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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank for your endorsement saturn. Coming from you who has been around here and read as much as you it's appreciated even more.
    The last installment is one that was lost during the switch over.
    I like writing my story but love knowing others are reading it and if they are enjoying and getting something out of it
  2. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 15: My Hotwife’s Sex Life Expands and Escalates

    After that session of beating off 3 times to her Panty package and Very descriptive letter of her reunion with Don, my Sex Life was in transition. How you might ask could my sex life be in transition when it was limited to my Hand. Well that’s not entirely true. See it wasn’t limited to just my Hand, my hand had important help, my Mind and it’s Imagination. The transition, well I can explain it now though then I didn’t really understand it. See though at first I was Very self embarrassed as I had said, by my Very Lust Filled Licking and Sucking of those panties. Those Powerful Panties, covered with one fresh load of cum from my own little balls but also 3 loads of sperm from Don‘s big balls. All mixed with the Wonderful aroma and taste of my wife‘s pussy juices. I even debated myself for a few moments about whether I would write in my next letter to her, in Complete Honesty what her Panty Package and awesome letter had done to me and what I did in response. But decided that she should know, so I did, hesitatingly reveal to her my 3 orgasms and my sperm covered panty Oral Cleaning. But even when I did, as I was writing it all down in spite of being worried about how she would react to the confession, I also found myself turned on, for some reason, by revealing something so embarrassing and well…Humiliating about myself to her. Being at sea for months more I had Plenty of time to ponder on that. There will be more on that pondering and some of it’s conclusions as I go along but for now I will say that I already knew what a Sexual Submissive was and it was clear that I was one to at least some extent (just didn’t know how far it extended) and I was accepting of that.

    When I finally got a reply letter from her about my Spermy panty sucking confession, it was just what I hoped it would be. She said “Oooh I just knew based on what you had told me over the years and also the vibe I pick up from you that my little hubby was a Cum Eater. We’ll have to explore that more in the future.†Then she added “I’m so glad that my package and letter had the affect that I desired and suspected it would haveâ€. Then she Really surprised me, and Excited me, when she revealed “as I was reading your letter I was picturing you doing that with my panties and it made me, VERY Wet and Throbbingâ€. Later as I beat off to her letter I realized that basically what she was saying was she was Thrilled and Turned On that her letter about Don shooting FOUR loads of his cum into My Wife on one side of the world, got me to shoot 3 loads of my cum into her panties and some of those SEVEN loads of cum ended up in my mouth to be swallowed on the other side of the world. It was becoming clearer and clearer that she not only loved what her Sex Life was becoming but also loved what Her Sex Life was doing to me. I liked all those thoughts.

    So now not only was one man taking care of my husbandly duties but Two men were, and I was neither of them. Pete was still sampling my wife’s charms 2 or 3 times a week and Don was coming by to use My Wife has his cum dump while providing her with many needed orgasms. That should be more than enough, right? I don’t know if she thought so but someone else didn’t think so. Don had been making new friends on his new ship and after a couple of months he started to stop by with a couple of them. He was still getting rides and they had been dropping him off but I guess he had finally told a couple of them why he kept visiting that house. She said that they definitely seemed Very interested in her, as she always caught them watching her. She said that at least one of them caught her eye. He was only 19 and she could tell that like me when I met her he didn’t have too much experience with women. But she said he was “Really Cuteâ€. Plus she had not only caught him eyeing her body up but she had noticed that the affect of that was a prominent bulge in his jeans.

    His name was Andrew and in addition to her being interested in that bulge in his jeans, she also loved his smile. That he just seemed so laid back, funny, cute and well…Sexy. She said that when Don’s friend(s) stopped by instead of dropping him, they stayed for awhile but then they left and came back for him later, knowing that he needed time to take care of “thingsâ€. Then one time Andrew drove him and came in and shortly after Don suddenly remembered he had to go see his son. Andrew offered to take him but Don said he’d like to go alone if Andrew would lend him his car. So of course Andrew did and of course he had to stay there with My Wife till Don came back to get him.

    Our daughter was engrossed in a kids movie and when my wife went to make him a snack to eat he followed her. She caught him staring at her Sexy butt in the tight pink shorts she had on. When she did she smirked at him then looked down and the big bulge in his jeans was back, the smirk turned into a smile. She said he blushed beet red, and said “Sorryâ€. She told me she just winked at him and said “don‘t be, you‘re a Sailor aren‘t you“. They noticed our daughter was asleep on the floor so she carried her to bed. When she came back out he was sitting on the couch eating his snack, and was obviously still hard.

