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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    WOW,Humbly, Truly, Thank you. That is what this Great website is about. Posting Our Life and if someone that is feeling like they are Alone can be helped by it, That's the Best. If not at least I hope someone gets a orgasm from it. Again Thank You
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  2. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I think I love you. But seriously your story has blown me away. All I know is I have these feelings. Have lived one confusing life. Have been lost with what seemed hopeless, trying to find help.Your wonderful story helped me more then you could possibly know because I have been screaming out for someone,
    Anyone to tell from their HEART , What is it really like to be and live the life of a Cuckold. Your story has EXCITED ME, has reached me EMOTIONALLY, has SADDENED me, and your last part has SCARED me. Your wife was amazing in so many LITTLE things that she has done to show you her dominance and to give you the HUMILIATION you so thrive on. I fantasize about things you have lived and now I realize more clearly that I AM a CUCKOLD . The thing is I am a Cuckold without a Hotwife. I have had many cuckoldish events happen in my life, many because of my desires. Please continue I will be following you with excitement in my soul.
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I'm Very Sorry, " alone and needing", that I haven't responded before now. Your post came on a day that I was delightfully distracted and was an added bonus. I am Very pleased that in some small way My Cuckold Life Memoirs have helped you.
    You say you don't have a Hotwife now to make your fantasies and desires come true. Well it's my experience that you can't force that to happen, Patience, and yes luck play a part. So I wish you Luck and I Really will try to get back to putting it back in print.
  4. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    Thank you Pathedick

    You certainly have helped me understand cuckolding better. Happy Thanksgiving
    If I'm not mistaken you have a lot more to share of your story.
    Looking forward to reading more.
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  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I'm glad my putting down my long thought about experiences and conclusions helped you and some others. It helped me also.

    I will be telling more, I promise. But like Thanksgiving, I worked a 12 hour shift and today too.
  6. surry

    surry Guest

    WOW this is great! My wife even likes it.
  7. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    WOW, well Thank you and your wife. I'll have to find the time to read some of your posts to see what you 2 are/have been up to. But I am glad that you Both enjoyed it, as I am especially interested in the wives opinions. Also Hope it helps either of you in some way.

    It's not for everyone but I will get back to it, has it helps me to relive it while putting it down on paper, so to speak
  8. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    We aren't getting any younger here Pathedick.
    I'm so looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey.

    Can anyone tell me what Bump means on here?
    So many shortcuts I am lost sometimes.
  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 21: A Hotwife and Cuckold Life, like All life has it’s ups, downs and bumps along the way as the Year after my return would reveal.

    The night that she had me eat Pete’s cum off of her naked body with him outside Knowing I was doing it, I not only Wanted some of Her and her Wonderful Pussy, but was Desperate for it. I told her that she had said that I could have some of what Pete had IF I cleaned up Pete’s Cum off her with my tongue. So I was Very Anxious for Some. She then pointed out:

    “ That is NOT what I said, I said Clean me up IF you WANT some of what Pete had moments ago”.

    “Therefore I was looking for you to Prove that you WANTED some of my Pussy.”

    “That didn’t mean that I WAS going to give you what Pete had.”

    Of course she had what can only be described as her Delightfully Teasing, Taunting, but Oh So Sexy smile on her face while she said it. While lying in her skimpy panties and a semi long but still sexy satin nightgown. I pouted at her statement but it still turned me on even more. Which of course she could tell from my little stiffy as evidence. Finally she giggled and said ok but Only because I know you won’t be too long, giggling again. I removed her panties and she said “use your best Sexual feature on me, your tongue”. I ate her for awhile till she had a small orgasm. Then she said “Ok you can stick your dicklet in me”. I pointed out that I had just given her an orgasm and that I LOVED to do that for her. She thanked me for that but then pointed out that it was a small one and that Pete had really Satisfied and Serviced her earlier today. Giving her what she Really needed.

