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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Pathedick

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    My Cuckold Life Installment number 9: Who needs Pictures, with a Memory like Mine.

    There’s a Country and Western song called Who needs Pictures. I’ve heard it surprisingly several times in the past few days, it was like Fate was telling me something. In the song there is a line that is repeated more than once in the chorus that goes “Who needs Pictures with a Memory like Mine”. As I struggled to come up with a title to this Pivotal installment it suddenly occurred to me that was the most fitting title. You will see that this is Very, Very Long, and VERY Detailed. But there is a reason for that beyond the most important reason which is how it’s such a pivotal moment in her and my life. The other reason is that I based on my profession and what I’ve accomplished in it am at least decently smart. I have a Great short term memory (I was excellent at cramming for tests that I had failed to properly prepare for, usually because I was distracted by thoughts of or actual sex). But my long term memory is though not as quite as good still pretty good also (except for names) . But there is like this Special Folder/File in my memory that when something happens to me that is REALLY Special my brain seems to say “Hit the Record button and put this in the Special File”. I don’t remember everything in my life. I don’t remember every Cuckold encounter in my life but there are various things from my life filed away in that Special file, including this following one that I can not only picture, with snapshots, but it’s actually like seeing a video and audio recording that though not complete is VERY Detailed. Hence what is to follow. Though over 30 years ago, I can See it and Hear it like it was yesterday. So although in this twitter world I could have just said for this installment: My wife fucked my best friend and I mostly liked it and I’m a cuckold. Which is fine, I’m not saying everyone has to be wordy like me, but it’s not me. I prefer to try to Try and paint a picture in others mind that matches the one that is playing in my mind in such detail, complete with the emotions and physical sensations that occurred during that event. So it might take you more than one sitting/visit to get all the way though this installment but to anyone so inclined to do so I hope I was successful in painting that picture and that you enjoyed, half as much as she and I did. So here it goes.

    So it’s THE Day. It’s a Friday, over 3 Decades ago. I’ve been married to a Sexy wife for almost 2 years but on this fateful day I’m watching that same woman, MY Hot Sexy wife, get ready for a date. Lots of couples have a Date Night. Is she getting ready for a Date Night with me, her husband? This IS going to be only our 2nd night out without our daughter in Well over a year. But no she’s not showering for me, and making sure her body and pussy are as clean as they can be, before her almost perpetual wetness gives her an Amazingly Seductive aroma that no man, or in my case no little boy, can resist. No, not for me, her husband, nor is she putting on Sheer black thigh high hose on her Very Sexy legs, and attaching them to her Sexy Satin with Lacy trim black garter belt, then Sexy Lace, and Sheer black panties over that (it much easier to take panties off when wearing a garter belt if you put them on last, even it it doesn’t look quite right. I guess she was planning ahead and making sure that access to her pussy would be easier later that night). I watch as this Sexy woman, My Wife then puts her Sexy, black hosed leg up and slips on a Very high heeled black open strapped shoe on her tiny only size 5, hosed covered foot and fastens the strap around her petite ankle. Then follows it with the other foot. She looks up after doing all that and sees me, her husband mesmerized by her Seductive preparation of her lower body for “Date Night” and gave me an unforgettable smile and look then says to me her husband, “This isn’t for you . You know that right?”. I shallow hard and nod, but the vision of her and her body as presented by her well thought out outfit and topped off by her smile, look and words, are almost too much for my Very hard dickie, I was already close to it twitching and shooting.. Then over her wonderfully Pert (and perfect nippled) breasts she puts on a matching black lacy half bra. Then to finish it off a silky mostly black with pink floral patterned dress. Presentation is as they say Everything, but again None of it is for me the husband. She asked “Well I hope that I look Sexy enough for him”. I replied that I had no doubt that Don would definitely appreciate the results of all her efforts to prepare for Date Night. Don didn’t stand a chance of resisting this Sexy Willing Woman.

    I knew I didn’t stand a chance of resisting this runaway Sexual train either, even if I wanted to. If I changed my mind and decided I didn’t want what was going to happen tonight to happen, then she would never forgive me. Not only was it Very obvious that she Wanted and Needed this night, with Don. But she also would never forgive me for embarrassing him also. But though I still wasn’t sure how much of my Sexual side I wanted my friends, let alone best friend to know, I did know that I too wanted this to happen. Very much. My want for this to happen had been heighten by Her Want and Need for this to happen. Her words, looks, actions all of it made it clear to me how much my Wife needed this for her Sexual happiness and since I knew that she was just as highly sexed as I was I knew that her overall happiness was on the line too. So I gave a kiss took her arm and led her to the car and drove her, my Wife to the 3rd party of this Date Night.

    We drove to the base and picked him up at the pier. Then we went to the base club for drinks and a little dancing. The club was of course filled with sailors and marines but my Wife had her sights set on only one of the sailors, No it was Not the one she was married to. They danced a few dances and unlike those times at the disco where I was angry while watching her dance this time was different. Though I wished I was getting some dances with her, I only could admire her in that Sexy outfit moving her Very desirable body trying to entice the man she had chosen to Mate with her tonight. But after a few dances, including a slow one where I, though my view was obstructed, I could swear they kissed during it and with his hand resting on her ass, she came back to the table and said, “well I think we should take this party home”.

    We went to the car and before I could open her door for her, she got into the back seat with him. When I looked wide eyed she smiled and said “Home James” (no my name isn’t James). It was like I was Their driver, on Their Date night. The car wouldn’t start but I knew what the problem was but it required me to pop the hood for a couple of minutes. After I corrected the problem I put the hood down suddenly and was greeted by the sight of my Wife in a Passionate kissing make out session in the back seat with Don. When they heard the hood slam they quickly stopped but just grinned at me. It was only a moment that I got to see her kissing him so passionately but it’s affect on me was slightly painful but mostly Wonderful. I drove us home, trying to concentrate on the road, but it was mostly autopilot in that respect because my senses were on overload straining to hear, see, or even smell anything to pick up what was happening in the back seat. I could hear some rustling of clothes, being moved. I could hear some low quiet signs, and moans from her and heavier breathing from the both of them. I would sneak peeks in the rearview mirror and more than once caught them in a passionate kiss (could hear that too). When she saw me peeking she just looked into the mirror and smiled at me, then licked her lips. God she knew how to push my Sexual buttons. Even buttons that I didn’t know, yet, that I had. She would push a new button and it would a lot of times be painful at first but then I would realize what a pleasurable sexual trigger it was for me. She loved introducing me to new pleasures. Finally by the time we pulled into the driveway I was even detecting what I knew was my wife’s Wonderful aroma from her aroused pussy. The combined effects were a Very hard dick that I was worried would be noticed by the woman that was babysitting for us when we went into the house. Though my bulge isn’t as big as a lot of guys, she still might have noticed. She did probably notice Don’s. The babysitter informed us that our daughter was sleeping soundly and then left. Now we 3 were alone in the living room where 2 nights earlier they had come so close to what they so desperately desired. Great Sex with each other.

