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Blindfolded GF Sharing Fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by GonzoPress420, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. GonzoPress420

    GonzoPress420 New Member

    IMG_0974 edit.jpg IMG_0975.jpg IMG_0976.jpg

    So here is my fantasy. If anyone has a similar girl and a similar fantasy and can pull this off, please share vids/pics! I will do the same if possible!

    So, a little backstory, my girl is kind of on the racist side. She doesn't march with the KKK or anything but she will say "n****r" if no ones around, and she would def NEVER fuck a black guy.

    She likes to go out to bars and I don't really, so when she comes back she will usually tell me about some guys hitting on her to punish me for staying home. Then I fuck her to reclaim her, which she of course gets off on. My dick is decent sized, "big", "fat" and "thick" according to her, and she doesn't have any trouble cumming off it.

    I have been encouraging her to dress more sexy and provocative and revealing when she goes out. At first she was hesitant, of course. She is, like most girls, self conscious about her body and was shy to show off. However, after a little bit of encouragement and some positive reactions from guys when she went out, she began to really like all the compliments she would get and slowly she has come around. Now, she enjoys dressing up in a cute outfit before she goes out, letting me see her get ready and get pretty in the mirror, try on different panties and check to see how easy they are to see with her skirt or above the waistline of her shorts (she almost never wears long pants or jeans anymore), showing off different sexy high heels she plans to wear.

    Instead of just telling me that she gets hit on now, after some dirty talk while we are fucking, I have persuaded her to tease guys and lead them on, flirt back with them and let them think they have a chance of getting their cock in her phat little pussy. Of course, she'd NEVER fuck a BLACK cock, not even teasing...

    I have played along and VERY gently been nudging her towards the idea of actually fucking one of these strangers. I started out asking little questions to prompt her to talk about what attracts her and what doesn't, when she thinks a guy's got game and when he doesn't. Then I'd ask if they danced or shared a cigarette. After teasing back and forth a few times when she had danced with a guy (and of course, getting numbers) I started to ask if there was any touching- did they touch fingers, brush hands, did he try to put his hand on her leg- something bolder? Did he try to grab her ass? Her tits? How far did she let it go? How far WOULD she let it go? What if he were really good looking... What if you'd had a little too much to drink and were getting crazy (as she often does)....

    Once she has gotten good and turned on by the idea of fucking a stranger, I am going to put the first phase of my fantasy into action. I will get her sloppy drunk, and move the conversation to her flirting with strangers, and as she gets more drunk and as we begin to heavy pet one another, I will discuss more explicit scenarios, the possibility of kissing one of them or maybe even sucking a strangers cock, making sure that the hornier and drunker she gets, the dirtier and more explicitly sexual the dirty talk gets. After enough time has gone by with our foreplay following these guidelines, when she is ready and her pussy is dripping, I will dress her up in her confederate flag string-bikini, I will SECURELY blindfold her and bind her hands, and then, without her knowing, I will bring in a well hung, athletic BBC Bull.

    He will understand ahead of time that he is not to speak or make any noise the whole time. If there is any talking, it will be me prompting her to say something about how much she hates black guys and how gross she thinks their dicks and cum are, hopefully I can get her to say "I'd never let a n****r put his cock in me!" while filming her cream-white puffy little pussy getting filled by some large BBC. He will have his balls shaved smooth, as will mine. We will coordinate so we are both using the same body wash/shampoo/deodorant/aftershave/toothpaste, etc. I will also have some scented candles in the room, and mood-setting music to help cover the sounds. If she reaches towards his head, he will know to hold her arms forcefully down (she loves that anyway.) The idea is for her to not know that there is anyone other than me there. She will also not know that I have a video camera.

    The Bull will fuck her in any and every hole, using her as degradingly and humiliatingly as possible (we have a decent assortment of toys/plugs/vibes/paddles/whips/clamps to use) for as long as he likes, without taking off her blindfold or speaking. He will know to cum in her ass or pussy so she doesn't know from the load sprayed in her face that someone has just finished fucking her. After he is done he will silently leave, and I will finish fucking her myself, spraying my load wherever I want.

    Assuming this goes off smoothly and she is none the wiser, I will continue encouraging her to be more slutty and flirty while she is out at bars and to walk her towards the idea of fucking a stranger. Hopefully, after the first blindfolded encounter, she will think the bull fucking her was me and that it was so good because I was so turned on after we had been talking about her sucking a strangers cock before we fucked. This time, when I think she is ready, I will arrange the blindfold scenario, but now I will join the Bull mid-fucking so she knows there are 2 cocks in her at the same time. I will still not allow her to see her Bull- remember, she is racist and NOT COOL with the idea of black cock touching her white skin. But she will know that she has now fucked a stranger and that I am def cool with it.

