The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    When our neighbors moved in, their son, Mitch, was only 11 or 12 yrs old.
    Now, he's 22 and just finished college. He's living at home and looking for a job. He's also fucking my wife nearly everyday while his parents and I are at work. Sue is the midst of taking a sabatical from her job until next spring or summer, so she is home most of the day. I suspected something was going on when I came home from work several days in a row and found him hanging out at her house. Men aren't generally around Sue too long, before she is either fucking them or sending them packing. I finally came home early one day and found them fucking in our bed. I immediately knew why she liked him. He's hung like a stallion. He was shocked and ready to bolt when he saw me, but Sue held on to him and told him it would be alright. I went into the family room leaving them to finish. I wanted to pull out my cock and join them but knew by the look Sue gave me, that I should disappear.

    About 15 or 20 minutes later, she came out and got me. She led me into our bedroom where Mitch was lying in bed covered by a sheet. However, the tent pole sticking up told me all I needed to know. He was ready to fuck her again. Sue told him that I wanted to say something to him. She'd prepared me on the way and I thanked him for taking care of her. I explained that with my little cock I didn't satisfy her and that she had to take lovers who could. Then on her instructions, I peeled out of my clothes to show him my tiny dick. At which point, she pulled back the sheet exposed his huge ramrod stiff cock. Climbing onto the bed with him her hand was dwarfed by his big prick. We both watched as she licked the throbing monster. He glanced over as I began to stroke my little boy sized penis. He smiled proudly as Sue asked, if I'd ever seen such magnificent
    specimen of manhood. She had taken it with both hands and the entire head still poked free from her fists. Her fingers didn't come near to closing around the thick shaft and his huge balls lay bloated between his legs.

    She opened her mouth wide and took most of his cockhead inside. I watched in awe as her lips stretched obscenely around his oversized manhood. She didn't manage to get much of his cock into her mouth, but it was enough that he was clearly enjoying it. His fingers traced along her lips feeling where they touched his penis while she looked up into his eyes. Seconds later I shot my tiny load of cum onto my fist.
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    Continuing events on Neighbor's Son

    I never finished what happened with the neighbor's son, Mitch and my wife, Sue. It was late October, when I'd come home to find them fucking in our bed. After Sue humbled me in front of him, he quickly fell into a daily routine of sex with her. For the rest of that week, he continued to only come over when I was off to work. Then Saturday morning came. I was sitting reading the paper when I looked up to see Mitch coming in through the mud room into the kitchen and then family room. He greeted me, and asked if Sue was up. It was early, not even eight o'clock, and I told him I was sure she wasn't. He said, that was great, he'd wanted to surprise her all week, and headed down the hallway back to our bedroom. I followed him but stopped at the doorway and watched as he quickly stripped. I was humbled again just at the sight of his monster cock, as it flopped lewdly between his legs. Even soft, it was huge. He lifted the covers at the end of the bed and began crawling up under them. Before I knew it Sue woke up to him eating her pussy. I watched as he ate her and then fucked her. I jerked off and eventually went back to my paper as the continued frolicked in bed.

    It was shortly eleven when I heard the coming down the hall. They'd been fucking and messing around for three hours. She fixed them something to eat and they left together. A bit later, my neighbor's wife called looking for her son, Mitch. I said, he was here but left. She said, she'd seen him leave with my wife and just wondered if I knew where they'd gone. I was embarassed to tell her no, I didn't. She thanked me and hung up. I was almost dark, when I heard them pull into the driveway. They got out of her car followed by two other guys who looked like they must be friends of Mitch. I was shocked to see them all heading for our door. I didn't want to appear to concerned so I dash back to the family room and flip on the TV.

    When they came in, it was clear they'd all been drinking. Mitch brought his friends in and introduced me as Sue's husband. The all smiled and shook my hand. I could see by the smirks on their faces, they knew about Sue and Mitch. Then he said, come on guys and the three of them headed back toward our bedroom where Sue had disappeared. I suddenly realized, my wife was about to be gangbanged. I wondered if it was her first time. I knew she'd been pretty wild in high school and college, although she'd never told be about having multiple guys.
    I could feel a rock in the pit of my stomach. I sat there wondering what to do. More later...
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    Great story cant wait to get the rest of it. My wife also LOOOVES finding young guys (legal age) to "play" with. When she finds a good one he has good stamina, and being young the recuperation time is almost non exisxtent they can fuck almost constantly. never really losing thier hard-on but for a minute or two at most. Then they are right back to giving her what she needs. And of course with all the insecurity that comes with age it excites her and boosts her ego to find that young guys still desire her.
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    Mitch gets an apartment