    Between my eating her and Pete’s Royal Fucking with his Very Thick Cock, my Glaringly Inferior dicklet slipped into her Sloshy wet and open pussy with One resistance free stroke. It felt Heavenly to me though so I started to stroke in and out of her, quickly devolving from a semi-controlled stroking to a Pitiful little boy humping. She soon said, “I told you that you could put it in, so when are you going to put it in?”. After I told her that I have been in for a minute or two (probably less than a minute) she laughed and said that she was too stretched and to pull it out and finish with my hand. I whined that I “Earned” an orgasm, like she gave Pete today. She said he pulled out when he came and sprayed it all over my body. “You should Remember that, and I know your tongue does”. “So beat your little dicklet off and cum on me like his Magnificent Cock did.” So I Reluctantly pulled out and kneeled next to her, already really close to cumming. She told me to “feel my pussy with your other hand, to feel what I gave Pete’s Big Cock today “ So I fingered her Sloppy Man Pleasing opening bringing me to the edge. She could tell and said “You know when you cum you have to eat your sperm up like you did his today” To which I started shooting all over her tits and belly. Big load but No where near the size of Pete’s. She giggled the whole time I shot and said “Seems like you like being told to do that” to which I was too ashamed to look at her. She then told me that she meant what she said and I Really did Have to lick and eat my cum off her. This time I hesitated a bit because I had already cum and wasn’t as Horny as when it was Pete’s sperm she was covered with. But I knew she was serious and so I started while she looked down at me, I looked at her and she grinned and said “You’re becoming quite the Cum Eater, Hubby”.

    The next day we drove to Florida to visit her parents. Plus I had arranged for a short second Honeymoon since the first was Only on the Very Cheap and visiting relatives, Mine. We were also going to leave our daughter with her grandparents and fly to the Bahamas for a few days. I had been there and Literally Around the World but my wife had never been out of the country. I also HOPED that it would bring us back closer to each other since she was obviously struggling with me being back and Cramping her style, so to speak. While I was reinserting myself into the Head of the Family role.
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  10. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 21(Continued due to post size limits): A Hotwife and Cuckold Life, like All life has it’s ups, downs and bumps along the way as the Year after my return would reveal.

    While in the Bahamas we fucked that first night since it had been a few days because she wouldn’t let me while we were sleeping in her old Twin bed, so I Pressed her for the Pleasure of her Oh So Sexy body and Pleasure giving Pussy. At first she resisted but she was Really horny herself, she wasn’t used to going without Sex with a Man, or in Reality a Few Men on a almost daily basis and wasn’t taking to the adjustment well since I came home and CAUSED it. But I could also tell that she was at least a little grateful that I had given in on the stuff that I had wanted to do that day, like snorkeling and parasailing that day, and we had Instead spent the whole day doing what she did Second best (to Sex of course), Shopping. Spent the whole day in the local markets buying tourist stuff. But she had worn one of the Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie that I had surprised her with when we got to the Bahamas. Don’t know if she wanted to tease me or turn me on. Either way she was succeeding in a Big way, or actually a little stiffy way.

    So with enough foreplay including kissing, nibbling and sucking on her sensitive breasts and fingering her always soaking wet pussy. She finally unsnapped the crotch of her Sexy lace teddy and climbed onto my stiff dick. No bullet and therefore I correctly deduced that she was Desperate to get off and knew that with me she had to use every advantage she could. She would need one of her Biggest Orgasm Triggers, Insemination of her unprotected pussy/womb with it’s corresponding Pregnancy risk. She also was experienced enough to NOT give me Any of my Growing number of Orgasm Triggers having to do with Sexually Humiliating things she could say to me. Things she Enjoyed saying but knew if she did, the Fuck she Needed So Badly, would come to a Very Quick and Abrupt End. I picked up on these clues and was doing my Absolute Best to suppress the Already out of control sexual arousal that I was experiencing. I was thinking about Everything and ANYTHING that might be a Turn off, Physics problems, work problems, even everything we still had to do to get moved out to California. It worked for awhile, but Awhile is a Relative term. In my World awhile holding off an orgasm while stroking (or even holding still) inside my wife’s Silky, Mushy Pussy can be as little as double what I last sometimes. But Double is like 2 minutes. In this case I probably Greatly exceeded that lasting over, probably 5 minutes (I know Laughable to a Real Man). But due to my diminutive dicklet size, especially compared to her other lovers, it was still not near enough for my Hot wife to build to a climax. Even a small one. I announced in a very demonstrative way, due to my own intense sensations and also in the HOPE that the thought of pending insemination of her unprotected pussy, she might quickly build to her own climax before I was finished. Then getting soft and leaving her stranded.

