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    Ok so i been into IR porn for a good 5 years im 31 . I think the thing gave me the spark was i watched this movie called the bank job and there was this scene of this black guy chucking this pale white women on a dressing table i found it so hot ..

    I then started watching IR porn and have ever since...ive finally accepted thats just what i like watching

    The fantasy part

    So i been with my wife 10 years and i always fantasize about her getting fucked by a bbc it really turns me on because shes only ever really been with me and i think id just like to see how she would be like with another man inside her (although i never bought it up i dont think she would be happy LOL) tbh id rather keep it a fantasy then a real life thing thats what turns me on so bad . Its like my secret..

    What id love to see her do & fantasize.

    Id litually love to see her get facefucked firstly drowling on his cock and getting wet for him . Then id love her to ride his cock (like the pic attatched) creaming hard and make her lose control . Then id love him to flip her over and fuck her doggy (just like this pic and position) whilst watching her pretty toes curl for his bbc & then pick her up like the pic attatched im hard thinking about this right now .. i just needed to get this off my chest lol .. anyone who wants to chat feel free

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    If you want to take the first steps, let your wife know that you love her, tell her you would like for her to explore and enjoy her sexuality however she wants, then let her choose the cock or cunt she wants to play with. Be sure you support her and tell her that you love her, don't criticize.
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    Id seriously love to but dont think shes that into it .. so i have to respect that but i tell you its my biggest fantasy i just want to see her getting fucked doggy and hearing it sound like mac and cheese whilst he makes her cum . Watching her lose control for that bbc
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    If she's "only ever really been with" you, your wife's got to have some pent-up desires. Start small talking about the things she did with other guys before you; there may be some surprises.

    Question for you: why a black guy? Have you ever fucked a black woman?
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    I just ge

    I just get off on seeing bbc in white pussy lol .. no i havent fucked a black women
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