She An Older Black Male She Liked...

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    We were having dinner at Ruby Tuesday's not too many months ago. I noticed she kept squirming and smiling, and being as I know her very well, I was aware that she was showing more than she should and that she liked whoever was looking.

    She asked if it would be okay to give him her number. With an increasing lump in my pants, I gave her my pen and a business card. She wrote a note on the back, and in the pretense of going to the ladies room, she exited our booth and walked by his table, dropping the card as she went by. As we got up to leave, I was very surprised to see he was an older black guy, but in winking at her, and with her return smile, I knew we would hear from him.

    A few nights later, the phone rang and I answered. In a somewhat uncertain sounding voice he asked if she was there. I put her on and they talked for a while as I rubbed her pussy.

    To make a long story short, he calls and comes by at least a couple of times a week. As part of the routine, I always tell her what to wear or not wear. It ranges from a sexy dress to a baby-doll nighty with heels. He comes in, gives her a kiss while I watch, and then hand in hand, she leads him up to our bedroom and closes the door.

    I can hear them talking, and shortly thereafter, I can hear them fucking. She gets rather loud and vocal, telling me afterwards what he did with her, what they did together, and how much it turns her on to see, touch, and feel his estimated 10" of black dick in her white married pussy. The amount of cum he leaves in her and behind on the sheets is unbelievable! I've never seen it, but she says she can barely wrap two hands around it and there is dick left over, top and bottom.

    He should be calling again tomorrow if he is on schedule... I plan on having her answer the door in nothing but heels for that visit. I've never seen them kiss while she was nude. It should be quite a turn on.
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    Is your wife on birth control? Sounds a hot experience
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    Tubes are tied... so birth control is not needed. ;-)~
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    As in past weeks, my wife's older black friend showed up on schedule this afternoon. I had dared her to walk to the back door to greet him in nothing but some heels. He always calls just before he arrives, and today was no exception. The phone rang at 2:15PM, and at 2:30PM, he pulled in the driveway.

    She yelled down stairs for me to let him in. There was a knock, knock, and I answered the door. He said, "Your wife, as you know, is expecting me." I nodded and he walked into the kitchen. Then, he turned and looked at me and said, "Have a seat. I'm here to give your wife what you can't, and you're not invited."

    I'll have to admit, knowing that she might just have enough nerve to take me up on my dare, my hands were shaking and cold, and my cock was at least half hard. Then, as I took a deep breath, I heard my wife coming down the stairs...

    Still out of sight, she said, "Hi handsome man! You're right on schedule!"

    With that, she walked into the kitchen wearing absolutely nothing but some 5" red heels! I'll have to admit, I was truly surprised! I did not think she would do it! But, there she was, standing there in the kitchen in nothing but her birthday suit and those very sexy 5" red pumps, which, of course, made her body look drop-dead gorgeous. Her already upturned natural tits were thrusting upwards even more, and the heels made her legs and ass look even more seductive.

    "Handsome black man" walked over to my wife and gave her a long, wet, sexy kiss while he fondled my beautiful wife's ass cheeks. Then, he turned to me and said, "Okay, hubby, you can follow us upstairs and sit outside the door while I give your wife some serious black dick. Get up!"

    As I followed them up the stairs, my wife was wigging and swinging her delicious, curvy ass as his hand caressed her bareness. I was shaking all over because her nakedness was a clear indication this older black man was going to fuck my beautiful wife, leaving her well used cunt full of his cum when he was finished. She looked back at me and smiled, and then winked. Then she said, "I'm going to give him some of your pussy... you can listen."

    As I sat down on the top step, they closed the door. After a few minutes of muffled sweet talk, I could hear him undressing and the sound of both of them going at it. All I could do was listen. In about thirty minutes the door opened, and he walked out and down the steps without a word to me. She was still laying on the bed, obviously totally fucked out, and hints of his cum everywhere, as it also leaked from her pussy.

    She motioned for me to come closer, opened her legs, and pushed out several long strings of cum. Then, she looked at me and said, "Is this what you wanted to see?"

    I looked at her and said, "Golly, I love you..."

    She smiled and looked at me and said, "I love you too... and he'll be back for more of my pussy on Saturday."
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    My wife was totally innocent when we were first married. She admitted after we moved to Miami and she was hired by Eastern as a flight attendant that many of the girls talked about men and their size, and the differences. Money was pretty tight and P was able to get in with a select bunch of girls that flew a 27 hour layover trip from Miami to Las Vegas and then back home. She observed that the girls vanished on the layover and were not seen again til the next day at pickup. Where did they go?