    Once the orgasm started, I dragged the Intense, for Me orgasm out as long as I could, out of her needs and my not wanting it to end. Right near the end of my cumming, and as I was surely about to start to go soft, we both were Lucky enough that she got a small orgasm. But I could then quickly tell as she came down that she was frustrated and annoyed. NOT the way either of us wanted something Pleasurable and Intimate to end. She then forcefully, urgently, told me to “Put the bullet in, Hurry”. I opened one and inserted it deeply. Considering my Barely 5 inch stiffy, I’m sure I got it deeper than that by a nice amount. But then she did something that she hadn’t done before. With frustration in her voice still but also a strange smile on her face she said, “Now clean your Slops out of me to help the bullet”. I looked at her spread legs and her Hairy and Messy pussy, which wasn’t gaping like when I saw her after Pete had just finished with her. Then up at her. Now she was Grinning. Knowing what I was thinking, she said “Don’t worry the bullet wasn’t melted when you put it in and you pushed it up deeper than your dicklet probably shot so you won’t be eating the bullet. You made that Mess with your Slops now you can clean it up. Besides I believe I gave YOU a Tremendous amount of Pleasure it would show your Gratitude to me”.

    Everything she said was True so in spite of not being horny after cumming, I found myself not only moving my face towards her Messy but not very well fucked pussy, but I was also Strangely being drawn to the task. To the Mess matted in her hairy bush and still leaking out, to my “Slops”, and to the Task of Cleaning her Pleasure providing, Sexually Superior Pussy. I started with the little river of “Slops” leaking out trying to stem the flow and spread of the Mess. I found it wasn’t unpleasant, at All, to me. Was she right again? Was I Really a “Cum Eater”, was she only showing me I was what she Knew I was? I looked at her, for her reaction to it. She was Grinning but with a semi Blissful look at the same time. She told me “Nice start hubby, now continue”. I did and started getting Very into it the more I did it. I searched deep with my tongue which made her moan MUCH louder than she did while we are fucking. Then I searched outward, cleaning her outer lips and of course focusing on her Clit. I could tell she was actually building to an orgasm so I continued, Eagerly. I Really wanted to make her feel half the Pleasure that she had provided me. Finally she Came, It was Tremendously harder than when I was inseminating her while we we fucking.

    She lied back while I finished, still eagerly, cleaning her bush also. When I was done she had recovered enough to say “I think my little Cum Eater enjoyed that.” She lifted her head and looked and being that I was in my early 20’s still, she saw my already hard little stiffy and said one word “Interesting”. We then cuddled and spooned, since I knew as much as I wanted relief of the stiffy, that I wasn’t going to get it. SoI didn’t push such a “Little” issue, and instead we fell asleep with my dicklet pressed between her Callipygian ass cheeks and the hand of the arm wrapped over her was cupping one of her Sexy breasts.
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  11. tslave

    tslave Member

    i am interested.
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  12. tslave

    tslave Member

    i am enjoying your story. it is very similar to mine. i have written parts of mine but would like to do more...
  13. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you Very much. For the Longest time I thought I was alone, or almost alone in my Sexual desires/Sexual Life. Now I know that there are others that although still different, they are as you say at least similar. If you posted some of your story, I'll have to find it, IF I haven't read it already. Thank you for liking mine.
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  14. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    GREAT installments and I like your avatar!
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  15. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    You of course know that the avatar was influenced by You
  16. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Don't know why the first post didn't come through as a reply to you Wayne. But Thank you for the compliment on my last few installments. And as the post above states, You of course know that the avatar was influenced by You.
  17. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Part 22: The Second Honeymoon Reveals a Prelude of this Cuckold Sailor and his Hot Wife’s Future Life.

