She Stayed Out Late...And Brought Home A Surprise!

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    I have been waiting all these years, and it finally happened. I never thought my fantasies would be fulfilled, but now they have been. I have always had this insatiable urge to share my wife. What gives me pleasure is her getting pleasure – any way she likes. All the fantasies, all the thoughts, the masturbation, it all comes alive now. I can feel the excitement just thinking about it.

    Well, she surprised me. She called and said that she would be home late one night, very late; she told me that she would wake me when she got in. Laying in bed thinking about what she was doing, what was being done to her...I couldn't take it anymore! The anticipation was killing me.

    She came home around three in the morning. I heard the car pull up, I heard the door open, and I heard her as she tiptoed into the bedroom, trying to be quiet. I pretended to be asleep, one eye open as she sat down on the bed. She had on a black skirt and a white blouse – both looked disheveled. She removed her shoes, unbuttoned her blouse, and slung it off her shoulders, turning around and pulling the covers off of me.

    She started kissing my chest, lying on her stomach. I could see her gyrating her hips, slightly moaning as she gently bit my flesh. She worked her way to my nipples, gently tugging on them with her teeth. I always loved that. I started to "wake up" and put my hand around her head as she nibbled on me. She giggled ever so slightly, her voice coquettish.

    She pulled herself up and kissed me. Her lips were wet; I could tell that they had already had some use tonight. As she kissed me, I started to slide my hand down her tender back, down to her sweet ass cheeks. She took my hand and pulled it back up. "Not yet, dear," she chastised me. "I want to talk first."

    "Did you have a good time tonight?" I asked. What a corny thing to say, but I could think of nothing else to fit the situation.

    "I had a great time," she responded. "I may never be the same..."

    "You got laid, didn't you?"

    She giggled again. "Oh, yes, you could say that."

    "And are you going to tell me about it?" I raised my eyebrow.

    "God, he gave it to me good, honey. He filled me everywhere, front and'll see."

    I almost exploded as she spoke. I finally slid my hand back down, this time with no resistance, and pulled up her black skirt. She was wearing white nylon panties, the kind I love – fullback to accent her round ass. I could feel the heat coming off of her rear. I ran my hand over her panties making sure not to slip them in, and she moaned softly. Peggy was now raising her hips up and down slowly as I rubbed her.

    "Yes, just like that. Soothe my hot cheeks," she cooed.

    That was it. I slowly worked my hand down pas her cheeks and between her thighs, careful not to slide under her panties. God, she was soaked. Dripping right through her innocent, white panties...

    "You were a bad girl," I said to her, rubbing her wet thighs and panties.

    She started nibbling on my nipples again, driving me even crazier. She then started caressing my cock, moving down a little, giving me easier access to her creamy thighs. I wanted to taste her so badly. She started sucking my cock, turning over onto her back, exposing the front of her soaked panties and creamy thighs.

    What a sight. I could not take it much longer. She moaned as she sucked my cock. I started rubbing her through her panties from the front, getting ready to slide my fingers inside. I went in from her leg band, my fingers sliding right inside of her. Peggy had been stretched out very well!

    I could feel another man's cum inside of her, and her lips were so swollen. Right after I slid my fingers in, she moaned. "Mmm, he was so big and thick. Can't you tell? He found spots I never knew I had!"

    She was so wet. I just kept sliding my fingers in and out while she sucked my cock. I wanted her to tell me everything. I wanted her to tell me again how big and thick his hard cock was. How it was throbbing inside of her. I wanted to know how he fucked her. I wanted to know how many times she came.

    Then I slid my fingers deep into her ass. It was so loose. I had hoped that he fucked her tight ass. She moaned even more as I slid my fingers in and out of her little, pink hole. Her hips were moving up and down, I couldn't wait to hear more!

    I slowly pulled her panties completely off. Then I put my head down between her legs; I couldn't wait to eat her wet pussy. She kept sucking me, as I pulled her legs back and slid my tongue between her thighs. Her lips were nicely swollen and stretched out for me. God, there was so much cum still dripping from her wetness that I almost came right in her mouth. I kept licking her from her clit right to her asshole, running my tongue up and down.

    I then reached under her and, while feasting on her wetness, slid one finger right into her ass. It just slid right in, all the way. She tasted so good and creamy; I knew she was filled with cum. My fingers kept sliding in and out of her ass and I was eating her like a hungry animal.

    She was moaning so much she couldn't suck me anymore. She just started pumping my cock at this point.

    I asked her, "Are you going to tell me everything?"

    "Yes, I will tell you everything. I'll tell you how he fucked me. I'll tell you how I sucked his big cock until he came in my mouth. I'll tell you how he made me cum. I took him so deep – I was screaming!"

    She said he took her to a motel. As soon as they got in the door they started kissing, and she could see he was already hard. She told me that there was a huge bulge in the front of his pants. She said she reached down and started rubbing it and that he turned her around and began kissing her neck from behind, rubbing is crotch against her ass. She described herself reaching back and unzipping his pants as he reached in front of her, pulling up her skirt. She moaned about how good it felt when he started to rub the inside of her thighs over her panties while he kissed her neck. She told me how she took out his hug cock and how very thick it was.

    She spoke wistfully about how horny it made her and how she couldn't wait to have it! She said he lay on the bed and took his pants off, his cock springing right out. She immediately started pumping it, and then put her mouth over its big head. She said it looked so good, she just started sucking like an animal, just as I was eating her out.

    She had him in her mouth as far as he would go, which she described as only about half way. She pumped him with her hand while she sucked his throbbing mass. She took her other hand and started to gently squeeze his balls while she sucked him. She could tell he was getting close. He came in her mouth, and she didn't care. She told me that she swallowed every drop.

    Meanwhile, she started pumping me harder and faster, telling me about her date, my fingers still sliding in and out of her ass. I kept sliding my tongue up and down her pussy, and she began dripping even more, getting even more wet!

    She said he pushed her down on her stomach on the bed and pulled her skirt up. She told me how she felt as he ran his hands all over her ass and pulled her panties off from behind, lifting her ass up in the air. She said he ran his tongue right down the slit of her ass and right to her pussy, slapping her ass. She said he fucked her so hard from behind; he had his whole length inside her, filling her up completely, pumping her so deep.

    She said he came deep inside her then. She kept saying it felt so good, and that his cock was so big.

    "He fucked me so good, I couldn't take it anymore," she gasped as I continued to give her pleasure. "You like me getting fucked by nice, thick cocks, don't you? You want me to get fucked and come home so you can eat me and fuck me while I tell you all about it, don't you?" she teased me.

    She said he was running his thick dick between her ass cheeks before he slid it into her. She said she was grabbing the sheets, screaming and gushing. She said he was sliding his fingers in and out of her ass while he filled her up. She said he turned her over and she grabbed his cock and guided it back into her from the front.

    She told me how he pumped her deep, and she started gushing again, her body wracked by another orgasm. She said she was so horny she was talking dirty to him; telling him to fuck her with that big cock, give it to her deep. She said she tried to take him in her ass, but it was just too big!

    She said he could only get two fingers inside of her, and he had them in her ass while she was riding on top of him. She said she couldn't even count how many times that he had cum. It had to be a lot, because he was still dripping from her while I was eating her pussy. I loved eating her used pussy.

    I wanted for her to do this again... I have always wanted her to fuck as many men as she wants. Do you want to know how it began, how I was able to get her to do these things?
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