When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

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When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

  1. Were you cheated on and discovered that it turned you?

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  2. Or did you just realize it out of the blue?

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  1. Hunter powers

    Hunter powers New Member

    I was cheated on my 11th grade year of highschool. Well , that’s when I found out. We had been together off and on all thru highschool but caught her cheating on me 11th grade year. I was mad at first because the bitch was cheating lol. But we got in depth and I got her past all the “ I’m sorry I made a mistake “ crap , she admitted that she loved me and was happy with me , but she just wanted to be full. To have something bigger in her. I gave her another chance and eventually began pushing questions More I thought about it the more it turned me on. We role played it during sex and found that she got off better calling me her exes name and so did I. Unfortunately I never got to watch her with him. Only a few pics and videos. He wasn’t extremely hung. Maybe 7” and pretty thick. I use to love her being with him then coming to stay with me. It was the best having her afterwards
  2. funstuff

    funstuff Member

    When I started dating wife she was engaged to someone else. She was going to break it off with him one day while I was at work. I called her to see how it went and she was out of breath and sounded like she was struggling a bit and giggling. She told me he was still there and she would call me back. I thought that is sounded like she was having sex with him. For some reason I popped a rock hard boner and it would not go away, rather awkward at work. I was Shocked at my bodies reaction thinking I should be mad but the boner just would not go away. I asked her about it later and she denied it. However several weeks afterwards when I asked again she confessed that he had indeed been fucking her when I called. She was not going to answer because she saw it was me on caller ID. He picked up phone and handed it to her and started fucking her extra hard. Thereby she had not choice but to talk to me for a minute while he fucked her. In the long run all is good. We have been married 35 years and she has had her share of adventures over the years. Always keeping our life exciting. Still wonder to his day why it turns me on but no denying that it does, a hard dick does not lie...lol
  3. My hubby one day asked me to order pizza dressed sluttily.
  4. emmet

    emmet Member

    I was young, perhaps 12 or 13. I cant be sure the age but it was at an age where you had a crush on a girl yet you were really unsure what to do about it. Too immature maybe or too shy but your mind and body were really telling you that girls were something special and your sexual feelings were screaming at you. So I did have a crush on the girl around the block from me. Her name was Julie and how I would love to have a relationship with her.. It was hard to get to know Julie because it was rare for Julie to play with the girls on my block but when she did it was like a mega star was in town. It was special, it was Julie, and I loved her like a innocent immature kid might. I was really shy and Julie never knew me nor paid attention to me but to me she was the one and someday maybe, just maybe, she might acknowledge me and want to go out with me. In my mind that was going to happen. She was so innocent, so pretty, so perfect. She was mine in my mind and I felt someday we would be together.
    One day I was outside in the driveway with my friend and some others and I noticed my Julie walking down the street. It was odd because she normally isn't on our street and she was also accompanied by two of the bad guys in the neighborhood. They were the trouble makers or the bad ass's as they were referred to. I watched as they walked three abreast down the street with Julie in the middle. I just couldn't understand why she was with these guys. I turned to my friend standing next to me and asked him how is she connected to these guys. He looked at me as if I were clueless to what happens around here and he says they go down to the sugar shack (a makeshift fort in the woods near us ) and she lets them feel her up and she sucks their cocks. Oh my god.. I couldn't comprehend what he just said. I couldn't believe I was told that. Not my Julie. I felt such a tight knot in the pit of my stomach I wanted to throw up.. I felt so ashamed yet I felt such a sexual embrace overcome me. I had a nervous shake and felt so sick that I had to leave everyone and go home. That information overwhelmed me physically. I have never forgotten it. I never ever would have guessed Julie would do anything like that.
    This I believe was why to this day I love to think of my wife sucking another cock or getting fucked by someone else. The though of my wife doing that gives me such a knot in my stomach as Julie did yet gives me such a hard-on and brings me to the most magnificent orgasm. Thinking someone else has just fucked my girl makes my whole body shake and I just love the feeling.
    I think the incident with Julie was the seed that was planted and as I got older and into relationships that seed grew and is the reason why I am here at this site and enjoy sharing my wife.
  5. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I can't pinpoint a certain moment because my attraction to being a cuckold evolved over the course of my whole life.

