The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by subhubjon, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. michael1987

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    That's one wise doctor you have, Jon.

    Unlike you I have not run the gamut of Humiliation, but I would see nothing in it the least bit contradictory of my basically-Alpha nature if I experimented in that area and ended up really enjoying it, which to date I never have.

    As for cock-sucking, mine is confined to mutual cock-sucking with my beautiful young black buddy (who my ex-wife married a few months ago), and as far as I can fathom there is no Humiliation element to it.

    Both he and I just love Cock pretty much equally---erect and not erect---in every one of its incredibly beautiful perspectives and strengths and contours and its exquisite sensitivity and myriad responses to truly loving touch; and of course its fantastically exciting coming ultra-alive when we fellate each other; but most of all when one of us is watching the other fucking my wife (now my buddy's wife) and our fully-erected cocks become---both appearance-wise and erotically---the ultimate instruments of the expression of our true and abiding manliness towards her and between each other.

    Visually and manually exploring the marvellous and beautiful functionality of Cock during our frequent caressing and licking of each others cocks when they are thrusting and ultimately ejaculating in his beautifully responding wife's vagina, transports us to realms of amazement and erotic ecstasy whose power and beauty defy description. It's the pinnacle of brotherly love for both of us, as well as being a powerfully erotic treat and expression of our love for each other that engenders utter fascination and extreme mental and physical pleasure in his wife as well.

    To that can be added my always very openly-expressed huge pleasure in feeling my buddy's cum spurting hard and fast into my mouth and throat. It's the same for him when he fellates me. Cumming in each others mouths has become the ultimate physical experience in brotherly Intimacy between us. My buddy is in full agreement with that, and unblushingly tells me that the feeling of my cock orgasmically throbbing in his mouth and my cumspurts thumping in the back of his throat has always been not only his homosexual Nirvana, but a fountain of psycho-erotic pleasure so man-centred and extreme for him it is unrivalled by any "like" experience he has ever had with a woman.

    Now to you in your predicament, Jon:

    I suggest you admit to yourself that you are truly fascinated by Cock, but realise that does not mean you are, or are at risk of, becoming irreversibly and exclusively homosexual.

    Determine by yourself, and for yourself, to love Beauty in whosoever---man or woman---and whatsoever you see it in. Our ability to erotically, and especially ecstatically and lustily, appreciate the bodies and sexual minds and beautiful physical responses of others to us is one of our birthrights, not to be denied without us more or less slowly dying within ourselves and in the eyes of others, including God.

    So, Jon, bestir yourself and go for it! But be very sure to do it very lovingly.
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  2. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    It's been a little of a month since I last posted. I've started my new job and my boss gave me a bonus up front which really helped me get established. I have my own furnished apartment, some new clothes and money in the bank. My new boss is a former client of mine and I think he may still feel guilty about fucking my ex wife Sue while we were still married. Not sure he knows what a slut for cock she is; not faulting her, she never hide that from me and I married her knowing it. I mentioned last time that I'd talked with my former neighbor Brenda but hadn't seen her; well we went out to dinner and she ended up spending the night with me. That was about 3 weeks ago and I've been with her 3 or 4 nights a week ever since. We're really enjoying it, she was never a big cock freak like Sue, so I seem to be making her happy. She's not mentioned either of her ex husbands both of which abused her and me. She did tell me that she knew how obsessed I'd been with sucking cocks and she didn't mind if I still enjoyed my self with other guys, just so long as I didn't bring it home to her. She doesn't want to know and details and wants me to be as discreet as possible. She then told me that I wasn't the only man she was dating and that I should not be jealous but she was sleeping with him too. Apparently he's somewhat younger than us and she did say that even though she liked him a lot, she though he was mostly into her just for the sex. By the time we finished talking my dick was rock hard, thinking of him fucking her. So I'm still fucked up but I'm getting pussy on a regular basis with someone I care about. I had a message from Sue but haven't called her back yet. Not sure what to do. Apparently her ex Bill told her I was doing well and she was just checking on me. I still get hard when I think of her or Bill. I might see him sometime. Wish I knew if that was a good idea or not.
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  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Atta Boy, Jon. Now think you sucking his no doubt very beautiful cock that has been balls-deep in your wife, sending her to Sex Heaven and pumping her full of his deliciously youthful warm cum :p
  4. Pathedick