    The rest of the short Second Honeymoon, was more of the same. We spent the days shopping, right up till the day we were going to fly out when I finally got to do some quick snorkeling in the hotel lagoon and got to do parasailing. The last two nights, like the first night there, the sex was like a Prelude to what was coming in my future, at least a small taste of it. Maybe because of being in the Tropics with the Ocean sounds outside our balcony door and feeling grateful that her “hubby” had made the day All about her again. Whatever the reason She dressed in one of the Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie and had me Hot and Excited for her and her Luscious body. That second night she again let me enter her and Make Love to her without protection. Of course I didn’t last too long in spite of trying, even stopping to hold off when I felt myself approaching the point of No Return. But then she would get frustrated and asked why I had stopped. I told her the truth and she said “How am I supposed to have an orgasm if you’re not even stroking my pussy?” I told her I was sorry and started to stroke again only to quickly have to stop again. To which she said “ Again, Already, you’re Pathetic” and started to laugh, her laughing at me, laughing at my dicklet and Pathetic use of it. Combined with the contractions that her laughing caused in her Pleasure Providing pussy, sent me Completely over the edge. I again announced that I was going to shoot my sperm “deep” inside her in the hope that would bring her off. But No Luck. She laughed harder but then quickly pushed me off her while the last spurt of cum landed on her thigh. She yelled annoyingly to put the bullet in quickly. She was Very Sexually frustrated and I could tell Unhappy. I told her I was Very Sorry, but her Laughter set me off. I lay down next to her and held her while she still was lying on her back with her legs still spread apart in NEED of a Good Fucking but without a Man capable of giving it in the room. I tried to comfort her. She finally looked and saw the last spurt on her thigh and wiped it up with her finger and stuck it in my mouth. Didn’t say anything. Then just rolled over. She did allow me to spoon with her when I tried. Later I woke up to her using her fingers on her pussy to get some release. She stopped when she thought I might be awaking up. I pretended not to notice and to be still asleep. And thought she didn’t see me watching, because she started back up again a minute later. She quietly as possible had an orgasm. I was aroused by the sight, but also Wished I could have given her what she Needed. After she came she reached over and let me know that she knew I was pretending to be asleep by holding her pussy juice covered fingers under my nose for a bit. When she could tell I was sniffing and had picked up her Man Arousing Aroma she giggled and again rolled over.

    The 3rd and last night in the Bahamas I wasn’t sure after last nights performance or Lack there of, if she would be willing to have sex. But when she came out of the bathroom for bed she was in the 3rd item from Fredericks I had given her, and knew that she was willing. But after a lot of foreplay she had me put the bullet in. I figured she had decided she didn’t want pregnancy risk sex again (at least with me) tonight and was being careful. But rather than let me mount her she said that the bullet needed to melt first and to eat her while that happened. I figured that I, like the last time had pushed the bullet deep enough and I could eat her juices and not the bullet. I did bring her off and then she let me mount her but she was only half into it. Shortly after she said. “Almost done hubby?” to which I announced my orgasm. Triggering giggles and a “I knew you would be, my Little Minute man”. Intensifying my orgasm.

    In our first Honeymoon, something about our sex life afterwards was Defined. As I said in that Installment 7 about how after Teasing me relentlessly on the 3 hour drive to our hotel on our Wedding Night. She fell asleep and I never got to have sex with her that night. Well THAT became the Standard for EVERY one of our Anniversaries. Once or twice I was out to sea, but even on ALL the other Anniversaries that we had over the decades she said “Why mess with tradition” and sometimes “We have a Streak going, can’t end it this year”. Of course that did NOT mean that SHE wasn’t going to have sex on our Anniversaries (more on that later). Well the Second Honeymoon I was to discover over the coming Decades, also Defined a Huge part of OUR sex life, together. By that I mean, the Intercourse, WE had Together, not her with other of Her Men. Those 3 nights in the Bahamas (the first described in Installment 21) Proved to be the Mainstay of our Sex together, WHEN she Would let Me enter her Magnificent Pussy. Yes there were some other variances and tweaks due to Both of our imaginations. BUT a Tremendous amount of our Sex Together was some Variance of one of those 3 nights. There as Always will be more on that in the future (like my feelings and thoughts on that). But just like WE were different from before I went around the World for 8 months Serving my Country, WE were Also different from just before the first few days back and even in a Big way from just 3 days before we left and went on our Second Honeymoon.
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  18. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 23: The Year of Adjustment and Rough patches, starts in earnest for Both of us.

