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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well things got worst before they even started to get better. Long way to go but I am back writing finally. So there will be another installment shortly. Missed everyone and didn't even have time to stop in for a moment very much so way behind on catching up. Thank you for your patience.
  2. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome back!
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  3. Pulley

    Pulley Member

    Thank you so much for telling your story and sharing it with us.
    I am a patient man and have been trying to ease my wife back into the cuckold lifestyle after 7 years off. I am a patient man. She will stray again, but in the mean time it is a wonderful thing to read your story, keep the instalments coming. Many people won't click buttons and comment, but it is still appreciated by all.
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  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank You saturn. Hope All is well with you and your wife.
  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you Pulley. You are a patient man. My fingers are crossed for you that your patience pays off. I am VERY glad that I can help in anyway to help provide you with a sexual release or two to carry you over till then.
  6. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 18: Her last letters affect on her increasingly submissive Cuckold.

    Her last letter from Installment 17 contained so many levels of Our marriage and of Us. It contained Sexual statements and confessions revealing just where the past 8 months had taken us. She was in a way finally clarifying all our new roles in our sex life. By All I mean ALL.

    First part of “All†was her Lover’s, mostly My Friends. They were going to be what is known as the Alpha Male(s) in Our marriage. They were going to have access to her body and to her Sexually that I as her hubby was Not going to have, or at least in a Much reduced capacity in comparison to them. They it seemed from her letters could just show up and she would take them to Our martial bed and Very Enthusiastically get naked and let them use her body for their pleasure, and as their cum dump (more on that in a minute) .
    They knew she wanted it, needed it, Loved it. They knew WHY she Needed it, and they Enjoyed that knowledge. They had accurately come to the conclusion that because of their knowledge of my inadequate sexual abilities that I would let them do whatever my wife wanted and needed for them to do. They based on her letters seemed to Relish their Sexual Superiority over me. What they didn’t know, at least not yet, was the I was also Relishing their Sexual Superiority over me, or more accurately My Sexual inferiority to them.

    Which brings us to the Second part of “All“, me. I was the beta male in Our marriage. I was becoming more and more submissive, sexually to my wife, and to her Alpha males. At first this submissiveness was I thought just because I wanted to be cuckolded by her and her lovers. But the more my Sexual Humiliation slowly became a part of it, the more I realized that I not only accepted it, but Embraced it, Craved it. She it was clear read that about me (and some of her lovers did too, like Pete) way before I even realized it about me. Hence her at first little teases and comments. I found my hard-on’s were throbbing at hearing or reading each of her Wonderfully Sexy and increasingly Creative teases. I would always hesitatingly reveal this fact to her and she would then take it up just a notch further. I of course was beyond thrilled with how far we had progressed in the 8 months between when we first started to finally fulfill our fantasies, in spite of the fact that I wasn’t even there for most of it. I had become more and more submissive in my fantasies about what our lives would be like when I finally came home. I was always embarrassed by my fantasies after I beat off to them, but wow the orgasms were good. More than good enough to be getting me addicted and craving more. In future Installments a lot of these fantasies will be revealed because they became Reality. I knew that the last 8 months had changed FOREVER the way that she looked at me and thought of me, but could tell that it hadn’t really changed the way she felt about me. It was clear she still loved me, and saw her future as being married to me.

    The Third part of “All†of course is the person that ALL cuckold fantasies Evolve around, Her, the Wife (or girlfriend). The last 8 months had also FOREVER changed how I looked at and thought of her. But ALL in a Great way. I looked at and thought of her as the Hottest of HOT Wife’s. The months and her letters detailing her Sexual activities had shown me the changes in her. Shown me, my thoughts about her being Highly Sexed, only had scratched the surface of how much she Truly enjoyed pleasing men. Other Men. Real Men. Had shown me that her Lust to do that, overrode her marriage Vows, overrode her love for me, overrode her logical thoughts about what she should or shouldn’t be doing Sexually. This brings us to her Actions involving her use of the “bulletsâ€, or almost non-use of them to be exact. Which brings us back to her oblivious willingness to let men, Real Men, use her and her body as their cum dump.