    She went on to write that she could tell he was too inexperienced and shy to make a move on his own and she had already decided that she wanted this young sailor to sample her body as much as she wanted to sample his. So she went and sat down next to him. Then brazenly placed her hand on the front of his straining jeans. She told me that she then said, “I’d like to help you with that if you’d likeâ€. He blushed but smiled that smile she had been so taken with from when she first saw it. Then she leaned in and kissed him with first her tongue pushing into his mouth then his into hers. At first tenderly then slowly progressing to furiously making out for awhile. Then she took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. He quickly picked it up from there. After massaging it through her shirt for a few minutes he reached up under her shirt and unhooked her bra and started massaging both her tits and pinching her hard nipples, encouraged by her moans while they kissed.

    She unzipped his pants and pulled out his young hard tool from them to finally see what he was hoping to use on her. She was Not disappointed. AGAIN she revealed that my dick was proven smaller than another of her Lover’s cocks. He was smaller than Don’s but he had me by at least a couple of inches and most importantly out “girthed†me by a very Noticeable and Appreciated amount.

    She told me that she felt overwhelmed with Desire to seduce this young sailor and help him on his journey of becoming a Sexually experienced Man. The age differences definitely were adding to her Lust (she was in the backside of her twenties as I think I may have forgotten to mention that she was 5 years older than I was. I was to learn that she liked seducing younger men). She couldn’t resist lovingly kissing then licking his very Young but Manly Cock. Then taking it in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down while swirling her tongue around on it. She said he moaned so much she was afraid of him cumming too soon and stopped. She got up smiling and licking her lips and taking his hand lead him to Our Martial Bed. She said they each took each others clothes off and she loved being naked in front of another man again, and a young cute one too, who was flashing his smile at her nakedness.

    She added that she didn’t want anymore foreplay as she didn’t want him to lose his load anywhere but deep in her pussy. Her Married pussy, she said that thought made it so Much more Erotic and Naughty, she added that she was “Really learning to Love being Naughty“. She was determined to milk that young cock that was pointing Hard and Straight up at her. She kissed him then pushed him onto the bed on his back and mounted him. She said that he tried to frantically hump up and enter her but he kept missing the mark that they both so desired he would hit. So she ended up grabbing his cock and lining it up so his next thrust sunk him home. She described how she loved riding him while looking down on his young cute face showing so much pleasure, just like he was giving her. She then wrote, though he managed to hold out longer than I usually did when she was riding me (she was getting good at this Sexual Teasing of her hubby, and probably knew it), neither of them lasted long. He started groaning loudly and thrust up deep into her and started filling her unprotected pussy with his sperm which of course set her off on a VERY strong orgasm. She said it was just such a Powerful thought and even more so Powerful Reality that she was in our bed riding this still teen but yet Very Manly, man and he was using her Married pussy as a place to drain his balls. Well that thought and Reality that she had so nicely described also drained my balls on the other side of the world. But my load shot all over my belly and chest, and even my cheek, Not into her, My Wife’s, Hot Wet Wonderful Pussy like his had.

    She was getting Very good at some of her letters. Yes I am now recounting what she said in my words but these words were not only inspired by those, Many times over read letters (and then later oral recounting of these and MANY other future encounters), but a Lot of the Words and Much more Importantly, Thoughts here are also Hers.

    She went on to add (once I recovered enough to continue reading), that after that first fuck they made out and he Very quickly got another Gorgeous hard on and he mounted her since he now must have been feeling much more Manly and well…. Cock Sure of himself. After all he had not only bedded a Sexy Married older woman but had made her cum explosively has she gladly welcomed his filling her cunt with his young load of hot cum. He lasted Much longer the 2nd time and gave her 3 Wonderfully Powerful Orgasms before he buried his cock home and deposited another big load of live sperm which again set off yet another orgasm for her. She added that, Yes she then put the bullet in while he was in the bathroom. Then they got dressed before Don came back. When Don came in the house he looked first at Andrew and then smiled at her adding that he hoped he hadn’t taken to long. She just smiled right back at him, knowing that he knew, and defiantly said no, the time had just flown by and her and Andrew had gotten along Wonderfully.