    I said I was going to check on our daughter then after that I went to the Master bedroom and adjusted the curtains on both windows to be open just a crack so it might not be noticed. I did that because I could tell that they both wanted at least this first time to be alone. When I went out to the living room again, I caught them in each others arms, kissing again. They quickly stopped and she smiled and said, “honey since you HAD to be Our driver, therefore couldn’t really drink, I think you should walk over to the bar and have a few, you‘ve earned them for being such a good hubby tonight. Don says he’s had enough to drink so he’ll stay and keep me company”. Has what she had just said to me sunk in I realized that this was “The Moment of Truth” for a want to be cuckold. IF I walked out that door Our lives would be changed Forever. She would have Sex and be Fucked by another man, my best friend, and in Our martial bed. Plus it would end with him filling my Wife’s pussy full of His sperm at least once before the night was over. If I went though that door, the next time I came back though it I would be a Cuckold. I walked to her and said, “thank you for thinking of me dear. I think I will take you up on that offer to let me have a few beers at the bar.” I looked at Don and said “Are you sure you won’t be too bored hanging here?”. Before he could reply she said “oh he won’t be bored, we’re going to play backgammon”, grinning at me with an added wink. That was and obvious referral to the night we met and I was trying to get her to come back to my barracks dorm room so I could get into her panties to lose my virginity with her and she asked teasingly what would we do at the barracks. I said maybe play a game and she replied what game and I said backgammon, like a lame ass. She told me she didn’t know how to play that game, and she still didn’t. I smiled back and gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out through that door, while telling them to “Have Fun”.

    The walk to the bar, though only a little over a block seemed a long one. I got a beer and quickly drank it, thought about a 2nd as she had told me to have “a few”. But my mind was racing a mile a minute with thoughts and emotions, and even physical reactions to what was surely happening just around the corner in my home. I was even shaking some and it wasn’t from the freezing winter nights weather outside. It the nervous butterflies in my gut and the adrenaline rush that was coursing through my veins triggered by the “fight or flight” stimuli of the another man taking Sexual possession of the woman I married right in front of me. Most men in that situation would have responded with the adrenaline fueled response of “fight” but a cuckold (especially a submissive one like I was becoming) bows to the Alpha male and his wife’s desires and chooses flight, so the adrenaline rush causes him to shake nervously instead of fight. So I did something I didn’t do often and ordered a shot of Jack Daniels and downed it. Then another. There that was the few she told me to have. Then I walked back as quick as I could to the house.

    As I approached the front I could tell no one was in the living room. I went to the side of the house to the window there. That window was right near the foot of the bed and therefore gave me the same view as if I was sitting at the corner of the bed. I took a deep breath and looked through the curtains which were just the way I left them. What I saw was burned into my memory so intensely that I can still see it Clearly, over 30 years later. The first sight was of my wife looking SEXIER than I had EVER seen her. I was presented with a clear shot of her clad only in the black garter belt, thigh high hose and high heels. She was on her knees with her legs spread on either side of his legs, and she was bend over. This presented me with an Awesome view of her in that outfit with her Very Sexy legs going up to her Truly Callipygian Ass. With her legs spread wide enough that I could see her sexy asshole and her Wonderful hairy pussy with the lips open beneath it. The sight took my breath away, for several moments. During which I was completely focused on that part of the sight, then I noticed the rest. He was naked and on his back. As I said she was straddling him and her head was between his legs. I could tell that she was sucking and licking his cock but couldn’t see it from this Wonderful angle due to her back, head and hair being in the way. I was reluctant to leave that sight of her in that position but I had to see what she was doing. I quickly went to the back of the house and that window was right at the corner of the headboard so it provided the missing information as soon as I peeked into those curtains. From that angle I was presented with a frontal shot of her still on her knees with her naked pert breasts hanging down while she rested on one elbow with the other dainty hand holding his cock straight up into the air.

    I immediately was presented with visual Proof of both of the things she had said about Don’s cock. It was bigger than me, what she didn’t tell me was how much bigger. As already pointed out I’m as she says “Barely 5 inches, on a good day” and pretty thin (when I take the bathroom tissue roll test I can not only fit my dickie into it but can move the roll up and down rapidly without touching the sides). But he had to be about 3 inches longer, not that far from having Twice what I had and he was a Lot thicker too. She was also right in that with it straight up it was a “Truly Beautiful Cock”. I could also tell that he had a big set of balls beneath it in spite of not having a good shot of them. But it was the look on her face that added so much to it.. Her eyes were like a child’s on Christmas morning when they are playing with the toy that they wanted more than anything. Just filled with excitement. Her smile and grin were Huge, as she looked up at him watching his face for the effects of what she was doing to him, and then glancing back down looking at his Big cock with, well, Loving delight at having it in her hand and mouth. She was Truly Worshipping his Cock. I had Never seen her look so not only Sexy but Beautiful as I did at that moment.

    Even though I was hardly breathing I was so mesmerized by the sights I at first didn’t hear the sounds. But even with the windows closed I could hear her slurping and sucking and his moans from what I knew was the beginning of one of her Lick Jobs. The sounds just heightened the arousal I was feeling with my much smaller dick as hard as it ever was in spite of it being freezing as I stood shivering outside My master bedroom window while another man was getting a Very Hot time with My Wife inside. Sure enough she then went lower and started to lick and suck his balls, which let me see them better and they looked big and full of cum that I’m sure she wanted to relieve him of. He groaned louder which made her grin like the Cheshire Cat. She went lower and I was soon seeing my wife giving another man a rim job like she had given me so Wonderfully in the past. Licking his asshole had him not only groaning louder but bucking up with his hips. He then stopped her before he could cum has he must have had other plans for that cum.

    She looked up grinning and said I don’t mind continuing but he said he wanted to taste her sweet Wet pussy again. They swapped places and I swapped windows again so I could watch him eat her with a view from between her legs. Before he started, her legs were spread with those hose and garter belt framing the “Best parts”, just like they did with her ass from that first view. In spite of her hair you could clearly see that her pussy was open and waiting, and Wet. He started licking and I could hear him slurping at her juices and her moans as he soon had her bucking up and down and twisting her lower body around. I know those signs VERY well. She likes to be licked but LOVES to fuck and she definitely was ready to Fuck. Sure enough she started begging him to fuck her. “Please Don, I’ve waited so Very long to have a Big Cock like Yours, Please put it in me and fuck me. Take me Don, Take me as Yours”. Wow I’m sure those were powerful words for her to say, and powerful words for him to hear, but the Power they held over me as they reached my ears just can’t be Truly described. It must be experienced. The result was in spite of the freezing cold I came in my pants without touching myself as I heard those words. I was shocked, and now wet but still Very Hard.

    He then got up from between her legs and mounted her. My friend was mounting my wife to Mate with her. I could see his balls hanging down has he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips spreading them and her hair even more. She moaned harder and begged for him not to tease her but to put it in now. With her hips bucking up trying to capture his cock. Till slowly but deliberately he slid his Big Cock into My Wife, just a few feet in front of me. The Guttural Groan that came from her was like Nothing I had ever heard from her when I entered her. As he bottomed out and started to stroke she yelled “Fuck me hard Don, Please give me the good hard fucking I’ve been wanting”. These words, from her to my friend were painful (as well as Very exciting). They were painful because he had to be suspecting that he was giving her something she wasn’t used to getting and desperately needed. But I put it out of my mind focusing instead on the Most Erotic sight I had ever witnessed till that day, and maybe even to this day.
    He quickly had her yelling that she was going to cum already and then she came much, Much harder than any I had ever seen. But he just kept going (I would have already been done as demonstrated by the fact I came in my pants already) and she built to another orgasm, even bigger. I had NEVER given her a second orgasm, I was lucky to get her to the first one. It TRULY made me VERY happy that she was receiving that level of Pleasure. Life can be really hard sometimes and Pleasurable Sex is one of the things that make it well worth living. After the second orgasm she said she wanted to get on top, her favorite position.