    That last part seemed one of aspects that she was most Enthusiastic about. Though she Really loved to give them pleasure and make their bigger more manly cocks feel good, she Truly Loved when she got them to cum, especially in her. It Never failed to trigger yet Another orgasm for her. Usually the biggest of her Orgasms. She liked seeing Pete’s Fat Cock shoot his sperm on her, but she admitted that she liked the thought that he was at least leaking some pre-cum and even sperm into her while he was fucking her to a more blissful and intense Orgasm. But she also obviously liked the thought that he also was squirting some of his sperm into her before he pulled out. Her letter made it clear that she Relished that thought and found it extremely arousing when she could tell that he had done just that. She loved the feeling of his sperm leaking from her so Much that she wouldn’t do what she knew she should do, put the bullet in, even if it was most likely already too late to be very effective at all.
    Additionally with Don and Andrew she Knew they were Not going to pull out. She Knew that therefore she should have protection in BEFORE they entered her due to their pre-orgasm leakage and definitely before they shot their entire load into her. Yet her letters made Sure to point out that she was NOT doing that. She was even upping the ante, not only fucking one load from Don or Andrew but since they were so young she would wait completely filled with their cum inside her while she would cuddle, caress, and make out with them till she and they were ready for round two. Which would result in their cocks pushing the sperm from their first load deeper into her has they got their own sloppy seconds. Until they finally had enough and would empty their balls of yet another load of creamy, sperm filled cum in another Mutual Orgasm. It was only then that she would finally put a single bullet in to try to prevent pregnancy. She would always add at the end when she made these confessions that she “hoped I wasn’t madâ€. I think she knew that I would be a Lot of things (that I will go much more into later) but mad wouldn’t be one of them.

    As I stated in Installment 5 when we discovered bareback sex she said she found Everything about a man cumming in her unprotected pussy Exciting, Very Exciting. It was the sensations has he shot in her and the sloppy feel, but it was also the realization that she was being inseminated by a Huge load of Live sperm and therefore might be being impregnated. It was obvious to me that she was loving having sperm in her and not just sperm but LIVE sperm in her completely unprotected pussy. Not just any LIVE sperm, but from other men. She used to like me to leak in her by getting me to fuck her some before we put the bullet in. She even used to like me to cum in her unprotected pussy and then put the bullet in afterwards sometimes. But when I got the sloppy seconds that first Date Night, she had me put the bullet in first when she hadn’t for Don before me. The same thing that time I got sloppy thirds the night I shipped out. Don got to fuck her twice without protection until after and yet I, her husband had to put it in before she let me fuck her. This had yet to be discussed between us. I was waiting till I could do it while with her. But it was MORE than noticed by me and I found myself inexplicably UNBELIEVABLY turned on by each and every time she did this to me, and/or told me about doing this. I was a thinking and logical man by nature and profession but here my logic was overtaken by my Lust. I knew what these actions could result in but discounted the odds, being in our favor since she was “supposed†to have a HARD time getting pregnant. I also knew that whatever happened we would accept it and move forward together.

    So the effect of that last letter on me, was…… Many Rock Hard little stiffy situations every time I thought about all that was in that letter and all that came before. And Many Explosive orgasms with my hand while I imagined in my minds eye their Explosive All Natural Orgasms together.
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  7. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life, Installment number 19: A Sailor, now a Truly Cuckolded Sailor Returns home to his family, Hotwife, ALL her Lover’s and His New Life (I have to split this into 2 parts due to the limitation of the software).

    For 8 months, Plus, my life has consisted of the Routine of Navy life at sea for LONG periods interspersed with short periods of a port call in some nice places and some not so nice places. The most important part of that routine to just about everyone including this Cuckold was mail call and it’s connection to Home. But as the cruise ended and home was getting closer than the other side of the world each day well we all found ourselves with questions about what we would find and experience when we got Home. Our wives and girlfriends and children had over 8 months away from us and had changed without us. Now we were coming back into their lives for better or worse. But in my case I believe I had all those worries, Magnified. How would I fit back into my daughters life, who had just turned 2 and I had missed almost half her life. Plus how would I fit back into my wife’s life, and into Her Sex Life. For the last 8 months it was ALL Her Sex Life, I didn’t fit into it except in her mind and in her letters. Now I was going to be coming Home to Her, Her Sexy Body, and Our Marital bed. What was that going to be like? What was my Role when it came to Her Body and Our Marital Bed? I was Very Anxious to get Home but was Also Very Anxious about what I would find and experience there when I did.