    Well it’s been about a year and a half since our neighbor’s 22 year old son, Mitch, started banging my wife. Through early spring and most of last summer, he stayed at our house almost every night. He had more clothes in my closet than I did. Most of mine had been moved to our guest bedroom. He’d introduced several of his friends to Sue and they too, would occasionally stop by, usually with Mitch, but not always. My time with her was greatly reduced, her visits to my bed became more and more seldom. Often, I only got to sample her pussy by cleaning it. Fortunately, I loved to eat her, especially if she’s filled with a nice cream pie.
    Mitch finally founded a job and Sue went back to work after extending her sabbatical by a few months. He found and apartment and moved, but for a couple months he’d still come by and sleep here or Sue would go over and stay with him. He has a roommate, whose also been added as one of Sue’s occasional lovers. I’ve been able to move back into our bedroom, although I still sleep alone many nights and occasionally have to go back to the guest room for a night or two. I have her alone now at least 2 or 3 nights a week. Weekends are usually filled with guys coming over and Sue going out, usually for the night or longer.
    Then one night I came home and found her in bed with Mitch’s dad, Steve. I quickly found the old adage, like father like son was true. Steve’s cock was obscenely large. So were his ego and my humiliation. He really enjoyed, Sue gushing over his manhood while she insisted that I show him my shriveled up little prick. He laughed and told me not to worry that since Mitch had moved out he’d take care of my woman for me. This has been a routine we’ve fallen into several times a week for the past few months, usually on the nights Sue stays home. Steve’s wife sometimes comes over too, but usually goes home after a couple glasses of wine. Apparently, she’s a bit of an alcoholic and goes home to pass out. I can’t help but wonder if she knows that her husband is fucking my wife.
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    Its spring now and it seems that our neighbor’s son Mitch has finally movedon from my wife Sue. Mitch's has been replaced by his friend Harlan, age 24,and Mitch's dad, Steve, age 46. I've only met Harlan a few times, either hepicks her up or Sue just goes over to his place. They've only stayed here acouple of times. Apparently he's still a bit uncomfortable about openly fuckinganother guy’s wife, especially in the marriage bed. Steve on the other hand hasno qualms about doing a woman in her husband's bed. As I mentioned beforeSteve's wife and Mitch's mother, Melanie is a bit of an alcoholic. It took her a while to figure out what’sgoing on between Steve and Sue. Now ifshe comes over while they are fucking she stays and visits with me. At first she wanted to get revenge and triedto seduce me. I was all for it, but whenshe got to my cock she laughed and said, you’ve got to be kidding. So much for revenge, she has hinted thatmaybe she’d let me eat her pussy. Atfirst, she ignores me most of the time, except to have me get her a glass ofwine or make her a martini. I did enjoymaking out with her before she found out my little secret. She’s very good looking for a woman in her mid-forties;she could easily pass for mid to early thirties. Anyway, I sometimes jerk off in front of her,she calls me a homo and queer and everything else, but I remind her that herhusband is in the other room fucking my wife and she can go home if she doesn’twant to watch me jack off. Finally oneday after seeing the little dribbles of cum that I make, she told me to let herdo it, that I was obviously doing it wrong. Well, it was the first time any woman other than Sue had touched my cockin years. I loved it. She was able to get more cum than I’d done ina long time and she said, maybe she’d let me eat her pussy and jerk me offagain, if I was a good boy. Trust me I’mbeing good, I always ask if I can jerk off and she even let me feel her up onday. I’m thinking I may get some pussy afterall. Meanwhile, Steve told me to go forit, but to make sure she doesn’t pass out while I’m doing her. Actually, she doesn’t come over with him allthat much, seems she just accepting it. Steve has started having me prep him before he fucks Sue. She’s always enjoyed seeing me suck anotherguy and now Steve is getting into it. He’seven came over with Melanie one night that Sue was out and had me suck him thenhe fucked his own wife on our sofa in front of me. I licked him off afterward, cleaning up, butshe didn’t let me do her. Later she toldme, that she should have let me clean her up and would if he ever did her infront of me again. The latest is thatSue and Steve are talking about going together for a weekend in Vegas. Steve told me that Melanie she’d find someoneto fuck me all weekend if they went, even if it was only me. He told her to go for it that on bum fuckdeserves another. I’m starting to worrythat this thing between Sue and Steve maybe going somewhere I don’t want. However, she is still fucking Harlan as muchas Steve, so I guess not. We’ll have towait and see, meanwhile, I may be getting laid by Melanie.
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    My wife, Sue and neighbor, Steve went to Vegas for five days. I was hopefulthat I'd get to fuck Steve's wife Melanie while they were gone. No such luck, Istruck out all the way around. Mel did come over several nights and we watchedTV while she drank herself into oblivion. She mostly ignored me when I pulled out my cock and jerked off. Her most biting remark was that if she neededsome dick, she could do better at the Middle School down the street. I had been cooking for both Mel and myselfeach night while our mates were enjoying themselves on their minivacation. The night before they were tocome home, Mel called and told me she had a date. I could believe I felt anything by it, but Idid. I found I was a bit miffed. I guess the shared cuckolding bond we had wasmore than I realized. Then she told meshe wanted to bring him by and let him meet me. I was really flabbergasted by this, but said okay. When he came to pick her up, she brought himover and introduced Jason to me. Isuddenly felt like someone’s dad about to watch his daughter go off to getfucked. She’d apparently told him allabout our situation and he smiled saying, I guess you’re the stay at home hubby. As they left, Mel called back over hershoulder, telling me they might stop back by after they had dinner. Then she reached down to his crotch andcupped him saying, maybe we’ll have a snack for you too. He bastard date, just smiled and they left.

    As the evening wore on I’d pretty much forgotten about Mel and her date. Sue had called to remind me when to pick herand Steve up at the airport. We chatteda few minutes, mostly about my, to do list but she also gushed a bit about someof the things they’d done. I was lonelyand more than a put off by the fact that another man was not only sharing mywife’s bed, but also enjoying other adventures with her. She asked, if I’d been able to make anyheadway with Melanie, I told her no, but then mentioned her date tonight. She immediately relayed to Steve, my failureswith his wife and how I was now waiting at home for Mel and date to returnhome. I could hear Steve chuckling inthe background as he told her to wish me luck, perhaps I’d get to suck the guy’scock after he fucked Mel. She relayedthis and I again heard Steve as he told her to tell me, that I didn’t have toworry, he’d been taking good care of Sue for me. Then Sue said, yes it’s a good thing Steve ishere, I’ve had so many guys hitting on me, without him I’d probably be fuckedto death by strangers. She asked if mydick was hard and told me to go stroke it that she was about to get in bed withSteve and I could think of them fucking while I jerked off.