    She got on top and she grabbed his Very Wet Cock and guided it between her soaking pussy lips. I had the prefect close up view and could see it clearly as she lowered herself down onto it with a Deep Groan of Fulfillment again coming from her. She used to say that she wasn’t too good at a whole lot of things but she knew based on mine and other men’s reactions that she was GREAT at Sex, and the bonus was that she loved it so much (maybe that’s why she was so GREAT at it). Therefore when she was giving and receiving a really Good Hard Fuck, she felt Fulfilled. It was such a sight watching her legs and ass flexing up and down raising her sloppy pussy (I could even hear it wetly slurping around his cock) up and then back down onto him, taking those 8 inches fully into her petite body. He keep telling her how Great her pussy felt wrapped around his cock and how he didn’t want to ever take it out. That sight and her and his words were again too much for me and I again came in my pants without touching myself. Yet still was hard.

    She rode him to 2 more orgasms the last one being so intense that she yelled and screamed so loud I was sure that the neighbors 2 houses over could hear it. I was afraid that they might look out their window and see a peeping tom looking in my bedroom window. Not knowing it was a cuckold peeping tom. But I wouldn’t be there much longer. What happened and was said next would have me leaving. She then asked him if they could take a break. He said yes but asked why. She replied that she was “getting a little sore, because I’m not used to fucking anywhere near this long. My husband usually finishes Very quick and also is smaller, Much smaller that you are.” She even giggled a little as she said it. He replied, “Wow, didn’t know, ok we can take a break”. It felt like I was Punched in the gut and Kicked in the nuts at the same time. WHAT? How could she have said that to my best friend. WHAT must he be thinking about me and my total lack of manliness at this moment. I was CRUSHED and Very Hurt. Remember I and I assume she didn’t know that I was into the Sexual Humiliation side of being a Cuckold, yet. But what she had just told him had to be the most Sexually Humiliated I had ever bend, by far.

    Shivering from the cold, and the large spermy wet spot in my pants, I sulked away from the window and didn’t know what to do. I saw my small sports car in the driveway and got into the back seat and laid down. Like a wounded puppy dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. I laid there, hours. A cab came and picked him up to take him back to the ship. She came out looking for me more than once and then finally walked to the car and looked in and saw me shivering in the back seat. She opened the door and asked what I was doing there she was so worried for hours. She helped me inside and then as she tried to warm me up we talked.

    She wanted to know what was wrong. I told her that I had came back and spied on them. She said she figured I would. She wanted to know what I saw and I told her some but then quickly told her what I had heard her say and how Humiliated I was by her telling my best friend that. She said she was really sorry but she was just answering his question about why she needed a break honestly. She said if you saw us you know that he is indeed much bigger than you and can fuck Hard and Long without cumming. It didn’t help for her to point out that everything she had said was true. So she tried to reassure me by telling me that she did Truly Love me and did enjoy sex with me, “in Our own special way. It was just Different with him”. And others I was to learn.

    By this time we were lying in bed naked and she started to play with my balls and she felt my dickie twitch and asked if I had anymore questions about what I had missed. She knew what I would ask, “Did you finally get him to cum?”. She replied, “Oh yeah did I ever”. I asked “Did he cum in you?”. She said “Of course, he definitely deserved to and I Really wanted him to”. I asked what about the bullet. She hesitated for a moment and said well you certainly didn’t see he or I put it in while you were watching and the truth is I didn’t put it in until after we were done. I REALLY wanted him, Natural”. She apologized but of course my dickie got rock hard with that confession. I then tried to mount her but she said, “even though I’m really sore I’ll let you do me, but you have to put another bullet in first”. That was an Ouch and Oh Thank You at the same to me. My best friend fucks her for an hour or much more without any birth control protection but I her husband has to put the birth control protection bullet in first. I did and I could feel the Total Sloppiness of her pussy with my finger has I inserted it. Then I slipped my dickie in with almost no resistance at all. It was my First but certainly not my last Sloppy Seconds. I’ve always loved how wet her pussy would always be during sex but Sloppy Seconds is a whole other level of sensations. The feeling of her pussy filled with his creamy sperm wrapped around my dicklet is something I could never get enough of. I started to hump in and out fucking like a little boy would because I was excited beyond belief. I asked her if she was wishing it was Don fucking her now, if she preferred his cock to my dick. She didn’t want to answer. She replied “are you sure you want to know, I don’t want to hurt you” I told her I needed to know so she replied, “Yes I Really Wish it was Don on top of me now, Fucking me, and Yes I Much prefer his cock to your dick”. I instantly came harder than I had ever cum by a wide margin. She didn’t cum, but she did giggle, and said, well I’m glad it didn’t hurt you.

    We then fell asleep with my little dickie, and Don’s and my cum still inside her. Now I was Most Definitely a Cuckold.
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  2. Pathedick

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    I know it's been awhile since I posted to my thread. But rest assured that me first becoming a cuckold is not the end of my cuckold experiences. Just the beginning. Not sure how many are interested but I will write more for those that are. I do admit that I do find it sexually exciting (due of course to the sexual humiliation factor of revealing this side of me and my life), to be putting this all down on "paper" so to speak. For all to see.

    But this past couple of weeks have just been too hectic for me to get the next installment down. I will do it as soon as I can. To anyone that has bothered to read this far, Thank You for your time, comments, Thanks or Likes. Being a submissive I'm not always sure anyone wants to read what I reveal about myself.
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    My Cuckold Life Installment number 10: A Many step Journey had lead me to now being a Cuckold, But the Wonderful Journey that lay ahead of my wife and I was just beginning.

    Well Real Life isn’t always like the movies, where you have a long journey to go on and are unsure how to get to where you want to go and a bunch of Munchkins are singing to you to “Follow the Cuckold Brick Road”. It was learn as you go on this Cuckold Journey. There would be some missteps along the way, a wrong turn here and there. But in the end it was discovered that it was that unknown that made it all the more Exciting and Pleasurable as new experiences revealed themselves to fit her, and I and even her Lovers to a tee. But especially in my case, even the ones that in the end revealed themselves to be just what I needed Sexually, sometimes came with a little pain during the discovery.

    That night I had first become a Cuckold, after drifting off to sleep with my dickie still in her Very Well fucked (by Don, not by me) pussy, I woke up sometime later. My tiny soft member of course had slipped out of her. She was still sleeping soundly after what she would later reveal to be the most completely Sexual Satisfying night she had in years. I wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing. I reached over and felt her pussy. It was a mess, open and leaking, with dried cum all over her Sexy pussy hair. My dicklet started to twitch in spite of having shot off 3 times that night, twice in my pants like (I was to discover) a true cucky boi as my friend gave my wife what I wasn’t capable of. For a second I thought about trying to slip it into her but then I remembered what I had heard her tell him, I was much smaller than him and came very quickly where he could fuck her hard till she was sore since she wasn’t used to it. I mean she even giggled a little when she had said it to him. The Cuckold Angst had struck me again. I lay there stewing over how I had to try to “convince him it wasn’t true”. What must he be thinking about me? What if he told some of our other mutual friends/coworkers? My mind raced, what could I do to try to correct it, and what else had she had said to him about her cuckold hubby during all that time I wasn’t listening in? Cuckold Angst, that double edge sword comes with both Pain as well as Pleasure.