    Then came a letter that intensified those feelings and worries. She I guess was also stressing over my return and what it would mean. She stated that she wasn’t sure that she wanted to give up her total freedom over everything. She knew she would continue to have Total freedom over her and Our sex lives but she, it appeared wanted total freedom, Period. For 8 months she had total control over my car (which I always did the driving because before I left she didn’t like to), the house I had brought for us, our money, our daughter, Everything. As I pointed out in those first couple of installments, I am very different Sexually from who I am in the rest of my life. Sexually I was submissive and liked to be the beta, but in life, like in sports I was competitive and an Alpha. I was a Leader of men in the Navy and becoming more so everyday, I wanted to continue to be the leader of my Family. It came to a head a week before I returned. We pulled into Hawaii for only one day, and I couldn’t wait to get ashore to call her and hopefully straighten things out. But when I did she pushed back, doubling down. She finally said that she wasn’t sure she wanted me back if it changed Her life and her Total control of it in anyway (with me paying for all of it of course). That was one LONG week from Hawaii to California.

    During that week, I did what I had done on previous shorter deployments and continued on future deployments, I stopped my at Least daily beating off. I would edge myself, but never allowed myself to cum. I wanted to save up my sperm and my horniness for her. Making me Quite primed by the time we pulled in, all in spite of my mind worrying if my married life with her and my daughter was over. Lots of marriages broke up and ended after that and much shorter deployments, was mine going to also. She I was to find out was not saving up her horniness. Nor were Pete, Don or Andrew. They all, she was to reveal later, were taking advantage of that last week before I came back into the picture. Though she also revealed to me later that Pete didn’t seem to be worried about it at all, he actually seemed to be looking forward to it. She had at least one if not 2 of them stop by for some sexual pleasure with my wife each day of that week. The day before I was due to pull into California and then catch a plane back to Virginia (the ship was changing home ports from East Coast to West and therefore we would have to move to California), both Don and then Andrew stopped by. She told me about those visits when I returned, but she also told me that when she asked Pete if he was coming by for a piece of her ass before I returned, he replied, “No, you and your Very Sexy body will still Need me and my cock after he returns. You know it and your husband knows it too.” She said that she knew she would but hoped he was right about me. He replied “Believe me, your husband will be Craving my visiting in your lives as much as you do”. But I’m getting off track and will get to that.
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  8. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life, Installment number 19: A Sailor, now a Truly Cuckolded Sailor Returns home to his family, Hotwife, ALL her Lover’s and His New Life (Continued)

    So with Major Butterflies in my stomach and a LOT of sperm saved up in my little balls, I flew home. She met me at the gate (you could do that back then) with my daughter. She had on the same Sexy black floral dress that she had worn on that first date night with Don and looked even better and Sexier than she did that night over 8 months ago. As I took in her Sexiness I couldn’t believe that she was actually right in front of me again. We went to each other and I took her in my arms and looked at her and kissed her, but she didn’t want to tongue at the airport so she denied my tongue when I tried. I also took in how big my daughter had gotten and tried to hug her but she was scared of me and whimpered and wouldn’t let go of her mom’s leg. That hurt in spite of being expected and thought I was prepared for, but wasn‘t. My wife said that she would get used to me again, and kept telling her that I was her daddy. We went to my also beloved sports car but as I asked for the keys she balked, saying that she had learned to like driving it and since I hadn’t driven in over 8 months she should drive. That angered me a bit and I said to her (not loud enough for our daughter to hear) “I haven’t fucked in over 8 months either but those are both things you don’t forget how to do” . She giggled and even burst out laughing as she handed me the keys and said, “I won’t comment on your ability at the one, but you were a good driver so here”.

    At home I had a LOT of trouble keeping my hands off her, especially her ass and rubbing up her legs. But when I would get close to her panties and the Heaven they held beneath them she would always pull away and say, not yet, tonight. I was VERY sexually frustrated already and it was building all evening. Finally our daughter fell asleep and I got to pick her up for the first time in almost a year, hold her in my arms and put her in her bed. Then I just had to get her mother into bed for the first time in almost a year.

