Has your partner ever left with someone else?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by canadianwittol, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. canadianwittol

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    I'm posing a question, thinking about something that happened to me years ago, which set me down the path of wanting to be a cuck. Although it was not something I enjoyed the thought of at the time, this event had a major impact on my life. This incident happened not with my wife but with a girlfriend I had in university a few years before that.

    But I'm not going to tell my story just yet....I want to pose a question and see what other people have to say.

    Have you ever been out in a public place with your partner/girlfriend/wife, etc. - and she left you there while she went home with another man?

    Do tell, I'm dying to know!
  2. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It happened to me three times. Twice in my late teens, when I was single, and once in my early 20s while I was married to my first wife. Do you want the devastating details?
  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Why not?? Just trying to come up with a topic that might give us all some entertaining reads! :)
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  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I will post details when I get time, excruciating though they still are to me.
  5. curiouscandc

    curiouscandc Member

    While out at swingers hotel parties she left with men and go to the room several times. Alot of times wouldnt even know it until I looked for her. Sometimes finding her making out with them in hallways, dark corners, etc.
  6. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    Yes, the first time it happened was when we attended a house party. Up until that point we had always done everything together and had never done anything solo without the other. We did not plan to change that dynamic. At the party my wife was very attracted to a guy who was there with his wife also. they flirted, danced and spent a lot of time together.

    After about an hour the guys wife asked me if I wanted to dance and I told her yes and we went to the basement where the music was and left my wife and her husband up on the main level with a large group of other people. We danced one dance and then went back upstairs and my wife and her husband were both gone. I looked around and could not find them. Finally, somebody told me she was in one of the bedrooms up in the upstairs and I went to find her. The door to the room was locked but there was a group of people outside the room cheering on the loud sounds of obvious sex behind the door. At that point there was nothing I could do without making a scene and I waited for the door to open.

    When the door opened my wife and the guy came out and the smell of sex was overpowering. I heard my wife climaxing a few minutes before and her face was flush. She was dressed back in her dress but she had her black fishnet thigh highs in her hand and he had her thong around his neck. He had not put his pants back on and was wearing a wife beater t-shirt and in his boxers.

    We left a shot time later and at home when my wife undressed she had a hickey on her right tit. She said it all just happened, they went upstairs and started kissing passionately and she was rubbing his crotch and his hard dick over his pants. She says they ended up in the room and she started to give him a blowjob and he pulled her dress off over her head and she was so worked up she told him to fuck her. She told me she was afraid now because it all just happened and he had cum inside her. She had been afraid to tell me.

    My feelings ran the gamut from lust to anger to excitement. I still think about that night from time to time. We actually never saw the guy again after that night. I still remember his name, Mike and can see his face when I recall the night.
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  7. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Sexy story. By house party to you mean a swinger party? If so, I imagine it was no big deal to the crowd that your wife ducked in there to screw someone else.

    Too bad, in a way.
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  8. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    It was not presented as a swinger party, it was at a guy who I worked with at his house and was posted as a Halloween party. The guy and his wife who hosted the party I do not believe were swingers at least at the time. Several other co-workers were there but there was a big crowd of work people, friends of theirs and neighbors so I am not sure if it was noticed but if it was nobody ever said anything about it afterward. There were some couples there who were pretty obvious about being swingers but for the most part nothing was happening at the party I think that is why my wife and Mike drew a crowd around the bedroom door.
  9. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    There have been a few times when we are out on date night and we are both getting drunk and horny. She knows I'll let her play and she'll get excited if another man starts flirting with her.

    It only takes a glance from him toward me to let him know that flirting with her is no problem with me.

    She has left the bar/club with another man without me on a few occasions. It is rare but it happens.

    He'll bring her back home well fucked and satisfied. I'm happy that she had a good time and she loves me for letting her have the freedom to do something like that if she wants to.

    We always have awesome sex after. I'm not reclaiming her. She wants me to know that I'm still her number one and we are still happily married.
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  10. don_jetman

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    This brought back a memory I had forgotten. While L was still in school and we were dating, she wanted to go to an outdoor arts and crafts festival in the town where her college was located. It was a weekend afternoon, and she and I were strolling through the maze of booths when we came face to face with one of her her guy "friends" from campus. I doubt Nick was ever interested in anything the vendors were selling, but I knew he was a player and was pretty sure he was taking advantage of scouting the mostly female crowd. I've written about this guy before - never liked him very much, but L did, enough to fuck him years later at a college reunion she and a few others put together.

    I always suspected he was fucking L, but never had any evidence, and L insisted they were just friends. But it was something about the way they looked at each other every time I saw them together. His predatory grin, and L's slightly embarrassed blush when she knew I must have suspected something. After we began hotwifing she confessed everything, that they fucked all the time when I was away during the week. It was hot to hear, but back then it would have torn me apart.

    Anyway, we were about to get some lunch, and L invited Nick to eat with us. I was really jealous and a little angry that she would welcome his intrusion into our weekend time together. But as always, I tried to smile, agreed to have him sit with us, and stewed inside as they chatted while we ate, almost completely ignoring me. They did have a life separate from mine - friends I didn't know, classes I didn't attend, and gossip that amused them but meant nothing to me. I made excuses for their behavior, rationalized that it was only natural they had things in common that didn't involve me. But beneath all that, images of them kissing, making out, and fucking, haunted me in waves as I sat quietly and watched Nick work his magic with L.