    So the next morning, after making her, her favorite breakfast while she slept in and I took care of our daughter, I told her that I was going to talk to Don. She got worried and I assured her that I didn’t regret the night that they two had together or my part in that experience. But I wanted to make sure he was understanding where we all stood, and make sure he had enjoyed himself too. She laughed and said “Believe me he enjoyed himself, not as much as I did, but I made sure I drained those Beautiful Big balls of his”. My little balls tightened up a little at her admission and she smiled at the effect it had on me.

    So I drove to the ship and asked him to go for a walk. We talked small talk at first then he asked where I had disappeared to last night. I told him I had stayed at the bar too long and then just wandered around. He didn’t look like he believed me. I asked if he had enjoyed himself and he replied, “Hell Yes!!! I hope you know and don’t mind my saying it but she is Truly Wonderful in bed. You’re a Lucky man”. I replied I knew she was and that I was a Lucky man. He then asked if he could have other “dates” with her. I told him that she too had Truly enjoyed their date and I’m sure wanted repeat performances. Then I Very hesitatingly said “I think maybe she gave you the wrong impression of me and my sex with her. I think we have a good sex life and I often make her cum”. He looked at me a little funny, then without looking directly at me replied “I know, I’m sure you do just fine, don’t worry about it”. But swear I detected a sly little smile on his face as he said it. I then added “It’s just that she’s so good in bed that it’s hard to hold off”. He then laughed a little and said “She is that” (of course he managed to hold off just fine). We talked some more but after a while I was afraid of what else might be revealed or said so I said I needed to be getting back. He shook my hand and said “tell her I said Hi and thanks again for the Great date”.

    A couple of days later it was my Duty day again so I had to spend the night on the ship. Although I wanted to, we hadn’t had sex since the Date night. She said she was still too sore that first night after and then the next night she said she wasn’t in the mood but would play with my balls while I beat off. While doing that I got her to tell me more about her Date night and I could tell that she was getting excited too, but unfortunately for her, her cucky hubby got more than excited by her Sexual revelations with my best friend and came quickly again before she could have a chance to get going. She giggled a little but I could also detect her frustration.

    On my duty day Don was of course Not on the ship, that evening and Well into the night. When I went on watch at midnight he still wasn’t back and I hadn’t gotten the key to the office to call her to see what might be going on. But I knew what was MOST likely going on. When 6 a.m. rolled around and I got relieved from watch I ran into him, but he was late relieving another watch and couldn’t talk. All he did was give me a big pat on the back, smile big at me and say “Thanks Bud”. I drove home and she was still in bed asleep. I pulled the covers back and see a large dried crusty spot on my side of the bed. She also was still wearing a sexy crotchless teddy thing I had brought her (but she hadn’t worn yet, till now). There was no way I wasn’t going to check and Yes her pussy was a mess again. Don had left his calling card again. The calling card said “I Fucked your wife Royally and when I had her Satisfied and I had enough she drained my balls into her pussy”. I was immediately hard as a rock but I knew I wasn’t in for any relief then so I just fell asleep spooning with her with my little stiffy between her Sexy ass cheeks.

    When we woke up she admitted that Don had indeed kept her company last night for several hours and neither one could help but want a repeat performance after our daughter went to bed. Then they made out, kissing and feeling each other up on the couch for a while until she decided to get up and get into that outfit for him. He of course loved it and the sex was as good or better than the other night. Yes she had cum multiple times and she had managed coax another big orgasm complete with another big load from him into her. She let me have a quickie after telling me that. All the while she called me Don and begged me to fuck her with my big cock. I completely went along with it and asked if I could come in her unprotected cunt and she replied yes, it doesn’t matter what happens “just fill me with your sperm Don”. I of course shot off explosively while she, with her eyes closed to help complete her fantasy, actually had a small orgasm as I (or in her mind Don) shot into her .

    I had 2 more Duty days before we were set to deploy at sea for over 8 months. They definitely didn’t let them go to waste. She was in Sexual Seventh Heaven, and so was I in spite of each time making it a little more apparent my own Sexual Inadequacies compared to Don (and to be revealed, most other men). We were both still on this Journey of Discovery of what our Sexual sides were Truly about and what Our Sexual Lives were going to be about.

    Then came the day/night before the ship was to set sail. I was supposed to go into work in the morning and then wouldn’t be back for those 8 months. We had sex that morning and I was lucky enough to get her to orgasm, as I was really worried I wouldn’t and would have had to live with that failure for 8 months. I told her that I was glad that she had cum and that I was the last to fuck her before we left. Or so I thought.

    Later that night I found out that I could go home for a few hours more. I got a lift from a mutual friend of Don and mine and after he hung around a while I asked for some time alone, he knowing why said yes. She and I went to the bedroom and I noticed the bed was mess. She just grinned and said sorry while taking her pants off, revealing Very Sexy black fishnet (with silver shining threads in them) thigh high stockings with a black garter and a black and silver crotchless panty to top it off. She smiled and said “Yes Don stopped by a couple hours ago”. I was instantly stiff as a board. She giggled at that and said, I’m glad you’re not mad, I know you wanted to be the last to fuck me but I couldn’t say no to him and send him off to sea for 8 months without a send off fuck. I then talked her into posing for a couple of Polaroids to give me something to beat off too while I was gone. In one she spread her legs Wide in that outfit and while smiling with a huge “I was Fucked So Well” grin and also used her fingers to spread open her already open pussy showing me what he had so thoroughly fucked just a couple hours earlier. She then asked me if I wanted “Slopply Thirds”. I was shocked and asked “Do you mean?” She replied yes he had fucked her to numerous orgasms “Big ones” and had cum inside her twice that afternoon while our daughter took a very accommodating long nap. She then shocked me further. She said before I could have slopply thirds I had to taste her used pussy first. I reminded her that she had “used the bullet right?”. She said yes but only after the 2nd fuck but that was hours ago and she was sure it would be ok for me to taste her a little, adding “You’ve talked about eating me after another man has fucked me, well now you have to show you mean it before you go away for 8 months”.

    So I did as instructed as I really wanted those sloppy thirds. I didn’t really taste the bullet any, but I did taste the dried sperm from my friend in her “flavor savor”, her very lovely hairy bush. Her pussy was still as I said open and I’m sure I got some leaking sperm even a couple of hours later. While doing it to her I looked up at her and she was looking down at me with a Very interesting and Sexy grin/smile on her face. When she had enough she said I could now have my “sloppy thirds”. I mounted her and slid in with one stroke with absolutely no resistance at all. I started to hump my ass up and down and then came that question for the very first time (it would not be the last), “Are You In Yet?”. The question took me completely by surprise and though it’s implications stung me I managed to reply, “yes I’m in all the way”. She then didn’t giggle, no because she actually couldn’t help herself and spontaneously laughed while saying “wow, he must have stretched me out so much during those 2 fucks that I can barely feel, huh, …you.”. Those words stung more. But though she could barely feel me, I found the sensations her Double Well Fucked pussy were doing to my dickie and my cuckold mind as I quickly humped like a little boy again, combined with her words and her laughter (and the movement that caused in her hips and pussy) was WAY too much for me and I emptied myself into her as deep as I could. As she said “Ooh, Ooh, you like it so much don’t you my little boy”.

    When I calmed down I apologized that I hadn’t gotten her near to an orgasm as quick as I was. She said “That’s ok, Don gave me Plenty of orgasms to last me a while earlier”. Then I had to leave shortly after. We held each other and kissed goodbye then she whispered in my ear “I’m going to really miss you.” I added I would miss her too, but was suspecting she would also miss Don. She then said “Yes you’re right, But you did get the last fuck before you left.”

