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Discussion in '"Show Off Your Girl" - Pictures' started by cookman, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. cookman

    cookman Member

    here are a couple of my sexy Goddess...we live the lifestyle. have had issues in the past but are back to being Goddess and cuck again!:D

    sexy comments gets lots more...
    anyone want to swap stories and pics of wife? IMG_0272.JPG IMG_0275.JPG IMG_0287 a.jpg
  2. weforyou

    weforyou New Member

    wow wow she is beautiful loving it man
  3. betaloser

    betaloser New Member

    Wow!!!Thank You,

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!

    And if I may say so, with a body like that, she deserves the very best and all the attention she craves.

    As I am sure you know you are very lucky!
  4. cookman

    cookman Member

    thanks you guys... :)
    wanted to post more in my galleries but seem to be only able to post about max of 10??

    oh well, here are some more for won't allow me to upload any more!!
    anyone have any ideas why?
  5. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    Very Very Nice!
    I Would Love to Fuck Her and have you Watch!
  6. jenkinsjamison

    jenkinsjamison New Member

    i would love to see her get fucked bareback
  7. Schubidoo

    Schubidoo New Member

    VERY nice tits!!! Specially like the nipples!!! Reminds me of my ex-wife...
  8. Jonathan Raven

    Jonathan Raven New Member

    Fantastic tits and nipples ! :) Please post more pics of her in action, and close-up shots :)
  9. cookman

    cookman Member

    hi everyone who responded...thanks heaps...I wouldlove to post some more but i've reached my quota!!

    shame, I have thousands...really! :) that I'd love to share with you ...
    maybe send me a private message to arrange.
    anyone know why there's a quota on uploading pics????

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