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Discussion in '"Show Off Your Girl" - Pictures' started by Wantstowatchher, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    Here is some pics of my sexy gf. I'm becoming obsessed about hearing her tell me about her past lovers and really want to watch her get fucked by someone else and see how much she would enjoy it!
    She says she is too embarrassed though. Tell me what you'd like to do with her?

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  2. Ghost007

    Ghost007 New Member

    lovely body... great tits and the nipple piercing is so fucking hot!

    my wife was just recently fucked for the first time by another guy. It was her masseuse and she whatsapped me the pictures. It was so thrilling! Check them out in my posts
  3. Ghost007

    Ghost007 New Member

    And I would defintely fuck your gf dude
  4. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    Thanks dude! I think those tits are awesome too!
    I've already checked out your pics, what a sexy pic to,receive!
    How did you talk her into it? I'm struggling to get dirty details from my gf about her past lovers never mind fuck someone else. She is really horny once I get her going though!
  5. Ghost007

    Ghost007 New Member

    It started just like you man... talking about her experience with her exes... slowly coaxed her into getting sensual massages.. Once she was comfortable with this guy they started fucking : )

    The whole point is to get her to be comfortable with your fetish... She will succumb
  6. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    Thanks man, I think I'll try the massage thing with her, see if it helps!
  7. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    She is now coming round to the idea of DP with me and her rampant rabbit when I'm home! She's spoken of a desire for threesomes one time before so here's hoping I can eventually fulfil her wish!!
  8. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Awesome body on her! Love those tits, especially her nipples (not just the piercings, although that adds even more to it!)...
  9. Lanzo

    Lanzo Member

    What a pair of tits! Great nipple studs!!

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