    I’d just hung up a few minutes before, Mel and her date from hell, arrivedback. She’d long ago, stopped ringingthe doorbell or knocking, so I was too surprised to look up and see them cominginto the family room. He was all smilesand playfully pinching her ass as she giggled like a school girl. It was just like a daughter coming home froma date, only I could tell he hadn’t fucked her yet. It appeared that they were planning to dothat here in my house, probably my using my bed. Mel asked if I’d missed them and if I’djerked off while they were gone. I liedand said no, I’d watched TV and talked to Sue on the phone. She said, good I wanted you to jerk off forJason and me, he didn’t believe me when I told him about your little dick. Jason was a well built, young man in hisearly thirties. He was a few inchestaller and much more fit then me. All inall, there was no doubt he would be able to kick my ass. So, I was a bit fearful and humbled, when hetold me, Mel had said, I do whatever they told me to do. I was totally humiliated as I asked him whathe wanted me to do. Mel said, I want youto get on your knees, unzip Jason’s jeans and take his cock out. Then I want you to suck him for me until heis nice and hard. I dropped to my kneesand unzipped him, reached inside his fly and pulled out a very big cock. Mel gushed I knew you’d like it. I looked up at her and she said, go on, suckit. I took it in my mouth as best Icould, it wasn’t the longest but it was really fat. As I began to suck him, he put his hands onmy head and held me down on his big prick until, I was gasping for air. Fortunately, he got hard really fast and Melwas leading the two of us off to me and Sue’s bedroom. I jerked off while Jason fucked my neighbor’swife Melanie in my bed. He’d filled herwith cum and was still spurting when he pulled it out. He milked himself a bit, emptying the last ofhis load onto her bushy cunt. I’dalready dribble my little dab of cum, when Mel, told me it was clean uptime. She added, do it just like you doafter Steve fucks Sue. I quickly lickedand sucked the residue of cum from Jason’s limp cock, then buried my face inMel’s pussy. Finally, I was getting toeat her. She was filled with crème, Iswallowed huge amounts to the young guys cum that I sucked and tongued from herpussy, then I licked her bush clean. Islept on the sofa while they spent the night fucking and sucking in Sue and I’smarriage bed. They’d both gone in themorning before I woke up so I had the whole day to prepare for Sue and Steve’sreturn.
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    She's gone...

    After starting with the neighbor's son, then his friends and finally his dad, Sue has moved out. I'm pretty much over it. When she and Steve had returned from Vegas, I knew it was over. Within a week, she was on the prowl for a new guy. Poor Steve, he took it hard. He'd fallen in love with my cheating bitch wife. Meanwhile, his wife Melanie had moved out and in with a young stud she'd met. Now Steve and I are both alone, neither of us with any prospect of that changing in the near future.

    It only took a couple of weeks and Sue found a young guy and moved in with him. I've not seen her for at least a couple of months, although she does call occasionally to have me deposit some money into her account. Yes, I'm still supporting her. Interestingly, Steve's wife Melanie has stopped drinking and stops by regularly to check on us. Steve spends most of his time over here now. He's pretty much moved into a spare bedroom. We are not gay, but I do suck his cock quite often. That and jerking off is the only sex either of us have. Mel caught us one day, Steve sitting on the sofa and me kneeling between his legs with his dick in my mouth. She asked if we were turning into faggots. Then she said, it looked like she might have to give us a mercy fuck. It was really humiliating because Steve was holding my head on his cock and emptied his load down my throat as Mel watched and clapped.

    My life is shit right now, I did see Steve's son the other day and he'd apparently seen Sue and told me she talked like she might be interesting in coming back home. I don't want to get my hopes up but it's my new jerk off fantasy, Sue coming home and moving back into our bedroom with me. I getting really tired of Steve, he starting to treat me like his personal suck toy. Sometimes I wake up with him standing over my bed his big cock hard and ready to be sucked. I've not refused him yet, but then he comes home from work, finds me and wants me to kneel right there and suck him again. I've sucked him in the kitchen, the garage, the family room, the bathroom and even outside on the patio. I don't know how he can recover so fast. Sometimes, I do him a third time while watching TV or just before we go to bed. At least he's not tried to move into my bed with me. I don't want to be gay and I don't mind sucking his cock, but it's starting to be too much. I need Sue to move back home and Steve to move out.

    I saw Mel the other day she stopped and Steve was still at his office. I lamented my woes to her and she tried to console me. She told me Steve had always been a fanatic about blow jobs. She too, had often given him 3 or even 4 in a day, particularly when they were first married. Then she confided in my Steve's little secret. I've told you he has a pretty big cock. His mother was a single parent, a widow, due to a car wreck shortly after Steve was born. Somewhere along the way, she began with playing with his cock, that progressed to blowjobs and then fucking. He told all this to Mel after they'd been married a couple of years, to explain why he never wanted to visit his mother. His mother, never seemed to get enough of sucking his cock and he developed a need to have multiple blowjobs everyday.