    Though I had definitely gotten hard again after reading about their 2nd fuck and was close to cumming from her descriptions, I hadn’t cum yet. But as I lay there in my small rack playing with my own small dick, Very close to cumming a thought popped into my head. That thought was, if you were meant to be a Manly Fuck, for a woman, She had a way forwarding you on that Journey, even young Andrew. BUT if you were not meant to be a Manly Fuck She also had a way to forwarding you on the way of that…well lets say Less than Manly Journey also. It had become apparent that I was the latter of those two. That thought and the thought that now a 3rd Man was Fucking and inseminating My Wife and that my best friend apparently had aided it, if not outright set it up had my little dicklet shooting a 2nd load onto my own belly.

    Next Installment: Wow So Far in So little time on this Cuckold Journey, But yet so Much to come.
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  3. johnhooker77

    johnhooker77 New Member

    unbelievable.... I hope that you are considering making this into a book one day...!
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  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

  5. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's what I told him! :)
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  6. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Yes it was saturn who was encouraging me to not only continue to write my Cuckold Life story here but to also save it and consider putting it all in a book. But I would never have named him on my own.

    Again, Thank you saturn (and King Bull) for all you do here.
  7. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 16: Wow So Far in So little time on this Cuckold Journey, But yet so Much to come

    Yeah it took a few years, but when it comes to most lifetimes it wasn’t much over a blink of an eye. A Blink of a relative eye, for my Journey from when I would witness her flirting with and then dancing with some guy and being ANGRY, CRUSHED, HURT, and FURIOUS then getting drunk and walking out of the disco after saying we were through. From that to then cumming repeatedly in my pants without so much as touching my dick while standing in the freezing cold peeking in My Own bedroom window while my Best Friend Fucked My Wife, Obviously Much Better than I Ever Did. But that wasn’t the end of that relatively Very quick Journey, I had and My Wife had continued to embrace her role as a Hotwife. She took to it like a fish to water as they say. Taking a 2nd Lover and now a THIRD. Each one different from each other in their own way and each one different from Me, her Husband in that Significant Husbandly Bedroom Duty way. Yet not only wasn’t I ANGRY, CRUSHED, HURT, and FURIOUS anymore, but while I was reading about a 3rd Man now Servicing and Inseminating My Wife, I was instead Spraying Sperm all over Myself. I could have never envisioned this just a few years previous, but I was beyond Delighted that Fate had brought US to this current place instead of that ANGRY, CRUSHED, HURT, and FURIOUS place I had once dwelled in. Life is too short to be that miserable so often, when you don’t have to be.

    The Whole Journey left me Confused and yet EXCITED, all at the same time. I had gone from having a Wildcat on a leash, to Fearfully yet Unable to resist letting that Wildcat off the leash, with her responding to that Freedom with Appreciative, and Enthusiastic, Embracing of being a Hotwife after being told and then Reassured by me that it was OK if she Loved Sex so Much. That it was OK if she NEEDED other Men to satisfy her Love and Need for Sex because I couldn’t give her what she NEEDED. The ONLY thing I knew for certain was there wasn’t any going back AND although it was definitely Sexual Innocence lost in My case, I didn’t want to go back. I didn’t want to Unlearn what I had learned about Each of Us. We had learned that it was unlikely that she could have been a faithful wife to Any man, and it was Impossible for her to be Sexually Faithful to Me. We learned that for some reason her Love of Sex and her Lusting after other men, and especially her telling me (and the other men) that I Unfavorably compared to them, in a BIG (or Little) way Sexually, was a Sexual Trigger for me. Plus we learned that she found that knowledge to be both amusing and a Sexual Trigger for her. With such knowledge and such Sexual Triggers we were VERY Sexually Compatible and becoming more so, almost with each step we took on this Journey.

    Yes some of the steps that we had taken and things we had learned were initially a double edge sword for Me. At first causing me more pain than pleasure but like Space Mountain the in the dark rollercoaster, on this Cuckold ride I couldn’t see what was coming. Didn’t know what the next turn of events would be and therefore couldn’t prepare myself for them. I was mostly surprised and shocked at each revelation which sometimes caused Pleasure, but also sometimes caused Pain and Embarrassment from the Humiliation of what She, I and her Lovers were learning about Her, I, and our Marital Bed. BUT with each time that Pain from Embarrassment and Humiliation happened it also included a bit of Pleasure. And then the next time it was a bit more Pleasure and a bit less pain. Both of us were learning this about me, and as She learned this about me, We were Both learning something about her. No it wasn’t that she was a Wildcat in bed. I Knew that, she Knew it, and her Lovers Knew it too.

