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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by cuck10015, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. cuck10015

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    hey all

    hope everyone is safe doing this critical times

    Im 31 from the states and working overseas and I've been dating a girl for the past 4 years. i have a thing for cuckolding and I've never tried it as i haven't had a steady relationship up to now. abt 6 months ago i told my GF about this and ofcourse she was shocked and upset but with many tries and many pages of articles on the internet I've manage to make her understand it much more as the its not very common in the country where she'd come from we'd been talking and doing some cuckolding role plays for over 3 months now and i'd been looking for someone experience for our first time but she had told me that if ever we are going to do it it would be her to the ok to who ever i had in mind but up to this point i had not been successful in finding one that she feels comfortable with

    about 2 weeks back she told me to stop looking and i asked her why she just told me later she will tell and i had assume she might have found a guy on her own maybe

    with our work schedules usually i'm the one who is coming home late and for the past couple of days she was the one who had come late and on 2 occasions was very late and on that both times i've called her and her answer was its a work thing but i was surprise at that answer because i know for a fact that the workload is lesser due to the current situation

    this past 26th she went out with couple of her friends and later she was drop off by a much older guy and i kind of remembered i was introduced by accident a few months back to the same guy in a company gathering of hers and same thing happened on 27th and 29th

    am i guessing here or is she sleeping with someone or maybe him ? there is no major changes in our bedroom action or her behaviors if she is fucking someone else why is she not telling me that even she knows i loved that idea

    any ideas ?
  2. veryold

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    In a sexy Moment you should ask her softly AND make her sure, that
    a) you love her lifetime
    b) you are not interested having sex with another girl
    c) you wish her maximum of satisfaction.
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  3. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I agree with VeryOld. It's not about you and your fantasies, it's about your girlfriend and her happiness. Create a secure and happy environment and life for her; let her know that you love her, and let her go in the direction that she wants (boyfriend, strangers, women even) without interfering or criticizing.

    And if she is fucking around, ask her to marry you.

    Goes to show that she still loves you. My wife is eager for me to go into her anytime I want, which is what I like. No denial or humiliation for me.
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  4. veryold

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    Hi, nice couple, greatest simpathy for you,
    your lifestyle - is it cuckolding or wifesharing or something different?
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  5. cuck10015

    cuck10015 New Member

    thanks for the advice ill have it a go tonight
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  6. cuck10015

    cuck10015 New Member

    just to let you guys know im complete ok if she is having an affair but i sure love to see her on action or at least know she is living up to my fantasy
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  7. Worth It

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    I don't know what to call it.

    On our second date, Audrey told me that she had lovers (two married couples nearby; two single men - one on the other coast, one in Germany). I didn't care because I was happy to see her, then several months later have sex with her, then live with her, then marry her. Each step of the way I decide that she was Worth It.

    Before we got married, we decided that it would be best for me to meet her lovers. For me, those relationships went from being abstractions to an exciting turn on; I like those people. Then sex happened while we were with them - MFMs with the single guys; with the couples, same room partner sex and MFMs with Audrey only, and watching the girls do the Lesbian thing.

    Since then, Audrey has dumped the two single men and gotten with another married couple in Germany, where she travels often, so three married couples now (Audrey likes women). The interesting thing is that now the two couples nearby have me occasionally fucking the other wife as well.

    Mostly it's Audrey having twosomes and threesomes with the couples, and me banging Audrey at home. A lot. Everyone is happy. Some here say that we are swingers, me not a cuckold. What do you call it?
  8. veryold

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    I call it being happy through inner freedom based on a stable relationship / marriage. Such a couple needs awareness of the liberated emotionality, self-confidence combined with a sense of belonging and responsibility when selfishness is removed. You make others emotionally happy and thus yourself. I have not yet found a term that was described by the Latin as "do ut des".

    (sorry, my dear, I'm a bit unable to discribe my way of thinking in best English words. I hope you can understand ...)
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