    Then to my great relief, she led me back to my bedroom and let me fuck her. After all these years she finally let me have some pussy. I was beyond excited and nearly didn't get it inside her before I shot my load. She was sweet and told me I was have bad and that she wouldn't mind doing it again sometime but wanted me to jerk off first so that I would last longer. She also, kissed me with a little tongue and I nearly went up in flames. Now I'm all hot for Mel again.
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    Sue Came Home

    It's been a little over a month now. After moving out to live with a young stud last November, my wife has come home. She was gone for a bit over 4 months. Even though I occasionally talked with her on the phone, I hadn't seen her. Then one evening, she appeared. She didn't stay long but wondered how I'd feel about her coming back. I had continued to give her money and pay her bills so I'm not sure why she even bothered to ask. Needless to say, I was very happy. She looked so beautiful and sexy. I could hardly believe she'd married me.

    She told me she wasn't through with other men, just felt like she wanted to be more in control. She didn't want to live with them, but would stay for short periods if she found someone she liked. She said, I could sleep with her anytime she was home, and had no one over. She even said, that her first night home would be just with me. We'd celebrate with some good old fashioned sex. The she told me she's had lunch with Melanie, Steve's soon to be ex-wife. She commented that Mel had her life back together, quit drinking, began to going to church and met a man there. She told me that Mitch, the neighbor's son, who'd banged her for nearly a year before moving on, was moving to Denver. She said, she been seeing his roommate off and on and that I'd like him.

    I wasn't so sure why, I'd like him, but didn't want to go there. I just wanted my Sue back, on any basis. So she moved back in few days later. Two black guys helped her moved back in, I'd never met either of them, but they obviously knew what the score was with me. I'd not realized how much stuff she'd taken, mostly clothes. They quickly filled the closets in our bedroom and asked where the spare bedroom was. I told them and the scooped up my things and carried them in there, dumping everything on the bed. I was going to say a thing, both of these guys looked like escapees from the gym; big and well muscled. They were so business like, I began to wonder if Sue'd hired them. I noticed it had gotten quick and went to see what was up.

    I found the three of them in the kitchen. Sue'd fixed some sandwiches and invited me to join them. It wasn't long before I learned the guys were more than just movers. She sat between the two of them and they couldn't keep there hands off her. She asked me, what do ya think, don't we make a good "oero". I nodded. She smiled and added, think you'd like clean this cookie up in a bit, just like old times. I was wondering how big were their cocks. Lunch went real quick after that exchange. The guys practically picked Sue up and carried her to the bedroom. By the time I got there, all three were naked and on our marriage bed. I wondered if Sue remembered her promise of just the two of us and some good old fashioned sex, the night she came home.

    I realized then, it was still the middle of the afternoon. I got to watch quite a homecoming show. The guys had big cocks and really knew how to used them. I jerked off watching as the each took her several times. She sucked them, rode them, they did her from behind, on her back and in her ass. Finally there was cum everywhere. I joined in and cleaned everyone up. I don't know what they'd eaten other than lunch, but the cum was amazingly tasty and very plentiful. After that I left them while they played for a bit longer.

    They were gone by four o'clock and true to her word, Sue spend the first night home, alone with me. You'd have never known, she'd become a slut whore and I'd become a cock sucking cuckold. She made a very nice dinner, we ate, sipped some wine and went to bed early. She made love to me like never before. I got hard, stayed hard and fucked her for longer than I can ever remember. I'm not sure if she had an orgasm, but she seemed to truely enjoy it. It wasn't like the wild, slam bang fuck she'd had that afternoon with the two black studs. This was gentle, caring and extremely satisfying. I feel asleep and did awaken until morning. She was already up and just about to leave for work when I stumbled into the kitchen. She kissed me good morning, told me she really enjoyed last night and looked forward to more just like it. Then she grabbed up her purse and keys, bent to give me another kiss and told me she loved me.

    That was about 4 hours ago. I'm writing this, wondering if she'll be coming home alone or at all. My cock has been hard all morning, but I'm trying not to jerk off. I want to save it for her if she does come home. Maybe this means a complete turn around for us. I've got to go for now, I hear Steve, coming in through the garage. No doubt he'll be wanting a blow job, maybe it will be my last. Wish me luck, I'll let you know.
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    Thank you for a really good update, it was great to get caught up. Like you, I'm a bit surprised and disappointed that Sue didn't really quite keep to what her promise implied. Yes, she did spend the night with you only, but I think it was reasonable to infer that it would be just the two of you from the time she arrived until the next morning. Can't say I blame you for not pushing the issue, though.

    I'm glad that Melanie seems to be getting her life back together. However, it's unfortunate that she seems to be doing it by doing a complete about-face, going to church, meeting someone there, etc. I would say that the odds of her staying in that mode are about 50-50. There's a good chance she may find herself there and never look back, and also a good possibility that it's just a temporary reaction to what occurred with Steve.

    I do have a comment on one small item:

    I think that's very much wishful thinking. If he's that addicted to getting it as you said he is, including pushing it with you to the point of multiple times per day, I think he'll be back many times.

    Thanks again for the update, it's very much appreciated.


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    True to her word... sort of

    Thanks Christine, for the nice reply. You were right on several counts. I was surprised to that she brought two guys to help her move back in and then to let them stay for some afternoon sex. I wasn't what I'd expected. You were right about Steve, too. When he found out that Sue had returned home, his eyes gleamed with excitement. He asked if I thought she'd see him again. I said, she doesn't usually hold a grudge against anyone, but she hates pushy, needy, people, so don't be a whiny bitch about it. She'll probably let you screw her if you act right. He filled my mouth with a large than normal load.

    So Sue did return home and was alone again. It was just the two us and I told her about Steve. She said, Melanie had mention to her that I'd become his "little cocksucking whore." She went on saying that Steve had apparently told Mel, that all I did was wait around for him to come home, so that I could suck him off. I explained that it was Steve who was over at our house wanted to get sucked all the time and even staying in the guest room, several nights a week. Insisting on both morning and evening blowjobs.