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    Congratulations on the Great new developments. A job and Brenda, who Might be the lifeline you could use at this time. Someone who doesn't mind your small dicklet and will provide some support of both your Sexual Submissive Cuckold side and also doesn't mind your need to suck cock.
    But in My opinion Sue would NOT be a lifeline but and Anchor that would drag you back down to the Depths that you are just Treading water above at this point. You are not any where near strong enough yet to grab that Anchor line. ANY request, no matter how small that she makes will be her way back in has you grab that line.
    Continue to rebuild YOUR Life and Maintain Control of it and Your body. Reestablish yourself in the business with this job to set yourself up to get another one IF your boss tries to flake on you for any reason. Don't call Sue back and definitely don't meet with her.
    Good Luck and stay in touch.
  5. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Yes Michael I did think of sucking her other lover and since she told me about him, I've pictured him many times with his dick buried in her sweet pussy. I haven't returned Sue's call, but I did speak to her ex Bill. He seemed genuinely interested in what was going on with me and pleased to hear of my new job. He never brought up meeting with me and my cock did get hard just talking with him, but I don't know. Maybe I should try to put my cock sucking days behind me. If I do that, maybe Brenda will give up her other guy. She's with him tonight, so I'm sitting her with a hard on wishing I could be there. Maybe I should call Sue, who knows maybe she just wants to fuck me for old times sake. I'd sure love to suck on her tits and eat her pussy. She's got the body of a goddess and she's beautiful too.
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  6. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with wanting pussy and sucking another man's cock. Its true that I enjoy fucking other men's wives and when the men want to show their appreciation I let them. jon, your desires are honest and that's what makes you special . . . . honest and wanting both.
  7. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Hi Wayne,

    So wonderful to see you posting on here again. Things seem much quieter on here these days. I think I may post more often on ourhotwives in the coming days; not sure how much conversation this site is going to produce in the future; I wish Deanna and Clarepear and of course Saturn and others were still posting; seems we've lost so many good people.

    Wayne you have been a terrific comfort to me in some of my angstier cuck moments offline the forum, you're a wise man. Always enjoyed your contributions. Very happy to see you posting my friend. Happy to report all is well with me and Alice. We've had our bumps but I'm still being cuckolded and now more than ever before.

    I know you of all people will be thrilled to hear that I finally sucked it up and went 24/7 with panties as of Jan 1 of this year. ;)

    Wondering now why I made such a big fuss over it for all those wasted years. You were right all along.
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  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I say AMEN to that Wayne.

    The absolute Ultimate for me in being cucked is sucking my buddy's cock to full erection then licking the whole length of its underside while it's being very slowly slid into my ex-wife's pussy.

    When I bull for other couples it thrills me to my erotic core when the husband, especially a gluttonously cum-thirsty one, hungrily sucks my cock both before and after I've barebacked his wife as if his very life depends on me spurting my load down his throat.......or another load into his wife.

    In my 10-plus years experience of bulling there has been nothing more arousingly expressive of a husband's hot appreciation of me as a bull than his eager sucking of my cock prior to my fucking his needy wife.

    Oddly, words seem to fail cuck husbands when their mouths and throats are full of my cock and lustful deep groanings in their chests are all I have to go by. Not that I need to hear their muffled encouragements and ecstasizings to get a steely-hard erection before I penetrate their wives with it. But I have to admit that it helps. A lot :p
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  9. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    The husbands who do suck me before or after I fuck their women always shake my hand and thank me. In the room I am in control outside the room we are all friends. No jealousy just friendship.
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  10. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    I got to thinking about what you said Wayne. Brenda spent last weekend with her other guy, so I called Sue. I went over and Bill, her ex was there. I was like old times, except Sue actually let me fuck her. Then I watched Bill take her with his massive cock and I got to clean up afterward. I ended up staying overnight, Bill left as she had a date with someone else. I didn't know him but after he left, I ate her pussy and slept with her for several hours. When I woke up she was gone leave me a note to lock up when I left. I went home and called Brenda who said, she'd see me tomorrow which she did. I didn't tell her what I'd done, I'm not sure I want to see Sue again so why create a problem.
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  11. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Before I married my recently-ex-wife I had already developed a strong preference for cock-sucking college boys ahead (!) of my more mature male lovers. This became dramatically apparent the first time, on my urging, my wife threesomed with me and my 19 year-old black bisexual buddy who I had been thoroughly loving in secret for fully 2 years before I introduced him to her.