    Assuming I have still managed not to get caught and that she is still down for our adventures, the next step is to have the Bull bring over friends. Ideally, there would eventually be about 5 BBCs ready to go. However, at first I would have them fuck her 1 and 2 at a time, so she still does not know she is with any more than me and 1 stranger. I would have several sessions like this, paying attention to how she fucks and cums, how she acts afterwards, how she behaves at bars when she goes out, etc.

    Finally, once she has become accustomed to 2 cocks at a time and once she has become sufficiently slutty and enthusiastic about our fantasizing, I will let all 5 bulls go at her at once. After she has been used and abused by an entire basketball team and is sitting drenched in their thick loads, I will have one of the Bulls take her blindfold off so I can capture on film the moment my racist little girlfriend realizes she has become a cum slurping slut, spreading her lily-white pussy lips for Big Black Dick without even knowing it!

    At this point, I will either be single, or have the greatest girlfriend ever! Either way, I will have some great pics/vids out of it! If anyone feels inspired and manages to successfully pull any of this off, please let me know!
  2. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    I think if you did this your GF would dump your arse! May even call rape. I believe that you should get her into fucking a black guy first or at least open to the idea. If not best keep it as a fantasy.
  3. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    this just sounds like it could lead to all kinds of problems. Trust is important with cuckolding and you will never get it back. There is a tiny percentage he would remain quiet or that she wouldnt tell, and she could have you arrested for rape.
  4. GonzoPress420

    GonzoPress420 New Member

    So, a couple things:

    First, yea, I'm pretty aware of the rape aspect here, and it is pretty much THE reason why this is still a fantasy and not something that I have actively put into motion. I actually had the original idea when I was with a different girl who wasn't quite as averse to black people. She was actually the first girl I got into any of this with (and I think that story will need it's own post in the appropriate thread, if anyone can direct me to a "first experiences" kind of thread) and while I never actually had her fuck any BBC I did get her to fuck strangers a cpp times and we did discuss her fucking some BBC and she was theoretically at least willing to entertain the idea, tho I was definitely more enthusiastic about it than she was (the BBC part. She thought me ordering her to dress slutty and fuck strangers was hot. Go figure.)

    See, the original idea, and the thing that really is appealing and arousing to me here, is the idea of the "blind taste test." I'v seen a few pornos on the net where a guy surprises his blindfolded gf with a third cock, and while most of these are almost definitely faked, at least one of them is definitely real (the girl is too nasty looking and it the video quality is waaaaay too poor for it to be anything other than amateur, and the reactions from the girl do not seem canned) So the idea of having a surprise threesome is really hot to me. Would she be able to tell there was someone else there? What would make her suspect? Would she notice a difference in our cocks? That kind of thing. Adding the race-play element, it really increases the arousal. The idea that a girl who thinks she doesn't want black cock fucking BBC without knowing it and loving it so much she is reduced to a total slut for it- you cannot tell me that is not a hot concept.

    But it remains a valid point that any point of this plan, introducing a stranger that she had not consented to, can very correctly be interpreted as rape.

    The thing is, my girl is kind of about "rape play." In fact, pretty much every girl I've had an extended sexual relationship with has either expressed an interest in or responded VERY enthusiastically to increased roughness and being dominated. My current girl loves me to slap her, not just like her ass but she loves me to even slap her in the face, she loves to be pinched and choked and held down and she loves to deny me her pussy and make me force my way inside her. If I know she's close to cumming, then I know if I whisper in her ear "You don't have any choice" about whatever, me fucking her, "you don't have a choice, you have to cum for me," basically anything where I say that she is under my power and has no agency of her own, that pretty much always pushes her over the edge and gets a good hard orgasm out of her. And like I said, this is anything but atypical of my experience. Frankly, hearing from what people post here and other placers and the videos that go up, I'd say that it's pretty typical for women in general to want to be treated pretty rough and to be overpowered.

    However, I do think that if my girl was still adamant about not touching a black guy and found out that she had just been gang raped by five black guys, yea I think she would pry call the cops on me. So, with all of this in mind, I'm going to propose some revisions to the plan.