    What we Both learned about her was that although she was in love with me and was happy to be my wife, she also seemed to enjoy not only providing me with Pleasure, but she liked inflicting Pain on me too. Sexual Pain. Usually not physical pain but Mental and Emotional Sexual Pain. She witnessed it’s effect on me when she did it with her own eyes. She heard me tell her in person and my letters the effect it had on me. The effect on Me of her Actions, Words, Comments, Looks, Smirks, Smiles and her Giggles or even Laughter had an effect on Her also. The effect on Her was Amusement, Enjoyment and it appeared even Sexual Arousal from my Sexual Pain, Embarrassment and Humiliation. With other men she was Sexually Submissive and enjoyed when a man was a Sexually Assertive Man, having His way with her. But with me she seemed to be the opposite. She was the assertive one, she meant to have her way with me. And that way wasn’t what she would have thought she would want from a husband. She wanted me to be able to give her the Good, Long, and Hard Fucking a Hotwife needed. But since I obviously, to her (and Pete, and Don, and even Andrew) wasn’t capable of doing that for her, she seemed to enjoy …..Well I was realizing, to put it into words, Punishing me. Punishing me for being so inadequate Sexually to perform my Husbandly Bedroom Duties to keep a Hotwife Happy. I don’t want to imply that she was a sadist who was getting off only on inflicting pain on her husband. That wasn’t the case. It was much more complicated than that. She was getting off, Sexually, on my reaction to the Sexual pain she and her lovers where causing me. Sexual pain that was mostly mental and emotional but sometimes physical. All of it caused by my Embarrassment and Humiliation from her and her Lover’s, My Friends, knowing that I was Woefully inadequate in that Manly act of pleasing his woman in bed. To put it bluntly, She was getting Sexually Aroused and Getting off by my own Obvious Pleasure received by the Sexual Humiliation.

    That effect or reaction was clear when she would tell me that Don, Pete, and Andrew (and then others) had Cocks that she Desired and Worshipped much more than mine. It was clear when she would talk about how easily and how Intense they would make her cum. It was clear in my reaction to her letting more than one man enter her unprotected pussy with their bare cocks. Finally it was clear how much she enjoyed having 2 of those men ejaculate deep inside her filling her with their seed, and my reaction to how she enjoyed it so much that she always had a Wonderfully Powerful Orgasm each time they did it. A World separated us, without the means to have deep discussions about it. Yet it still was all becoming clear to us from a hesitant but Honest sentence or paragraph in a letter here or some Breathy words on the infrequent, expensive phone calls from other countries there.

    A Roller Coaster in the Dark. Yet neither of us wanted to get off, neither of us wanted it to stop. Wow, What a Ride!

    Next: The deployment is getting closer to being over. But the Hotwife/Cuckold Ride was Thankfully showing no signs of ending.
  8. johnhooker77

    johnhooker77 New Member

    Dear Path...

    First of all, let me say that I for one believe you have achieved and exceeded your goals in spades (no pun intended). I suspect that like myself other readers are so turned on by what they read that they reach an orgasm reading your story because it touches places so deep in our sexual hearts and souls. After having cum, few of us have the energy to write our name, let alone put together a few coherent sentences.

    Anyway, have no doubts about your effectiveness. In fact, I suspect like myself many have become so rapt in your exquisite retelling of your story, that they forget to even hit "like" or "thanks"... they are too busy moving to your next installment... by the way... that it where I am headed now... Please keep up the excellent work!!!

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  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well I don't know if that's the case John, but Thank you for saying it. Giving someone that reads the story of my Cuckold Life an orgasm or two would be a bonus to me. Along those lines I have a confession to make. My finally putting it all down on "paper" and then reading it myself always brings back a flood of memories and those memories always brings out a flood from the tip of my own dicklet. Mine own bonus from resurrecting and capturing those long ago memories.

    Again Thank you for your feedback, clicks and your time spent reading.
  10. bodybag

    bodybag New Member

    Brand new here and not sure if I'm doing this correctly?

    I came across this sit by accident and read Pathedick story and I must say its amazing and its why I'm here now typing this.

    I have so many questions about myself after reading it and don't know where to ask questions about myself.
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  11. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Welcome bodybag, you have a plethora of experiences on this forum, ask away and you will get the answerers that will help you on your journey.

    Enjoy the forum
  12. bodybag

    bodybag New Member

  13. Lovemycuckold

    Lovemycuckold New Member

    Amazing, I couldn't stop reading until there was no more to read I usually fall asleep reading but it's now 4:30 am. Im pretty new to this lifestyle but you are answering a lot of questions I have had and I'm understanding more now. Thank you
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  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Very sorry to have kept you up but Thank you for all the compliments. There will be another installment very soon. Looking forward to hearing about you and your cuck husband and your journey.
  15. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 17: With so many partners sometimes a Hotwife’s “Dance card” can get Full.