    But it wouldn’t be the last fuck before I got home.
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  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 11: Cuckold little boy hubby and Stud Sailor Lover are both now out to sea, What’s a new young Hotwife supposed to do?

    So we set sail therefore she was left to her hand (we hadn’t brought any dildos yet) and I was left to my hand and our recent memories to try to take care of our Very High Sex drives. There is very little privacy on a ship. The bunks are stacked 3 high. On one side is a narrow space between them and another row across from your’s. On the other side is a thin metal partition between my bunk and the one next to mine in another row. But this partition is only half way down the bunk. So there is usually only a couple of curtains covering the opening into your rack from the aisle but I managed to acquire a bunch extra curtains to really close that opening off and also the one at the head of my rack and the rest of the opening between my rack and the guy right next to me. Now I could beat off in private, but had to be VERY quiet doing it. I of course beat off at least once a day and usually twice.

    I would beat off to the memory of that Date Night and what I saw in those windows. I would also beat off to the Polaroids of my wife. There were the ones from that last night before we shipped out and there were some from a couple of weeks before Date Night and then even one from when she was dressing for that first Date Night. I would also read her letters to me while looking at the pictures and beating off. She would almost always include some sexual content in her letters to me which she would write almost everyday. I too would do the same. She would tell me about things she would think about while playing with herself, and say other teasing stuff to me. I would plead for her to write me more about her sex with Don. I wanted everything from what he said and did to what she said and did and especially what she felt while he was doing it. She would indulge me some but never quite enough.

    One thing I couldn’t get out of my head was a couple of things she had said, one to him and one to me. Of course the one to him was when she had told him that she wasn’t used to getting fucked anywhere near like he was giving her since I was much smaller and MUCH quicker. The one to me was what she said when I was inside her having my “sloppy thirds”, and that was of course “Are you in yet?”. The first has I said in Installment 9 really hurt me when I had first heard it, the 2nd (the are you in yet) had set my little dickie shooting right after she said it to me. When I thought about them both some more, including while playing with my little stiffy and looking at her pictures, I started to get turned on realizing that my best friend Don knew I wasn’t man enough to give my wife that fucking that she wanted, but that HE was. The thought still made me uncomfortable but I also realized that my dickie would shoot it’s cum all over my belly when I thought about those 2 things she had said. I hoped she would always let me fuck her but I was coming to realize that she would always NEED to be fucked by other men. I originally was so turned on by this cuckold lifestyle because has I told her it was so Exciting to me that a woman, Especially my woman/wife was so Hot and Horny and Loved Sex so much that she would fuck other men besides me. But now though that thought was still powerful to me sexually, another thought was starting to become even more powerful.

    That thought was that I was so lacking in equipment and ability that I wasn’t capable of giving her what she craved, and NEEDED. There were little hints in her letters that reinforced this thought and those hints just slowly added fuel to that flame. I didn’t want to be turned on by it but each time I accepted it a bit more and even started to crave those hints/comments. It would be a long time before I would fully accept it and even longer before I would fully reveal it to her (but of course she already knew, turned out before I did, she could read me so well sexually). Letters just didn’t lend themselves to deep discussions. That would have to wait till I got back.

    But just a month after I left came further proof of what She Needed and Wanted. She already had found Lover number 2. This one was MUCH different from Don. His name was Pete and he wasn’t close to her Type. Don like the others she was attracted to were young like us, and thin and fit. But Pete was “Old” (to us at the time), being on the backside of the 50’s. Plus he was not only stocky (he was powerfully built) but also had a little gut which she had always found a turn off (till then). But he was military. Actually a retired Army Colonel (which would have made him a Captain in the Navy). He was delivering newspapers (he would drive around in his truck and do it), he said it was for a bit of extra money, but I know it was really because he knew that there was not only a very large Navy base in the area, but also an Army base and Air Force base too. So there would be a LOT of lonely and horny military wives that might need some help around the house (he helped my wife with some stuff that needed fixing and got his son to cut our lawn), but also might need help in the bedroom. He stuck GOLD with my wife.

    Within a month after I left she was more than horny enough and he had seduced her enough that she decided to give into his advances and give him a try. Was she ever GLAD that she did. As she wrote me about it she apologized and hoped I wouldn’t be mad that she had a new lover, another one that I knew (we had met a few times before I left when he came to collect for the newspapers). He always seemed like he was a “Man’s Man” you know carrying himself in an assertive manner. She revealed how he kept coming onto her and complimenting her on her petite body and Great Ass and Legs (she like to wear shorts and the weather was already warming up). Finally he came over and our daughter was napping. She said that he had just helped her with a clogged sink and when she said “I don’t know how to thank you again” he had replied “Well you could give me a Huge thrill by flashing me your breasts”. She was always self conscience about her breasts, thinking that they were too small (I always thought they had a lovely shape and where nice and pert with Sexy nipples), so since she was pretty horny she flashed him her breasts. He quickly reached out and started caressing them and tweaking her nipples. Has I came to tell my friends and other men that were trying to get my wife into bed, “The way to her pussy is through her breasts and nipples”. He had her moaning in no time at all and she said there was no way she was going to stop him till he had fucked her.

    They went to the bedroom and she got undressed and laid down on the bed. He got undressed and she saw that below his gut was something that made her overlook that gut from that point forward. She said he wasn’t really long, shorter than Don but longer than mine at least an inch probably closer to 2 inches. But it was his thickness. She had never seen anything like it. Thicker than Don and More than Twice as thick as me (she didn’t reveal that right away as she was afraid to hurt my feelings but when she finally did, well let’s just say it didn’t hurt my feelings and she got quite the kick out of my reaction). He then sucked and nibbled on her breasts and nipples while fingering her pussy. He commented how she was the wettest woman he had ever had, and that he was going to love fucking her juicy pussy. He was so assertive and she was loving it (she like me had a submissive side, a side I was too submissive and not manly enough to satisfy). She began to beg him to put his cock into her but he said no she had to suck him properly first. She grabbed his cock and started treating him to her tongue and mouth. She said he had a very strong male smell and taste and it was even a turn on to have his belly above her while he was asserting himself sexually with her. Finally he mounted her and rubbed it up and down her lips parting them and her hair. She told me his cock felt so Wonderful and Filling when he entered her she came right after he was fully in her. She said as she came he told her he knew she needed a good hard fucking even before I left, just a feeling he got reading her and me. She told me she agreed with him and started telling him to give her that hard fucking. She said he brought her to 2 more Very Good Orgasms before he pulled out and came all over her breasts and hairy bush above her pussy.

    Turns out that is what he liked doing, spraying his sperm all over her tits and pussy hair, Marking his territory in a way. So in spite of this being the first of MANY times he fucked my wife, for Years, she Never used a bullet with him. She tried to say she didn’t think there was a need for it since he never came in her, but she also admitted that it was a Huge turn on to her to think that he was leaking into her before he pulled out (and I’m sure occasionally leaving his cock in for the first spurt or two before he pulled). Pete ended up becoming one of her favorites because of the way his cock made her feel as he entered her and the orgasms it caused, in spite of her never getting completely over his not being her type. She just couldn’t help herself.