    That day back before we went to the Bahamas that my Sexy wife and Pete had correctly read me that I needed them to help me, guide me, even push and can control me into continuing to embrace and accept my Natural inclination and NEED for Sexual Humiliation. They both knew that Pete’s idea to double down on her making me eat my own cum after I Prematurely sprayed it over her body without touching myself, was just what I needed. They knew that I would need to be pushed to overcome the society norm that men don’t eat sperm, a man’s cum. She wanted to make me into her Cum Eater hubby figuring that I deserved it for being such a Lousy Fuck that left her mostly unsatisfied. Unlike the Real Men that she had found could give her Exactly what she and her Horny body needed. She loved me but that BIG Inadequacy in such a BIG NEED for her Happiness caused Frustration and Disappointment to both of us but especially so for her. She had found through her Natural desires for Real Men and then giving into those desires after I revealed my Natural desires for her to Cuckold me, a way to get her needed Sexual Satisfaction. To get most of her Sexual Needs filled by Real Men. But she had discovered by accident really that she had one Sexual need she didn’t know she had. Though she Adored being submissive to Real Men Sexually, she discovered that she also Adored being Dominant to me, Sexually. She had been surprised at discovering that I seemed to love her saying things that would Crush other Men with Total Humiliation and a Terrible unrecoverable blow to their Male Egos. Or Worst yet, send them into a Rage of Anger at her. Yet I seemed to Crave it, even Thrive on it.
    So at first she told herself that she was only doing and saying those Sexual Humiliating things to me for Me. But finally realized that My reaction to it was a Big turn-on for her also. So she figured if we Both were turned-on by it then why not do it.

    But Life had other ideas for our immediate future. We returned from the Bahamas and with our daughter drove back home. Arriving in the middle of the night. I always preferred to drive long distance at night. I Despise traffic and discovered that with little children that was the best time because they sleep (even if you can’t) instead of whining and complaining about spending Hours strapped to a car seat. After getting everything inside I finally got to go to bed with my wife. She had been sleeping for awhile in the car also but was still out of it so when I tried to relax by getting some Sexual relief she made it be known that I was out of Luck. So I eventually fell asleep with my little hard-on pressed into her Awesome ass cheeks. The next morning (just a few hours later) I was so exhausted I didn’t even wake when she got out of bed. When I finally got up it was actually early afternoon. When I came into the family room my wife was looking hot in her pink shorts, she as not only with our daughter but with Pete. She said “Hi sleepy head, Pete was driving by and saw our car so he knew we were back and stopped to see if WE needed anything”. Both of them Smiling at me while she said it. Then she added “ I’ve promised our daughter that since she was so good on the drive yesterday that she could go to McDonalds so why don’t you two go, I Really Need to Lay down in bed for a bit”. Those kind of statements tend to stick in your mind, well forever. So I said come on kiddo, and we left for lunch so my wife could lay down in bed for awhile. I Really did try to concentrate on our daughter while at lunch and the play area after, but my mind couldn’t stay off of what was probably occurring a our house right then. There the PLAY area was Sure to be our Martial bed. Where my wife was Surely squealing with Delight Louder than our daughter was at McDonalds. As we drove back we passed Pete and he beeped his horn at me and smiled and waved so I knew my wife’s NEEDS had been met.
    When I entered the house I couldn’t believe it but I was actually HOPING for a repeat performance of me opening our bedroom door to her naked on the bed covered in Pete’s creamy cum. But no such Luck that day. She was back in her pink shorts looking even More Sexy with the Satisfied glow she had. She Thanked me and said Pete says thanks too. I remember I told her that I knew she Need it and she replied “Yeah especially after your Bahamas performance”.

    I tried to get some of her Used but Satisfied pussy that night but she would only let me finger her Pete Thick Cock Well stretched pussy but when I tried to slip it in she stated that she thought she had given me enough while in the Bahamas. Then added “though you certainly didn’t give me enough”. I remember I felt Terrible, a feeling I had a LOT over the Decades of being a cuckold. It’s a feeling that some of us cuckolds have to TRY to deal with forever. On the one hand the submissive cuckold embraces the Humiliation of being told Flat out by their wife that he just can Not come close to being what she Needs in bed, but on the other, the Loving hubby can’t come to grips with not being able to keep their wife sexually satisfied. So I just humbly spooned with my little stiffy in the crack of her ass. Then she must have felt sorry for me and stated something, for the First time, that was So Awesome and became one of our staples since WE both Enjoyed it MANY times over the decades. She told me that because she loved me I could beat my dicklet off while caressing her ass and fingering her pussy. How could Anything be So Disappointing and yet So Thrilling at the same time? She rolled over onto her stomach and I got on my knees between her legs pulled up her satin nighie and she said I could pull down her panties. I then started to Lovingly caress her Callipygian ass that I Truly Worshipped. Then occasionally fingering her Wet pussy that I could Not have in spite of being her husband. I stroked my dicklet while she teased me with details of what happened while I was out to lunch with our daughter. Telling me that while he fucked her he got her to admit that I had left her Very Sexually frustrated on the trip to the Bahamas. That she looked forward to him pounding her the way she needed when she came back. She giggled when she told me that he was glad to hear it and pounded her harder. I quickly Needed to cum with her saying things like that to me, and her giggle was always a Huge trigger. She said for me to shoot my slops on her ass but Only if licked it up afterwards. I of course did Immediately start to cover her Beautiful Ass with my slops after being told that, as I would MANY times in the Same way, for Decades to come.

