Is this YOUR wife? We may never know...

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    The white wife lay beneath the black stranger in his bed. Her legs were spread wide and her hands gripped his muscular arms. The black stranger's cock was beginning to push ever so slowly into her married pussy. The guilt she felt in the betrayal of her husband of twenty-four years was easily pushed aside by the compelling need to feel the large black cock inside her body. The mother of two had married her childhood sweetheart at the age of eighteen and had never experienced a cock other than the 4" cock of her husband. At least until now...

    By all means this was not new territory for the large black man. He routinely had several white wives that he could depend on for servicing his sexual needs on demand. He would meet them at the local mega mart and seduce them over a period several weeks. The large black man knew that once he let the prospective white wife lover know when he would be back next, they would almost always show up. Like this wife, he especially like the ones that were somewhat shy and most likely hadn't taken a cock other than their husbands. This was simply a try-out of sorts where he was concerned. As he pushed his cock to the halfway point in the married woman's pussy he was evaluating the married woman's tightness, her scent, and her willingness to receive him, among other things.
    The white wife gasped as the black stranger's cock pushed the rest of the way into her vagina and came into contact with her cervix. Her husband, who was at home with the children as another man's bare cock became fully buried in his wife's pussy, had clearly never reached this area of his wife's womb. "Oh my god" she whispered.

    The black stranger began working his magnificent tool in and out of the white wife's pussy. The white wife was moaning constantly. She began to visualize the cock that was giving her such pleasure. It was then that the white wife realized that the strange cock pounding against her cervix was completely bare. "Oh no" she managed to verbalize in between moans. The white husband always placed a condom over his 4" cock before entering his wife. The black stranger ignored the married woman and increased the speed of his thrusting, causing the white wife to forget about the possibility of insemination.
    The black stranger was nearing orgasm. It had only been a few minutes, but he had not had sex for a few days, so his strong cock and large balls were filled to the point of bursting with baby-making seed. The large black man was now pounding the cervix of the white wife over and over again with the head of his cock. Only for a brief second did the white wife come to her senses. "Pull out" she managed to request in between one of lover's thrusts, but it was too late. The black stranger slammed his cock fully inside the white wife one last time and held it against her cervix has he shot his sperm over and over again into her body. The warmth of the sperm and the feel of his cock caused something within her that had never happened before. She began having a cock-induced orgasm. The white wife wrapped her legs around the waist of the black stranger and pulled him in tighter as the black man's semen continued its assault on her womb. The white husband was only able to give his wife an orgasm with his tongue, but it had been eight years since he last ate his wife's pussy, so she wanted this moment to go on forever.

    The white wife expected the black stranger to remove his cock immediately following their copulation. The white husband always removed his condom-clad cock immediately in order that the condom wouldn't slip off his tiny cock inside his wife. The black stranger had other ideas. He began kissing the white wife as he lay upon her. She was taken back at first, but quickly began enjoying the feel of the black man's tongue probing her mouth. The large black cock inside her had softened but was still far too large to slip out of her now soaked vagina. As they kissed in the afterglow of their first sexual experience together the black stranger began sliding his soft cock back and forth within the pussy of the white wife.

    The white wife had been so mesmerized by the black stranger's tongue probing her mouth that she hadn't realized his cock beginning to regain its strength until once again the enormous black cock made contact with her cervix. Her soft pale legs instinctively wrapped themselves again around the large black torso of the stranger. The white husband, who had been told by the white wife that she would be working late, had tired of waiting and now was in bed by himself. As the white wife prepared again to receive the black stranger's seed, the white husband took the opportunity of his wife being away to begin masturbating his tiny cock.

    The white wife had gained much more confidence. The low moans from the first coupling were now replaced with shouts of "FUCK ME HARDER" and "OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD". The black stranger would not deviate from the missionary position during this evening. He knew that the married woman would not be accustomed to taking a cock a her mouth and he knew that her virgin asshole would have to wait until later meetings. The black man liked the way this married pussy felt around his cock. He liked the way the white wife returned his kisses with passion. He wanted to eventually taste her sweet pussy, so for now would simply work at pleasuring the white wife as best he could in the missionary position, which he know would be most familiar to her.

