mornings are the hardest

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by stuckcuck, Apr 30, 2008.

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    I woke up at 5:30 this morning and as i rolled over i remembered that my wife had spent the night at her lover's. This makes me instantly hard as i think about them waking up in each others arms, the bed still reeking of sex from the night before. She always loved follow up sex in the morning, the memory of the night before fresh in her head. Does she wake up first and slide down taking his cock in her mouth to suck him awake? Does he slowly caress her sleeping form, gently sliding down her body until her pussy begins to part and he slowly slides his finger in as she moans awake? Either way i am lying here with a rock hard cock knowing that she is in his arms at this very moment. After a difficult couple of weeks i am happy to feel this strongly about her happiness and needs being fullfilled. She called me last night from his house and was almost giddy.When she returns today she will find freshly cut flowers to welcome her home. I want to show her how happy i am that she is home and that i love her. In the meantime i know that she will call me this morning as she always does, but not till they are finished with their morning lovemaking. As i said , the mornings are the hardest, in every way.(all puns intended)
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    Think of all of her lover's fluid that has been inside of her all night long. When she greets you when she finally comes home, part of him will still be inside of her.

    I hope she has you shower her and massage her when she comes home.
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  3. Sassy

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    Wow, I'd have never viewed the situation that way
    but your perspective is definitely erotic, and actually
    kind of romantic!
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    thank you sir,

    I liked the way to portray this relation. the most important thing is to cherish, love, and respect our wifes/girlfriends as ladies they are. Their pleasure is the number one priority.

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  5. mdcucked

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    What a great description of a loving marriage between a wife and her (cuckolded) husband. It sounds like you are both so happy to have each other. I was touched by your description of their gentle morning lovemaking as you quietly masturbate. There is nothing quite like waking up in an empty bed and just knowing that your wife is asleep and laying in the arms of another man.
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    It is a divine feeling

    I love those early morning feelings... When I am alone I sleep so lightly because K has sometimes texted me in the night and I love to hear from her.

    This week a very similar thing occurred between us, K was called to FB1's hotel late on Monday night (11PM) and she decided to leave me out of my CB.

    I was so excited I just had to masturbate, and when I woke up at 5 in the morning alone I had to again. In our case it is because I know that K loves that early morning fuck too.

    When she got home at 8, I was really shocked to see her pussy covered and full of his cum (Advantage of close hotel) So I was told to photograph it....

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    Sweet and erotic. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great idea! Freshly cut flowers.
  9. subcuck

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    I thought your post was a great description of how things should be. Your wife was getting what she needs and still was thinking about you enough to contact you just before she had sex. It sums up, at least for me, what it is all about. Your wife clearly loves you but is able to separate her sexual desries without guilt. Keep posting and good luck.
  10. mdcucked

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    Quattro, you are so right about the light sleeping! Though I don't always know when my wife has her flings, on the occasions I do know for me the pattern seems to be that I'll quickly jack off right after after she leaves, stay up late and have an intense, prolonged (for me) session and fall asleep around two. I then wake up a couple of hours later and groggily (sp?) jack off again. In the morning I'm exhausted, but will try to jack off again while in the shower (though I'm not always able to). Not bad for a guy in his 50s.
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    last night

    mdcucked- last night was exactly as you described. After spending a nice day with my wife, capped of by attending a small event together, i put her in her car and she happily drove off to spend the night at her boyfriends. She even called me twice to tell me things on the ride to his house and she sounded giddy, like she was about to get a treat. LOL. Well there went my sleep , and probably hers too!
  12. stuckcuck

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    still the hardest

    i started this thread over a year ago but when i reread it the feelings i expressed have not changed. i woke up alone, knowing my wife is in his arms, no hint of jealousy, just a rock hard erection that i stroke knowing that he will again be inside my wife, being the man she needs while i lay at home jerking off as i imagine her moans, so sweet and urgent as he fills her yet again.
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    On vacation with wife and her lover

    Spent two nights and three days with my wife and her lover. I had to rent one room for myself and one for them. Of all the time we were there, I only saw them when they came out to go get something to eat. My cuckiness was in high gear as I knew they were fucking a lot and I couldn't see it or hear it. On the way home they sat together in the back seat while I drove. He would have his arm around her much of the times and once before arriving home she unbuckled her seat belt and gave him a blow job .

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