Does the Swinging lead to the cuckold lifestyle?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by andynlisa, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. andynlisa

    andynlisa New Member

    Does swinging eventually lead to cuckold lifestyle?
  2. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Gosh, I sure hope it does in our case!

    Anyhow, the Swing Lifestyle listing is just her, not for us as a couple.

    What's your experience been?
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  3. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    I would not think swinging would lead you to the cockold lifestyle unless you wanted it to. I think if you wanted to develope your relationship into cuckolding it would not be a bad place to start. Being around people that do not have sexual hangups would only make you feel comfortable about your likes, dislikes and fetishes. One think I have noticed about cuckolding is swingers don't seem to have much interest in it unless the wife is bi.
  4. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    This would of course refer to swinging couples, in my experience. Single swinging guys will pretty much do any woman.

    Better still, if they're at least passively bi. :)

  5. andynlisa

    andynlisa New Member

    we were just wondering, it didn't seem prossible. but we've talked to a few couples that started out swinging and then over time (we took it as a number of years) that eventually it was just (or much more often) the wife out and about than the husband.
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  6. vivsboy

    vivsboy New Member

    I dont know if swinging leads to cuckolding, but I am sure it can. I never thought I woud become a cuckold, but I did because of another fetish I had, which opened my wifes mind up to this.

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  7. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    is anything 100%?

    i always had sexual desires well before my teens. inexperienced till i was married, i thought this was my chance to play out my fantasies. in reality, i was no stud , and quickly realized that.
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  8. ClevelandBlackBull

    ClevelandBlackBull New Member

    As a bull, swinging has introduced me to couples, which alot of them happen to have a cuckold or cuckold in the making. I first got into swinging to meet white females that love black dick. Met quite a few couples and alot of them were into cuckolding, especially with a black man around to service the wife. And that is where the introduction to swinging has brought me....there is so much passion, desire, beauty and intimacy in a black-white cuckold relationship.
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  9. It all depends on the preference of the couple. Some wives just want some strange,some want some strange AND hubby. Mine used to play alone if a guy caught her interest,wasn't planned that way it just happened. I didn't mind. But she decided she only wants 3somes with me and a guy now.And not all 'sharing' couples are the cuckold types....some just like to team up on the wife,some like to add humiliation and other kinks.
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  10. catswvcuckold

    catswvcuckold New Member

    In our case, yes it did

    My wife and I started out swinging with other guys because I wanted to see her with other men and myself at the same time. We met a few couples and swapped and talked about each experience afterwards. Well, she loved the fun she was having and also all the new cock she was getting, we tried to make sure they were all bigger than mine. But after watching me with a couple of other women in a same room couple swap she said she didn't really like the idea of me being with other women. She suggested we stop because she was jealous, but when I suggested we just meet with other guys to fuck her, she really perked up!!! She asked if I was really willing to let her fuck other guys while I had to stay faithfull to her, which of course I said yes. She was very happy to hear me say that and told me that she was glad I felt that way because she really enjoyed getting fucked by the sometimes much bigger cocks than mine. She also told me she would have been very disappointed not getting bigger cocks but that she would have done it if that meant me not being with other women. Somewhere inbetween all of this I discovered the cuckold lifestyle online and was doing a lot of reading on various forums and such. This seemed like a great fit for us. I had fucked her a couple of times after one of her lovers big cocks had opened her up and after repeatedly asking her she reluctantly told me she could barely feel me inside of her after fucking them. Well, that was a real turn on for me and at some point soon after I asked her about cuckolding me. I asked her if she loved me which of course she said yes, I then asked her if she loved me enough to cuckold me and after thinking long and hard about it she decided yes, she would cuckold me, which is where we are now in our marriage.
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  11. tenpanaris

    tenpanaris Supreme Overlord.

    Or the other way round

    We started with cuckolding, but ended up swinging. Still, my wife gets more action (MUCH more).
  12. socogun

    socogun New Member

    In my case, swinging did lead to a cuck lifestyle. However, for us it was a progression that involved a lot of circumstances that helped push our lifestyle to accept the differences of swinging and cuckolding. It will be different in each and everyone's relationship. Be open and enjoy your lifestyle no matter where it leads! If you don't like, change it.
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  13. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    Some swinging experiences can turn into cuckolding experiences. My wife is too jealous to have me fucking another woman so we've always done MFM which is fine with me. I LOVE watching her getting fucked! Some guys start out being friendly and respectful but end up being assholes. They tell her that if she were his woman that another man wouldn't touch her and that I must be an asshole for "making/forcing" her to fuck other guys. Some of them try to make dates with her so it can be just the two of them. They try to talk her into leaving me and be their exclusive girlfriend even though some of them are married. She tells me everything. I trust her. I've let her play alone away from the house without me. Some of the guys can get too aggressive with her in my opinion but she loves it when they act that way. I feel like a cuckold when they get rough with her and I don't intervene. They like being rough with her in front of me and have me just sit there and not do anything. She told me that she can take care of herself and not to get involved but they don't know that. I have to trust her that she'll let me know if she needs help and its hard to sit there and watch when a guy starts acting like an asshole and not get up and kick his ass. I have what I think is an average size cock and I always look for guys who have bigger cocks than mine on swinger sites and adult personal ads. We've picked up guys at random in bars. I like watching her reaction to guys who have big cocks. I feel like a cuckold when they treat me as inferior, bragging about their big cock in my wife's pussy, looking at me and laughing, making her tell him how good his big cock feels in her. I'm glad she is enjoying a big cock but I can only hope that she is just playing along when he tries to get her to humiliate me.
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  14. rick181au

    rick181au New Member

    "cuck or not"?

    We started off swinging and swapping with other couples for around 10 or so years but in the end it just got to be too much of a hassle meeting other couples where the four of you all got along after the initial lust wore off, so after talking about it we decided on her hot wifeing it (I don’t know if that makes me a cuck or not)?
    But I love seeing her going with other guys “or at least knowing that she is with another guyâ€￾ if I cannot be there to watch and join in and I love going silky seconds and doing the cleaning up after she has been with other guys, “does that make me a cuckâ€￾? ????
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  15. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    cuckold lifestyle?

    If that means eating another man's cum out of your wife's cunt, then, in my book, yes. But the truth is, you can call it whatever you want. This game belongs to you and your wife, and what it means is up to you.

    As to the original question, people certainly have different definitions, but in my book, "swinging" is anything sexual a couple chooses to do with other people. That would include swapping, orgies, any variety of 3-ways, etc. I think most couples who are open with each other, and communicating well, gravitate to whatever game works best for them. As Rick mentions, it's a lot harder to find four people who get along well and all have the hots for the opposite partner than it is finding a guy who is willing to fuck your wife.
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