    The very next letter I wrote to her I addressed her Andrew Seduction letter. I told her that I had to admit that her teasing me by being sure to point out that Andrew was, like her other 2 lovers, considerably better hung than I was, both in length and especially girth, was for some reason a Big (no pun intended) turn on for me. Additionally her teasing about how they also ALL lasted MUCH longer also Excited me, causing the effect that reinforced what she was pointing out, making my very stiff inferior dick shoot off even faster yet. I further confessed that in spite of how concerned I was about men I knew and worse yet my friends knowing that I was undersized (especially compared to them) and couldn’t control my Very quick orgasms and therefore didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of keeping my Hotwife Satisfied Sexually, the Sexual high it caused me was beginning to outweigh the Embarrassment and the Humiliation. I told her that I didn’t know what to make of it all. But I knew that the scenes she was describing to me, the thoughts that her Lovers, and more Importantly She had about me, Sexually as a man, that were being revealed to me by her words and theirs in her letters seemed to make me harder, cum quicker and Orgasm more intensely.

    Pete obviously loved getting her to tell him how much better he was at fucking than I was. He loved her telling him that her husband wasn’t capable of making her cum Anywhere near like he so Easily could. He knew he was giving My Wife the Cock that could stretch her and Fuck her the way she Wanted and Needed, and I wasn’t equipped nor capable of. I could tell from her descriptions of his reactions to what she had told him about us and me that he got off on Humiliating me Sexually to her by getting her to admit the Truth. So I further confessed that his knowing these things and His Sexual gratification from My Sexual Humiliation was somehow becoming a Sexual Trigger for me. It was hard to admit all these things in a letter to her, in spite of the feeling I had that she already knew all or most of it about me. But I wrote them to her, then anxiously waited for her latest response to these admissions.

    The response came. She said that like the saying goes, “The Truth Hurts sometimes”, but because she loved me she was glad that in my case that the Truth mostly hurts in a good, Pleasurable way. She was Very happy that I had FINALLY admitted that the Sexual Humiliation of my Manly Inadequacies was a Big turn-on for me. She saw how hurt I was that first time I had overheard her telling Don the Truth about my fucking abilities that Date Night. But she had also witnessed my reaction just a few hours later when she told me in answer to my question that “Yes I Really Wish it was Don on top of me now, Fucking me, and Yes I Much prefer his Cock to your dick”. She witnessed how quickly her admission set me off to an intense orgasm and knew that I had LOVED what my ears just heard her say. She just Hoped that I would eventually learn to not only accept but Embrace her lovers, even my Friends, knowing how Much she Needed them in bed due to my being so Much shorter and THINNER and VERY Much quicker on the trigger. She admitted that she could tell that her repeatedly pointing out the Truth to me seems to have done the trick as I was now Embracing the Humiliation (I told her in the next letter that she was right, that she had a way of teasing me with her words that made the Sexual Humiliation an exciting turn-on to me. To the point that I readily Embraced it). She then said she had a confession too. She was Really glad that I was Embracing her and her lovers Sexual Humiliation of me because she had learned that she Loved doing that to me. She said it may not be normal but though she did Love me, she also loved to do that to me. She said it literally made her pussy Very Wet and Throbbing. She said because of that I should “expect more”. That confession had me Hard and Throbbing (and Wet with pre-cum). Sexual Triggers were developing and aligning, Perfectly.

    So now there were 3 men that my wife was willingly spreading her Sexy legs for. Three men that were dropping by our house and taking her back to our Martial bed and getting her naked or in Sexy Lingerie that I had brought for her to wear for ME. They were then using her mouth, Pussy, and sometimes even her Callipygian Ass for their pleasure. They were getting the Pleasure of stroking their Big Cocks into My Wife. I knew that Pleasure very well myself so knew how Wonderful she was making they and their cocks feel. But in Reality I only knew how Truly Awesome her Pussy, Ass and Mouth made my little dicklet feel, I could only Try to Imagine how tightly stretched her holes must make their Bigger, Thicker Cocks feel. They were not only reaching places that I could Never reach but were getting to feel sensations as she was much more tightly gripping their cocks that I would Never get to feel from her, My Wife. But I guess since they were giving her sensations that I wasn’t capable of giving My Wife, then they deserved to have her and her Wonderful Pussy, Ass and Mouth give them sensations that I will Never get to feel.

