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  1. Wantstowatchher

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    I'm currently working away from home and have developed an insane urge to see her getting fucked by another guy or even to have her tell me about it! I'm 24 and she is 23. Is there anyone else who feels like this? She did give me a basic description on Facebook messenger the other night there, I almost came immediately. But I want more! How do I gauge if she likes it too?
  2. saturn

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    Oh, just a forum full of people... that's all! ;)

    What did she give you a basic description of?

    BTW, I moved your post to the advice forum because you asked for advice.
  3. Dantheman

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    Ask her and tell her your fantasy. Talking is the key approach. See how she reacts and then you will know
  4. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    Hi, sorry about the wrong forum, I'm learning lol
    She gave me a basic description of the night she fucked another guy when we were on a break, I almost came reading every message! So hot.
    She wasn't very descriptive though and says that she likes it but is just shy and doesn't know what to say when I ask for details.
    I really want to hear how much she loved this other guy fucking her but I think she is afraid of hurting my feelings still even though I've explained to her that I want to hear!

    I've posted pics of her if you want to check them out
  5. Wantstowatchher

    Wantstowatchher New Member

    So, last night we are talking a little about this on FaceTime, she's shy about it as I've said before. We started talking about this one guy she was with, she's reluctant to tell me so orders me to ask the questions. Eventually I'm just saying more, tell me more! Eventually I spurt everywhere, I could tell that she was enjoying my reactions coz she started telling me more and more without me asking as she could see how I was enjoying it! Afterward she messages me, telling me to describe my time with another girl, she's playing with her rampant rabbit at this time! I tell her a little then stop to tease her, and again and again until eventually she tells me to "keep typing, stop stopping" so she is really getting off at the thought of this so she must understand at least a little about how I feel.

    I've been working away from home for 3 months now and go home on the 13th to see her for the first time, I'm planning on dropping in hints while we are fucking. I could use some tips for this, I'm not sure what to say!
    We also had our first anal in our 5 years together last time I was home, now I'm trying to talk her into dp with me and the rabbit! This is so hot for me!
    I really do love her!

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