Dominant AND a cuck? (Recent cuckold experience over wife)

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by zincman, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. zincman

    zincman New Member

    For reference: I am a 24-year-old guy and my wife is 21. I have only ever been cuckolded once, and it just very, very recently happened. I'm just going to write about it extremely briefly.

    When it comes to the bedroom, I'm dominant and my wife is extremely submissive. I'm a 6'3", 225 lb. man and she's a little 5'1" woman. I love practically being able to toss her around in the bedroom and fuck her however I want. I have an average sized penis; I mean, it's decently thick and she's always loved it. Before we got together, she'd had few sexual experiences. We've always had a very enriching sex life, both of us are very kinky and explore together. I'll get back to this topic in a second.

    I had and have never been turned on by the traditional cuck-wife-bull relationship/dynamic. The whole humiliation thing does nothing for me; in fact, it turns me off. I know a lot of guys go crazy and get off to that, but for me, it makes me flaccid. Nothing about it turns me on.

    However, the idea of my girl being used by another man has always driven me insane. My first love was 5'4", and had some Portuguese/Brazilian roots, with a big, fat ass. I always dreamed of her being double penetrated by two other guys, or gang-banged, etc. I remember telling my first love about it once, and well, yeah, that didn't go very well.

    Anyway, despite being dominant in 1-on-1 situations in the bedroom, the idea of another man (or men) using my wife (or past girlfriends) for their pleasure has always been a massive turn-on for me.

    Anyway, despite my wife's limited sexual experiences before we met, she'd always been extremely kinky and horny. She told me around the time we got together how turned on she was on the idea of being gang-banged, being that one girl who was shared amongst men. We fantasized about threesomes involving me, her and another girl as well as threesomes involving me, her and another guy! At the same time, they always remained fantasies. She had always been adamant about being loyal/faithful to me and practically doing anything in the world to please me (which is what led to the recent experience, I suppose -- the latter, that is).

    A bit ago, this big, tall black man walked into where she worked (retail) and bought something. On the way out, he straight up told her, "Let me be your boyfriend". She told him that she was married, showed him her ring, and he still persisted before finally relenting and leaving. Apparently every so often he kept returning the store, buying himself and still flirting heavily with my wife.

    When she told me about it, I didn't think much about anything happening. I just straight up asked her, "Do you like the attention?" She was, at first, appalled by my question, and blurted out, "No!", very defensively! Later on she asked me, "Why did you ask me if I liked the attention?" and I said, "I just want to know if you liked the attention". She didn't say anything.

    The next night or so, we were fooling around in bed, and as she was already hot and bothered, I asked her if she liked the attention from him, and she still refrained from answering, until she finally admitted that she enjoyed the attention, that (in her words), "he made her feel like a sexy, little whore" (we do a lot of that kind of 'name calling' during sex, like "whore", "fuckdoll", "fucktoy", etc.). I was filled with lust that she'd told me. When I fingered her, I made her tell me that she wanted to suck him, and she did.

    I straight up told her I wanted her to suck his cock. She didn't battle me. She didn't protest or get offended. She just asked me if I was sure! Thinking about this, even now, fills me with lust, because I know that she wanted to suck (and fuck?) him deep down, she just wanted to be a faithful, little wife about it!

    Well, she did it. She blew him. He took pictures with her phone and everything. She hasn't fucked him yet, or has she stated that she will, but I know she will.

    I can't stop thinking about it. I've masturbated to it. She's jacked me off to it. It's filled me with lust.

    I don't know what the point is of me posting this. I don't know?

    I mean, I just, you know, I'm dominant with her, 1-on-1, in the bedroom, but having always fantasized about scenarios like the above happening, and it actually happening, it drives me CRAZY! I want to watch her suck him off, in person. I am *still* massively turned off by the whole humiliation aspect of it all.

    I think it turns me on so much, because my wife is getting pleasure, and for her to be pleasured by another man, it's just so taboo. I can't stop thinking about how she wanted to do this wife him, anyway, and how much she enjoyed the attention, and how she just relented and gave her mouth to him. She literally has the greatest blowjob eyes and dick sucking lips combo in the world (of course, I'm a biased husband saying such a thing...) but my oh my.

