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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Ilovemywife

    Ilovemywife Member

    Great story of how fantasy evolves into reality. I enjoyed the way you savor the highlights of your experience and play back years later to enjoy it all over again. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your life unfold here.
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  2. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I am sorry but I not only gave up on you but the whole site for awhile. I need to read you sissification post.
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    LIFE happens. Totally understandable.
    And I Promise to get another Installment on this Thread, now that I got my more Recent Developments Thread ( on my Sissification ), started.
  4. tslave

    tslave Member

    I can second that. I too have been a cuckold for 30 yrs. It was a long, slow road. My wife wasn't as into it at first (as yours was). Now, the three of us are very happy with the relationship. Unfortunately, health issues now get in the way.
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  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 24: Life and Marriage Adjustments in a New Place.

    Well after arriving in California we had a Lot of adjusting to do. First to the area, neither one of us liked it very much starting with the housing. Very Hard to find an apartment for 2 reasons. First was trying to live on a Sailor’s pay, 2nd was when you did find something you had to compete against around 20 other people. Finally a landlord who was ex-Navy took pity on us and his next listing he didn’t have his lawyer select from the applicants and gave it to us. The other adjustment was it was still less than a month after I returned from the sea. I was still getting to know my daughter and vice versa. But it turned out the biggest adjustment was to my new Hotwife and I getting to know each other again.

    As I said before all couples getting back together after almost a year apart would have to adjust to any changes in each other over that time. But Cuckold couples have much more to adjust too, especially in our situation where we had just become a Cuckold couple prior to the deployment. That caused big changes in me but major changes in her. Therefore you might think that I had the harder time with the adjustment but you’d be wrong. She was the one that had to leave her 3 Lovers behind on the other side of the country. Three Men that she had loved Sexually Flirting with till they couldn’t resist trying to sample her Sexy body. She had months where she was free to have more sex than she ever had in her life and now she was having to “settle” for the husband who those 3 Men had made it Glaringly apparent to her was Pathetic as a Lover for her by comparison. From 3 Men to her Pathedick little boy with the Barely 5” on a good day dicklet that came very Quickly while fucking her Man pleasing pussy. Considering how important Sexual Happiness was to her overall Happiness this was a recipe for serious Marital issues.

    We were in California for less than a year but it was a Rough year, especially at times. We had no one that she trusted with our daughter so we couldn’t even go out looking for a new Lover for her and she didn’t feel comfortable going out alone (she having no friends there either). I tried to help by doing what I could to find her a new Man. That was an Adjustment to me, finding My Wife a new Man. A Man who could give her what was Obvious in a Deliciously Painful way to me could give her what I wasn‘t capable of. So I took her “Needs” to heart and over came the rest of my previous aversion to my friends/coworkers being her Lovers. As I said I had already realized that with my growing acceptance and apparent Need for Sexual Humiliation the thought of the potential of being “outed” to my friends as Needing help keeping My Wife Sexually Satisfied was actually beginning to be a Sexual Trigger for me. So I started to look at my fellow sailors a little different. Trying to look for someone I thought she would be turned on by wasn’t too difficult but the Hard part was looking for signs that they might be open to going to Our Martial bed with My Wife.

    I finally settled on a guy that became more of a friend after Don had left the ship and when the time was right I brought it up to her. She had met him and was very interested in him becoming her new Man in bed. She then asked “But how could we make it happen?” I was ready for that question and said that I would talk to him about it. She looked at me for what seem like a minute with a shocked look on her face. Then it turned into an interesting Grin. She said “you would do that for me?” I replied that I Loved her and wanted her to be Happy. She replied that she was happy but then walked up to me swaying her hips extra Sexily and still her Naughty grin and squeezed my dicklet through my jeans. Stroking it while saying “but it’s true that this thin little thing can’t Pleasure me the way I Need it and you know that right?” I groaned a little and my dicklet started stiffening in my pants, she could feel it and said “Oh it seems like you enjoy that” I replied yes and she asked what did I enjoy. I said what you’re doing to me with your hand. She asked if that was the whole reason I was getting very hard. I truthfully told her no to which she said “well tell me then, I want to hear you say it”. I sheepishly said “ your telling me that my dick is too thin and little to Pleasure your body the way you need is making me hard”. She said “and you enjoy hearing that?” I replied that yes I am enjoying it. She giggled and turned and said “Good boy” while sashaying to the bedroom beckoning me to follow.