    Literally some of my earliest memories are that I experienced feelings of jealousy in real life and in dreams that made me feel anger, abandoned, and also that I didn't want the jealous feelings to stop because I enjoyed feeling that way. I leave it there and let the Freudians make a Dx based on Oedipal . . . whatever.

    As I grew older the feelings of jealousy eventually fed sexual urges. And here we are now. I don't know what's a bigger turn on for me--the actual sex part, or the eroticism of being lied to, betrayed, subject to infidelity, having scandalous secrets kept from me, etc.

    Whatever it is, it's a deep rooted part of my psyche that's been there since the day I was born, like it's congenital.
  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I had a similar problem but the opposite. In my teens through mid-twenties, I had two long-term girlfriends before my first wife. Both of them would reliably cum hard (moaning, yelling ("Cum with me!"), thrashing, vagina opening in the back) in five to ten minutes, sometimes less. I couldn't usually pop it that fast, or if I did it was too quick to satisfy really me. They would say things like, "What takes you so long?" or "Tssk" as I was still humping, or worse, lay there motionless and looking bored.

    When I met my first wife, I thought I had struck gold. She remained excited as long as I was in her cunt, and usually didn't cum from my dick. But after I finished dumping my load in her I would lick her clit (which I loved) anywhere from five to thirty minutes until she had an intense orgasm.

    Small sample size? Luck of the draw? I don't know?
  7. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    wow! wow
  8. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    I would have like to experience a woman like that at least once. Do you have a pretty large penis? Did they make comments that size had anything to do with it?
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    No, my dick is average. But interesting that you ask. The first girlfriend was pretty tight and did comment that it was a little uncomfortable and mentioned that the only other guy who she ever fucked was thinner and she liked it. The second girlfriend was quite a bit looser, especially when she came. The far end of her vagina really expanded, the walls got hard, and it felt like the end of my dick was rattling around. With my first wife, she was pretty tight and no complaints, she just said that she always had a difficult time orgasming with a dick in her, so she liked that I'd eat her as long as it took.
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  10. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I guess it just comes back to the simple fact that everyone's anatomies are different....men and women.
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  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Anatomies are different and the randomness of who we get for sex partners. When we first decide we'd like to fuck someone we don't know what their anatomy is or what their kinks are. If fate was that you had met my first long-term girlfriends and was fucking them, you'd be talking about women who are too quick-on-the-trigger, if I had met yours I'd be wondering about the effectiveness of my dick.
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  12. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    I can’t say that either choice applies to me. I’d say I was trained into it, more or less by accident. My wife and I are both pretty highly sexed. We agreed from the early days of our marriage that we’d probably eventually have sex with others. We imagined that would most likely consist of swapping.

    That never actually worked out, although we did come close a few times. In reality, my wife’s first fuck, besides me, turned out to be a threesome with my best friend. Although that episode was a peak sexual experience for all three of us, none of us would have described it as ”cuckolding”, if someone had explained that game to us. We saw it as tag-teaming. He and I would go on to tag-team several other women in the years that followed.

    I think I need to explain here that my wife was VERY reluctant to expand her sexual experience beyond each other, even though she does have a very high sex drive. She was the middle child in her family and the only girl, and her desire to remain a “good girl” was very strong. If our friend had followed up in the next couple of weeks, we probably would have kept that game going. He wasn’t able to. Although that experience was the center of our sex talk, once several weeks had passed with no follow-up by him, she cooled off on the idea of a repeat.