    See, the original plan was to have the girl I mentioned earlier, who had already fucked strangers on my orders and was ok with the idea of fucking a black guy if i REALLY wanted her too, and surprise her with a threesome with me and a BBC (though the Confederate flag bikini is pretty much a non-negotiable part of the whole thing.) I would sill try to get the whole thing done without her ever knowing for certain that there had been a third cock present, but it was a situation where if she did find out (which yea, another good point, it's pretty likely that the jig would be up in phase one) then it wouldn't be the end of the world and she would almost certainly just roll with it like a good slut (specially if she's good and buzzed).

    So my modifications would be something like this:

    1. Get my current girl to possibly have actually physical and even sexual contact with a stranger that we both find acceptable/desirable.
    2. Get her to come around to the idea of flirting with and teasing black guys when she goes to the bars, with the understanding that she would just be leading them on. Frankly, I think I could get her to come around to this idea and find it fun/hot.
    3. Once she has gotten comfortable teasing them, bring her along to the point of being ok with a threesome with me and a stranger.
    4. We have sex with her blindfolded and/or bound fairly commonly. I would want to fuck her as silently as I could for those times so that that would become routine to a point, or at least not unheard of.
    5. Do phase one, but with a white stranger that perhaps she had already had some contact or interest with, or someone that I was sure was her type based on experience up to this point.(The Confederate flag bikini would still stay, of course, so that it would not arouse suspicion.) If we got caught in that situation, by that point I know she would be ok with it, and I would be able to condition her to expect and enjoy those special occasions.
    6. Get her to open up to the possibility of a sexual encounter with a black man. Hopefully enough time teasing and flirting at bars and such will do most of the work for me, and I will just need to say the right things to nudge conversations in the right directions when she comes home and teases me with all of her flirtatious behavior for the evening. I think also seeing me get more turned on by that kind of thing will also work to encourage her.
    7. When a BBC is finally introduced, reveal it once everyone is finished fucking, him, me, her, once everyone is happy and satisfied, and let her get comfortable with what has happened in a less...traumatic way than originally envisioned.
    8. Do not record any of it unless/until she is ok with the idea of videoing.
    9. If/once I have gotten to that point, I will begin planning to have a surprise gang bang like the latter phases of my original post. By then it should all be within the realm of acceptable adventurism.

    See, the thing is, I'm kind of a comic book super villain at heart. I mean, now that I think of it, my original post is something that I could see the Joker pulling on Harley Quinn, and of course Harley wouldn't call rape because of the nature of that relationship. (Ooh...that would actually make some good fanfic....) I really enjoy the trickery aspect, the idea of "getting away with it", the intricacy and the planing that goes into it. I actually do stuff like that with/for my girl all the time. I surprised her with a hot stone massage (I'm actually kind of bomb-ass at massage- whenever I've wanted to fuck an ex or get back together after a breakup, all I've needed to do was get my hands on their shoulders or feet and be patient.) which was a first, and then also surprised her by having put rope restraints at all four bedposts which I kept hidden before tying her down. The whole idea of having a master plan and putting it into action is practically as arousing and appealing to me as every other aspect I've described so far combined. So it is necessary for there to be some level of "violation," for there to be something that happens that isn't expected or explicitly asked for- something that lies beyond the previous limits, something that requires a push. I'd say the comments about the initial post being too severe of a breach of trust and falling into the criminalistic rape category have valid points. But, I know my own sexual relationships, and I have come to learn that the criminality of "rape" is not black and white. I think one thing that every man on here can attest to, and probably every woman to, is that the appeal of these relationships outside the borders of a marriage or traditional monogamous boyfriend/girlfriend status, is that Bulls don't ask for permission or consent. They take, they dominate, they conquer. And conquerers always rape the conquered. Always.

    Now I know it's not that simple. It's not like Bulls just barge their way into random homes and create cuckold relationships. They are invited and they understand and respect the rules, whoever it is that is deciding on them, or they are not invited back. Of course, judging by Cuckold Captions content, basically that, a home invasion/rape scenario, is a fantasy that is out there and explored.

    So I guess in short what I want to say is, Thanks to the commentaries for the constructive criticism. Don't know if y'all meant for it to sound quite as judgey as I read it, because I kind of expected this to be a safe place to air my fantasies, but nonetheless you both made valid points, and maybe thats just me being oversensitive, so I hope you don't think I'm being disrespectful when I express that concern. Of course, any feedback is ALWAYS WELCOME, including what ppl think of the revisions I listed above.

    Thanks for reading, sorry if this is novel-length, I kind of tend to go on when I get started.

  5. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Everybody has their own thoughts and ideas of what turns them on. Gonzo would never let her be truly hurt. Fantasies are that fantasies and we have heard worse ones.

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