Has your wife ever slept with someone to advance her career (or yours?)

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by canadianwittol, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. canadianwittol

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    I pose this question because we had a lengthy discussion about this last night.

    This may sound like a penthouse letter although I hope with my track record of four years' worth of postings here that it can be taken at face value; besides we are not stridently committing to this course of action, it is just a thought:

    The background is that, as I am about to finish my eighth year on staff in a tenure-tracked position at a well known University which I love working at, I am now in the position where I, or one of my up to four colleagues are going to be selected for one tenure position in the coming year. This process will require a number of stages, some of which have been done. The penultimate stage is the endorsement of the Dean.

    If I were not chosen, this could potentially pose a huge problem. There is only one other real bona fide University in my city, so failing to secure tenure could mean that I have to move. This problem is compounded further by the fact that my wife is in the real estate business and thus if we did move, she would have to give up her book of clients and start over, which is not a thrilling thought for either of us (she actually makes more money than I do...in fact, substantially more.)

    So we have ruled out moving away as an option...however, if I do not secure tenure I could effectively face the prospect of unemployment or the need to transition into another career.

    To my utter and complete shock, my wife actually floated the idea to me of offering to have sex with the dean if it would help to influence his decision. She has met him before and while she doesn't find him attractive, she doesn't find him unattractive. If it meant my securing the job that I want and us not having to move, she told me in all seriousness that she'd be completely absolutely willing to do it.

    I don't post pics of my wife to this forum, but if you googled the actress Nina Dobrev, my wife looks somewhat similar. In fact they are both from the same city of Sofia, Bulgaria, although my wife is seven years older. I have no doubt at all that if she made an overture to this man, he would very likely take her up on it. Likewise, I think it very likely that if they did complete this transaction, that it may make my tenure likelier.

    It feels somewhat immoral and wrong to me, as though I am literally whoring out my wife. In her practical, Eastern European way of thinking though she says "if we get what we want, what difference does it make?"

    It reminds me of a scene in Othello where Emilia counsels to Desdemona "who would not make her husband a cuckold in order to make him a monarch?"

    The possible negative consequence to this of course is that I would have regular, full-time employment working for a man who has cuckolded me. I think given the current tenor of concern regarding sexual harassment, etc. on university campuses that he probably would be very discreet and could be relied upon not to boast of his conquest (were this to in fact happen) given the potential negative ramifications. However, even if my wife comes on to him in a way as to give him the impression that I don't know about the tryst, he will still always know he has bedded my wife.

    The reality of this situation and our refusal to move from the beautiful city of Vancouver has led us to consider this as a serious option. And so, I ask of the forum does anyone else, and I ask very seriously, have any experience with this?

    I don't want to hear a bunch of jack off fantasies, I want the truth: are you glad you did? Did you regret it?

    My wife is willing to do it and basically says it's up to me. She has no desire to make me the laughingstock of campus and so if I am ultimately uncomfortable with it she will not do it.

    If I don't get tenure, we would have to move or I would have to face unemployment and that is a horrible option.

    If my wife sleeps with this man and secures my employment, not much will really change. He would become the 12th man to cuckold me since our marriage so it's not like we're giving away her innocence here.

    Despite the very real and ever-present risk of living with the day-to-day humiliation of working for a man who has cuckolded me, I am thinking very seriously about endorsing this idea. Making inviting him out to dinner with my wife and excusing myself to make a phone call, letting them chat, etc.

    Anybody care to weigh in?
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  2. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Morals aside, what makes you think that this will secure the tenure?
    Might be that he enjoys the lay while still keeping his morals around selection.
  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    We consider that a distinct possibility. All it could do is possible persuade him, perhaps thinking that if it has the potential to be a long-term affair that he'd like to keep her in town. It's a long shot, but I daresay my wife is a stunningly beautiful woman. I would never for a moment doubt her ability to be very, very persuasive.
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  4. rocketman

    rocketman Guest

    Since you both want to stay living where you are at and your wife is willing to have an affair with the Dean, why not? I'm sure she will be able to subtly persuade him to give you tenure. All she has to do is mention that you two will likely leave the area if her hubby doesn't get tenure. If your wife is as attractive as you described, the Dean will certainly want to keep having regular sex with your wife. You obviously accept and enjoy having your wife fuck other men, what difference does it make if she fucks your boss? As a cuck, don't you enjoy your wife's sexual exploits and the humiliation it brings?
  5. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I have taken another day to think about it and we talked about it further last night. As you have pointed out, it's rather a "why not" sort of situation. I have told my wife if she wants to proceed, that she has my blessing. We are going to invite him to dinner and at some point in the evening I'll find a reason to excuse myself for ten minutes or so to allow her to make the "indecent proposal".

    Ironically, I don't particularly enjoy the "humiliation" part, although I do enjoy her sexual exploits. Perhaps I'm in a more rare category of cuck here. The thought of working alongside and having weekly department meetings with a man who is cuckolding me is somewhat daunting, but he will be under the impression I don't know. I think that helps me redeem my pride in some small part and would make our working relationship less awkward. On the surface of it, I won't seem to have anything to feel awkward about since supposedly, I don't even know what's going on. On the other hand, perhaps he will just regard me as a fool.

