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    How did you get into it? Was it her idea or yours?
    I'm trying to talk my gf into it but she says she is too embarrassed, I think she likes the thought but just needs some extra help. Any advice from your wife that could help us? The enjoyment she gets from it, does she feel empowered? Does she still like you to dominate when it's just the two of you, no bull?
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    I'd have to say it was probably my idea first for her to have sex with another man, but she had become comfortable with us discussing the idea for a very long time before she finally agreed to do it. Her first, other than me, was an old friend who had been trying to seduce her for years. It finally happened one night when he brought a hot movie over, where the subject was MMF threesome. This was long before the internet, long before I had ever heard the term cuckold applied specifically to a man who approves of his wife fucking others.

    The idea of me being submissive to the other man was hers. It came up after we had done a threesome with a guy she had fucked on a business trip. She said it felt like he and I were sparring for control, and she really needed for him to be clearly in control, so she could relax and enjoy it.

    In our very long marriage, she has only been dominant with me a couple of times. When it happened, she clearly really enjoyed it, but it seems to embarrass her.

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