    They definitely were enjoying themselves and the way she Pleasured them so they were stopping by on a regular basis. So with the fact that their were 3 of them what happened was bound to happen. Her “Dance Card” was getting full. Being retired Pete typically would stop by in the afternoon at my daughters nap time for a little Afternoon Delight with My Wife. One day she said it was a particularly Great fucking he gave her and she and her Pussy were well pleased when he left after spraying a very large creamy load over her. She then added that she at first thought he might have shot some into her as he was firing has he pulled out but figured she was wrong based on how big a load he left covering her hairy bush and on her breasts. But after he left a while later she started to feel fluid leaking out of her. She said she knew then that she should have put in a bullet and should now, but she was enjoying the feeling and the knowledge that there was sperm in her unprotected pussy from such a Manly man who had given her pussy such a Wonderful fucking. She wanted to be Naughty and leave it in there a while longer. She added that she hoped I wouldn’t be mad.

    But before she could stop enjoying that Naughty leaking feeling the door bell rang. She opened it and there was another man wanting his turn with My Wife and her body, Andrew. Now she felt Really Naughty and invited him in. Could she really have sex with 2 guys in one day, neither of them her husband? The thought was so Enticing to her, she was determined to find out. They had to wait till they finally put my daughter down for an early bedtime but then he grabbed her and kissed her hard while working his finger inside her shorts to feel her pussy. Of course her panties were not only already soaked from her leaking pussy but when he slipped his finger into her and discovered how open and slick she was he must have assumed that he had gotten her that wet. He then picked her up and easily carried her petite 5 foot 95 pound body to Our Martial bed. She said he quickly stripped out of his clothes revealing the Second Large very Hard cock that men other than her husband had presented to her that day. While he then stripped her of her top, then shorts, and finally soaked panties. She grabbed his cock and licked the precum off (she would always be turned on doing that but again wasn’t a cum eater, she ended up leaving that to me). He fingered her some more commenting on how she was wetter than even her usual very wet pussy. She told me she just smiled at him and told him to see how much wetter and sloppy he could make her and her pussy. He entered her without any issue at all and she said that though Pete’s cock was so thick it stretched her even better than Andrew and Don (and it wasn’t even a fair comparison to me) that she just Loved Andrews youth, his body and rolling around naked in bed with him.

    He soon brought her to multiple intense orgasms while she enjoyed his Great fucking, her second from Two different men that day. He then blasted more sperm, another Large load of cum, from a Second set of balls into her unprotected pussy. The feeling and thought of which set her off more intensely. At 19 he was ready to go again Very quickly and she had her Third fuck of the day. She said that after he left she then lay there in bed alternating between squeezing her legs together therefore rubbing the sperm soaked lips together and then spreading them and running her fingers through her also sperm soaked hairy bush and felt the heavy leakage now from her married pussy. She thought about wiping it up with a washcloth but liked how it reminded her of how Truly Naughty a Wife she was on that day and decided that she would leave it a mess. Then after laying there a bit more thinking about how much sperm from Two other men she must have in her at that moment, and liking that thought, she told me she Finally put the bullet in. Then fell into a contented sleep.

    What did this latest truly lovingly Teasing Sexual letter from her do to me, my mind and my little stiffy? Well this Installment is long enough so I’ll get to that next.
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  16. fastredcar

    fastredcar Member

    Great timing! I was just about to write to ask when you'd be posting your next installment. THANKS!!!
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  17. sand3257

    sand3257 New Member

    Wow, Pathedick, fantastic instalment. This is progressing so well! In addition to your evolution, by this time in the story, it appears your wife must have been feeling like a complete sex goddess, and enjoying that sensation thoroughly. I think it adds a lot to your story to have mixed in the occasional discussion of her development as well as your personal one and your combined one. Bravo!
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  18. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you again sandy.
    Yes although I can't speak 100% for her since I am not her we had decades of communication and discussions about what we EACH were thinking, fantasizing about, and especially wanting and needing.
    Plus you will eventually see some of my friends and /or her lovers, Evolving in response to Us and vice versa
  19. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    For those reading my recounting of My Cuckold Life, I'm Sorry but in addition to the usual mega hours I work I am also dealing with More than one Life situation that has Demanded my attention elsewhere, for some time and even more so in the past week. I Will be back, things just have to improve. The deck has to be reshuffled eventually.

    Not complaining, just explaining.
  20. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hope things go well for you! Take care and we'll be here for you when you return.
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