Hottest thing you've seen with cuckolding?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by R156, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Hi guys, curious to hear whats been the hottest thing you've seen so far.. there's a number of threads for most humiliating which is fine if that's your thing. But I'm interested in those 'oh my god this is amazing' moments when the angst goes and you're happy you made this lifestyle choice..

    I think there's quite a few for me however the one that sticks out in my mind most was the second time my wife fucked her first bull who was quite a bit older. He had her legs on his shoulders with him on top (something I had never tried with her) and was going very hard, each thrust making her whole body shake under him. When he came I saw his balls jump up into his body, her toes curl and her hands go crazy on his back.. knowing he'd just come deeper than I ever had after fucking her harder than I probably ever had was amazing...
  2. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Member

    Probably it was when I was leaving her apartment. I opened the door, we kissed, then somehow my dick got out of my pants. She didn't want to do anything because her husband was due to arrive any second. But she took a look at my cock and licked her lips and smiled and got down on her knees and in the hallway outside her apartment door she sucked me off just in time for me to walk down the back stairs as her husband walked up the front stairs.
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  3. Ekad91

    Ekad91 Active Member

    When the first time my wife cucked me. We were in a point where our relation was doing very bad, we've had a two week long argument. That night she took a shower and went to bed with me. I couldn't take this argument anymore and I felt like she won and I capitulated. Oddly enough, she got turned on, I could feel a different ''energy'' coming from her body and I went to kiss her but she told me no. She said not tonight, not right now. We kept looking at each other and at some point the desire was too much for her and we kissed. We undressed, more or less, and I was about to go down on her but she said no. She said ''He went down there''. The she admitted she gave him a blowjob and he fucked her pussy standing up in the park. I got really turned on and went down on her anyway (she didn't offered much resistance) I could still taste his cock on her swollen pussy even after she showered. After this she made a very hot moaning sound, as if she felt victorious by making her husband eat her pussy right after she cheated on him. Then I fucked her in the missionary position and told her she can think about him fucking her again. She responded with a smile ''What do you think I'm doing right now?'' It was one of the hottest night we had. The week after she mailed him a funny toy ( a couple in a tent with a handcrank, they fuck when you crank it.) as souvenir of her night with him.
  4. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Doing her in front of her wedding photo on Valentine's Day in the bed she shares with her hubby.
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  5. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Just short summary. My bf did my girlfriend in our bed at an home party (after other guest had gone). He had been single for quite some time and didnt last very long covering her from crouch to neck (most insane ejaculation i have ever seen). I though that was that. he left for the bathroom, i left for the living room and i passed out, not sure for how long. Woke up alone. Went back to the bedroom and there they were fucking like it was no tomorrow. the whole room smelled of sex. Apperantly he had gone back to redeem himself and they had been fucking like rabbits for a long time. They had even scrolled trough our adult drawer and found dogleach for her and an vararity of dildos,pantyhose etc. Its the most intense and erotic sight i have ever seen (was my second time beeing cuckolded. first time with that friend.). I hopped in and it ended in an swap/threesome act where i got the sloppy seconds. Best night i have ever experienced, and i still get hard thinking about it.
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  6. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    This one is easy, the first time I ever did it with my hubby's permission. I worked at a summer camp and we kept talking about boundaries (it started out that I can skinny dip, or exchange butt-slaps). Over the summer the boundaries kept getting expanded, I asked him if he'd be ok with me having a make-out session as part of a truth or dare game, what about a boob grab from another boy? He would say no, then I'd tease, then he'd give in! Eventually he was letting me having make out sessions, while skinny dipping! When he finally gave into sex I was in Heaven. The lifeguard fucked me! My hubby is fit but this guy has abs! Damn that felt good, we kept getting to build up to it, being more flirtatious over the summer seeing that taboo, enjoying the taboo, and pushing boundaries.
  7. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Mine was seeing another guy slowly slide inside my wife for the first time. Also when he first came inside my wife and I cleaned it up. I couldn't believe I was eating another mans cum from my wife's pussy
  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Mmmm....."cleaned" in the post-coital context has always had very negative connotations for me, CH. I mean, to me there is nothing even slightly dirty about another ardent young man's freshly-ejaculated musky semen slithering tongue-temptingly out of my wife's recently vacated vagina and me lapping it up. The sexually uneducated use of the contemptible school-ground term "dirty" in our forum contexts of cleanly making love and God-given beautiful babies, kinda turns my stomach. No offense intended, CH. Just trying to clean up our forum playground language a bit. For the record, ever since I first sucked-off a male--my wildly handsome and orally perfectly-educated best middle-school buddy--shortly after my 12th birthday, I have never thought that fresh semen was the least bit dirty, let alone spat out a cum-load or washed the remains of one out of my mouth. But pumping another man's freshly-ejaculated semen back out of my wife's deeply-fucked vagina? That's no "cleaning" service---for me it's erotic ecstasising of the highest degree, especially when her still-horny young lover is gluttonously 69-ing her from underneath and lustfully imbibing our freshly-blended ejaculates straight from her superbly-fucked vagina.
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  9. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I mean dirty as in kinky, it's hot to me and my wife
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Is kinky dirty? As in "besmirching" ? I believe so. I have always regarded Sex as God-given and therefore intrinsically pure, precious, wondrously beautiful and perfectly clean. But it is very easily spoiled and, to me, kinky sex is spoiled sex.
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  11. Parzabim

