My Beautiful Wife is Constantly Setup

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  1. blkcorvette

    blkcorvette Member

    My wife should be considered the perfect wife. In looks, she is drop dead gorgeous with the perfect face and figure. Her tits, ass, legs, and face can turn heads when she walks into a room. Guys can't stop looking at her. Her demeanor is that of the perfect wife. She married me shortly after college, a virgin, Sunday School regular, never says "bad words" and should be considered a trophy wife when it comes to the perfect woman most men would want for a wife.

    Several years ago, with her as perfect as she obviously is, my devious mind started having fantasies about Mrs. Perfect fucking other men. When we would be having "normal" sex, I would warm her up by rubbing her pussy talking about other men, bigger cocks, how so-and-so couldn't take his eyes off her. Her mouth would say things like, "Yes, I noticed him looking... Yes, I did notice the outline in his pants... Yes, having him look did turn me on... but I could NEVER do anything like that!"

    As things progressed, I would comment to her about other guys cocks, how much bigger they were than mine, playing that angle for all it was worth. I could whisper in her ear while rubbing her pussy about big cocks and how I knew they would feel better in her pussy than mine. From the resulting slickness, I could tell the thoughts were turning her on, but in spoken word, she always denied it.

    My mind and the resulting fantasies kept progressing. With some effort, she agreed to pose for me, sexy pictures, but in the beginning, nothing that showed a lot. As with such things, I kept asking for more and more, and she weakened and eventually was posing for full nudes. I always carried a few hot pictures of her showing everything, and would show them to men who offered an opening after seeing her in person.

    Several guys, some of whom did some work such as interior painting, hanging of wall paper, and other home maintenance services sometimes would let it slip or I would bring it up in a casual fashion about how pretty and sexy she was. She did always dress nice and with some pushing, and I do mean pushing, she would wear some sexy clothes around the house. She was always saying she was doing it for me. As a reader on this forum, you know the routine. Still, no matter what she wore, I would always push for something sexier, tighter, more exposing, and she would relent and wear what I asked for, and more and more men would notice.

    The fantasies in my mind about having her seen by, touched and fondled by, and in my wildest dreams, fucked by grew more and more. When I would fuck her, the fantasy conversations would always center around the subject of her with other men. She could tell it was really turning me on and eventually she would mention things as we fucked about some recent experience she had... like saying some man had said she was attractive and then saying something about how nice looking he was.

    As we traveled, initially, I would casually leave the drapes in the motel window cracked just enough so anyone passing by could get a glace into our room. If she was in the shower, I would again, crack the drapes a little more so she could be see as she did her hair and the other things in the lighted dressing area of the motel room while naked.

    Once, while we were in a New York hotel, as we came in to dress for dinner, I turned on the lights but did not draw the drapes. Our room faced another hotel across the street. Whether she noticed or not, nothing was said as she undressed and then redressed for dinner. When she was almost naked, walking around the room, I went into the bathroom and quickly peeped out of the darkness as the hotel across the street and almost came in my pants as I saw at least a dozen or more guys standing in their windows watching my pretty wife getting dressed. Some, in the near darkness of their rooms were standing there watching her while they stroked their cocks.

    The next step in my progression of hopefully getting her fondled or fucked was to set her up. We had one guy hanging wall paper for us who worked after his regular day job. I knew he was turned on by her, so one afternoon as I was departing for a business trip, I passed him in the drive way, I said to him, "I know you think my wife is good looking. You're going to need some help as you hang that high area in the upper hall. Get her to help you. She looks great on a ladder from below. You are welcome to get some of her if the chance presents itself."

    I thought initially he was going to drop his bucket and run, but when when he was comfortable with what I said, he broke out in a huge smile, and said, "Thank you, she is a damn hot looking woman. I'll put her on the ladder."

    Then, I added, "Her legs are a turn-on point for her. You might need to touch them as she goes up or down the ladder, and if the chance presents itself, used the bed in the master bedroom. I'll be out of town til tomorrow night. Good luck."

    He was all smiles...

    When I returned, I knew if I asked anything directly, she would deny everything and in fact, it would probably piss her off, so I never knew if he fucked her or even if he got his hands between her legs, but she was certainly hot for some really good fucking for a couple of days, and again we talked about bigger cocks and other men and how good they would feel in her pussy.