    When I first started to read that letter and it started to get sexual, I stopped and quickly undressed and got into my rack before anyone could see my little stiffy in my underwear. I came before I even finished her description of their first fuck and how it made her pussy feel. I couldn’t believe that my wife now had her 2nd extra martial Lover and that she had taken yet another man’s cock into her pussy that was supposed to be faithfully mine. I didn’t get soft (it was great being so young and full of cum) and kept reading while still beating off and came again spraying my public hair and even my breasts with my 2nd load of sperm, while I read about him doing that to my wife. I re-read that letter MANY times relieving my balls of Many a load of cum during that LONG cruise. All while I pictured in my mind him grunting on top of her pounding his Really Thick cock into my wife while she lay beneath him with her legs spread wide and had Wonderful orgasms over and over until he had his fill and covered her with his sperm.

    I was actually Truly Grateful to him for taking such Great care of my wife, and the Orgasms she described many times that he gave her. Plus I was Grateful to both my wife and Pete for the orgasms that they were giving me, even with me on the other side of the world.
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    My Cuckold Life Installment number 12: An over 30 year jump ahead to present day. Once a pathetic fuck, always a Pathedick fuck.

    So please forgive me this out of order over 30 year jump ahead in the installments telling my Cuckold Life but just couldn’t help myself with recent developments in my sex life currently. I plan on not only going back and completing my telling of my Cuckold life with my wife, but also fully going into my life since my wife passed and what happened to my Sexual side after that. But planned on waiting to much later in the installments. But I will quickly say right now that my current live in girlfriend (for a few years now) does not know this side of me. There are many reasons for that (that I will go into in detail later) but I will reveal that due to some comments she’s made, I don’t think there is any chance that she will cuckold me, and that’s ok, I had a very long enjoyable run as a cuckold and still consider myself one, even if my girlfriend isn’t fucking others. But I do have hope that once I reveal some of my Sexual side, like the submissive side that craves Sexual Humiliation, that she will be open to playing to some of those fantasies. Recently I have even more hope of that.

    That’s because of those recent changes the past month or so have been feeding that side of me WITHOUT her even knowing that side of me. For the past few years we’ve had a pretty normal sex life. I’ve fucked her and even managed to bring her to orgasm before my quick firing little shooter went off. But this was mainly because of the fact that she is a VERY quick cummer herself. Especially when I also fuck her sexy ass (I am an Ass Man, or Ass little boy after all), with my finger as I am fucking her. But even as quick a cummer as she is, I’m Pathedick remember and as my wife would come to say that means Puny and Premature. So I started to finish too quick, too often.

    BUT she as always RAVED about my pussy eating. From the get go she would go CRAZY as I ate her, constantly moaning and Praising me and my tongue. Telling me over and over how good I was servicing her orally (not knowing how I got so much practice as a Creampie eater). In the past she would almost always have me stop licking before she came, wanting me to fuck her and bring us both to orgasm that way. But occasionally she couldn’t help herself and would have an explosive orgasm while I was eating her. Sometimes the sex would stop there, as would tell her that was ok as her orgasm was more important to me than mine. But other times she would tell me to go ahead and fuck her anyway. At those times she would most of the times put some effort into fucking me back.

    BUT that has REALLY changed lately. First she started letting me lick her longer and make her cum more often with my tongue without stopping me. Then a month or so ago she started doing something else. After I had brought her to an Explosive oral orgasm and she recovered a bit (during this time her pussy was so sensitive that she didn’t even want me to lightly kiss her outer lips) she would then tell me “Ok your turn now, you can Do Me, but I’m sorry I might not be too responsive. I hope that‘s ok”. WOW, OH WOW!!! Music to a Submissive Cuckold’s ears. The woman that he Loves and Sexually Craves, is telling him that she’s going to let him fuck her but due to her knowing his small equipment and lousy ability, will probably just lay there while he does it. She was apologizing for it in advance not knowing that not only did she not have anything to apologize for but I fell Deeper in Love and Lust with her for what she had just said, and Especially for what she was about to do. Or more accurately for what she was about to NOT DO. So I would mount her and being bearly 5 inches on a good day and pretty thin, combined with her now SOAKING wet pussy from my eating her and her big orgasm. Plus her being open from my tongue I slipped right in. In spite of her pussy now being so sensitive my little stiffy didn’t bother her at all. Sure enough she was completely unresponsive. I was in 7th Sub Cuck Heaven. My dickie was all the way in the woman whose pussy I desired, and I was humping and stroking away and she was, …. Well probably bored stiff. I almost thought I would hear what my wife used to say to me, “I know I can count on you being quick but could you hurry it up even more”.

    I wanted to tell her what she was doing to me without even knowing it. What Absolute Pleasure she was giving me, without even knowing Why. But I’ll know when the time is right for confessions, and this wasn’t it. But between the Awesome Wetness of her pussy which felt like Sloppy Seconds, and her just lying there while I Pathetically hump away like a little boy getting his first fuck, I came of course Quickly.

    Well this started to happen more and more, She would cum with me licking then tell me to take my turn while apologizing for lying there, and I would live up to my name, Pathedick. Then a few weeks ago, another development. I licked her, on the couch, she stopped me and wanted me to fuck her. She had me sit and she mounted me. She rode me for a bit but then stopped and laid back down “Saying, I’d prefer you to lick me some more instead”. Again music to a Sub Cuck’s ears, and without her even knowing it. So I licked her to her great orgasm and again she let me mount her while she was motionless.

    Then a couple of weeks ago, I was licking her and she not only let me lick her to an Explosive orgasm but she didn’t stop me, I had only given her a 2nd orgasm twice over the years but this time I licked her to MANY, one after another each one bigger. I’m a Sub Cuck and LOVE to be Sexually Humiliated but that’s as it pertains to my little dicklet and my Quick cumming pathetic fucking abilities. But since I LOVE to have my woman moaning in Pleasure, I love that she loves what my tongue does to her. This ended with another unresponsive fuck, during which she was so sloppy and open I’m sure she couldn’t feel a thing, to my Delight.

    Then finally yesterday. It was a repeat of my driving her crazy with my tongue but this time, well… lets just say that I usually try to at least make a show of being Slightly manly. I try to at least enjoy the Awesome sensations of her sloppy pussy around my dicklet, for a couple minutes, but it usually is Barely a minute. Not much of a Studly show at all. But yesterday. Well I Know I didn’t make 10 strokes, not even close. Definitely less than 10 seconds after entry, I was groaning and cumming. All while she just laid there and let her little boy hump her.

    The BEST part about all this is that as I said, she doesn’t know my Sexual Submissive side. So though I’d LOVE it if she was doing this because she knew I wanted her to do it. And she if knew what she was doing to me, how Sexually crazy and the Sexual Heights she was driving me too by all this. But she doesn’t and that makes my orgasms even more explosive, for what it means is that I’m right, and my wife was right. I am when it comes to Manly Fucking ability, Pathedick.
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    I REALLY Love finally, slowly, putting my Cuckold Life down "on paper" before the memories start to fade too much. It Excites me to tell it also. To "put it all out there", to "put myself so out there". I Know that this thread isn't for everyone tastes. I know that so far the Installments are at least somewhat long. There is nothing wrong with the quick short post, I like them a lot too, but when I sit down and start writing, not sure what I'm going to write and thinking it's going to be short, the memories just start flooding back and it just flows out of me onto the keys of the computer. Plus I like to try to paint a picture with my posts into peoples minds. I want to not only type what happened, what I saw and/or heard, but to also portray what my thoughts were/are, and especially what my Emotions were/are. I want people to connect with the situation I'm trying to describe, to picture it in their minds (and hopefully feel it in their Loins). At least that's my goal.