    Some months after our 3-some experience, I took a job which would lead to us living in another country for nearly a year. I jumped at it, because I wanted our son, then six, to experience another culture. The preparation phase of the job required me to work in a near-by city, just a little too far away for a comfortable daily commute, so I took a room in the other city and came home weekends and Wednesday evenings. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy several hook-ups over the ten months or so, but she was not so lucky. While I was meeting new women all the time, she was limited to one promising opportunity at work. With my encouragement, she did give the guy every opportunity to seal the deal, but he failed.

    When the time came, we found a renter for our house and I headed overseas to begin the job and find a place for us to live. She and our son followed about a month later. During that month, she had some opportunities to sow her own wild oats, since she more or less had weekends free, with me out of the way.

    There was a guy she had worked with on a school project, the year before. She was all excited to tell me what an interesting person he was. It was obvious to me she had the hots for him, which she denied vociferously at first. Eventually, though, she came to admit to herself that she really did find him hot. He was a couple of years younger, returning to finish his degree after a stint in the military. Very good looking, he was also an avid body builder. She claimed the muscles didn’t impress her, but I think she was lying to both of us. While they were still working on the project, she had gone to his apartment to work on it, and they came close to sex. She was still trying to be a good girl, and he had no clue about hooking up with a married woman, so the moment passed without resolution. He was still in town when I left, though and they were still in contact. Of course I had encouraged her to go for it, before I left town. I had also encouraged her to allow our friend from the 3-some another shot. His kid and ours were best friends, but we had bought houses about 30 miles from each other, so they didn’t get to see each other often. Having them come over so the kids could play would give my friend another opportunity, if she chose to allow it.

    Since she was trying to get up her nerve to finally go for it with her friend at school, she decided to use our mutual friend as sort of a warm up. He was happy to oblige, though of course, she didn’t tell him it was to help her get up her nerve to do it with another guy. Both worked out great for her, and she wound up sleeping with her school friend on successive weekends before she came to join me.

    When she arrived with our son at our new temporary home, she had lots of good stories to tell. Although she had technically cuckolded me with these guys, we still would not have described it that way More like hot-wifing, I think.

    Over the next five or six years, my wife went back to her good girl persona, although she didn’t object to me having the occasional girlfriend, as long as I kept it very discreet. We did have a single 3-some with our old friend during those years, but that was it for her.

    When our second child was born, she took off work for 3 years to take care of him. When he was 2, she got the opportunity to go to Asia on a business trip related to some consulting work she had been doing from home. She had seemed to me very restless sexually, so I strongly encouraged her to look for an opportunity for a fling, particularly since she would be traveling with a group of mostly men. It turned out she was particularly taken with one of the guys, and got so bold as to tell him she wanted to sleep with him. She then had the nerve to call me to make sure I was still OK with it. My very first experience of what I now recognize as cuckold angst took place over the next two days, as I drove home with my 2 boys from their grandparents’ home. As I was driving, I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that she was probably being fucked silly at that very moment, by some guy I would probably never meet. They were in a time zone 12 hours from us, so the timing was probably right.

    When she got home, she told me all about her encounter. Unfortunately, she is a lousy reporter of sex. Fortunately, a few months later her new friend visited our town on business, I picked him up at his hotel, and brought him home to fuck my wife again, this time with my help. And this is where my life as a cuckold began.

    This is getting long, so I won’t go into the details of that night of debauchery. The important thing is that the next time she and I had time for sex play, she set down some new rules. She said that if we ever did that sort of thing again, and she really hoped we would, she needed me to be submissive to the other guy. She said she really needed to feel like he was completely in charge, for her to be able to relax and submit to him the way she needs to.

    Now, having seen on several occasions now, how insanely turned on she gets with a lover, I was willing to do absolutely anything she needed to make that happen, even though being submissive during sex was something I had not considered.

