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Boob denial

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by popopo, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. popopo

    popopo Member

    I am really into boobs. My last girlfriend had really big, beautiful boobs and I would play with them all the time at home, I loved them that much. We talked about cuckolding, and she was going to cuckold me. She met a guy on Tinder and sexted him a lot. She would send him pictures of her boobs every day, and he would send her dick pics. One time when I touched her boob as she was about to blow me, I touched her boob and she jokingly slapped it away. It was a lot of fun for me. We later broke up for different reasons before she had time to actually cuckold me.

    Since then, I really enjoy the idea of being denied my girlfriend's boobs. Ideally, I hope to never get to see or touch my next girlfriend's boobs. That's a bit on the side of fantasy, but realistically I hope to be boob denied somewhere down the road.

    I noticed there's several members here already who deny / get denied breasts, but I would like to hear from everyone: What do you think about it? Would you like to do it / get it done to you? I would enjoy it because knowing another guy was jerking off to my gf's boobs that she sent him every day and encouraged him to enjoy them made me very jealous in a nice way, and I think it would only get better if I didn't get to see them.
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  2. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    it is not only boob denial...

    it is denial all over for me...;)
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  3. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I'm with you 100%, but only that far. I love the variety, which I get since we now swing sometimes, big tits but also those little ones that are hardly there.

    As I've mentioned previously, playing with a woman's breasts, especially while fucking her, is under appreciated and under reported. That's why I like doggy and cowgirl - I can play with her tits. It also does something extra for me if my wife's lover is feeling her tits when they're fucking.
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  4. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    Yeah, I'm one of those members. My wife has great tits and she doesn't let me touch them, I get to see them but she gets other men to grab and suck them. At first it was tough but she's taught me to enjoy it now. What makes you so keen on getting denied big tits.
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  5. popopo

    popopo Member

    BoobyGirl has helped me explore my fantasy and cravings more, and she asked me to update you good folks on what we have established together so far:
    I should never be able to see my wife's bare breasts, nor allowed to touched them, nor to have most types of intimate contact with her. She should lock me up in chastity and bring home men to play with her tits and fuck her while I am blindfolded and beg her boyfriend to please describe them to me. I should buy her sexy bras, underwear, lingerie and costumes that she will never ever wear for me, and I will never see her in it. We'd go to fetish clubs where she'd let anyone and everyone but me see and grope her tits. She should inspire enormous jealousy and suffering in me through not only denial but also specifically seeking out men who I don't like to enjoy her tits and cuckold me. She should make me beg her boyfriend to please own her tits, and they can signify it by getting her nipples pierced with a small pendant with his name engraved. She could show it off to our friends and task me with explaining the context and the meaning of it, while I look in the corner so I don't see her beautiful breasts.
    I would vow to her on our wedding, among other things, to never try to see or touch her breasts, never to expect it, never to beg or ask for it, and just realize it will never happen and they're not for me to enjoy.
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  6. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    Oh ur such a good cucky lol. My other cucky slave, denyboobs, will be so jealous of ur suffering!
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  7. popopo

    popopo Member

    I'm so proud to be your most suffering cucky slave, Mistress :)
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  8. popopo

    popopo Member

    Update 2: Mistress BoobyGirl wants me to update you, fellow members, on new humiliations and denial that she has devised for me and wants me to experience. I had a girlfriend, my most recent girlfriend, who almost started cuckolding me but it did not work out in the end. She was really excited about it though, and would tease me loads about my inadequacies and her cravings for better men. She had the most beautiful big boobs and I absolutely adored and loved playing with them, which she let me do anytime I wanted.
    We later broke up, and Mistress BoobyGirl assures me she left me to find herself a real man. Surely her new boyfriend is manlier and better than me in all possible ways. He now gets to play with those boobs and she is surely more satisfied and fulfilled than she ever was with me. I would love for him to own both my ex and new girlfriend, at the same time, especially their boobs. He can get the two most beautiful and most important sets of boobs in the world for me and completely own them while I am utterly denied. He'd have them both pierce their nipples with a ring with his name engraved. Mistress would like it if I humiliated myself by begging him to humiliate me and take and enjoy all that I love. Both my new and ex girlfriend would tease me and laugh at me for my boob denial while they have threesome in my bed while I sleep naked on the bathroom floor. I really hate the idea that someone is now a man for my ex that I was not for her, I'd hate it so much if he took such control in my life. It would bring me a lot of suffering, but Mistress assures me it is what I deserve and furthermore, it would please her to see me suffer so, and what she wants is most important.
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  9. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I get to look, and I get to touch.