    Finally I was alone with my Sexy Hotwife, I sat down with her on the couch and started kissing her, she slowly loosened up while I became Rapidly more and more Excited. I felt up her legs again, going higher towards the prize but she again stopped me and stood up and said, “Ok hubby, I guess you’ve waited long enough” and walked to Our bedroom with her Calipygian ass swaying back and worth in front of me. When we got there she took off her dress while I removed my shirt and pants leaving my briefs bulging with my little stiffy. I kissed her while I unhooked her bra and then removed it to take in her small but beautifully shaped and nippled breasts. I tweaked those nipples in my fingers while she started to moan. Then I took one of them in my mouth and sucked and lightly nibbled on it. She moaned louder. Finally she lay down on the bed and I lay next to her and continued to use my mouth on her breasts while snaking my fingers inside her panties to Finally feel her Wonderful hairy and Wet Pussy after so Very long. I fingered her while she moaned louder and louder until she said “Ok hubby you can fuck me”. I kneeled and pulled off her panties to gaze upon Heaven on Earth, her Pussy. By this time I was WAY beyond Excited and was Hotter than I could ever remember. I then peeled off my briefs while she looked down at me kneeling between her Sexy legs, on her back. Has my briefs revealed my little stiffy, she giggled and said “I’m sorry, I forgot how Littl… I mean… cute your’s is” That was too much for my hair trigger stiffy and I started shooting that Very large load of saved up cum all over her legs, pussy hair, belly and breasts, without so much as touching myself. My dicklet just kept jerking and shooting while she at first looked shocked, then amused and then as I finished , she looked disappointed and annoyed. I was completely embarrassed and knew I had REALLY let her down and failed on my first attempt to do my husbandly, manly duties in over 8 Whole months.

    She looked at all my cum coating her and then up at me and said “Well that was Very disappointing, even more than I was afraid of” I told her I was sorry, she was so Sexy and it had been SO Very long then somehow when she giggled it set me off, I couldn’t help myself. And then added that I would make it up to her. She smirked and said, “Well that was Disappointing But Interesting”. She thought for a moment then said, “You’re right you will make it up to me, you can start by cleaning me up”. I started to get up to get a towel, when she said “Oh No you don’t I need to get some pleasure for myself and you can start with your tongue. Lick me clean hubby”. I looked at her Sexy body covered with my sperm and then hesitated. She said “You said you’d make it up to me, so DO IT hubby. It‘s the Least you can do for that poor performance”. I started to lap at the largest creamy puddle and surprisingly I liked it and started to get into it and excited again. She added to that excitement by grinning at down on me and by telling me about both Don and Andrew fucking her SO Wonderfully in this bed yesterday and both shooting their sperm ONLY after she had cum more than once. Plus how they shot their creamy loads deep in her unprotected pussy as I lapped up my own sperm from her skin and pussy hair. When I had gotten it all I then started lapping at her pussy, the pussy that two men had so Royally fucked and came in the day before my return. She moaned and said “At least you are VERY good with that tongue of yours”.

    Finally after I got her very close with my tongue she again said I could fuck her when she noticed I had another raging hard on. But as I tried to enter her she snapped her legs shut and told me that I HAD to put in the bullet, FIRST. For months and months she had been spreading those same sexy legs and letting not one, not two, but three different men enter and fuck her Wonderful pussy till they blew their Potent sperm deep inside her. Sometimes twice in a row. All without any birth control protection, until AFTER they had finished. But here I was her hubby returned from a LONG deployment at sea for my country and she snaps her legs shut still denying ME entry Until AFTER I put the birth control protection in. The thought surprisingly almost made me blast off again. I got the bullet and the delay allowed me to calm down a bit, especially since she wanted to make sure it was dissolved completely before I entered. So I worked on her sensitive breasts with my mouth, while fingering her pussy for about 10 minutes. Becoming determined to please her and hopefully excite her enough to provide her with an orgasm. When I got her close again she told me to fuck her. I slid into that Supremely soft and wet pussy experiencing the greatest Pussy ever engulfing my little dicklet. It slid in easily and I could tell she was tempted to say “Are you in yet?” like the last time I had fucked her before I left, but she resisted because she knew it would set me off (she told me that later). I humped like an over anxious little boy like I always did, and of course didn’t last very long at all. A couple minutes later I was moaning that I was going to shoot inside her and came intensely for at least a minute which actually managed to give her an orgasm, though only a very small one.