    By this point in our marriage, she and I had figured out that I needed to have orgasms nearly every day, while she preferred to build hers up for several days, and then have a marathon session, with lots of orgasms. So our daily practice was for her to play with me while we talked, reminisced, and fantasized about sex with other people. I’d do most of the talking, and would try to concentrate on whatever I thought would push her buttons. When I hit something that really set her off, I’d also get extremely excited, and she would finish me off by sucking me dry. From this point on, those talks were exclusively about other men fucking her, and often about me being submissive to them as I watched. As time went on, she would more and more often take the lead with the fantasy. Sometimes, particularly if the discussion was about some guy I really didn’t want to fuck her, or didn’t want to have to submit to, like my boss, for example, or some rival at work, she’d sit up between my legs, work a finger up my ass until I relaxed enough to let her stroke my prostate. That way, she had complete control over my orgasm. She could hold me on the edge, or push me over, whenever she wished. We soon came to realize that whatever she was talking about when I was on the edge of orgasm, or actually coming, would be burned into my sexuality, and would act as a trigger from then on.

    Over the next few years, we not only refined the kind of game she wanted to play with other men, but also trained me to actually embrace my submissive role, and be able to enjoy it. What a revelation!
  13. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Great post, Pigr. Actually I'd love to hear more details about what happened after you two migrated into cuckolding. Did she actually fuck your boss? Sounds like she got off on making you submissive. Amazing evolution for her.
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  14. marriedsissy25

    marriedsissy25 New Member

    For me I think it was my family, the way I was raised, Mom was single with no steady man but no shortage of bringing men home. 3 older sisters, the 2 oldest were allowed to let their boyfriends spend the night, I spent many nights listening to the beds in action. And to them I always felt 2nd class. My youngest sister Caitlin (3 years older than me) we got along good, hang out and bring me into what ever her and her friends were doing. Most times just watching movies, listening to music or them teaching me to dance. Sometimes at sleep overs they would do make up and dress me up, but always felt it was just us being goofy.

    The game changer was one summer when Caitlin and her friend Jayda where taking summer dance classes, they had them early mornings at a day dance camp they called it. They would walk to and from stopping at our house on the way back, Cait would go up stairs and take a shower while Jayda would hang out with me on the couch. Few times she would pull lotion out of her dance bag and have me rub her feet, never seemed like a big deal, she was always real sweet to me. Then one day after Caitlin came down dresses and ready to go, Jayda sat up and called me to stand in front of her, quickly she pulled down my pajama bottoms and told my sister the her feet gave me a boner. I Never knew much at the time and never noticed that I was hard, I guess she felt it with her foot.

    The next week while Cait was in the shower, Jayda layed on one end of the couch and had me lay on the other end, holding up one foot at a time had me unlace and take off her tennis shoes. Putting one socked foot to my nose she nudged my legs more open and started to rub that foot on my crotch. Then told me to take of the the sock, one by my nose while wiggling it in my face, "Kiss" she said as she pressed he big toe towards my lips, I kissed and then "Kiss" and she presented the next toe. The whole time her other foot made small circles on my willy. Next it was "Kiss" the ball of her foot, "Kiss" the arch, "Kiss" the heel............Then "Lick" starting again with the big toe, spreading them "Lick" in between, till i went all over her foot again. When finished that foot went to my Groin as the other foot came up, "Sock" as I took off the sock, "Kiss" like the first foot then "Lick" The foot on my willy was moving harder and fast then I grabbed her foot I was licking and laid back, feeling something building down low I never felt before. then all the sudden Jayda's feet came out of my hands and lap and Caitlin came down stairs.

    Later that summer after their camp ended the three of us were hanging out at the park, it was an overcast day with a few short rain showers when we would run to a pavilion until it past. Suddenly a new storm was arriving and we made a run for it back to Jayda's house. The rain, hitting water and mud puddles along the way we a mess when we got on her back covered screen porch. Not to make a mess we all stripped down to out soaked underwear, wiped out feet and went to Jayda;s room. She grabbed her robe, dug thru her dresser finding clothes for Cait and told her to use her moms bath down stairs as she led me to the basement. We went to a pile of boxes and totes then moving a few aside, she dug into one pulling out some of her outgrown clothes. handing a small arm load to me said "Come on" and led me up stairs and into her bathroom.