    She found out on the way back to Miami that these girls were moonlighting as escorts. My wife is very good looking, and once she knew, they offered her a chance to join their little group. She would get to keep half of what she could make doing escort assignments. Even 50% was an impressive figure and after we talked it over, I agreed, and although she was nervous, she agreed to try it. I knew at the time she was still pretty innocent, and was not aware that she wasn't going to just escort guys to shows and whatever. She was going to get fucked. The thought was a huge turn-on for me because I was the only guy she had ever been to bed with.

    When she came home from the next trip, she was initially very quiet, but during pillow talk she admitted she had been fucked by two different guys, both with dicks, as she said, "much larger than yours..." She openly admitted that the event was flattering and that they guys really knew how to "take care of her needs as well as theirs..." Later, as we lay in bed, she showed me how much bigger their cocks were than mine, and knowing that my innocent little bride had been fucked like that really made me want her to fuck even more.

    She stayed within the group of moonlighting girls for about the next six to eight months before we were on easy street and she resigned. You would not believe what some guys will pay to fuck a stewardess! Every trip was a sexual education and adventure. She made more in four months than I made all year. Before she quit, we bought a small house in Coral Gables.

    It was then that we talked about it, and after placing some ads on some sites, she started "dating" from home. I'd approve the guys, and they would come by and pick her up, take her to dinner, go other places, and many times, they would keep her overnight. There were many repeat dates with local guys. No money was ever asked for, but the guys were very generous and she did well. I never participated except have her share the stories with me when she returned home. As her sex education expanded, she learned two things that became meaningful to me... how much she was starting to learn about cocks and what made them work, and how I could still satisfy her, but not like the guys with the really big ones could.

    There were things that turned me on too... like when her dates arrived, introducing her as my wife as she would walk into the room dressed in what I would pick out for the date, corresponding with guys who wanted to or had dated her, and hearing from her about her dates as she would masturbate me when she would get home. Once she discovered how really "below average"my dick is, she really started teasing and taunting me as we discussed how the date went.

    I could write a complete narrative on her teasing, and how much it excited me to have her taunt me endlessly, and today, through teasing, get me to clean her up! No wonder guys like to fuck her so much. She is drop dead good looking and has a pussy and ass that are encouraging receptive to other men...with larger, more satisfying cocks! I bought her an even bigger and more prominent wedding ring a while back as many guys with big dicks love fucking another man's wife.
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    Nice. Love that he tells you what's what and puts you in your place.
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    He certainly does that. When he comes back on Saturday, I'm going to have her dressed as a very prim and proper wife with the exception of undies... no bra and no panties.

    She said something this morning about him wanting to take her out of town Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening to an all black club. She seems excited about that. I'll have to say one thing about black guys...once they get to a white wife, they have an uncanny knack about what makes them tick, and they can rule the roost.

    As Charlie left the other day, he said to me as he walked out, "You know I'm going to keep fucking your wife, don't you? And, Mr. Hubby, there is nothing you can do about it. That pretty white pussy is mine as long as I have a desire for it."

    I just nodded.
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    P-Ramada02.jpg Dual CF 001.jpg
    5:30PM Update

    Charlie just called for my wife. I work at home, so I am generally always here. I answered and he TOLD ME to HAVE HER CALL HIM when she returned home, that he wanted to update her on what he had planned for her this weekend. Then, there was a pause before he hung up... and he said to me, "Mr. Hubby, you're turned on that I'm fucking your pretty wife's pussy and ass, aren't you?

    I paused before answering. Then said, "Yes, it is somewhat of a turn-on. Does she have your number?"

    Then he came back with with this! (Quote: It's YES. SIR, and repeat after me. I am glad you are fucking my wife and you can fuck her as much and as often as you like, sir. Understand, 'Hubby!' And, you damn well know she has my number. Tell that white pussy of yours to call me!")

    I responded with, "Yes, sir, and I am glad you are fucking my wife and you can fuck her as much and as often as you like, sir." Then I added, "She is really turned-on by your big black cock as I am sure you know."

    "I'm aware of what your pretty wife likes and I'm damn well planning on fucking her every chance I get and you know it!" (And, he just hung up on me...)
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    P just arrived home and now she is gone again... no explanation as to where she had been or when she would be back.

    As she changed her clothes, I asked where she had been, and there was silence except for, "With a close friend..." Then she turned and looked at me, she said, "Hon, you're a cuckold now. You aren't allowed to ask these things."

