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My husbands little soft dick

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by KateS, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Civi

    Civi Member

    Haha Fair enough.
    I think I would try something like that but it would never be like for months on end, more so like when I'm away from her so she knows if I got turned on by another girl it would hurt. Lol
  2. MelissaR

    MelissaR New Member

    Gosh no I wouldn't recommend to everyone that they try chastity. Not at all in fact. You do what makes you happy, what turns you on. Russell takes things to extremes in almost everything he does, it's in his nature and he's certainly not an example for anyone else to follow. Some of the things he has done in past relationships have been shocking in terms of S & M and quite intimidated me when we first met but if he does something he takes it to it's furthest point, that's how he is.

    It's happening now with denial. He wanted to try chastity and he wanted to give to me total control of his pleasure. At that time the cuckolding had become more regular and it just became a part of our lives. You're right JoeS and others it does put a strain on things sometimes as our sex life has changed. We're still intimate and do things alone together but he's not been inside me for a few years now.

    So no please don't think I'm advocating it to anyone. It did help me with the cuckolding as I knew when he first went to chastity that he wasn't tired of me or our sex life but because it works for us doesn't mean it will for anyone else x
  3. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    Hi Kate. I'd definitely be interested in what you think since I am so similar to your husband. My wife is sometimes a bit too shy about expressing anything negative, even when I tell her the truth would reflect the facts. I can't help but feel guilty and have some empathy for my wife, as well as for you. Why shouldn't you enjoy more worthwhile sexual encounters and just have your husband jack off. It seems only logical that smaller guys would only be able to pleasure themselves as attempting to "fill" a woman has to be disappointing. I am willing to be relegated to only jacking off. My wife certainly does not promote sex in our house, but telling me more directly is something I would not only understand, but enjoy. Little Jimmy
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  4. Mat2009

    Mat2009 New Member

    We felt the same all those years ago, and my wife said some very similar things. She thought she couldn't get someone else, etc but she was shocked when she got out to see just how many men really wanted her. You might surprise yourself.

    Also, once we did it, and it takes planning and lots of discussion, it completely changed our lives for the better. That is just our marriage and our lives but I think as long as you take the thorough approach you are currently it would work out.

    It may have also been a bit easier because my wife was with 11 men before me, so maybe it is a bit more difficult when he is the only one.
  5. KateS

    KateS Member

    Hi little Jimmy!

    To be honest in the beginning I wasn't very aware that my husband Joe would even be considered on the small side. It took me some time to realise/believe that commenting on his little dick really turned him on. Once I fully understood that it became easier to comment on it. This forum has helped greatly with that. Would your wife ever consider joining the forum? It might help her too.

    I have yet to experience a larger cock in real life but the fantasy alone is doing wonders for me and my realisation that I might like to try a bigger cock one day is doing wonders for Joe!!
  6. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    I see someone has been busy on here whilst I've been away! Making me out to be some kind of lunatic! Thats' ok I probably am.
    Kate and Joe you guys rock! I love that you use the cuckold idea as a fantasy thing in bed. The humiliation thing of being quite small is such a turn on for me too. It's even better when you're being told that your small dick can't compare with the big one she's currently riding! I don't know if that's anything you'd ever do but it's so good for me.
  7. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Russell we can only go by what your wife posted, personable I believe her :D :D :D, she sounds honest and truthful.
  8. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    Mickle she's got me down to a tee! I have done some pretty crazy things in the past I suppose and, if I'm being honest, they do make me sound a bit loony! I was just surprised when I logged in here for the first time in a while just how much Melissa had posted - a nice surprise though.

    Melissa is probably the most honest and sincere person I've ever known so you can always trust what she says.
  9. JoeS

    JoeS Active Member

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