    The thing she Enjoyed about it So Much, was what came next. She said “Alright my Cum Eating hubby, get your slops off me, All of it.” I then started what I became VERY good at, according to her. I first Lovingly kissed and worshipped her ass cheeks. Then licked the bigger puddles before they could slide off, which would be Very quick (no flavor savor, hair, on her ass like her Sexy bush to capture and hold the Cum). Then the smaller and smaller droplets. I was surprised that I was Actually starting to enjoy eating my own “slops” in spite of the Post Orgasm Blues that males typically have (including me). There was just something about the Whole combination of me leaving her Sexually frustrated on our 2nd Honeymoon (our first nice one) and Pete taking care of those Unsatisfied Needs the day after we came back, and finally NOT being able to Slide inside my wife’s Pleasure providing body that same day. But instead I considered myself Lucky to get what she just provided me. But here’s the part that she Enjoyed, and where I was able to give HER Pleasure. After getting all the obvious cum, I then continued, WORSHIPING her Gorgeous Ass. While using my hands to massage her lower back, I was also Kissing, and VERY Lightly biting, Actually more like scraping her Wonderfully shaped cheeks with my teeth, Lightly. She told me that I was giving her Goosebumps, and I could tell I was, and that she LOVED it. I continued for Quite sometime. Till she told me I could stop. By that time she was half asleep. She told me MANY times over the years that it was SO Relaxing and was WAY More Pleasurable to her than sex with me.
  19. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 23: The Year of Adjustment and Rough patches, starts in earnest for Both of us. (Continued due to space)

    The next couple of days, our last in the area before we moved to the west coast were like she was trying to Gorge herself before a Long famine. Don stopped by the next evening, and the two of us walked to the bar after dinner. Before I left she told me that Don might want only a couple but I could stay for more. Everyone knew what it meant. He did leave early, after wishing us luck on the west coast and saying he’d miss, Both of us. I got into a conversation with another guy and got a bit drunk. Something I regretted after because I wished I had watched them again. Opportunity Lost, for Me. Especially after I got home and he was gone and she was asleep in bed. When I climbed into bed there was a Huge Cold, Wet spot on my side for me to lay down in and sleep in. I Actually got a Wonderful Thrill from it and the thoughts off What it was and How it got there. I cuddled with her, sneaking a feel of her Extremely Sloppy pussy and falling asleep with another little stiffy. She told me the next day that I missed a “Hell of a Show” and as punishment for getting drunk and missing it she wouldn’t tell me ANY more about it.

    Our Last day before leaving for the move was Andrews Turn or so I thought. But while I was out that afternoon picking up the U-Haul trailer and car top carrier to move a lot of our stuff, Pete took advantage of the opening he knew was our daughters nap time for one last piece of my Sexy wife’s Perpetually wet pussy. I remember she told me that afterwards he said “ I hope that will keep you till you get back”. That turned out to be Impossible (which I will get to shortly) . But after I went to bed early that night as I had to drive all day and Well into the night for DAYS to come, Andrew got the last fuck from my wife on that coast for a while (though in the guess room and with her Pete stretched already pussy) while I was sleeping. She didn’t even tell me till the next day when I was driving late into the day and trying to stay awake. She knew it would EXCITE me Immensely and keep me awake. She used that trick Many times during the next few days knowing that I would be Wide Awake driving with a Throbbing Hard-on (she even reached into my pants after unbuttoning them and taking the zipper down and stroked me, edging me, more than once, after making sure our daughter was asleep in her car seat behind my seat so she couldn‘t see anyway).

    But then came the West Coast. We were not even there a year but it was a Very ROUGH time for a bunch reasons. But this Installment is long enough already So it will wait.
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  20. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I promise that I Will continue to put My Decades of Cuckold Life "down on paper" on This Thread (even if I'm not sure how many still are reading it. Maybe all those who were interested have lost interest). But I NEEDED to start another Thread because I couldn't hold in the Developments and Changes to my Current Life. It's over on the Sissification forum because that seem most fitting even though it like My Cuckold Life could also be in the Real Life Experiences forum.

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