    The a bit later Steve showed up as I expected. After he greeted us, with a handshake for me and kiss on Sue's cheek. I got us all a glass of wine, while they caught up a on things. When I came back, Sue announced Steve's plan. She said, Steve wants to fuck me and says it could be just like old times, you can watch and clean up afterward. I said, oh. Sue smiled, perhaps you could just give Steve's nice big cock a goodnight kiss and he could go on home, while we go to bed like a normal couple. I knew she was just fucking Steve's mind, there was no way, she'd choose to fuck me over him. She just wanted me to pretend like it was my choice and make Steve respect me a bit more. I loved her for that. I said, sounds great, but I don't want the man to go home dissappointed. He can fuck you and when your ready for him to go, I'll come in and clean up, but he can't spend the night.

    I've got to run for now but I do have more to tell.
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    Thanks for sharing your story!

    I like to read about all ups and downs. Nevertheless you seem to enjoy all of it and accept your life as it is. What I am interested in is, how do you feel when she picks up a new lover and you are more or less out of the game.

    Thanks once again and please keep us updated.

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    Accepting New Lovers

    Thanks Fred, well it was always easy to accept. Before I became a fully submissive, I was just a cuckold. I knew she was having affairs with other men, but didn't know how to deal with it. I was afraid to confront her. I feared she might decide to leave me in favor to the other guy. Something which did recently happen, but she's come back. At first, I hated anyone she cheated she took as a lover. Once, everything come out into the open between us, I had no choice but to accept her lifestyle or get out. I'd already suffered a divorce and many rejections by women. I didn't want to live alone, I'd done that already. If she could have her other men, but still keep me in her life... I decided I could deal with it. From there it was an amazingly short and quick step to become a submissive cuckold.

    As a teen I'd already learned that I was under endowed and I felt fairly inferior to other boys. It's hard to hide you dick even a little one, when you're showering with guys after gym classs. Gratefully, I was good athletically, decent looking, intellectually smart and reasonably popular with everyone. As a result, no one every really teased me or call me out for having a tiny prick. Yet, I saw many guys look at it and I could see they were thinking, "damn, I glad that's not me". Yes some of them did talk and I'm sure all the girls at least those my age, knew I had a little one. I never had a lot of dates and most of the ones I did get, ended unhappily.

    I also had a secret that almost no one knew. I was about 12 just starting to really get into jerking off. The boy living next door was 15 months younger than me, but being big for his age, you'd never have guessed we weren't both same age. We'd become best friends over the years and had discovered this nearby empty building which we'd sneak into and jerk off together. That summer, we'd been going there daily for several weeks. The second floor overlooked a parking lot, we could see women and girls parking to go shopping. This besides a few adult magazines gave us plenty of material to fantasize about while pounding our cocks.

    We were both very careful to keep to ourselves while doing our business, but one day I happened to get a good look of his cock. I was huge, certainly in comparison to mine. I was sick and excited all at once. It didn't seem fair, I was older, I should have the big cock not him. At home that night lying in bed, playing with my little dick, I couldn't help but wonder what it must felt like. A big cock, must really feel powerfully in your hand and probably shot huge loads of cum, not like the little dribbles that I made. I wanted to know how it would feel in my hand, I tried to imagine. Then I thought maybe I could talk him into each of of jerking one another off. I would mean exposing my little cock to his possible ridcule and certainly acknowledge that I was a lesser man, but I really wanted to feel a big dick and this seemed like the thing to do.

    Since, he had always gone along with whatever I wanted to do, it wasn't much of a deal to talk him into our little jerk each other off scheme. He did say, I'd have to go first, which is what I wanted to do anyway. Well, I had only been stroking him for a couple of minutes when he put his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my face down to his big cock. I was so excited, I took it into my mouth and became a cocksucker. That lasted all the way through high school until the fall when I left for college. I sucked him nearly everyday for over five years sometimes more than once. That prepared me for the next step in becoming a submissve cuckold hubby.

    At first, she only went out with guys, actually meeting them somewhere, usually just not coming home directly from work. Then she had a guy come to the house and pick her up. Then she had someone stay over at our house when I was out of town on a business trip. Finally, she brought home a guy, introduced us and said they were going to bed. I was shocked, but realized I'd either have to sleep on the sofa or the guest room. That's the night I first got to watch. She'd left the bedroom door open and when I began to hear them, I crept down the hallway and peeked inside. There she was naked and on all fours while was standing next to the bed fucking her from behind. I'd never been able to fuck her this way, because my dick always came out. I watched and jerked off. She saw me standing there and smiled. I'd long ago dribbled my little dab onto my hand before they finally finished with a pounding that was nearly heart stopping. I was about to leave when she called out to me, asking if I'd like to lick her pussy. I'd already eaten her a number of times after she'd come home from a date and leaped at this opportunity.

    It was long from there to licking and sucking cock clean also. Today as long as the guy is nice to her I don't mind it. Actually, I enjoy it. Sucking cock is a pleasure almost as much as eating her pussy. Since fucking with my little cock is a chore and hard to get off, I love it if she'll suck me or jerk me off while I'm doing my duty. I've even had a couple of her lovers suck me or jerk me off, althought that is extremely rare. Hope that answers you question. I don't consider myself gay, as I would never want to kiss another guy or fuck them in the ass or let them fuck me. I'm not really even comfortable with another guys sucking my cock or jerking me off, but I have allowed that.
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  13. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Long Summer

    It's already been a long summer. Besides being hot outside, things have heated up inside too. Melanie divorced Steve and is planning to marry the pastor where she's apparently found religion. I don't give it much of a chance, I'll bet they catch her fucking half the congregation, before it's all over. She's just too much of a slut. Steve took it really hard, in his mind I think he thought that once Mel had quit drinking she'd dry out and come home. I told him that would never happen and I think he finally believed me. He moved on too. He took a new job and travels so much that he sold his house and moved into a condo. At first he just wanted to move in her but thankfully, she told him no way.