    The second coupling of the white wife and the black stranger would be a much longer and more satisfying coupling than the first. The black man was again thrusting his thick hard cock against the white wife's cervix over and over again as they lay joined in the black man's bed. Meanwhile the white husband lay naked at home in the marital bed with his tiny 4" cock pointed upwards as he stroked it with his all to familiar hand. The white wife's pussy was overflowing with her juices and the thinning seed of her black lover's first orgasm. The white husband's cock was slick with his own pre-cum and saliva.
    The black stranger had been fucking the white wife for over a half hour now. The huge black balls again were filled with the seed that would soon be searching for the white wife's eggs. The black man felt the rising urge deep within himself. The white husband, at home, was fighting to maintain his 4" erection without success. The white husband's cock had deflated and while now soft began simply oozing his cum onto his belly. In another house, on the other side of town, fate happened that the black stranger's cock at the same time began shooting its seed full force into the white wife's womb. "OH GOD, CUM INSIDE ME!" the white wife screamed. She followed with "OH YES, FUCK YES" as she felt spurt after spurt of the black stranger's hot sperm invading her body once again.
    Eventually on both sides of town it was all over. The white husband lay on his back with a small pool of his useless sperm on his belly. As he dipped his finger into the pool and brought it to his own mouth to savor the taste of his own juices, on the other side of town his wife reached down between her legs and brought the combined juices of herself and her black lover to her lips as the black stranger finally withdrew his cock. The white husband scooped up the small pool of cum with his hand and poured it into his own mouth. He hurriedly them jumped up and put his pajamas back on fearing that his wife would return and catch him in his depravity.

    Later that night when the white wife returned home to her white husband following her tryst with the large black stranger, nature would take its course. The white husband did not recognize the scent of the white woman's infidelity with the black stranger, but his body subconsciously did. As they joined each other in bed, the white husband inexplicably began kissing his wife. It had been years since they had sex on a weeknight, but the pheromones present with the wife as a result of the coupling between her and her black lover were drawing in the unsuspecting white husband. His mouth tasted the mixture of his wife's sweet saliva mixed with that of the black stranger. His cock began to stir.

    The white wife didn't worry about the white husband finding her black lover's sperm inside her because he hadn't eaten the her pussy in years. They didn't realize the power of nature. The white husband sat up and removed the white wife's nightgown. Instead of putting on a condom however, the white husband laid back down halfway up his wife's body and began kissing her tits. Slowly the white husband lowered his kissing down her abdomen until he reached her trimmed bush.

    The white wife was now terrified, but was afraid if she denied her husband that he would be suspicious. The white husband slid further down and forced his wife's thighs apart. The scent released between her legs intoxicated him. The white husband moved forward and extended his tongue between the white wife's pussy lips that had been stretched apart by her black lover less than one hour ago. The white husband pushed his mouth up against the white wife's pussy and began to lick and suck with all his might. The white husband was eating the black stranger's sperm, but because it had been eight years since he last ate his wife, the white husband failed to recognize that he was eating another man's cum.

    Now relaxed, the white wife began enjoying the workings of the white husband's tongue on her clit. The white wife recalled the feeling of the black stranger's cock within her. The white husband regained his 4" erection and was rubbing it against the sheets as he unknowingly swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum that his wife had received from the large black cock. The white wife began to feel yet another impending orgasm. Her black lover had already caused her to orgasm five times earlier. The white wife was thrusting her pussy up and down against her husband's mouth. Her excitement was causing the white husband's small cock to begin to twitch. Together they came. The white wife, dreaming of her black lover's cock and orgasming again while her husband's worthless cock squirted its useless seed onto the sheets beneath him.

    This scene would be played out over and over again during future evenings. The white husband would forever be oblivious to the fact that a large black stranger was giving his bride her much needed sexual fulfillment. The white wife would secretly seek out her doctor for the morning after pill as well as birth control pills for her future sexual activities, but would continue to make the white husband to use condoms for their rare sexual activity. The large black man had become a part of yet another couple's marriage. This leaves only one question. Is this your wife or who you would like for her to be?
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    Great story, read it twice.

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