked and she was lying on the bed while he ate her pussy. Her nervousness evaporated pretty quickly and we've never looked back.
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  18. cuckalicious

    cuckalicious New Member

    i was at work-she was at her tennis lesson during the afternoon
    he'd been chasing her for ages and i spose it was always gonna happen but it was still a shock when it did

    she sat me down to explain and was patient and kind and told me it would be best for everyone if i learned to accept it all quickly, tho i since learned that he told her to say that.

    a couple of days later she went to his place on a proper date and looked fab-i was at home and she said "you'll be able to watch the football in peace"

    she busied herself getting ready during the early evening and i was trying to be nonchalant but she wanted me to help her to get me onside

    i'm not totally delighted by it all and felt utterly useless when i had to drop her off at his place in her skirt and boots with tousled hair and a touch too m uch lipgloss
  19. dweezil

    dweezil New Member

    first time

    The first time for me was one of the best. i had cheated on her about 3 yrs into the marriage. i was afraid she was going to find out so i confessed and told her id forgive her if she ever fooled around. i thought she had forgotten all about it. one night after work i went clubbing with a friend of mine. i had forgotten that we had invited another friend over to the house for dinner. i got home around 930 and she and he were sitting on the couch when i came in the house. i appologized for forgetting and he left soon after. we went to bed a few minuites later and she rolled over in bed and said "honey remeber when you said you'd forgive me if i ever fooled around with another man?" "ben fucked me twice tonite while you were gone" i rolled over and felt her up and she was sticky wet with him still. my cock was throbbing as she sucked me and told me everything they said and did. i told her i wanted her to spread for him again as soon as possible. she told he how much bigger he was and how she had cum 4 times on his fingers before she ivited him to our bed to fuck her. it was incredibly hot. he had her again 2 days later while i was at work. my heart raced everytime i was around him just knowing my wifes lips had been around his cock. they were only together a short time before she moved on to another man, but once he broke her in, she couldnt spread for other men fast enough.
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  20. mikemyers

    mikemyers New Member

    In Jamaica

    We were in Jamaica on vacation and she took a black cock insider her and let him cum in her. It was fantastic, She did humiliate me over it and that was exciting also. A lot of time now a guy will pull up in our driveway and honk and she leaves with him, comes home late or in the morning and tells me all about it while I lick on her used pussy

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