    The new couple who moved into Steve and Mel's old house have 3 kids, a boy 17, a girl 15 and a boy 11. I've already noticed the dad and 17 year old checking out Sue. The boy turns 18 about a month after Sue turns 40. I already know what she's planning to give him and herself for their birthdays. She has said anything, but I can tell by the way they look at one another, besides he's mowing our lawn too. That's where Mitch started when he first moved in years ago.

    Sue's been spending most of every week at home with me. She usually goes out on the weekends. The main guy she's seeing is an international airline pilot so he's gone 2 or 3 days at a time. Other than him, it's most an old friend here and there or some new person, she rarely brings anyone home. Steve stops by occasionally when he's in town, I haven't sucked any cock other than his all summer. He still moans over Mel and fawns all over Sue if she's home. She's let him fuck her a few times, but usually tells him a blow job from me will have to do. She doesn't like whiny men, I've told him but I guess he can't help himself.

    Like we always did with Steve, Mel and Mitch, we let our new neighbors have free access to our pool. I think the wife already is suspecting there's something unusual about Sue and my relationship. She mentioned to me one day seeing Sue having lunch with a guy and another time that she'd seen a car just like Sue's parked at a local motel. I fluffed it off telling her Sue entertains lots of out of town people in her business, if it was her car at the motel she was probably either dropping someone off or picking them up. Brenda, that's our new neighbor, quipped back that it was about 10 pm when she and Jerry, the new hubby, were driving home and saw it. So, I said, see, probably just dropping someone off. The way she looked at me I could tell she wasn't buying it.

    Brenda is not as hot as Mel, but something tells me she might be more willing to fuck me. Who knows maybe it will be me that scores first with the new neighbors.

    I just noticed the note from Fred. Sorry Fred, didn't see it earlier. How do I feel, well right now, I'm getting very little sex except what I take in my own hand. Sue does let me go down on her seveal times a week but I probably fuck her only once, if I'm lucky. I suck Steve's cock more than I fuck Sue and he's stopping by less as time goes on. This morning I jerked off while looking out our bedroom window and watching Brenda and her daughter Haley, swimming in our pool. Brenda does have a big set of tits.
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  14. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    Thanks for your update! Nice to hear that things slowed down a little but nevertheless it is an interesting development. Maybe your new neighbours will also take their part to make life more interesting!

  15. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Thanks for a great update, jon. Here's hoping that you get to see and feel that wonderful set of boobs that moved in next door.

    I think Brenda will continue to comment on seeing Sue's car around town. She obviously knows about Sue's habits. If you want to, rather than deny the obvious, what you could do is to say, "I'm not worried about it." That's very ambiguous, of course, and intentionally so.

    I think you'd enjoy getting an occasional sympathy fuck from Brenda, which of course would be nice.

    Or if you prefer, you could find out if her husband Jerry would like some oral service. That would depend in part on whether you would enjoy doing that.

    Again, thanks for the update. I know that sometimes these things move slowly, so update whenever it makes sense to you to do that.


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  16. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    It's been another month since my last post. It's Saturday morning and Sue spent the night out, with some new guy she met a couple of weeks ago. She promises to bring him by soon and let me meet him, about all I know is his name is Kyle and he's 27 years old. She met him while having lunch with some girlfriends, he was sitting at the table next to them. After flirting throughout lunch, he gave her his card and got her phone no. and made her promise to meet him for a drink. She's been out with half a dozen times since then, each time not getting home until the next day. Oh, she did mention, with a coy smile, that I'd love his cock. I think he's put a hold on her fucking our new neighbor and/or his son.

    They are both named Michael. They call the son, Mike and the dad goes by his middle name Louis or Lou. They are both like a couple of hounds waiting for a bitch in heat. Mike has a girlfriend, who comes over nearly everyday and they often swim in our pool. If Lou is around he and I are out there on the deck having a beer drooling over the girls. As well as, Mike's girlfriend, Lisa, I'm checking out Lou's rapidly developing daughter, Jenny and his wife, Brenda. Sue knows I'm really hot for Brenda, she even caught spying on her from our bedroom. Brenda was lying by the pool sunning and I was jerking off dreaming of cumming all over her big tits, when Sue popped in on me, unexpectedly. She laughed and came over to give me a hand. It didn't take long and after cumming on her hand she lapped it up and told me she had a similar mess in her panties, that I could take care of. She'd apparently stopped by her new friend's apartment for a quickee on the way home from work.

    Not much else is happening, I saw Steve once about a week ago. He said, Mel and her new husband were trying to get him hooked into their church thing. He was considering it, said, he thought it might be a way to get back Mel. Then he added, realistically, I probably don't really want her back, but I wouldn't mind fucking her again. First time, I've seen him recently, that he wasn't looking for a blowjob. Told me he was spending a lot of time in Phoenix, with one of his customers a widow, who was trying to run her dead husband's company. He said, she starved for sex. Apparently before he came along, she'd not had any sex for a couple of years. Now she likes to flaunt him in front of her employees, mostly a bunch of guys. She's about 60 a good ten + years older than Steve, but I think in his mind he thinks she may be his long term fix. I think there's more to this story than Steve is telling me, but I'm not sure what it is. Oh, he said, was visiting Mitch in Denver, where he has moved. Anyway, Mitch told him to say hi, that he thinks of us often and will definitely stop by to see us next time his in town. Translated, I think that means, he'd like to fuck Sue for old times sake.