    She was awed by the display of my cock-sucking skills and by my buddy's uncontrollable ectasizings as I feasted on his eight-and-half-inch enviably uncut cock and eventually took his manfully spurted huge load of deliciously musky youngman's semen down my throat. Dang she was jealous!

    Going by your hot account of the homecoming of your neighbor's college-student son, it seems that you might be similarly inclined to suck him off if you get the chance or---even better and hotter---a direct invitation from him to do it.

    I'm hoping for your sake that he comes to the party with you on that one.

    Are there any signs that he might be bisexual? Or, failing that, perhaps like so many "straight" late-teenage boys he's so constantly horny and impulsive that a loving man's mouth is as attractive and satisfying for him as a cock-craving wife's vagina. Ask my buddy---he will tell you "Oh YeahhhhhhH!!"

    Young Cock totally rocks----go ask your wife. She sounds like quite an exspurt on it :p
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  12. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, I've sucked young Mitch's cock many times. It began when I came home and caught him in bed with Sue. He was lying there with his huge cock standing so tall as I watched my wife licking and sucking it. He was smiling proudly as Sue told me to show him my little dick. I could see how turned on he was to know that he'd moved from lawn boy to college student and now lover of his neighbor's beautiful sexy wife. He'd obviously thought of her as a teenage boy and after a day of mowing our lawn and trimming things to Sue's satisfaction he'd no doubt gone home and jerked off. Sue told him she wanted me to show him how much I wanted him to fuck her and explained the way to do that was to let me suck his beautiful young cock. She was so right, there's nothing quite like a thick hard 19 or 20 year old cock. He didn't know quite how to act seeing my little cock, but his smile told all that needed to be said. He knew he was the real man in the room and I was now just a cuckold to be used and humiliated. Sue guided his big cock toward my face, first rubbing it across my mouth and then all over my face as if she was marking his ownership of me. She didn't let him cum in my mouth that first time, she wanted it in her pussy; but I did get the lick it clean before I proceeded to lick and suck his seed from her pussy.

    Whatever possible reservations he may have had about another male sucking his cock, they quickly disappeared. As the summer wore on and he fell into a daily routine of fucking Sue, he also became eager for me to put his cock in my mouth. He especially seemed to like it when I was there ready to clean him up after he pulled his cum dripping cock from my wife's pussy. He began to talk to me as I licked and sucked him. He grew more dominate and was soon demanding that I suck it or wiping hit across my face leaving a trail of wet cum and asking how I liked it. He sometimes called me bitch or cocksucker and finally faggot. Our relationship really turned the page when he showed up with two of his friends and Sue was no yet home. She'd agreed to do a mini gangbang with Mitch and his two friends. I hadn't know about it but that didn't matter, young Mitch, my former lawn boy. Quickly took charge and had me sucking him and his two friends while they waited for Sue to arrive.

    I hadn't thought of that summer for a long time. Yes you're right sucking young cock is a wonderful thing, but I'm not sure I can go back to that. If I do, I'm fearful where it might lead me again.
  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    That's very very hot, Jon.
    Don't I just know about the delicious ambisexuality of such beautiful young men! It's fucking intoxicating isn't it? I hope his cum was as musky-tasting as befits such a horny youngster and that you relished the spermy fruit of his loins utterly shamelessly.
  14. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    So you and your horny cougar wife allowed spunky young Mitch to bare-back her first time up? Fuuuuuckkkkkkkk!!!