    When we got there she started to kiss me and said I think my Good boy deserves some sex for that. She undressed and lay on the bed with her sexy legs spread and fingers lightly touching her pussy while she watched me undress. When I pulled my underwear off she giggled at my small but raging erection exciting me further. We kissed then I worked on her pert breasts, sucking and nibbling her hard nipples till she was moaning loudly and undulating her hips. She told me to eat her, something I was actually good at in bed. I put a lot of enthusiasm into it has I loved the taste of her Sweet Pussy, until she had what was a nice orgasm, for me giving it to her that is. I was still raging and she told me I could fuck her but she quickly said after I put it in and started stroking, before I could cum “see your thin little thing doesn’t quite do it for me and I’m tired so pull out” That frustrated me but she knew that what she said was withering to me therefore it was clear she enjoyed saying it and I liked hearing it. So she added while turning over on her stomach “but my little boy deserves to cum so you can beat off on my ass”. Disappointed at her tease of letting me stroke her Superb pussy for just long enough to want it more, some how my arousal actually increased by her doing that to me. Especially when she raised her Callipygian Ass up while saying “But you know that you’ll have to do your Amazing ass worshiping while you eat all your cum up off my ass”.

    I knelt between her legs as she spread them exposing her slit which was still open from my licking and sucking. Has I beat off caressing her ass she said I could also feel her pussy which was soaking wet and slippery. I didn’t last long after all the Humiliating things she had said and made me admit. So groaned that I was going to cum and started shooting ropes of thick cum all over her ass cheeks and crack as she giggled saying “I knew you wouldn’t last long”. Which intensified my orgasm. When I finished she said you know what you have to do now but I want to hear you say it, I want to hear you say that you Want to do it. As I looked at her Man attracting Ass covered in sperm, a large load for me, the sight was so Enticing I readily admitted it to her. Saying “I Want to lick your cum covered Amazing Ass”. She told me to get to it and I dived right in Eagerly kissing and lapping the big sperm puddles from her globes. She kept saying “That’s my little cum eater hubby do a good job of eating and swallowing all your slops”. Bringing another groan from me and a moan from her as I delved into her ass crack to get what I had shot there and what ran into it. She told me that’s right lick it up quickly I don’t want any of your slops reaching my pussy. When it was all cleaned up I continued on to what I knew she really wanted then. My massaging her lower back while kissing and lightly biting her ass with scraping my teeth on her cheeks giving her goosebumps. She just signed over and over. When she was totally relaxed and falling asleep she told me I could stop. We fell asleep cuddling with my little dicklet between her cheeks and my hand on her breast.

    To be continued (of course) but it won’t be a long wait like the time from the last Installment. I promise.
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  6. Tiaraboy

    Tiaraboy New Member

    Pathedick, I am not sure how to respond to you and this amazing recounting of your sissification at the hands and assesses of your beautiful, wife. You paint such a lovely picture. The love you two shared is very apparent, and the gracious respect and admiration you two had for each other is evident every line of your writings about her. You are such a loving guide into the, at times, darkest jungle of sissification as you allow others to come with you on your journey of discovery and revelation of your inner True-self. Notice how that word, True-self, that concept describing one's actual inner being, begins with the letter T, a letter that in it's crudest form depicts a Cross on which one is impaled, and left to hang, sometimes for an extremely long time, while the remnants of one's selfishness and selfish desires are stripped away leaving only the purest essence of self which is Love. Thank you Pathedick for generously sharing this with us.
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  7. philipoams

    philipoams New Member

    It looks like a good blog story about platonic love.
  8. veryold

    veryold Member

    This is exactly my wording too - in formere times being president of a company.
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I'm a winner, a great fuck and a cuckold. I'm married to a wonderful woman who happens to like sex a lot, which is better than a wife who has little or no interest in sex. She gives me all the pussy I want, including dipping into her female lovers now and then.
  10. philipoams

    philipoams New Member

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