    That's about it, Brenda's more sure than ever that something's up with Sue and I. She comes over increasing earlier on Saturdays, looking for Sue. I know she doesn't buy it that she's already gone out for some early morning shopping. She even commented that she'd not seen her car the previous evening and noted a similar car being parked at a noted singles, apartment complex across town. She even asked me, if we'd ever had any marriage problems. I said, no, but she countered, telling me the husband was always the last to know. I'm starting to wonder if she's trying to get me to make a move on her. Lou, her hubby, is a monster of a man, I wouldn't want her to go running to him, telling him, I made a pass at her. Besides, as big as he and Mike Jr. are they both must be hung like horses. Sue commented immediately when we first met them, an Lou told her he's played football in college and Mike was looking to get either a football or basketball scholarship, next year. If Sue has her way, he'll probably, get a little piece of her along the way.
  17. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I'm just going to reply to one little piece of your message at the moment.

    I think the best approach is the ambiguous one.

    Brenda is obviously intent on getting you to acknowledge that Sue is sleeping around.

    So when Brenda says something like "I saw Sue's car somewhere," I think your best response could be to say, "I'm not worried about it." Which is a true statement, it's just not the one she's looking for.

    When she says "Are you sure you guys aren't having marital problems?" you could say "We get along great." Which, again, is completely true. Just too ambiguous to suit her.

    When she says, "The husband is always the last to know," you can truthfully agree with her and say, "Yes, that's certainly true."

    Now... as for whether she's trying to get you to make a pass at her, it's probably too soon to tell. She could have any number of different motivations, many of which are nefarious. It would certainly be within the realm of possibility that she wants to get a rise out of you and then blame all of Sue's actions on you, because you obviously deserve it now, since you "showed your true colors," or words to that effect. Or she might want to expose your pass to her husband, so that he can "defend her honor." I suggest you play for time and force Brenda to make the next move, so that she may reveal more of her intentions to you. And if she just stays with the accusative stuff, you can fend her off forever, just keep repeating your foggy replies to her meaningless insinuations. If she were just interested in making sure Sue doesn't take advantage of you, well... she's already conveyed her message many times over. Anything more suggests that she's either trying to order you around or she has something else up her sleeve that she doesn't want you to know about yet.

    Oh, and if she mentions that singles complex again, ask her what she was doing there. ;)


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  18. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Christine, your post was invaluable! I was sitting out next to the pool lateyesterday afternoon when Brenda popped over for dip quick dip. She real does have a nice set of tits and Igot hard just looking at her, but that’s not the point here. She again brought up Sue, she asked if shewas home, when I told her not yet. Shesaid, oh, working late I guess. I toldher no, she hadn’t called. Brenda said,so you don’t know where she is or when she’ll be home. Right, I told her. She said, wow, Lou always calls it he’s goingto be late. I said, well Sue rarelycalls. Don’t you worry, she asked. No, I said, she’s a big girl and I’m surethere’s a good reason. I’m sure there’sa reason, she agreed, pardon me if I’m getting to personal, but it seems she’salmost never here. I’ve noticedsometimes that I don’t see her car for a couple of days; does she travel in herjob? No, I answered, she goes to see hersister a couple times a year but I always drop her off at the airport forthat. She asked, then where is her carall night? Well, I explained, she’s occasionallygotten a ride home from a friend. Brendacontinued to badger me, why would she do that, when she has a car? I replied, oh, they go out after worksometimes and go in one car I guess. Finally,she said it, but I know I’ve seen her coming home early in the morning, are yousure everything is alright between you and Sue?

    I paused and took a deep breath and sighed. It’s okay she said and came over to me andsat on the edge of my lounge chair. Icould smell her delicious fragrance, I’m not sure what she wears, but it mademe want her more than ever. I’m sure shedidn’t notice, but my little dick was hard as a rock. She stroked my hair and told me it would bealright. Her huge tits were only inchesfrom me and I was afraid, I might start drooling on them. She asked me if there was another man. I played dumb and said, what no, I’m notgay. She chuckled as she continued tostroke my hair and let her hand drop down to my cheek. Cupping my face, she bent over saying, I meant does Sue haveanother man. Then she kissed me on thelips. Oooh, it was good, her tongue wasin my mouth and I wanted her so bad. Shepulled off and said, we shouldn’t be doing this and looked down at mycrotch. I’m afraid, I’ve already gone toofar, but my husband would kill us both if he caught us. I nodded, doing anything to agree with herhoping she’d resume our kiss. Insteadshe put her hand on the small but undeniable bulge in my swim trunks. Oh, she half squealed! What I asked? Your excited, she cooed, and snaked her hand under the waist band andfound my throbbing prick. Aftersqueezing it a few times she told me to stand up.