    I want to watch her suck him deep. I want her to look me in the eyes while his throbbing dick is in her mouth.

    I just needed to vent or rant. This is the only place I know to do this on.

    Can anybody else relate to me, though? Dominant with your woman in the bedroom, but being filled with lust over her being with somebody else? Does anybody else hate the humiliation aspect of it, as well? I just like my woman being pleasured by another man, or her servicing him. It drives me crazy! But if it ever turned into a humiliation aspect, the situation would lose its luster.
  2. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Over the years

    Several cucks who are very masculine and can fuck almost as good as me have told me what a THRILL it is to see the wife or gf fucked hard and often over a period of hours. Some of them started cumming as soon as I stripped the women down to bra and panties.

    Others started cumming when I slapped the ass lightly or as I started drilling their pussies. None of them lasted more than 2 minutes from watching us. Some even cleaned their wives while I watched them.

    Sounds like you have a hot wife so you need to set some ground rules as it sounds like you want to be more a cuck than the in charge husband.
  3. italianbull93

    italianbull93 New Member

    zincman, I kinda am like you. I don't like the humiliation part, because it turns me off, but this year my gf started sucking another man, and from sucking it led to sex. She had sex with him four times now, and it turns me on so much when she tells me her experiences with him while we fuck. btw, when we set ground rules, she also told me that she doesn't like to humiliate me too, but only wants to enjoy some cock :)
  4. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    I most certainly can relate because I feel the exact same way. I strongly dislike the humiliation aspect of it and it totally turns me off. Thats why I don't consider myself a cuckold. I'm just a guy that likes other men fucking his wife. And like you I enjoy it more when it appears that they are just using her for their pleasure.
  5. zincman

    zincman New Member

    I love and appreciate the replies. Thank you so much.

    I've always related the term 'cuckold' to a short, little, weak man with a submissive mindset and a micropud for a sex tool (none of this is meant to cause offense, if it happens to with anybody). I'm active, decently tall, enjoy training MMA (Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more than anything) strictly as a hobby to release stress and for physical activity, and I have a very average penis. I stand my ground and live my life accordingly. I hate complacency (satisfaction is the death of desire). I'd like to think I'm a pretty formidable partner in the bedroom.

    It's all about seeing her pleasured and/or used. The idea of another man using her and enjoying her is like a confirmation to me that I have a fucking babe for a wife. Her being promiscuous drives me wild.

    The pictures of my wife with this man's hard, throbbing BBC in her mouth drives me crazy. (I won't share them. They are strictly private and personal.) When she jacked me off and shared the details to me, she told me how she planted kisses up and down his shaft, licked him from his balls to his head, and when he came, he grunted and mumbled, "Shit, fuck, baby girl, yeeeeaaahhhh..." She told me she looked up at him and stared into his eyes while she sucked the life out of his big, black cock. I came so hard when she regaled me with the story. Just knowing that my short, little 5'1" blonde hair, blue eyed wife sucked off a horny black man that went after her like a thirsty dog in heat drives me fucking crazy in the best way possible.

    She loves knowing that she pleased me and that I'm mega turned on by all of this. I feel like it will enrich our relationship that much more going forward.

    I want to watch this happen, though. I could talk about this in lust forever, and I probably will.
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  6. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Fight with me, brother! We are cuckolds and we're taking that word back! ;)
  7. ice87

    ice87 New Member

    Good think l want TRY with u
  8. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't let the humiliation aspect get in the way of enjoying the experience. If humiliation turns you on, great If it turns her on, even better--this game is all about her, not you. But if neither of you are into humiliaiton, that's fine, too. Personally, I have played this game with several couples as the "bull", and with several men as the "cuck", and overt humiliation has never been part of the game.

    If you are referring to the implicit humiliation of watching another man fuck your wife, with both of them knowing it gives you a raging boner, or of watching a much bigger cock pound her in ways you never could, then that is just part of the game.