    Next, I progressed to posting her on some of the swinger websites asking for men who thought they were qualified to seduce and fuck her. After seeing her photos, guys filled my mailbox with their interest in fucking her. I introduced her to some of them once we made up stories to make it look like a natural introduction. In my traveling job, I was gone quite a bit, but I would give the guys photos of her, the phone number, sometimes even telling them when I would be gone saying they could stop by looking for me. Damn, I just wanted her to fuck other men so bad it was becoming an obsession.

    Enter black men... several of the messages I received were from black men. She was so damn classy that just seeing her would make black men go nuts to fuck her. And, from my point of view, having some black dude fuck my perfect wife would make me the jack-off master when I was out of town having fantasies about some big dicked black guy pumping my trophy wife's perfect pussy.

    Recently, there has been one local black guy who really has the hots for her. He wanted to see her in person so bad he was almost begging me to meet him with her along. I set up a time we could cross at one of the local restaurant. He would be there, and we would also be there, going in ahead of time and seating himself so he could "play eyes and smiles" with her as they would be facing each other with a few tables between us.

    We were seated...and sure enough, he showed up, positioning himself a couple tables away where he faced her. Once she realized he was staring at her, she commented about his looks and smiles to me. I asked her if that made her uncomfortable, she said no, not really, but "He is really looking at me."

    She finished dinner ahead of me and said she was going to the bathroom and would be right back. I watched her as she walked right by his table. I could tell by his face that they had to be eye-locked as she walked by. Damn, I wanted that black dick in her pussy!

    Once she returned, we left, again walking right by his table. Again, they got a good look at each other. In the car, she seemed flustered by his aggressive looking. While talking about it, I reached over and started caressing her tit as we drove home. Later that night, we fucked like minks. During some of the hottest moments, she said to me, "You liked it when that black man stared at me, didn't you?"

    I responded with, "Of course, I did. He's probably got a dick a foot long, and your pussy would look great with that in you, and don't tell me you don't like big dicks. I'm proud of you. You are a beautiful woman." A little flattery goes a long way with her.

    The black guy and I continued to swap emails, and in the process, I would send him a photo of her hot pussy. He was having fits to get her pussy. I told him we needed to work out an innocent excuse for him to show up at the house one day and see if she remember him or would he be just another black face when he came to the door relating to something he and I would cook up as a way for him to meet and talk to my wife.

    As it stands now, we have it planned that he is going to be coming by on a certain day, and just to make things as hot as I can make them, I am going to take her panties off and she will be bare under her skirt. He knows this...

    I'd love to see him come in, give her a kiss, take her hand and lead her upstairs to the master bedroom, less panties, where he will fuck her prim and proper brains out!

    To be continued... (any comments???)

  2. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    hot story.... don't stop now.....
  3. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    LOve to read more!
  4. blkcorvette

    blkcorvette Member

    Byron comes by the house, as we arranged...

    Peg was totally unaware that I had arranged for the black guy I had been swapping notes with and had setup a preview of what she looked like live and in person at the restaurant, and it was just another day when I played around with her some and tucked her panties in my pocket.

    At the prearranged time, there was that knock on the door. She was wearing just a strapped top as she normally did around the house, so no bra cupped her tits and of course, under her short skirt that so called prim and proper pussy was bare, covered by just the hem of her rather short skirt. She had been ironing clothes.

    legs388e.jpg I told her to go to the door as I was busy. She said, "Me? I can't go like this!" The knock sounded again. She relented and went.

    I stood back in my position up stairs where I could see them. Her nipples were clearly showing from their braless position of being barely covered. Bryan could not take his eyes off her, and then I heard him say he had brought what I had ordered. I told her to invite him in. (Damn I was hot thinking about his big black dick fucking my sweet white wife's pussy. And, from our earlier planning, he knew I had probably removed her panties as we had planned. Peg's white pussy was uncovered under that short skirt!)

  5. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Love to read more of this great story!
  6. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Any updates?
  7. GonzoPress420

    GonzoPress420 New Member

    Wow, VERY hot stuff, but what happened next, man?!
  8. apedemac

    apedemac Member

    why didnt you simply ask the walpaper man if anything happened?
    he would have probably been sincere after what you told him to do
  9. robbiewillsucku

    robbiewillsucku New Member

    keep going - I am leaking pre-cum thinking about you
  10. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Eagerly awaiting more! :)
  11. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Shame this has ended but there you go.
  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Better to have a wife constantly setup than one constantly upset.

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