    I enthusiastically allowed the same with my 19 year-old black bisexual buddy when I first introduced him to my wife more than 5 years ago. He and I had already been secret lovers since he was 17, so my cock-sucking skills were very well developed, as was his ecstatic appreciation of them. My taste for his delicious teenager's spunk had been pretty refined by then too. But first time up I let my wife have her way with him without me laying even my hand or my lips on his beautiful 9-inch erection----a very hard thing indeed for me to do. But it has paid handsome dividends. I often lick his cock from its pump-bulge all the way forward along its underside right up to its bloated head as I hand-guide it into my lovely wife's vagina
  15. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to put Sue behind me, as much as I loved her sexy body and beautiful looks, it was always chaos for me; never knowing who or when someone would show up. She left me alone many nights and it got to the point where we almost never had a night with just the two of us. If she didn't go out it got so that someone would show up or bring her home. Then there were the times when my oldest friend would come to town and spend the week with us. I'd just have to move to the guest room and fix dinner and drinks and clean up after them like a maid. Sue even jokingly bought me a little maids outfit, which she only had me wear one time; when her girlfriends came over one night for a girls only party. Those bitches knew every way to humiliate a man and hated and loved all at the same time.
    Anyway, I'm trying to move on, Brenda and I have spent every night together for almost a week. She told me she was sorry about the other guy she'd been seeing and said, she was not going to see him again. Then she explained he was married and she couldn't deal with sneaking around with him anymore. So she's back with me at least for now. I was feeling pretty good, until Bill, Sue's ex-husband, showed up tonight. I don't know how he met Brenda, but it was clear she knew him, which only meant one thing for me, she'd no doubt fucked him too. He was here just long enough to have a drink with us. Yes, I'm drinking socially again. He said, he just wanted to check up on me to make sure I was doing okay. After he left, Brenda was really horny and wanted to fuck really bad. I began with her sitting on my face; I thought she was trying to stuff my head up her cunt she rode me so hard. I'm sure she was thinking of his big cock while I was fucking her. She was more vocal than ever, demanding I fuck her harder and harder. I just know Bill is going to fuck her, if he hasn't already. With his big dick, he'll ruin her for me. I'm going to go see him and beg him not to do it.
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  16. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Try not to drink anymore. Find a substitute . . . stroke or fuck her when you get a chance at ANY time. Drinking socially leads to a down hill slide jon.
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  17. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Well last week started out really good. Brenda and I got into a routine. Dinner, sex and sleep. I love fucking her. I haven't had anything to drink and feel great. Only one concern, I think Bill, Sue's ex got to Brenda. I had to work late one night and when I got home Bill was there with Brenda. He said, he'd just stopped by to see me and Brenda had told him she expected me anytime. He added that he'd been waiting for only about 20 minutes. I wanted to believe him and he didn't hang around too long after that. We had a late dinner and went to bed. Brenda was really wet and her pussy seemed pretty loose. I think he fucked her before I got home. Then tonight, she said, she had to go see her sister who lives about an hour away, she's handicapped and Brenda sometimes has to go spend the night with her. I bought it until her sister called. Brenda wasn't there. I'm worried that she's spending the night with Bill. I know he won't steal her away, but he'll use her and me like he did when I was with Sue. I don't want to become his cocksucker and clean up man again, everytime he wants to fuck Brenda, although if it was just him it wouldn't be so bad. I do enjoy sucking his big cock, I'm just worried, she might start looking for my big dick, when he's not around.
  18. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    TALK to Brenda . .. be honest and ask her to be HONEST. Share with her your concerns.
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  19. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    So a couple of nights ago, Brenda called to tell me she was having dinner with a couple of her girlfriends. About 9 pm she called and said they were having an after dinner drink and she'd be home in a couple of hours and I should feel free to go on to bed and not wait up. All I could think of was her fucking Bill. I drove by his house and her car was there. I thought about going in but figured as long as she thought I didn't know, she might do it less often. I couldn't help but think of his big horse cock, fucking my little Brenda's tight pussy. I was hard as a rock when I arrived at Sue's house, I was surprised when she answered the door and invited me in. She wasn't alone and I was soon watching her suck and then fuck a huge black cock. He let me watch but said he wasn't into any gay shit and wouldn't let me suck him. I did eat his cum out of her freshly fucked pussy, while he laughed at my little dick. By the time I'd finished licking Sue's cunt, 2 of his friends showed up. He asked them if either of the wanted me to suck their dick and they both said sure. So I sucked them both before and after they had a turn with Sue. It was 3 am before I got home and Brenda was still not there. I feel like I'm a whore who only knows other whores.
  20. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    You gave in to your need and desire to eat filled pussy and suck the cocks of men who are superior to you. At some point you stroked from the humiliation and the pain of Brenda being fucked by her ex. You need the humiliation and the cocks of other men in your mouths just as Brenda needs a bigger cock. You are not a whore nor is Brenda but you and Brenda are 2 people who have needs that are not being fulfilled.
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