    I quickly got to my feet and she pulled my trunks downaround my knees. Her hand immediatelygrasped my cock once more and she began to stroke it. Looking up at me she commented, it’s not verybig, I suppose that’s why Sue’s had to find another man. Then she took it in her mouth and began tosuck me, it was the first blowjob I’d had in months. I knew I wouldn’t last long and was fillingher mouth with my sperm when the gate to our pool opened and in walked herhusband Lou. I expected to be physicallyassaulted any second, instead he calmly walked over unzipped his fly and calledout, next. It wasn’t until he spoke thatBrenda knew he was there. She pulled hermouth off my cock with a bit of cum showing on her lips, she smiled at herhusband. He smiled back, saying hi hon,then added next. I started to step backand let her get to him, when he reached out and grabbed my arm. With his otherhand he fished his big soft cock out of his trousers. Then with a quick jerk of my arm he pulled meto my knees and said again, next. Isuddenly realized that he meant for me to suck him. He smiled at me and said, fair is fair, mywife blows you and you blow me. It wasmore of a face fuck than a blow job he held my head and fucked my mouth withhis cock. I was on the verge of gagging,beginning to wonder if he’d ever stop and praying for him to cum all at thesame time. Finally he pulled it out ofmy mouth stroked it a few times and sprayed his jizz all over my face, beforeplunging it back in my mouth telling me to clean it all off. I sucked and licked him clean, he patted meon the head, Brenda had already disappeared. Then he turned and left too. I’ve not spoken to either of them since andSue was only here this morning long enough to shower and dress.
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  19. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness! I think you were set up. I suspect it's not a coincidence that her husband walked in at "just the exact time" that you were coming in her mouth.

    I think her husband (Lou, right?) has wanted you to take him in your mouth, and I think that Brenda was in on it. That is, the two of them were working on it together. She was setting you up, to be in a situation where you couldn't refuse. They put you into a situation such that if you refused, he would have threatened you. But I think they preferred that it happened with very little coercion.

    Is it possible that Sue might have told Brenda that you're small? And that Brenda told Lou about it? It would certainly explain a lot of Sue's actions... her trying to get you to admit that Sue is cheating, so that she could get you into a compromising situation. So that Lou could take control of you. I think if he already knew you were small, it would explain why he may want to dominate you. He may also intend to start having sex with Sue, but that's perhaps less certain.

    Depending on how much of game players they are, this could play out in different ways:

    One possibility is that they start using you, to service him on a regular basis. I don't think that would bother you all that much, which is not a problem. :) They may really start getting off on the idea of controlling and dominating you.

    Another possibility is that they may decide that they want to "threaten" you with what you've done. That is, threaten to expose your actions with him (and your size and/or submissiveness, perhaps) to people, saying that you have to keep sucking him off to keep them quiet. You'll have to decide for yourself if that's un-nerving or if it's exciting, or something else.

    In any case, I don't think you've had his cock in your mouth for the last time. Then again, if I were you, I would probably already be over at their house, asking to do it again. However, having said that, I don't know if you will have more contact with Brenda or not. Her interest in you could just be exclusively for the purposes of setting you up. Or not. I'm sure you'll know the answer to that soon. How do you feel about the possibility of regularly serving both of them orally? (With or without getting any reciprocal benefit?)

    Good luck, keep us posted. I'm glad I got my post to you just in time for the fun with them.


    Last edited: Sep 13, 2012
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  20. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member


    Well Sue has stopped seeing her young stud Kyle. She said he was just toopushy and embarrassed her several times in front of some of his friends. Ireminded her of our former neighbor's son Mitch and how he introduced her tohis friends and she'd eagerly fucked most of them. She agreed but said theywere a lot younger than Kyle's friends and did have the snide condescendingattitudes of the bastard's Kyle knew.

    I didn't have to ask who her new lover was... I came home and found the newboy from next door, Mike, fucking her in the middle of the afternoon. He justturned 18 at the end of October, I knew she be all over him as soon as she gota chance. She's twice his age, but with her body and looks, no one would knowand I'm sure he doesn't care. He's a real athlete with the body to match. Wellover 6 feet tall and an enormous cock which must be close to 10 inches. He'sgoing away to college next fall on a basketball scholarship.

    For an 18 year old, I was amazed how relaxed he was when I walked in onthem. She was straddling him riding his big cock when he looked up and saw me.He never missed a stroke, just kept pounding her cunt like a bucking bronco andnodded toward me to let Sue know I was there. She turned and smiled the bentover to kiss him while she rode his big cock. I was a really hot sight and Itook out my little dick and stroke it to completion, while they still fuckedon. Finally, he emptied his load into her pussy and she rolled off his cock andlay next to him panting with pleasure.

    After a moment to catch her breath, she asked me what I thought of Mike Jr.cock. The she added maybe you'd like to see if it tastes as good as Big Mike. Iflushed with embarrassment as I hadn't told her about sucking the elder Mike.Apparently, Lou, as big Mike is called, had told Sue as he fucked her thatmorning. My head was now spinning, it was Saturday and I'd left early to runsome errands. Apparently, the dad, Lou comes over fucks Sue in the morning thenwhen I get home in afternoon, the son; Mike is fucking her, what a day.

    Of course, being the cocksucking wimp that I am, I immediately climb upbetween the kid's long legs and begin to suck his magnificent manhood. As Isucked it, I could help but think of the places he'd put it, not only my wife,Sue but his hot little girlfriend. It made it taste all that much better. Hedidn't cum in my mouth but I cleaned it off for him and then left the two ofthem as they'd resumed, kissing, obviously, the prelude to some more sex.

    This is how I found out Sue had finally made it with the new neighbors. I'dgrabbed my swim trunks as I left them making out on the bed and stopped in thebath to change. When I got out to the pool, everyone was there, Lou, Brenda,their daughter and Mike's girlfriend. They all said, hi and Lou got up and gotme a beer as I plopped down in a chair across from his wife, Brenda and the twohot young girls. I was surprised, no one said a word about Mike or Sue and Ididn't dare bring it up, but I wondered if they knew what was going on in thehouse.
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