    It was a hot summer afternoon, and after we finished eating L mentioned leaving, that she had seen everything she came to see, and that she was tired, hot, and getting sunburned. Nick offered to buy us a drink at a local pub not far away so we could cool off and rehydrate. I was about to kill the idea when L told him she was too tired and just wanted to get back to campus. I breathed a sigh of relief and grasped at yet another straw of evidence that they weren't fucking behind my back.

    When we stood to leave, Nick offered to drive her back to campus, "just to save me a trip". The prick knew L and I had plans to go out that night, but he insisted that he was going there anyway and that L would have a little more time to cool off and rest before she and I went out. That's when L turned to me with her wide-eyed "innocent" look, and told me, "Well, he does have a point." I could almost see an eagerness in her eyes that hadn't been there seconds ago. I was boiling inside. But to overreact with an outburst of jealousy seemed like it would have opened the door to acknowledging a sexual relationship between them, one I desperately didn't want to exist. Surrendering to L's angelic smile, I eventually gave in and agreed. They left together, walking away from me chatting playfully like it was the most natural thing in the world. The wall I had put up between the obvious and my desperate rationalization was crumbling to dust.

    We had a huge fight later that night about the whole thing. My case about how humiliated I was, and how he was obviously obsessed with fucking her, was met with L's usual astonishment that I'd even imagine that. She teased me mercilessly as she always had when I was jealous, and finally stripped off her clothes and let me have that perfect little body that always made jealousy and reason melt away with the heat that came from her tight, juicy pussy. It had crossed my mind that maybe she and Nick had fucked that afternoon just hours before we did. But I was too terrified to imagine it for long, much less bring it up. Actually, I have never asked her. Maybe it's time...

  11. capn.steve

    capn.steve Active Member

    Yes, that happened quite a few times with my ex-girlfriend, Angela. She's quite a bit younger than me, a very hot and sexy goth girl with huge breasts, a tiny waist, blond hair and an angelic face. I'd told her about how I'd been cucked by my ex wife a few years earlier, so she had some idea how I might react, not that I'd ever asked her to cuckold me. She knew exactly how to be the center of attention at any nightclub, and she usually was. She loved to dance and tease by getting all touchy-feely with a guy on the dance floor. Before we started going together, she was a fixture at the club. Once we started going out, she would dance with a guy, and while they were grinding, I'd see her turn and look right at me, smile, then kiss the guy on the lips. All the while knowing I had to remain professional while I was working.

    One time a guy was hitting on her hard and someone told him she was my GF. The guy got scared and came up to me to apologize. I told him that he had nothing to worry about and that it looked like he was going to get lucky with her that night. A little while later I saw them sitting in a booth together and I brought them a few drinks. I told him I hoped he was having a good time and shook his hand. A little later one of the cocktail waitresses came up to me and asked if I saw what my GF was up to. I turned to look for her and saw she was in the booth making out passionately with her dance partner. A little while later I saw them walking out the door, his arm draped around her holding her close.

    She came home late morning the next day, looking like hell warmed over. I'd been up for half the night, alternating between wanking and being worried. She wanted to go right to bed, and told me she was too tired to fuck, but told me I could go go down on her if I wanted to. I really wanted to fuck, but I dove right in.

    We hadn't been living together for long, and hadn't talked about her cuckolding me. I'd known about her reputation as a slut when we'd gotten together, but this was the first time she'd gone this far with me. I put my hands around her wrists and held her down as I worked her shaved pussy. I started out very gently, but as it became obvious she'd been fucked. I thought she tasted different than usual, and there was something tentative about her demeanor, like she knew she'd been bad and she wasn't sure how I'd react. I really started getting into the groove, and Angela was too. At this point, I was intoxicated with the idea she'd recently been fucked, and I started really sucking her pussy hard. I came up for air after a while and told her I saw her with the guy in the club. She tried to pull her hands back, then responded that she didn't think I'd mind. I was crazy with jealousy and although I was sure she'd fucked him, just wanted to know, to hear her say it. So I asked her if she let him fuck her. Then I went right back to working her clit. She didn't say a word, but started grinding herself against my tongue and in a few seconds she climaxed and literally squirted into my mouth. I'd never experienced anything like that before.

    A few days later we were grocery shopping and Angela took a pack of condoms off the shelf, and put them in the cart. I told her we didn't need them, as I was well stocked. Besides, I needed magnums and those wouldn't fit me comfortably. She didn't respond. When we got home and were unpacking the groceries, she looked right at me as she put the condoms in her purse. I asked her why she was carrying rubbers, and she told me, "I never know when i'll need one!"
  12. Has happened plenty but the best time was we were out for her friends birthday. I let my wife and her friend go dance. Sure enough they meet 2 guys. The guy dancing on my wife go her to go to there VIP table im watching from a far my wofe flirt and talk to this guy. Soon enough so come up to me and ask if she can go hang out with this guy. They left i went home. Jacked off all night. Get a call at 7am my wife wants me to pick her up. I get to the guys house my wife in the same dress walks out with him i watch them kiss and we go home and have sex as she tells me about her night.
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