    But without feedback I can't help but wonder if I'm successful. I know that a lot of people have seen this thread (that thought turns this Sub Cuck on, I'm ashamed to say). But though there has been some feedback from some fellow Cucks, Hotwifes, and Bulls, there hasn't been a lot of it.So PLEASE feel free to post Comments, questions, or just to click Like or Thanked. I'm not begging (Ok I'm a Sub Cuck so I am begging a little, it's what we do), but would like to know if my telling of my Cuckold Life is connecting with you in anyway.

    I don't want to bore people.
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  7. fastredcar

    fastredcar Member

    By all means please, PLEASE continue writing about your experiences. The other night my wife was adamant that she would never fuck another guy so it is stories like yours that sustain me while I continue to promote the idea with her.
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  8. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you fastredcar (what kind of car?), I was always a fan of Magnum PI and wanted his Ferrari. But again Thanks for the feedback. I HOPE that my telling of my cuckold life helps you in some way. Be Patient with your wife, VERY Patient. It's a Journey and the Best Journeys sometimes take a Long time. Just like any Long Distance Journey you have to just keep taking one step at a time. But it will be worth it in the end.

    Maybe since by what you've said she knows about this being part of Your Sexual side, you could talk her into reading this and other stories. Or try printing this one or others out and leave the printouts where she'd likely find them eventually.

    But if you do either of these, be prepared to explain to her that these are just other peoples Sexual lives and that she and/or you don't need to do or live every part of them. That she and you have your own Sexual side and can make your own Journey together.
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    My Cuckold Life Installment 13: How to continue to Evolve as a Submissive Cuckold while an Ocean(s) away.

    It can sometimes be tough to be a Cuckold. Especially while The Life is still evolving. While you are still Evolving into that Sexual side of you, not even knowing let alone understanding your place in the Cuckold Marriage. I knew I didn’t want this Exciting rollercoaster ride to stop even if the Rush could be dizzying sometimes, I just didn’t know where this ride would turn next. Rollercoaster rides are Fast and if I hadn’t been separated by thousands of miles of ocean water in the early 80’s with no cell phones, email, or internet to shorten that distance, the ride on the Evolution rollercoaster would have been much faster. But even with all those obstacles the ride continued. Like all Great rollercoaster’s I was growing addicted to the Rush and especially the feeling in my groin it produced.

    Where as I, the sailor husband was doing his duty/job aboard the ship and my sex life consisted of writing pleading letters in desperate need of more details of my Wife’s Sex Life. Plus beating off my almost always hard dick whenever I was lucky enough to get some time in the rack. Each day it would be pretty much the same for us sailors, the routine of the job, but in my case instead of writing the usual letter to the Navy wife at home I was also adding the sexual part at the end of each letter. Asking for answers to detailed questions and sometimes risking putting out there a new fantasy my horny imagination had thought of. Then all us sailors would wait anxiously for the Mail Plane to land and then for mail call. It was a rush waiting for the letters that would sometimes be followed by the crush of not getting any.

    But oh what a high when I would get one. Yes I was interested in ALL she had to say. That included all the rest of the stuff that was at the beginning of each letter. The descriptions of what was going on in her and my daughters life. Those descriptions would make me feel closer to them both, keep me connected to them. But she would always finish each letter with Sexual stuff. Sometimes just a few lines but sometimes she really outdid herself with some great descriptions of Her sex life. Her sex life, unlike mine, was NOT going to be affected by my being thousands of miles away. She Loved Sex, and Craved Cock and she was More than Sexy enough to attract men willing to give her the cock she needed. Every now and then a letter included a nice amount of detail about some of the sex with Pete.

    She told me about how she was in the kitchen working at the counter that separated it from the family room where our daughter was playing. He was in the kitchen and came up behind her and slipped a finger into the bottom of her short, shorts, and started rubbing it up and down her slit. She tried to tell him no, that our daughter was right on the other side of the counter and might notice. He though was too assertive, unlike her cuckold hubby and told her that she should just act like everything was normal. She said he knew he had a Sexual power over her and did what he said. He slowly parted her pussy lips and being that she was already, Always wet (although in all honesty sometimes with me she wouldn’t be), he slipped his fat finger into her (not much thinner than my dicklet). She told me when he did that she couldn’t help herself and in spite of the closeness of our daughter she humped her ass back at him to get his finger in deeper and even let out a low moan, complete with “Oh Yes”. Our daughter was engrossed with her play and didn’t notice so they continued. He worked his finger in and out wiggling it repeatedly and she kept humping back at it. Till she finally had a small and as quiet as she could orgasm. She looked at him after she recovered and told him they shouldn’t have done that. He just looked back at her, Smiled, then put his finger up to his noise and sniffed deeply, then said “your pussy says otherwise”.

    Another letter that fed my developing/evolving submissive cuckold side described some things that he would say to her and she to him while they fucked. I was always begging for those details since I was half a world away. She told me that he liked to get her to tell him how much she Loved his Cock, and his Fucking. He would make her beg for it while rubbing it up and down the entrance to her wet hungry pussy. Till she was Crazy with Lust for his Cock in spite of his gut and age. She would plead and beg for him to put it in and fuck her. She told me that she usually came almost as soon as he pushed that Very thick Cock into her. Which made her more Cock Crazy for him. He would then start fucking her hard and would ask her to tell him if he was bigger and better than her husband, Me. She would apologize to me in letters like that before she revealed that she couldn’t help herself and only wanted him to keep fucking her hard till she came at least one more time. She would admit that she would blurt out answers in the Heat of the moment, things like “ Yes your Cock is Much bigger than my husbands, it’s longer and more than twice as thick”, “ Yes you give me so many more orgasms and you make me cum so Much more intensely than he does”. Then she apologized again when she admitted that she had not only told him those things and more but also told him that she has trouble cumming with me, and that in addition to having a small and Very thin dick, I am also a VERY quick shooter. She would always say that she would reveal these things, would say these things while being fucked to orgasm after orgasm. She was Not sure she should have said any of them or even reveal to me that she had. But I wanted to know and that she had wanted to be has Honest to me as she had been to him in those candid moments of Passion.

    She also added that he always seemed to like hearing these confessions by her, about his cock and his fucking ability and about my dick and my Lack of fucking ability. She told me that he told her that he liked me but could tell when he met us both that she was Hot and he was pretty sure that I was Not able to give her what she needed to be Sexually satisfied.

    These things didn’t come all at once, or even in a few letters. I was out at sea for 7 more months when they started fucking, when she started spreading her legs for him in our empty martial bed. When he started fingering the Pussy that I Worshiped and Desired, just a few feet from our daughter. When he used that Fat Cock between his legs to make her forget his fat gut. He continued to Sexually satisfy MY Wife at least 3 times a week and she would continue to slowly reveal these little Sexually Humiliating things to me, that she not only felt and thought about Me but would tell Pete (and then others) about Me. She told me much later that she would always hesitatingly write each one of the confessions then wait for up to a couple of weeks that it would take for her letter to reach me and then me to respond. And it was the same with my letters and my confessions to her. But time passes if even very slowly and with those months passing it was slowly revealed much more has to who She was Sexually and also more of who I was Sexually, to Both of us.

    That picture that was slowly being painted to each of us was that I was not only too small and thin in the dick department, but that I was also Way too quick to be shooting off and then getting soft. Those were the Facts that we both could See, Feel, and Accept. We both knew that Don and Pete were much bigger and could fuck much longer and harder than I could, therefore were more Manly when it came to taking care of a Hot Woman Sexually. But what I was also beginning to accept (and she could see from my letters, my reactions to those Facts), was that those Facts, and even other people knowing those Facts, seemed to be a Sexual Trigger for me. Though all this was done through a statement here and a hint there over Months by both of us.

