Meeting a bull in the sauna

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    Over the weekend we were at a retreat where there is a sauna for both genders. We go in and come out to cool off in the cold air or the cold water bathtub. My wife was out cooling and i was in the sauna and a man walks in. i could not help but notice his fit build and large cock. We sat in silence for a while then he got out and i heard conversation and laughing. This made me curious/excited. i was also hot so i went out to cool off and walked past the two of them to the cold pool and sat. i could feel my penis shrinking even more until it could only point straight out for a half inch and my balls tucked up close. i waited in the pool then got up and walked up to them. i cant help but think they saw the difference and that it registered with both of them. They both got quiet.
    He was next to my half naked wife, her looking at him. i just stood there naked. He looked at me for a moment and smirked. He saw my shrunken condition and said "its pretty cold out here" :) i looked at my wife and she smiled at him like she got the joke. Then he said " Go back inside the sauna while your wife and I chat. He opened the door and i mumbled and "ok" and followed his directions into the sauna. i felt like a fool for doing what he told me to but i was intimidated by his confidence and my wife's interest in him. i heard more conversation, both of them laughing and murmuring things i couldnt quite hear. He seemed like a happy guy chatting up my half naked wife. i was strangely happy too, though nervous. i start to get upset and then look at my penis. its leaking precum. i wipe it off and taste it as i hear my wife laughing with him.

    . At some point he came back in, cock and balls swinging. and i viewed his nakedness.
    He walked up too close to me. I can smell his manliness. Since i am sitting and he was standing, his cock and balls are at my eye level. He smiles,"You're a good boy for coming in here when I told you to." He said it loud enough i'm sure my wife could hear Your pet-like praise for me. What must she think?
    He told me to look at him from toes to nose and back down again. When i looked at his cock it was hard to look away. He caught me staring and chuckled as he thrust his hips at my face, bumping my chin. "Your wife likes this, too. And I like the way she looks. She undid her towel for me while you were in here waiting for me." I imagine that. it makes my little penis twitch.
    " I want your wife and this is the cock has something that your wife needs and cant get from your little penis, do you understand?"
    i mumble a yes
    "Use two fingers and stroke your little self while you imagine your wife up against this body and this cock" i cant help but stare at his swinging cock and manly balls. i am embarrassed but start rubbing my penis with two fingers like he said, but i rub it like a clit and my other hand reaches up to pinch my nipple. I picture my wife up against him as he smiles. It doesn't take too much imagination after seeing them outside together.
    He talked to me low and slow, gentle but firm about what he wanted to do to my wife. He told me if i'm obedient to him, i could be in the same room, maybe even watch them rub up and fuck together. I rub faster and pinch harder.

    Then he tells me to stand and face him. i naturally obey him and i can feel his breath on my face and my penis twitches as it touches his bigger cock. He tells me that "THIS IS THE COCK THAT YOUR WIFE NEEDS " and at that i can't help it but i spurt my little mess on him. There is an awkward moment. i am afraid he is mad at me.
    He says "GET ON YOUR KNEES AND CLEAN ME" . i feel compelled by his presence and i kneel before him. It feels natural to be in this position at his feet. At first i slowly lick my cum off his cock and then the tempo of my tongue increases and i am licking and sucking his large cock. i can't help myself and i am moaning audibly, sucking feverishly. i was surprised when he pushed me away and he laughed. While i am still on my knees he tells me that he is going to fuck my pretty wife and i am to get them reservations for dinner. "NOW GO CLEAN YOURSELF FOR I WILL NEED YOUR WORTHLESS ASS LATER TONIGHT." His taste is on my lips and as i watch him walk out my dick twitches.
    i think i know what he wants my wife for, i begin to imagine what he wants me for.
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    Excellent story.
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    Thank you Sir. i'm glad You enjoyed it:)
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    My wife decides which cock she wants/needs. And more importantly, the pussy she wants.
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    Excellent goes to a story posted last feb
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