    I am concerned that I will feel somewhat sheepish around him...my wife has never before slept with anyone I know, or at least knew prior to the affair. We're also banking big time that he won't want to boast about it, assuming it happens. But I think that's a very safe bet...even in the worst case scenario I'd be fairly certain that he would tell only a select few of his most trusted friends. His job would be toast if this ever came out.

    I'm willing to accept that what will be, will be. Perhaps he won't even want to go through with it. Whatever happens, a little bit of humiliation is a small price to pay, practically speaking, versus the prospect of moving or changing careers. We both think this is a fairly obvious way to significantly bolster my chances.

    He makes his recommendations to the Board of Governors in May, so in all likelihood they will only have a few dates between now and then anyways. Now I just have to invite him out to dinner, with the full knowledge that the purpose of the meal is for my wife to have the chance to seduce him. Heady times ahead!
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  6. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Good luck with everything.
  7. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Do you know anything about the personal moral convictions of the Dean? It's entirely possible that this could backfire, that he's outraged at the "immorality", and that he may ruin your reputation by passing the information on, either overtly or discreetly, to other potential employers. If anything, the current outing of men who sexually harass women in a working relationship may scare him off completely if he values his position more than the potential sex he'll enjoy. At a critical time in the decision making process, this may easily be seen as a bribe, and an embarrassing one at that if he decides to use it against you. If it were me, the humiliation of knowing he's fucking my wife would pale in contrast to having it publicly known I had my wife prostitute herself for my personal gain. But then, I'm sure you know the Dean's strengths and weaknesses much better than I. Just something to consider.

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  8. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Here's my take on it, which is a bit different from the other comments you've gotten so far. Disclaimer: I've never been in your situation.

    First, why leave it at just a short term thing? If it works out well, there's no reason for her to stop seeing him. If she enjoys him, that is. Perhaps he's good in bed.

    And then there's:

    I don't see that as a big negative in the way that you do. I'd hesitate to see it as a _bonus_, but for some it would be. But if it's a negative for you, then so be it.

    But if you combine those two things (her continuing to see him, and you knowing about it) then yes, I do see it as a bonus. But that's just me, not you.

    Other thoughts:

    I know that real estate costs are very high in western Canada. But personally, I'd consider living apart part-time. Especially if you were to move to another location that's relatively easy to get back to Vancouver sometimes. Calgary is lovely most of the year, although the winters are very cold. It's only about CAD 250 round trip on WestJet, with some advanced planning.

    Since I'm never allowed to watch, you could be in the situation where you get to hear about whatever she gets up to by phone or Skype.

    That wouldn't work for everybody. Some couples want to be together every night. But here in the relationship that I have, it's not that big of a deal. She went on vacation by herself last week. Next week, she has an out of town business trip for two nights. About three weeks ago, I had a week long trip that was a combination of business and personal.

    In your later post, you said she's going to go ahead, and that you're planning to invite him to dinner. If it were me (which it clearly is not) I'd have her connect with him without you involved. That has pluses and minuses, obviously. She would need to make it clear to him that she wants his help for you, rather than trying to get rid of you.

    Keep us posted. xoxoxo

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  9. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    to answer your question : yes, She has done that, but for Her career...

    and regarding your situation : if i were you, i'd go on and take the shot. Your Wife having sex with him seems easier than moving and changing jobs...

    hope it all works out well...
  10. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I'm with Don. I realize it's not a fun comment on this site, but I'd be more concerned than you seem to be that this would go bad and leave you worse off than you are now. Like not only might it not help your chances of getting tenure; it could hurt them.

    But obviously I have no insight. You certainly have a better feel for the situation. If it looks like it could help your career and be a hot situation, what's not to like? It would be edgier for her to be fucking your boss, but I think you'd like it, despite the reservations you're expressing.

    My only advice is to make sure you're thinking with your big head, not the little one. Sounds like there is no shortage of other guys for your wife to fuck, but messing up your job could cause serious issues.

    Good luck.
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  11. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I know everyone's concern here is genuine, and so I earnestly thank you for that. It's exactly what I wanted, and why I favour this forum over others devoted to our topic of mutual interest :)

    We are going to go with the idea that my wife will make the offer to him independently of me. No dinner; she is going to see him at his office and begin to plead with him that she cannot bear the thought of leaving our hometown to further my career, and that she will do absolutely anything to help me secure my position. I don't say this to be braggadocios, but my wife is a former model and a stunningly beautiful woman. I have shared photos of her with just two people on this site: DanC and Wayne Robertson, perhaps one of the two of them would be willing to attest to my wife's beauty. The man involved is in his mid-50's and divorced. I personally think it would be very likely he would be interested in accepting the offer.