    After getting the shower running and adjusted, she turned to me and pulled off my water logged underwear, next she took off her bra and undies as we both went into the shower. After we took turns warming up under the water, she took a hand and put shampoo then motioned for me to lather it up. She bent her head down and a massaged it in, turned around so i could do the back. Next it was body wash on a shower sponge and washing her back to front, I didn't go near her Boobs or pus, but she directed my hand to there. Next she did the same to me, first my hair then my body, when she went to my willy I tried to pull away, I think I was starting to get hard and was ashamed. If I was getting hard it was short lived, she reached and pinched one of my balls between her thumb and first two fingers. Finally she rinsed off and got out to towel, then dried me off after i rinsed, she sat on the toilet lid with just a towel around her waist as she worked lower drying my legs and feet.

    When dry she paused while giving me a long pleasant stare, one hand went to my butt and the other to my back as she pulled me close and gave me a kiss on the lips and a big hug, she pulled back once and gave me a smile and a look I never got from a girl, then pulled me in for a few more kisses. But these kisses she tried to use her tongue, I pulled back at that and like before she grabbed a ball and another tight squeeze said "Open" as she slightly opened her mouth. She kissed me a few times and then said sorry, it's all I have as she went to the clothes we brought up. She started holding up girls undies to me before she decided on a frilly pink that were very silky and shear. Then laughing added a matching bra saying it was a set, (We played dress up so many times growing up that it was no big deal, it's has just been awhile) Next it was her old dance costumes, we brought up 5 but I really didn't think they were for me to wear, first 2 were just sparkly for group dance. Next were the one for Plays with dance, Bumble Bee, Devil Queen and a Fairy.

    After find the first two were a bad fit it was the Fairy, we went down stairs to find Caitlin, and Jayda playfully introduced me as her new fairy sister. We all just laughed and next we gathered the clothes we shred and put them in the wash, then made a frozen pizza. After we ate and our clothes in the dryer, we went up to Jayds's room and goofed around in there. Soon Caitlin called me over to Jayda's Vanity and started doing my makeup, Jayda got into it and started to do my nails, just kinda the same as we did many times on sleep overs. Jayda soon went back to the basement and returned with shoes and hats, next i was trying on heels and hats that hid my buy haircut. Cait and Jay both put on her shoes and worked on teaching me how to walk in heels. It was just fun but soon our clothes were dry and Jayda went down to get them. Our close piled up on the bed, Jayda when to un-dressing me, shoes had a buckle then the Fairy out fit, on then "OH". Cait turned as Jayda pointed to my boner thru the pink undies. she pulled the down exposing me as slapped my hands away when I tried to cover it. With Caitlin still watching, Jayda would use her finger to push it down and show how it would pop back up.

    Again I tried to hid myself but was again denied, Jayda used he pinky finger to kinda show how small but yet hard I was, Caitlin laughed a little then protested that Jayda was going to make me a pervert. Anyway we all soon laughed, dressed and they helped me to wash off my makeup. Days like this were kinda often with us fooling around, soon Caitlin started to not only have me give her foot rubs, wash her in the shower or bath and would also wake me to come to her bed, My arms around her and have me press my boner against her.

    I think many of us may have been raised to be a servant Cuck.
  15. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Really liked your honesty.
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  16. marriedsissy25

    marriedsissy25 New Member

    Thank you, was losing my privacy near then end and couldn't explain as much why me and Caitlin became so close. One reason was she was treated badly also by my mom and older sisters, so we bonded close just for that. Jayda was very fun and out going, someone who would always go out of her way to do something different. A few months after Jayda had to drop out of dance but would still help Caitlin but when not possible would have me hang out with her. She would also push me more, from foot rubs and kisses to other things, Cait knew about some of it but not all and seemed to be getting jealous maybe about Jadya's time with me. They stayed close friends but developed somewhat of a rivalry over my attention, One night she made me cry when she asked if I loved Jayda more than her, I told her it would always be her and she said prove it. She knew Jayda would get me hard now even just talking to me, let alone her personality and I guess just sexiness.