    Parzabim New Member

    I cleaned wife really after unprotected sex with bull and it's our fetish,because now search bisexual Bull
  12. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    Watching her curl her toes and lifting her hips up in rhythm with him as he goes deep into her. Hearing her breathing harder and moaning knowing she is getting ready to cum with him. Watching him knowing he is cumming in her.
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  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hot, hot, HOT!!! And seeing the rim of your wife's vagina stretched gossamer-thin on the girthy muscular root of his hard-jerking cock as he ejaculates in her followed by the overflow of pearly-white half-clotted semen welling back all over it from her orgasmically contracting vagina. UunnngggggghhhhHH!!!
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  14. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    The first time my wife had sex with a well hung friend of mine, someone we had known since high school, that was my best man at our wedding, and a guy my wife had been attracted to for years! Seeing her holding his cock for the first time, with her wedding ring clearly showing, and the fire and teasing defiance in her eyes as she looked right at me as she sucked his cock! Then a few minutes later, watching her bite her lip in anticipation, and he began to enter her dripping pussy for the first time!

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  15. surry

    surry Guest

    Watching our Bull get my wife pregnant, while his wife watched.
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  16. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    I also have to say that anytime one of her lovers bests me at something, it is often one of the hottest yet humiliating things to witness. For example, the first time this guy got my wife in bed, he managed to eat her to three orgasms in less than an hour. I managed that once, and it took longer. He was a master at it (her words), and he really loved going down on her. Everytime they got together, he spend more time eating her, than fucking her, and they did a lot of both. She was so greatful for his masterful tongue, she blew him to completion, which is something she still hasn't done for me.

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  17. zincman

    zincman New Member

    Watching my wife cum on her best friend's black husband's dick. She'd never been able to cum from PIV sex before, always needing clitoral stimulation, but she came harder than hell on his dick. The look in her eyes, the expression on her face.... nothing will ever be able to compare. So fucking hot.
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  18. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    Id have to say two things are tied. Like zincman, my wife had never cum from fucking with me but the first time with her bull, he made her cum three times, hearing her say "Oh god , fuck me, fuck, its coming again" was enough to make me cum in my pants without even touching myself. I never even heard her swear before that. The other time was the first time he did my wife in her ass. I guess that was so hot because it was not even a consideration for her to do with me, but the first time he said he wanted it, she was all for it. He made me get some baby oil and I couldn't believe it was happening. Once again I came in my pants. He can get her to do all sorts of things I have never even dreamed of asking her to do

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