    There are risks here, we understand that and have discussed and debated these pros and cons at length. Much more at length even than anyone has offered here. But in the final analysis we see just two major possible outcomes, each with minor outcomes attached:

    Option A) He accepts her offer, and they meet for sex, whether a once off or for a few dates. This in theory, should secure my position. Dirty pool? You bet. But university politics are notoriously dirty pool...read what Henry Kissinger said about university politics versus working in the white house, he assured everyone that a campus is full of much more treachery! If he accepts the offer, the only other potential minor outcomes are that this becomes public knowledge somehow some other way, whether that be because he boasts about the affair. I also must continue to work and meet regularly with a man who I will know has cuckolded me, even though I will be playing dumb to that fact.

    Option B) He does not accept the offer, and perhaps reports this offer (although I would have the plausible deniability that I'm unaware it was made) and I take my chances the "honest way", which I would honestly estimate are no better than 30%. If I don't get the tenure, either because of the offer being made or because he just doesn't feel I'm qualified anyway, I will be dismissed from the University at which point I'm right where I started (unless, without the offer, I would have been front runner anyway, which we cannot know). There's also the possibility here that he declines the offer, but chooses not to report this incident, and does not factor it into his analysis; in which case I still stand whatever chance I might already of securing the position.

    As much as this may sound like a jack off fantasy, we honestly feel this is our best chance at the job I've worked towards all my life. I know it might sound like a Penthouse letter, but I think a situation like this may be more common than any of us realize; I have read reams of literature with regard to the various "Royal Consorts" over history; Lord Castlemaine, Sir George Keppel, and others who were able to secure positions of prominence by acquiescing to their own cuckoldry. If you haven't yet read Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" apparently Donald Trump is very fond of bedding his friend's wives too. So while never talked about, and perhaps in many cases not even fully known, I suspect that this is not a completely isolated situation.

    She's going to visit his office Friday.
  12. rocketman

    rocketman Guest

    Based on everything you've said, especially the part about your wife being a knockout former model, I'm betting that he will accept her offer. I doubt very much that he will want the affair to become publicly known, as that could very well jeopardize his position as Dean. I do think you should prepare yourself for the reality that your wife will likely be fucking your boss on a fairly regular basis. If she's as gorgeous as you say, there is no way that the Dean would not want to keep seeing her.
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Your question isn't about sex, you're both OK with it. Pragmatically, the question is how would you two make it work?

    Two thoughts: your boss would be more likely to support your bid for tenure if he were enjoying your wife on an ongoing basis, and understood that you failing to gain tenure would end the fun because of the need to relocate. Second, it may just be my psyche, but nothing about my wife enjoying another man bothers me so long as he knows that I know, and approve.
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  14. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Haven't had much time to post this weekend, but for anyone who is interested to know, my boss, the Dean, has accepted Alice's offer. She is going to his place, which is on campus, Tuesday night, while I am teaching.

    I feel a whole mix of emotions about this, it's the first time we have really brought this into the lives of anyone we know around us.

    As she summed it up best: "No way we're not going through with it now."
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  15. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. I hear you saying you're conflicted, but you definitely accomplished your main goal, and I think you're going to enjoy being cucked by your boss. Your worry sounds like angst to me.

    Looking forward to your update later this week. Good luck.
  16. rocketman

    rocketman Guest

    Congratulations! You haven't said whether your boss agreed to a one-time fuck or an on-going intimate relationship. As I said, I'm expecting that your boss will want to continue having regular sex with your beautiful wife. Have fun with it and keep us posted.
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  17. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Any updates?
  18. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Won't have an update until Wednesday morning. When my wife made him the offer she never directly implied sex but did tell him that she would be willing to do "absolutely anything" to help secure my appointment so that we don't have to consider moving. At this point she touched him as well. She described him as being flustered and taken aback but quickly regained his composure and asked which evenings I teach, which are Tuesday and Thursday this semester.

    He then invited my wife to his home at 7pm on Tuesday evening. She told him she would be looking forward to it and stressed that it would be "our little secret" (between them, he is under the assumption that she is doing this behind my back.)

    So tomorrow night is the night. I do feel mixed about it. As he lives on Campus and I will be teaching, they will be making love to each other merely an approximate 1,500 feet away from where I will be teaching. I'm not sure how well I will be able to concentrate on Tuesday, this time will definitely be different for me than the rest. Let's just say I'm glad I have almost a decade of experience being a cuck, I think it will serve me well in just looking past it and let me focus on my role to play of being the unsuspecting husband.

    At this stage there has been no promise or discussion (either way) of anything happening beyond tomorrow night.

    PS - the other upcoming event I suppose is my Thursday morning meeting with the Dean. It's not one on one though, it's the whole department. In reality there won't be anything to report as we won't be speaking directly and obviously he isn't going to say anything to me, but I'm interested myself to know exactly how I'm going to feel about it that day.
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  19. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Keep us updated. It does seem like a potential hot scenario :)
  20. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I suggest that this plan of yours to promote your present career goal will be more likely to succeed if you ask your wife to allow the Dean to fuck her bareback, thereby hugely enhancing his pleasure---and perhaps yours too, knowing that your work-superior's pent-up semen is being pumped into the back of her vagina every time he makes love to her.
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