The Italian workmate tells my wife he isn't getting enough

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    So my wife has been talking about her Italian colleague at work. She tells me that she isn't interested but all the women swoon for him. He is a tall, attractive man so I don't believe she's not curious.

    After a few months she mentions that she has been talking about sex with this guy, not about having it with him, but about some of his escapades. Apparently his previous partners really enjoyed sucking his cock but the current women he is seeing just doesn't like that. I told here that its highly unusual to be talking about such personal things. She simply remarked that he is a kindred spirit. How could I respond to that?

    A few days later she was kissing my neck and playing with my cock.

    "You know, Mateo has started using a lot of innuendo with me" she said.

    "Really?" I shot back.

    "Yes. I think he checked out my cleavage today"

    "I bet he did"

    "I know what he wants"


    She licked my cock. "I think you do too". She let me think about it for a moment. She slowly forced her mouth over my cock, then back off. "Shall I tease him?" she asked, looking up at me, her mouth over my cock, her cleavage obvious.

    "Yum" I said.

    She ran her mouth over my cock, swallowing me again, then releasing me once more. "Make him cum?" Now she started blowing me, not stopping, looking up at me for approval.

    "Tease him" I said

    "Not blow him?" she asked?


    "I'll tease him. Does that make you hard?" she asked just before taking me deep in her mouth.

    "Oh yes!"

    "Just like this". She twirled her tongue around my cock as she furiously slurped on my cock until I oozed into her mouth.
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    She's ready to do it. Should happen soon.
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    How young is this romantic Italian work-mate(!) of your wife?

    It sounds to me like he's gagging to fuck her to Sex Heaven and cum buckets in her, Italian-style.

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    if i were you , i'd choose Her work outfits with Her...

    and could not wait to hear the details of the day...;)
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    My wife and I are often separated by distance due to work.

    I once caught her at the end of a video call where the young Italian had his arm around her waist, leading her away. I told her to have a good time but I was very uncomfortable underneath my "confident" exterior.

    Apparently Mateo told my wife that he was dating an Italian girl but that she was waiting to get married before having sex, even oral sex was off the cards. He then went on to tell her, my wife, that he was used to receiving a lot of oral sex from women. It's apparently a fact that he has a nice cock, nice and thick to look at but short enough to be easy enough to suck, but not so short that it was too small either. I can't believe that he told my wife this, that they were talking like this and that she then told me. Initially she fobbed my off saying he was young and not interested in her, later she admitted that he might have a bit of a crush.

    My wife wanted to be completely honest with me, she admitted that it was quite flattering, that she would only entertain someone she care for and that she only cared for me.

    One night she rushed home to me, kissed me ad told me how much she loved me.

    "I love you so much" he said.

    "Me too" I replied.

    "Honey, I want to be honest... I kissed him, well he kissed me... I kissed him back" she blurted out.

    "Okay" I slowly mumbled.

    "But nothing else happened!"

    "Did you want something else to happen?" I probed.

    She looked at me. Froze. She was thinking. Then she grabbed my hand and rubbed it over her pussy, it was wet. She looked at me s if waiting for a signal. Then she kissed me and pushed her body over mine.

    On to her knees she went, pulling out my cock and sucking on it, rapidly firming my cock in her soft mouth. At the same time she furiously fingered herself until she could last no more, pushed me back on the couch, jumped on my cock with her back to me and fucked me hard.

    It wasn't long before she came hard and sat on my cock motionless for a few moments to catch her breath.

    I hadn't come yet, so she turned around and started stroking me.

    "Thanks for being so understanding honey" she said to me with a smile, a mixture of happiness and relief, I'm not sure of which it was more.

    "Understanding?" I quizzed.

    "Yeah, most guys would probably be a little upset, but you , if anything, were actually horny about it"

    "Well, I wouldn't go that far"

    "I know you honey and I know your cock"

    "I think you're assuming a lot"

    "Oh really?" she said. "I know that you enjoyed Mateo kissing me". She looked at me waiting for a reaction, but I gave her nothing. She slowed down her stroking. "His hand running down and grabbing my ass". My change in breathing and pulsing of my cock gave it away.

    "It's a little hot"

    "I bet you were thinking of him whilst I sucked you!"

    "I don't think so". She was teasing my cock, talking to me with her mouth near my cock.

    "I felt his bulge when he kissed me" she said to me and I hardened again. Then she climbed up on me, still stroking me, cleavage in my face. "You think he wants some of this?"


    "Think he could hand it?" she grinned.


    "Think you could handle him taking me"


    "Being inside me"


    "Thrusting his manhood inside of me?"

    I stared at her as she stroked me and streams of cum squirted out. She never stopped grinning at me as she stroked me to completion. Then she quickly kissed my cum covered cock before she locked lips with me and kissed me - my mouth was closed and I didn't know what to make of it. I was horny and spent and confused all at the same time. The more I thought about it the worse I felt.

    "I love you honey" she purred.

    "I love you too" I replied, and I really did despite what had just happened.
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    "She never stopped grinning at me.........."

    That's hot Helka. Very hot indeed.
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    Very hot to read your conversation. Your wife sounds wonderfully sexy and playful. And based I what I have read, I get the feeling that man is going to put his cock in her mouth one day and she is going to eagerly suck it until he fills her mouth with cum. And she is going to enjoy letting you know.. Very hot.
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    looking forward to hearing more!

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