Need help with long distance humiliation and blackmail ideas

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  1. KellyLacey8401

    KellyLacey8401 New Member

    I am looking for some new ideas on how to further humiliate and degrade my ex-husband. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

    Complications include:
    1. We both live in different states
    2. I am currently married and my husband knows nothing about this or any of my past.
    3. We both have kids in our houses

    Bonus' include:
    1. I have several pictures of him in humiliating situations
    2. He is very susceptible to blackmail from me
    3. He is my moneyslave

    Things I have done to him in the past two years:
    1. chastised him with a CB-2000
    2. forced feminization
    3. self cbt
    4. intense cleaning of his house/apartment
    5. butt plugs/cucumbers etc.
    6. spanked himself on web cam
    7. body writing
    8. writing assignments
    9. complete my work reports via email
  2. KellyLacey8401

    KellyLacey8401 New Member

    The wimp himself

    If this helps, here is a picture a fat spineless wimp.

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  3. KellyLacey8401

    KellyLacey8401 New Member

    How about a nice face shot of the loser. You better not be late with this month's payment Scotty-Boi, this is going to get real bad for you honey!

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  4. DeaconBlues

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    Oh my goodness! Kelly Lacey, he is your EX-husband and maybe you don't care if he dies early from a heart attack, but if you care for him at all then you need to put that man on a diet and work off that belly! After all, if he is your slave, then he is your property, you have every right to protect your property. I am serious about that, you could be the cause for a great improvement in this man's life, make him take aerobics or something.

    As for humiliation, send him a "Speedo" swimming thong and make him wear it while he spends his weekend at the beach or public swimming pool. If I looked like that I would run to the water and spend every daylight hour swimming in the water so people would see less of me. Poor fellow needs some serious weight loss

    I hope this does not sound evil or demeaning, I don't mean to be doing your job in humiliating him, but he does need to lose weight. You are his master and can make him get healthy.

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