    Caitlin was at the time insecure older sisters were blonde/dark blonde and she got red and freckles, she had some other friends but none better than Jayda, who's looks could have made her very popular and I think Cait sometimes questioned why Jayda was her friend. Soon I was asked to do the same for her as I did Jayda, foot rubs/kisses and if I got hard doing it, First night she got me to her bed(Older sisters already moved out) she had me cuddle with my front to her back, felt down to see if being next to her made me hard. Soon (she always just slept in a T shirt and Undies, while me in just shorts, would pull them down and fish my willy between her cheeks with my arm around her. We shared so many baths growing up that is was never a big deal but suddenly got more important to her, me totally washing her and drying, helping her with her hair trying too (and it was easy to have a hard on doing it).

    The next few months and year she developed the confidence she always needed and how to control ( I didn't mention the thump on my balls or squeeze they would get if i wasn't hard attending to her) that may come later. She was finally happy with her hair and how to control the curliness of it and how to use make up to hide her freckles. Over time she could have had any guy at school she wanted, Jayda too but seemed like their attention would always be at me.

    Why? Well not good for me, having then Mumps at a young age caused delayed puberty, didn't start until I was 17. Hard ons happen at any age I think but all my growth was stunted. By the time a Doctor figured it out it was too late, body never got the Hormones it needed when it needed them Caitlin and Jayda never knew this I think or took advantage of it intentionally and maybe really saw me as girlish and one of them. Maybe that's why the make overs and dress up, I was just another girl with a few extra parts. Not long after what I told above we did a better job, Better clothes and make up and they dressed so all three of us blended together. We went out maybe 6 or seven times in public and nobody seemed to notice. But then came a big mistake, Jayda called me to come hang out while cait was at dance one Saturday. I don't think it was planned but it was maybe one of the worst things to happen in my life besides being such a small guy.

    We were in Jayda's room, half make up(Eye shadow has to match) and she was going thru old dance wear for me to try on, at the time a storm was popping up and everyone lost power. Soon there was a loud Knock at the door, kind you will here if someone is in a panic. Jayda went down stairs with me half dressed and came back up with a neighbor. Wasn't any Neighbor but a girl from my class, her mom went to the doctor and when power went out got scared. I tried to keep her from seeing my face but she soon knew who I was, Jayda tried to play it off but next school year it was all over.
  17. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Please continue your story. Did you get my message at this site?
  18. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    Ah yes. In that way only a cuck could understand. It is humiliating getting turned on hearing about another man fucking her better or having a bigger cock, etc.
  19. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Slowpoking.

    No, those fantasies remained fantasies. We've always been very careful not to let anyone other than our few playmates find out about our kinks.

    The dominant/submissive angle absolutely is key to her, and therefore, to me. One of the things we discovered when she started having sex with other men, is that she wants to be much more submissive with them than with me. She says I am dominant in so much of her life that she feels she will lose her identity if she submits to me that completely. Having me also be submissive to her lover takes it up another notch for her.
  20. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    My story is interesting, to me anyways. My wife cheated when I was away for a few months. She told me because she felt bad. I had no feelings for it, I just forgave her, but I used that to tell her I was bi. I also told her I wanted to dress up and get sexual with a guy. She allowed me too, and for a few years I had sex with men a few times.

    A few years after her first cheating time, I was gone on business again. She cheated again, and the guy told her he had video of her. I lost all control, I was insanely turned on. I told her right then I thought it was hot. She then told me she had been with 3 other guys during this same trip. One ended up becoming a regular thing.

    During this all I realized that I was not only a cuck, but I was gay. I love my wife, but she can any guy she wants, as long as I get guys as well.

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