    Chill out, enjoy, and play the game the way you and your woman want to play it.
  9. GonzoPress420

    GonzoPress420 New Member

    Zic, I very much agree. I am not into the idea of humiliation, chastity, citification, servicing the bull, crossdressing- not of that is me. I'm pretty much a Bull myself, and my VERY LIMITED experience with this sort of thing is me ORDERING a girl I was briefly with to fuck some other guys. We broke up for reasons totally unrelated to sex, just in case anyone was wondering. I like the idea of her being slutty and getting fucked and I like the idea of reclaiming her. I'm also pretty intrigued by the idea of an active sharing/threesome situation, tho I haven't gone there with anyone yet. My current GF only has seen the tip of the ice berg, me encouraging her to dress sexy when she goes out and telling me about guys that flirt with her when we fuck. But yea, I'm def not a cuck, though that catch all term may technically apply to anyone who considers a woman "theirs" and allows her to explore sexual liaisons outside of traditional monogamous dynamics. I'd say it's more accurate that what I want is a "partner in crime", a girl who can share fanatsies between us, no matter the taboo. Good post, sounds like a sexy experience.
  10. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    In my estimation there are different forms of cuckolding, because I clearly do not fit the standard definition of a cuck by any means. As others have said, the humiliation thing and all the other shit that goes along with it does nothing for me, nor will it ever. I enjoy and get off on watching my wife get screwed by other men and women, and thats the bottom line. Call it what you want, voyeurism, fetish, addiction, it's the visual aspect that turns me on and she gets off on it as well.

    I am masculine, and consider myself a bull as i have bedded plenty of other mens wives and GF's, who were definately not masculine. Both my wife and I have been into the biker lifestyle for many years, and within this lifestyle there is a call for respect. The men who have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to engage in sex with my wife figured out real quick that I wasn't some limp dick servant. They need to pass my litmus test first, which means that I am in the room, hotel room, or vehicle with them the first time they screw her. I'm the balancing factor, and I am the alpha, as some men seem to get a little over zealous and want to be all controlling, at which point I become the voice of reason if you get where i am going with that.

    In the year's we have been doing this I can recount only one instance where the encounter ended before it even got started, with me showing the guy the error of his ways as he was being quite disrespectful. No matter what your preference is when it comes to this lifestyle, no one has to take shit from anyone, even if they are screwing thier wife. True cuck's get off on it, however they are still human beings, bulls need to realize that while they may be the masculine, alpha, part of the equation they are still a guest insdie someones home, and a guest in that persons wife's pussy.

    Bottom line is whatever gets you off, gets you off, however if your sitting there taking abuse from someone, and you really don't feel you need to be then step up and take care of business. Set the fucker straight and let them know that no matter what your state, you still control that pussy, and you can take it away in a minute.
  11. zincman

    zincman New Member

    spmartini, AWESOME post. We are basically in the exact boat.

    I'm an ambitious guy. Among many things, I'm an aspiring entrepreneur. I learned from a young age the importance of communication through body language. I'm not some kind of muscular juggernaut (my diet is far from perfect; I have a weakness for pizza, pasta and a bit of a sweet tooth), but I do take good care of myself and I'm confident I could hold my own if I had to.

    Like I said, my biggest turn-on with all of this, is just seeing my woman be promiscuous. I love seeing her be a "slut" with no inhibitions in such a situation. I've had this fantasy with previous girlfriends before I ever even got together with her. She's kinky and has a sex drive damn near on a level with mine.

    I plan on updating this very soon if things go the way I'm hoping. I want to be present. She respects me enough to know that if things aren't all they are cracked up to be, we'll move on and eventually find someone else for this 'job'.
  12. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    I didn't start out with the idea of being submissive but that's what's played out for me and I've found it personally pleasurable. I've always known that my cock was tiny and had serious penis envy since I was a preteen.
  13. zincman

    zincman New Member

    Hm. Do you think things would've been different if you had at least a bigger dick?