    I collapsed on top of her while my dicklet shrank and slipped out of her. She held me and stroked my head and said, “there, there, hubby I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, welcome home”. We fell asleep while thoughts in my head were about how I could tell things would be Very different in our marriage, and Our martial bed than they were before when I had left. I just didn’t know how different, Yet.
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  9. sand3257

    sand3257 New Member

    Welcome back, and well worth the wait. The tension is so palpable in these last two installments!
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  10. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank You sand3257. Your comment means a Lot. I know it has been more than awhile, I Truly didn't mean for it to be this long since I continued My Cuckold Life revealing but that's my Busy and ever changing life. Glad I wasn't Completely forgotten.
    Yes, you are right, there was some tension in the last couple of posts, and it doesn't end there. But NO marriage or Life is without some tension. As uneasy as it is while it is happening.
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  11. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Glad you're here again, Pathedick. Hope is all going well for you!
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  12. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Saturn, I will post more often. I promise.

    And I'm still breathing. How about you? Hope all is well with you and your hotwife.
  13. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 20: The Cuckold Sailor Home from the sea, Quickly discovers the Changes in his Wife, his house, in his “Master” bedroom, and therefore in His Sex Life. (Again split into 2 posts)

    I woke the next morning and started fondling her Sexy body, especially the Ass I so Worshiped. Then I felt her pussy, that I had finally got to fuck after over 2/3rd’s of a year. I started to think about that. I was her husband and not one, not 2 but 3 different men had gotten to fuck her Wonderful cock pleasing pussy more, probably much more than I, her husband had this year and it was October (and when you added the 3 of them together I was WAY in the minority). I felt the slippery wetness of what was left of the load that she let me shoot into her last night. I realized that 2 of those men had shot Many more Potent loads of their sperm, Deeper into my wife’s fertile pussy so far this year. Heck the Really big load of my sperm that I had saved up over the week before my return hadn’t even ended up in her. I had Pathetically shot it all over her Sexy body and she had laughed at me then told me that to make it up to her I had to lick it off and swallow my sperm so that my swimmers ended up in my own stomach instead of swimming in her pussy. All while she was Grinning at me while I did it. My little dicket twitched and started to stiffen at the memory. Wow I had barely been home for 12 hours and already was learning and experiencing some Substantial changes from when I had left so long ago. Yet some how I and my dicklet liked them.

    She stirred and felt my little stiffy pressed against her leg with my hand feeling her pussy, she smiled and said “ Last night wasn’t enough to keep you for while? Well you’ll have to wait, since I can hear our daughter running around. Time for you do to your daddy duties”. So I got out of bed and tucked my hard little dicklet into some pants and Happily went to be a Dad. I remember after she got up and showered that she put on a pair of her short, shorts. I was ALWAYS a sucker for those shorts and later that afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to finger her through the leg opening. She stopped me and said to behave. I reminded her that she had let Pete (and other men) finger her wet pussy like that while I was gone, she had told me so in her letters. She giggled and said “So?” I replied “So I’m your husband” she giggled again and replied that didn’t mean I automatically had access to her pussy. But she let me do it “a little, because it’ll tease you nicely to get a little feel of it”. I Adored Every time that I got to touch that Magnificent, Wet, Man pleasing pussy.

    That night I tried to get something going again. I fingered her, paid a Lot of oral attention to her sensitive breasts and finally eating her to near an orgasm till she said “Fuck me”. I was going to put in the bullet like I assumed she would make me like she had last night when she said, “No just Fuck me, Now”. I mounted her and slipped right in with one stroke. As I started fucking her I noticed her eyes closed and also that she seem to be more into it than last night. I figured that someone else was fucking her in her mind and the thought brought me closer to what I knew wouldn’t be long anyway, My premature ejaculation. I thought of physics equations trying to dampen the effects or the feeling of her sloppy pussy around my dicklet and take my mind off how Sexy she looked squirming naked beneath me. But it wasn’t long before I lost that battle and announced that I was going to cum in her. She yelled “Yes Andrew shoot deep in my fertile pussy”. Sending me to a Huge and prolonged orgasm, which allow her to go over the edge to a much smaller orgasm yelling “Fill me Andrew, Fill me Full”. Then as she finished she franticly said. “Put the bullet in, Hurry”. As I inserted it into her cream filled pussy, I said “I was surprised that you let me cum in you without this already being inserted”. She just smiled and said, “Well I didn’t, I was letting Andrew cum in my fertile pussy in my mind, as I’m sure you could tell. You liked it though didn’t you?” I didn’t want to admit it but I had to. So I told it that it had brought me to a more intense orgasm than I had experienced in a very extended time. She replied “See I know my hubby, I was doing it for your sake, giggled then said OK and also in Hopes of having at least a small orgasm in the SHORT time while you were fucking me”.
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  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment 20: The Cuckold Sailor Home from the sea, Quickly discovers the Changes in his Wife, his house, in his “Master” bedroom, and therefore in His Sex Life. (Continued)

