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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by WickedCheater, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Just a quick hello to everyone. New to the site but like the look of it and thanks to KingBull for making me feel welcome.

    I'm Lara, 32yo in the UK, 5'4" tall, shoulder length brunette hair, fit gym-toned lil body. Married just over a year.

    Do say hi if you want to get to know me.

    L x
  2. lickucompletely

    lickucompletely New Member

    Welcome. I'm just a little too far across the pond to really get to know you.
  3. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Well nice of you to take the time to say hello anyway.

    L x

    BRAVEHRT Member

    Hi Lara,

    I'm a little too far North and only come to London occasionally.

    Good luck!!!

  5. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Thanks Braveheart x
  6. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Wicked,

    Share with us the hot, nasty, sordid story you told me. Completely hot - worthy to be recounted here.
  7. GonzoPress420

    GonzoPress420 New Member

    Also too far across the pond, but welcome, and do share ;)
  8. jusubi

    jusubi Member

    Hi Wicked cheater, welcome to the forum. Have fun!
  9. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Thank you Jusubi and GonzoPress xxx
  10. Sticky_Cuck77

    Sticky_Cuck77 Active Member

    Hi WickedCheater,

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun. I'm based down in Kent, but work in London. Would be good to get to know you and get your views on things.

    Sticky xx
  11. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. We need more females.
  12. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Hello and welcome. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Have you cuckolded your hubby and did he ask you too?
  13. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    Hi, Wicked. Welcome. I'd love to hear your story.
  14. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Well I had a pretty outrageous cheat on my husband which he was aware was happening. I've been a good wife since then but have to confess i found the whole situation an astonishing turn on that I'm exploring cuckolding and whether to make it more of a permanent feature of our marriage.
  15. Cocky_al

    Cocky_al New Member

    Hi Wicked, love to hear more from you. keep in touch :)

    Bull here, if you are curious :)
  16. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Hi Cocky_al (love your nickname by the way!), well my boss asked me to arrange the visit of two Americans over here in the UK to do a deal with him. There perception of my role was somewhat different however. They thought I was there to sweeten the deal they were going to sign. I ended up in a rather compromising situation as a result!
  17. redfox01

    redfox01 New Member

    welcome don't stop your story there!
  18. WickedCheater

    WickedCheater New Member

    Well I;d arranged hotel suites for both of them and had agreed to meet them for a meal the evening they arrived. Met them at their hotel lobby and we ate in the restaurant and it was pretty clear they viewed me as pretty much their escort the way they spoke to me. Problem was it turned me on so when things started to escalate as we had more wine then my judgement was being driven by my horniness and not the fact I was married and should have left.
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  19. jusubi

    jusubi Member

    So how it was did you enjoy? It sounds like your passion took control on you
  20. ex-cuck

    ex-cuck New Member


    Welcome aboard. Wicked

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