    I didn't say anything, but could smell her pussy juice as faint as it was on her fingers as she kept touching my lips and then now and then, she would touch her pussy and slip a wet finger into my mouth. Then it hit me! She was feeding me another man's sperm from her vagina. My cock actually ached as she asked if I like her present to me. I couldn't talk; I just took it all in. The smell and taste was delightful, not sweet, but not strong either, kind of bland but still so stimulating to my senses as I thought about it being a mixture of her freshly fucked pussy and cum from another man who had spent the afternoon fucking my pretty wife.

    Then, as quickly as she arrived, she was gone again... what's next?
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    I'm sitting here all alone, masturbating, thinking about her, what Charlie said to me, wondering who fucked her this afternoon... wondering what she was thinking as she touched my lips with her fingers, fresh with her pussy juice and cum from whoever fucked her this afternoon...

    Damn, she's beautiful... and now she's fucking other men... just as we talked about during pillow talk. She is REALLY being fucked by other men...
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    Sunday Morning...

    Well, as expected. Charlie, my wife's older black lover picked her up on Saturday afternoon and they headed to some unknown destination west of here. He had convinced P that she would get to see the pleasures of an all black club on Saturday night. As they started to back out of the driveway, she had again said to me, "Don't wait up as I may be late."

    It is now Sunday morning and I had not heard from her until just a few minutes ago, and of course, she was gone all night. She mentioned that they had danced until very late and that she was the center of interest at two all black clubs that Charlie had taken her to, and that since it was so late, they had gotten a motel room and spent the night. She said she would be home a little afternoon. I did ask her if Charlie had fucked her, and Charlie must have heard, guessing she was on her speaker phone, as he added so I could hear him, "That is what we are doing again, right now! Don't sweat it, hubby, I'll bring her back to you! She's about to wear me out!"

    More later when she gets home...
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    Sunday, 4:45PM

    Charlie brought my wife home about an hour ago. I walked out to the car when they pulled in. Charlie walked around and opened the the door and she slipped out. He looked at me and smiled at me as he kissed her. She made it a long, sweet, "thank you for the great time..." kiss. As they kissed, Charlie reached down and lifted her skirt as he cupped her cheeks. NO panties! Charlie, dropped the hem of her skirt and said, "See you again in a couple of days..." Then, turned, slipped back in the car and backed out of the driveway as we stood there watching. She gave him a little wave and threw him a kiss.

    We walked in the back door. Once in the kitchen, she turned to me and said, "Whoa, what a night!"

    I just stood there... looking at her.

    "Are you okay? Did the cat get your tongue? Say something..."

    I paused and said, "How was it?"

    "It was fun. He took me to the Sugar Shack. It was all black. I was the only white girl there. Not only did Charlie and I dance, but I must have danced with at least another six or eight black guys. One could really dance, but he couldn't keep his hands off my ass. Charlie finally had to say something to him. We were there til well after 2AM. I was exhausted, so rather than come home, Charlie said we were going to a motel. We finally found one, and we really got some looks, believe me."

    "So, did you let him fuck you?"

    She smiled at me and said, "What do you think? Come here."

    I walked over to her, and she kissed me. I could smell him on her breath. There was no doubt in my mind as she gave me a long, sloppy, wet kiss. Remember, she had just kissed Charlie, a black man just minutes ago in the driveway. Was I kissing my wife or a woman that had been sucking a 10" black dick all the way home?! The taste was still there!

    As we kissed, P took my hand and guided my fingers to her pussy. I wasn't reluctant to let her guide my fingers into her cunt and between her pussy lips. Oh my gosh! Talk about wet. I have never felt her pussy that wet! I said, "You are soaked!"

    She smiled and said, "Yes, I am, aren't I! Taste it!"

    I curved my hand and scooped up as much of the wetness as I could. I wanted to look at it more than I wanted to taste it. I looked at her, then looked down at my hand and I could see cum! I had a hand full of her juices mixed with his cum!

    She smiled and said, "Taste it!"

    With that she reached between her legs and ran her fingers between the lips of her pussy, then took all four of the cum covered, soaked fingers of her hand and smeared them on my lips as I just stood there. "Lick it off my fingers, baby, lick his cum off, do it!"

    I did.

    She smiled and said, "You wanted me to do this, and now you are having to live with the consequences. I'm going up to take a shower. Sit here and think about this, and when I get out of the shower, I want you to come up and clean me up as I am not going to douche. I have you for that!"

    With that, she turned and walked out of the kitchen and up the steps to the master bedroom, looking over her shoulder and smiling at me. Then, she flipped up her skirt, flashing her bare ass at me. "Do you think I can feel that four inch toy of yours after a night like I just had?" Then, she smiled, and said, "He took my ass too... think about it!"

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