    The next day in the afternoon I could tell that my daughter was finally beginning to relax around me and my wife said I should take her out to the yard and play with her. The two of us started playing kickball and she was really getting into it, squealing and laughing and screaming. I was Happy that she was finally not scared of me anymore. But after being out there over an hour I thought I heard something else over the noise we were making but figured it was just my imagination. Then around the corner of the house into the backyard came Pete. He smiled at me as he approached and offered his hand saying “Welcome home sailor”. I shook his hand and said Thank You and Thank you for all you did for my wife when she needed something while I was gone. He laughed and said, “Well you’re Welcome. I could tell that you and her could use some help with the needs she had, and will have. And I was right, you DID need my help and you know it right. So you’re Welcome”. I said yes she does have needs I can’t seem to fill so Thank You Pete, again. He said anytime sailor adding actually anytime she and he would like. Then laughed a little laugh and said, “Actually your wife said that there was something she needed you to do for her right now. I’ll watched your daughter for a few minutes”. I went inside and she wasn’t in the kitchen or family room. Nor the bathroom. Our bedroom door was closed but unlocked. I opened it to another one of those sights that either is so Shocking or so Wonderful that you mentally snap a picture of it to save forever in your brain. This sight was Both though. There was my Sexy wife, lying naked on her back spread eagled and the Icing on the cake of that image was actually not icing, technically, it was the sperm all over her. She was covered with the biggest load of sperm I had ever seen. Pete’s sperm. It was matted in her thick dark bush, on her belly, covering her shapely breasts. I could also see that below her cum covered bush, her pussy was gapping, not anything like I had seen it after I had or even Don had fucked her. It also looked like there was at least a little sperm on her spread open lips. She grinned at me like a Cheshire cat and said “See I told you he always shot a Huge load”. I didn’t know what to say has I tried to process the unexpected sight before me so I just said ‘Yes you did but…Wow! Pete said you needed me?” She smiled, “Yeah I need my Cum Eating hubby to clean me up, just like you did the other night, only this will be Bigger and Better, because the mess isn‘t from your premature wee willy. It‘s from a wife pleasing cock”.

    I processed what she had said and the scene before me and couldn’t deny the raging hard on that my dicklet was at that moment from that sight and humiliating request, that I soon realized was really an Order when she broke my thoughts by saying “Clean me up, If you want some of what Pete had moments ago”. I climbed on the bed and started to lap at the bigger more creamy puddles while she giggled an said “We were right, both Pete and I knew you would do it, and that you’d like it. You do don’t you?” They were right, I was Eagerly lapping up another man’s sperm from my Sexy wife’s naked body and I was even enjoying the taste of Pete’s seed. So I admitted “Yes you were right, I do like it being told to clean up his spermy mess that he has left for me, your husband to clean”. While I licked, first every larger puddle, then enthusiastically searching out the remaining drops, cleaning her stomach, then breasts, saving the best for last, her “flavor saving” thick matted bush, she told me that he had stopped by and asked if she “Needed him”. She replied “Oh Do I ever”. He had laughed and said I knew you would. So they went to the bedroom and locked the door. He fucked her and while he did it, he questioned her about her and my sex the past couple of days. She told him about my totally Embarrassing, Emasculating, Premature ejaculation my first attempt at fucking her and how she had made me lick up my mess. To which he told her “Well lets give him a Bigger mess to clean up” and she agreed. She said she was worried that I would hear her moans and screams as she came a couple times, and they weren’t small one “like with you”. I told her I thought I had heard something like that but wasn’t sure. After cleaning her bush she added, don’t forget my Well fucked pussy, just in case he might have fired a shot, or two has he was pulling out. I couldn’t believe how wet and open she was, it was Truly the way a Hot pussy like hers Should be, Often. When she announced that was good enough, I stood and started to exposed my little stiffy. She giggled and said “No, not now, you have to go back and watch our daughter. I know you wouldn’t take long, but Pete needs to leave”.