    But no intercourse. I'm not sure which is worse.


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  10. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    You should see those tits, knowing what you're missing out on will be really tough!
  11. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    I couldn't live without access to my wife's breasts, I am fine not making love to her but deny me the feel of her breasts NEVER! to me if I cant touch her body I might as well be her brother
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  12. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    Having specific parts of my wifes body denied to me would be incredibly hot. It may be too much to handle though as I love all of her body.
  13. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I have not been allowed to touch for over ten years. I catch glimpses only when she is changing clothes, and am allowed to actually look at them only if she asks me for an opinion on a bra or top that she is wearing. I'm only permitted to make comments that relate to whether her shirt fits, etc. I'm not allowed to comment on their sexiness.
  14. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    That is really hot. Was it a struggle at first? It sounds like it is just your normal life now so nothing unusual for you. Are you denied other parts of her body or just the breasts?
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  15. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    It's less of a struggle than it used to be because I've basically been trained that my role in the marriage is not sexual. I'm denied all other parts of her body except for her feet. She LOVES foot rubs. If I do a good enough job, and she's in a giving mood, she'll use them on me. One time she literally had to stop herself from laughing when she said, "It's a shame the only sex you get is with my feet." And sometimes I feel like a total loser after I climax that way, because as soon as I finish I hand her a towel so she can clean off her feet, then she tosses the towel at me and walks to the bathroom, (where she sits on the edge of the bathtub and scrubs my semen off like it's toxic waste). and she'll say something like, "Don't feel bad. Sometimes you just have to accept what you need," while she walks away.

    If I see her wearing something sexy I still sometimes start to get hard, but I've taught myself to look away and focus on doing chores because neither one of us wants me to be hurt by the inevitable rejection.
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  16. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I'm a tits man and have always adored my wife's B-cups. They've remained pretty firm, and I would never tire of playing with them.

    When we first got together, she loved me playing with them. If I latched on it instantly made her hot. About the time we got married, though, or maybe after our son was born, she became noticeably cooler to having them touched. When we screwed she still wanted her nipples played with after she got worked up as that helped her cum, but she said they were quite sensitive until she reached a certain level of arousal. That really cut back on the amount of breast play during foreplay.

    That's how it was for close to 2 decades. Then she started dating her current boyfriend. I've never got to watch him, but she says she goes weak in the knees when he touches her breasts, and I get the impression he can do so whenever he wants and she craves it. He's made her cum from just that.

    They've become almost off limits for me, though. She actually flinches and draws away at just the slightest touch from me now -- and believe me, I've been trained to treat them carefully. If I can get her to hold still for a couple minutes, and it's never more than that, she says and acts like she doesn't enjoy it.

    She says it's not an intentional decision on her part, that that's truly how it feels. I have a hard time, though, not thinking that she's just decided that she only wants him touching them. How could his touch feel so much different from mine?

    I'm conflicted about the situation. I do find the denial kind of hot and might be satisfied with it if she teased me about it. She doesn't, though, and overall I'm determined to figure out how touch her so she feels good and to get her used to enjoying it again.
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  17. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    Damn, I don't think I'd be able to cope if my wife's entire body was off limits. I am obsessed with eating her pussy till she orgasms. It is top of my list of things I have to do.
  18. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    Sounds like you are in a tricky spot. Good luck figuring it out... or coming to terms with never being able to touch her breasts again.
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  19. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    Oh u poor boy, but it's what all cuckys deserve? Does she tease u about how other men enjoy her boobs?
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  20. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    Whenever I try to start a conversation about sex she shuts it down.

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