Older bull for my wife

Discussion in 'Classifieds and Personals' started by Jamesw_1yaoo.com, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Jamesw_1yaoo.com

    Jamesw_1yaoo.com New Member

    Looking for a older guy that could host or go down on a room and woild be into fucking misionary i wanted to see her ride and suck a little this would be are first time I been asking her for some time now and would like to do it soon and not just ask her and not ever come thru we just found tbis site send us a pic and stats
  2. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Where are you located, James? Has she agreed to do it?
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  3. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Describing her would be helpful or even a picture.
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hi James. I see you are only 29, close to my age.

    What is your reason for choosing an older instead of a younger guy to fuck your wife first time up? To lessen the risk of her falling in love with him perhaps?

    Four years ago I chose a 19 year-old (my very handsome bisexual Afro-American best buddy) to be live-in lover to my wife. And Yes she fell in love with him, as I hoped she would. So the drama and beauty of watching him fucking her missionary just gets more breathtaking and wankworthy with every passing year. My wife had no desire at all for a lover older than me. Neither did I. My beautifully athletic young buddy brings out the lustful voyeur in me Big Time, with huge erotic and other benefits all round.

    When it comes to choosing a lover for one's wife I would recommend Youth over Age and Experience any day, James. But whatever age lover you choose for your wife, make sure that both of you enjoy him to the very hilt.
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  5. Jamesw_1yaoo.com

    Jamesw_1yaoo.com New Member

    I'm in byughhhtftgg7ckedgftt65r5ightyt?gttyearrr5r444res35e5er thsie3 is only for her and she like that too
  6. handsfreez

    handsfreez Member

    Why dont you just jerk off you piece of ashdjfsheflkaejflaefgna;emgjaekfmlernfae fnwefile :)
  7. Jamesw_1yaoo.com

    Jamesw_1yaoo.com New Member

    no its not that she wont fuck a black man that is disrespecting like that and i know she wont fall in love i dotn care for age i asked her for a 25 she said only 40 and up only has a thing for older sorry dude she wants older i have a good older friend i trust
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  8. Jamesw_1yaoo.com

    Jamesw_1yaoo.com New Member

    trust me we wil
    how i been trying i have great pics
  9. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    If you ever leave Michigan and come to the NY NJ Area and are still interested in an Older Bull for your Wife, then Message Me and let's Chat online and then Talk on the Phone before Meeting-Up.

    I'm 50 and I Usually Meet-Up with Women in Northern New Jersey.
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  10. Jamesw_1yaoo.com

    Jamesw_1yaoo.com New Member

    Yea she has Detroit

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