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    I (45y) have over the last 15-20 years had a growing urge to see my girlfriend have sex with another man. I used to talk to my ex about that now and then, often when we were having sex. She was a bit curious, but not willing to take the step. She wasn’t that much into sex, anyhow, and quite conservative.

    My new girlfriend (39y) is a lot more focused on sex and is a lot more open minded about sex. She used to be married but went through a divorce a couple of years ago. She had a lover during the last 3 years of the marriage and they kept seeing each other another year after the divorce. She has often talked about the poor sex she had with her husband and the great sex she had with her lover. (Her lover is still married.)

    When my current girlfriend and I got together, we started talking about anything that pushed the boundaries of sex. We quickly got into the topic of sharing. Me sharing her. I quickly realized that my dream of seeing my partner having sex, or at least knowing that she had sex with somebody else and hearing her tell me about it, could actually become a reality. Many of my sex fantasies were about this fantasy. For her to have sex with somebody else, with me watching or not. For me to finger her, after some other guy had come in her, to penetrate her after she having had bareback sex with somebody else, etc, etc, etc. The thoughts about all of this made me crazy.

    To cut a long story short. My girlfriend’s ex lover is still crazy about her. So, she met him for lunch and asked if he was still interested in having sex with her. He said “Yes, but what about your boyfriend?â€. She said I was OK with it and after texting each other a bit about it over a few days, they met at her place one Monday morning. They had also made plans for the next morning (Tuesday) if things were to turn out well. I was due back home on Tuesday lunch from a longer business trip and I would then come right home to her and have my first ever sloppy seconds… I was sooo excited.

    They had great sex twice in her bed on that Monday. He came on her belly the first time and in her the second time (she had her safe period). I was in a meeting when it happened and was travelling right after that so I asked her to text me right after. Here is our text conversation:

    She: Hello darling… :-*
    Me: Hello darling… :-*
    Me: Yes???... ;-)
    She: Yes, now it has happened :)
    Me: Really!!! Did you like it???
    Me: I am so excited. I am anxious to hear about it all. It makes me so horny, full of anticipation, and 63 other feeling I cannot identify :) I want to know if you thought it was creepy, nice, exciting, tough. As you know, I only like it if you do. <3
    She: Yees… :)
    Me: Did you make any plans for tomorrow morning?
    Me: I really, really like that you liked it. Did you cum?
    She: :):):) …yes… very much so… the first time several times, if you understand what I mean, and the second time quickly going into it and very intense.
    Me: fantastic, did he ejaculate in you?
    Me: you did it twice??? :)
    Me: shit, I’m so horny I think I’m going to die…
    She: yes, twice. He came on my belly the first time and in me the second time. Which I can feel now, I haven’t showered yet.
    Me: fantastic, just as in my fantasies. All of it. Don’t shower. Will you meet up tomorrow morning again? Make sure you do, please!!
    Me: Thanks for doing this. <3
    She: Yes, I’m trying to make tomorrow happen. I think he wants to, too. You know what, this is really exciting – and good for us.
    Me: yes, this is really good. This is how I want things to be with you.
    She: I understand PRECISELY what you mean… I’d love to see you now and have sex again, with you. I am really excited now if you’d like to know…

    The next day (Tuesday) they met again. I travelled back home and was back in town around lunchtime. I awaited her text message saying that he had left and that she was waiting in bed. I walked through the door, seeing her in bed. Beautiful, but a bit embarrassed. I removed my clothes and laid in bed next to her. Kissing her. Touching her. Feeling the strong love I always do with her. Slowly penetrating her, I asked her to tell me what they had done today (their second meeting). She told me how they kissed, how she had sucked him, how he had sucked her. How he had taken her from behind. How he had eventually cum in her.

    Being in her was fantastic. She was wet (but not as wet as I expected, she had been up letting him out the door and the cum out of her). I came violently. I will for certain never forget that lunch.

    She continues to see her lover, with my full consent.

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