    I returned to the yard and Pete was grinning ear to ear. He said “Was it good?” I admitted it was. So he said “Well then Thank me again”. I said Thank you Pete, you’re a Enormous help around here”. He said “You’re Welcome again” then gestured towards my cheek near my mouth saying, “you missed some” . I reached up and wiped a large droplet of cum from my face, his cum as he smiled and said “Welcome home again sailor”.

    A few minutes later my wife came out dressed in her sexy shorts and having that Great look of a woman that just had Tremendous, and Satisfying Sex. She looked Truly Beautiful when she had that look. I wanted her to have that look Often, I Craved her looking like that. But it was rapidly becoming Very Clear, quickly upon my return just Who could and also who couldn’t give her that look. I would Have to accept that. It Should have been an Terribly upsetting thought but instead it was Easy to accept and it was for me a Sexually Humiliating and therefore Exciting thought.
  15. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I can completely understand how you can have a great sex life cuck or not and raise children in a normal way. I have 3 children with my husband and they are parented and loved. Just as if we were vanilla, our sex life is private.

    Can you give a sneak peek, or just explain, where your wife is now. Knowing you have a girlfriend, feels a little sad. Deanna
  16. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I know that I have responded to you in private on this Deanna but wanted to add this here in the thread to be seen by all. It has to do with your last sentence.

    Yes the End of a Love Story is always sad in some degree and sometimes Greatly so. But though for everyone who visits this website, and comes back to it, it's because of Fantasies (Sexual) are why. But in Real Life, though Fantasies (Sexual and other kinds) are wonderful, they sometimes even come True and that's Much More Wonderful (like in my wife's and I case), but there is Always an Ending. When it comes to Love Stories in Real Life there is also Always an Ending. All Love Stories end and it's Always Sad, again to some degree. When we enter a Love Story we never know how long they will last, or how they will end. But they Will End. Either with a Break up or a death, but they end. But that's OK, that's Real Life. It's True what they say "It's better to have Loved and Lost than to have never Loved at all". That's all part of Living life, for as long as we are going to be given. Even the ones that might end Ugly and/or Painfully, we are Better off having Lived them, in at least some way.

    Plan for tomorrow, But Live for Today.
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  17. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I think your perspective is wise and has been learned through loss. I can empathize, many years ago my first husband died. I agree every relationship eventually ends and I am thankful for my current loving husband.
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  18. Gent_SC

    Gent_SC New Member

    I am very late to this thread and still in the middle of it but I absolutely love your story. Excellent writing and you do paint the picture in your head very successfully. I just read your post of 9/26/2015 and was very sorry to hear that your wife had passed. I sounds like you loved her very much and had a wonderful life together.
    I plan to finish this great story but want you to tell you how much I appreciate you writing it.
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  19. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well Thank you for your thoughts, kind words and compliments. I'm very glad you enjoyed reading what I have told of my Cuckold life so far. Additionally Thank you for the Feedback both this reply and your Likes on each Installment. Before the Very Important software upgrade on this site I had a considerable amount of that positive Feedback but the upgrade erased it all. Luckily it didn't wipe out all my recorded history ( though it seems to have messed up any word with an apostrophe.).

    Anyway I Hope you enjoy my future telling, I Must get back to it Soon.

    In the meantime, I hope to find out about your experiences.
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  20. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I just started reading this tread today. I am only up to number ten but I will finish as soon as I am able. If only you knew my early life was so much like yours.

    I cannot call myself a Cuckold. I am 59 years old, married and divorced twice, And now I live alone so I have no woman in my life to finish the job and Cuckold me. As I was reading your story in my very being I was burning needing to go through what you have. I have my own life story of course but I only realized about 3 years ago what a Cuckold is. Damn! Because of websites like this I have learned two very important things. (1) All my life I didn't grasp the fact that I have always had a Submissive Nature. And (2) I have had all kinds of signs pointing me to the Cuckold Lifestyle. Also I have always wanted to share the women that I have had in life. Just like you I shared my first wive with my best friend but only one time I knew about because I was there.So much more to tell some other time. What a Blessing I have received from you. Thank you so much!
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