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    Hi everyone, not sure if these forums are very busy but it seems the right place to speak to people who may be in the same situation as me.

    We have been married for 17 years now, kids, family, work, bills, normal married life. My wife has always been very attractive and has never had a problem getting attention from men, not just by the way she looks but from her personality aswell, she is extremely friendly and funny, people just warm to her very quickly. We had the usual sex life, nothing out of the ordinary and fairly regular like most people when everything is fresh and new. When we were younger not long after getting married around 2003 she wanted to do some amateur modelling, mainly at home but sometimes in a studio. I was 100% behind her and did most of the arranging and emails for her etc. This started with just fashion, lingerie and moving to topless as time went on, eventually it started going to full nude photoshoots. We started to recieve emails etc from the phtographers making it clear that some of these men wanted a lot more, one emailed her and asked for a full sex shoot with him. There was one time where a guy asked her to masturbate for him while he took photos which she did easily agree to. Each occasion I supported her and was always around for her safety and happy for her to do whatever she wanted, there were no boundaries, it was her life. After some times because of children and family stuff this all stopped.
    The point im making here is that I was really excited that other men were seeing my wife like that and I think that is what sparked my interest in wanting to be a cuckold. I cant help it, I like the thought of my wife around other men and have done for years and to present day. When my wife talks about any other man, be it a man at work or from when she was younger or when she is has been out with her friends my cock goes stiffer than ever lol. For example she came home the other day and said that there is a new man that has started there who is african and he came to sit with her at the dinner table where she works. This was probably innocent and nothing in it but my mind was racing ten to the dozen about what might be going on here from him or her or what could possibly happen in the future. Its not a feeling of jealousy at all, just excitement. This is now driving me nuts!

    Just to add im not pushy, I dont question her or give her any grief at all. I just let her talk and dont push her for more information than she is prepared to give.

    My wife is still very attractive at 51 years old and still has no problem with men admiring her, I know that. But what what im wondering is should I now try and gently progress things? I know she is open minded due to what she did when she was younger. Occasionally before sex if she asks for a massage I joke and say no, i knackered, will have to book an appointment when I havnt been working etc. We usually laugh about this and she will say something like, well im going to have to get myself a new man then, I of course say yep thats fine by me, she will say something like ok then I will. This is the sort of conversations we may have and its all done in jest.

    For the last 6 months or so every time we have sex now I go down on her for ages, usually for half hour plus untill she cant take it any more or my jaw aches lol and every bit of attention is on her. She hasnt physically touched me during sex at all and there has been no penetrative sex. Dont get me wrong, im not complaining I would do it every day for the rest of my life with nothing in return. But it has got me thinking, is this the start of the cuckold journey? Is it the right time to try and progress it? Is she thinking about someone else?

    Sorry for the rambling guys it difficult to right everything and make sense of it all. At the end of the day my head is a bit scrambled and im trying to make sense of everything im feeling and hope there have been other men in my situation.

    Thanks for reading guys
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    She needs some cock I can tell you that, where from is for you two to decide...….
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    I would ask her if she misses a cock in her cunt when you are going down on her. Does she enjoying getting fucked? Would she prefer your cock or another man's cock? See what she says. Each time you ask a question lick her clit while you wait for her answer. If she says she has thought about or wants another cock in her cunt, tell her you would be okay with it and then make her cum.
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    If your communication is good, just ask her (while not doing anything sexual, so you are both being serious and objective) if she would like to see/date/have sex with another man or woman. Tell her that you love her, you would be fine with it, and would be happy for her to enjoy some sexual adventures. If she moves forward, whatever you do, don't criticize her for what she does, with whom or where. You may be fantasizing about her and some black cock, but she may be thinking about a white pussy. Just enjoy the journey.

    May I ask, are there any pictures that you would be comfortable posting? Thank you.
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    If you are comfortable talking about sexual desires and fantasies outside of the bedroom, then go for it. But it seems many people are not comfortable doing that, but in the heat of passion and sex, sometimes people are more responsive to suggestions or feel more comfortable bringing up sexual topics or acting out sexual fantasies, like pretending to be another person fucking or getting fucked. That is why I suggested asking leading questions while making her horny.
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    True, that's good for fantasies, but there needs to be non-horny, serious discussion if the plan is to make a fantasy a reality.
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  7. I would say to definitely have the conversation of another man in the picture. Next time you are intimate, casually bring it up. Stress that you know it isn't a "love" thing; sometimes you just need something to bring a bit of excitement to the table. That you would love for her to play and tell you about it later, if she is more comfortable with you being in the room, that is fine as well. You can enjoy the voyeurism and she can be comfortable that you are there. Afterwards, you both can share in the experience, and believe me, if you are open with each other, this can be such turn-on! She can share how turned on she was and you can smell the scent of sex on her....amazing experience! BTW, don't push this; if she isn't ready, give it time. It's not good if both parties aren't on board.
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    Agree 100%, and you must make everything about it a positive experience. Whenever she takes a step ahead, not necessarily in the direction you want but the way she wants, make it a cause for celebration. If she talks about a trip she took with an old boyfriend before you met, tell her you want to celebrate by going to dinner. When she talks about how she fucked him, take her on a vacation where she wants to go. Tells you about a guy she finds hot, buy her a nice gift. Mentions she played around with one of her girlfriends, get them both a spa package. And if she ever tells you something that you don't want to hear? Never criticize her and celebrate anyway.
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    and make your wife sure, lifetime you will love her and that you never are interested to fuck another wife.
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    Yes, you must be willing to make that commitment. Unless that is her wish otherwise.

    Audrey found she once she had a husband, it was important to her that I be shared.
  11. The positive thinking is great, but don't kiss her ass each time she moves forward. Women love the hunt, as do men, but need to play from a different angle. Be accepting to whichever positive move she makes and be willing to discuss it only if she wants to discuss it. If she's ok with her decision, don't press it. Sometimes overthinking is not good.
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