    I have quite an average dick. My wife loves it and I please her in the bedroom. I do want to see her being promiscuous and slutty with a really, really big cock, though.
  14. Guyton

    Guyton Member

    I would have to agree that I would like to be a cuckolded by my wife, but there are so many forms. Cuckold just means that your mate is allowed with your knowledge to fuck another guy.

    I agree, I am the dominate one in our relationship and I fuck the shit out of my wife. She loves me and I am very dominate in and outside of the bed. I run a very successful business and always give the orders. In most situations, I am the alpha male.

    I have a seven inch thick cock and know how to use it, but I admit I would love to see my conservative wife take a big black cock and go crazy for it. I use large black dildos on my wife and we have fantasized about it, but she is refuses to consider being with another man.

    I talked to an experienced bull trying to set something up with my wife and let him know, that he was there for my and my wife's pleasure and that I controlled the pussy. I may let him play a dominate role while fucking my wife, but no negative comments or the like. I let him know if he didn't respect us, no more pussy for him. I think most bulls respect this and are happy to oblige. Everyone has a good time.

    I do understand how some my get off on humiliation and respect that. I can see how I could get turned on by my wife telling me his cock is huge and feels so good. Or him asking her in the heat of things if she loves his cock and I could get off on that, but I would not tolerate the humiliation or cutting me down.

    My wife loves me so much that no cock could ever come between us. The cuckold relationship would be to enhance our marriage and not deteriorate it.

    Anyway, that's my two cents. To each their own.
  15. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    To be clear, knowledge and/or acceptance is not a requirement to be a cuckold. All that is required to be (made) a cuckold is to have an unfaithful wife. Anything else is part of the myriad varieties of the "cuckold lifestyle".
  16. Guyton

    Guyton Member

    I stand corrected. The following is the definition on Websters dictionary.

    cuck·old (kŭk′əld, ko͝ok′-)
    A man whose wife is unfaithful.
  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    The more I live and learn about all this, the more I conclude: 1) it's not a question of whether me or some other guy is dominant, my wife is always the one in control, 2) it's not about the size of a guy's dick or his ability, it's how my wife uses his dick to please herself.
  18. Guyton

    Guyton Member

    In my world, its about me being in control and watching my wife letting go and enjoying fuck of her life. But, I ultimately control the situation!!! If I don't, I'm out!
  19. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You and your wife (as do Audrey and I) have what makes a marriage successful - a relationship where both understand and are comfortable in their roles.

    Audrey fucking another man was never an issue for me. The strangest and most wonderful instance of her exerting control over me was the first time she "ordered" me to fuck another woman she was licking and kissed me as I did it. It was never part of the deal, and was unexpected since Audrey hadn't previously shown interest in wanting me to play.
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  20. zincman

    zincman New Member

    I just wanted to update everybody in regards to my wife and the black man. We'll refer to him as Marcus.

    This has been a whirlwind experience!

    Along with my wife, we met up with Marcus, and he was extremely introverted in regards to me watching him fuck my wife. I laid it all out on the table for him, I said that if he was going to fuck my wife, I'd have to be there. I could tell he was uneasy about it. He asked me why, multiple times, and I told him, I just enjoy the thought of seeing my wife being a promiscuous whore, enjoying a big, fat cock and getting drilled and pleasured in the process.

    He told me he'd think about it, and he ended up texting my wife asking, "Why can't we just fuck in private?" and she told him she was only going to be down to fuck him if I were there to watch. He even asked her if I was bisexual. LOL. Nope. I just want to watch my wife get plowed. Simple as that. There's a certain pleasure, a feeling of satisfaction, in knowing that your wife is wanted by others. To me, that just makes her much hotter in my eyes.

    I think he's going to be down to do it. Hasn't happened yet. We'll see. We've gotten to know more about him, to know that he's 'clean'. I think it's gonna happen, because he seems to want to fuck my wife extremely badly, and well, my wife wants to fuck him, too! I'll update again, soon, hopefully!

    I fucked my wife's pussy with her vibrator, telling her to imagine it being his big, black cock. Here's her pussy cream all over it:

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