    Coming next, Cuckold Hubby stays at sea, but Don Returns.
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    Another great installment - really enjoying the slow build-up, the natural unfolding of how you traveled this path. I get the feeling with each installment that the next one will be special, and it always is. So looking forward to the next one, and its topic.
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  11. chootdas

    chootdas Active Member

    Hi Pathedick, Your instalments are very inspirational and interesting. Your hard work and patience are much appreciated.
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  12. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you sand3257 for the feedback. It's really appreciated, has I'm a submissive in the part of my life I'm trying to portrait I'm wanting to Please those that are reading about it, whether they are other Cuckolds, Hotwives, Bulls, other Sub Cucks, or even want to be any of these.

    With you being a member of this forum for over 8 years, your opinion carries some extra weight due to your dedication to the forum/Lifestyle and how much you must have read in the past.

    So far in spite of the time it takes for me to "put in on paper" I'm VERY glad that I Finally decided to put it down and put it out there. I guess the time was finally right.
  13. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you chootdas your comments are also much appreciated. So glad you liked it and I hope I connected to something in your own life with my experiences. I see you enjoyed at least most of my installments and you showed it. So Thank you again. You too have been around here for years so your opinion interests me.
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  14. Hotandspiffy

    Hotandspiffy New Member

    I must know what happened to your Hotwife ? I know not all stories have a good ending but I would love to hear it! It's the best advice for us young cucks
  15. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well sorry, Hotandspiffy, as Willing as I am to put myself and the story of our lives as Submissive Cuck and Hotwife, out there, to share with you all. My wife's passing is Not an area that I am willing to go or to share, beyond saying the following. The longer I live the more I come to know that Life is Short. Plan for the Future (and as I've said the Best things in Life take Time and Effort) BUT LIVE for Today. No one does those 2 things perfectly and without mistakes, we just strive to minimize the regrets and enjoy the time we have with those we have. Carpe Diem.
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  16. Hotandspiffy

    Hotandspiffy New Member

    Aww I am sorry to hear that. The reason I ask is I assumed something didn't work out in the relationship so I was looking for advice. Or any insight on how to keep a good cuckolding relationship.
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  17. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you

    As for any advice or insight, I'm no expert, but do try and post my thoughts on some things when asked. Plus I hope that some might find some part of what I recount here of our long time Cuckold Relationship helps them in some way (and not just helps them cum while reading it, but I also hope that some do that too. Life is Truly short, the more pleasure you can GIVE as well as receive, during it the better).

    I Hope you and your wife have a "good cuckolding relationship".
  18. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    It appears that my at least my last installment that I posted just before the forums disappeared has also disappeared. I will try to repost it tomorrow. I SO missed you fellow cucks , Bulls and Hotwifes
  19. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Cuckold Life Installment number 14: Now how did the Navy know that a young Hot Navy Wife needed her Stud Sailor Lover back?

    So My Sexy Young Hot Wife has been getting serviced by her much older retired Army Colonel, and from the descriptions in her letters he is doing a FINE and though job of keeping my wives pussy happy. But she had also made it clear that she missed not only me, and our loving emotional connection that we had, but also missed her Young and fit Stud Sailor Lover. Well the Navy was about to help her out on the latter.

    Don and I were on watch together one night between 3 and 4 months into the 8 month deployment. He told me that due to things going on with his divorce and his son, the Navy was going to transfer him home to another ship. I was genuinely happy for him but of course jealous that he was getting to do what most of us on the ship wanted to do. That was go home. I was also BOTH happy and jealous for I knew that it also meant that he and not I was going to be there to not only spend time with My Wife, but to also be the beneficiary of her need for not only sex but her need for some loving from someone young and her type. He all but told me outright that he was planning to quickly get back to Fucking my wife. He told me, “ Hey it sucks buddy that you have to finish this cruise with all those months left, but I promise to look in on your wife to see if I can help her with anything she needsâ€.

    So in my very next letter I told her that he was being transferred back there. I told her what he had said about coming by to help her with anything that she “needsâ€. I warned her that after a few months at sea I’m sure that Don had some “needs†that he was going to want her to take care of also and I knew that she was just the Sexy woman that could help him out. Then added “Empty his Very full balls and Enjoy yourself doing it“.

    So then I Very Anxiously awaited for the reply letter. It was close to 2 weeks later when it came. But it only had the stuff about her and our daughters everyday life. I wanted and looked forward the stuff on our family too but nothing about Don, or Pete, or sex at all. Which left me Sexually disappointed and frustrated. Then the very next mail plane, the very next day something else arrived. It wasn’t just a letter. It was a small package. There was a letter in the package but also a pair of her Sexy panties complete with dried sperm completely covering the crotch (luckily I never opened my letters or packages in front of others). I immediately climbed into my rack and opened the letter. Instead of the usual letter this one was just about my wife’s latest sex life.

    She started by saying that the panties were what she put on after she had gotten done FULLY draining Don’s balls like I had told her to. My little dicklet was as hard as Steel in the ships hull. What she said next almost made me cum reading it without touching myself. She added “I had so much sperm shot into me last night but was too tired afterwards to even care about cleaning up. So I put these panties on and went to sleep. When I peeled them off in the morning I thought to myself “Bill would love to see this. So I’m sending them to you. Feel free to wrap them around your dick and add your sperm to his in the crotch.†I first put them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Sure enough her Most familiar and intoxicating aroma filled my nostrils and filled me with not only images of her and her Sexy body, but images of her with him Naked in bed. Therefore the aroma triggered within me even Greater Lust. Of course I then couldn’t resist and stuck out my tongue and licked at the heaviest dried sperm spot. Don’s sperm, but after it had already been shot deep into My Wife’s pussy and had leaked out mingled with her pussy juices that he had gotten so flowing. I then touched my balls and my dick started shooting already. I quickly placed the crotch of the panties over the head of my exploding dicklet and added my sperm to Don’s just like she had said I should. It was an intense orgasm but I was also disappointed in myself for having come so quick, before even reading much of the letter that she had obviously worked hard on writing for My benefit. I left the spermy panties wrapped around my dick and continued to read the letter.

    She told me that she had gotten Very excited when she had read my letter that Don was on his way home. She had dressed sexy for days after that, not knowing when he might show up. But she Knew he Would show up and sure enough. It was evening and our daughter was in the kitchen eating and couldn’t see the door from where she was so my wife hugged him then kissed him deeply with tongues exploring each others mouths, while he squeezed her ass. She told me that it felt So Great to be holding and kissing a young and fit military man again (she Loved/Lusted Pete’s cock and even his assertiveness but didn’t kiss and make out with him). She could feel Don getting hard and placed her hand on his crotch and rubbed it. But then they had to wait till she put our daughter to bed. Once they were sure she was asleep, they quickly were making out on the couch while he fingered her pussy via the leg opening of her shorts, like Pete had done. She couldn’t take much of that so she took him to Our Martial bed and when they got there he took her top off and start sucking and nibbling on her breasts. She then dropped to her knees and unzipped him and pulled out his Big Beautiful Cock (that’s how she described it). She had lovingly licked it then sucked it. But he said that as much as he loved her “Lick Jobs†he wanted her Hot Wet pussy wrapped around his cock more. So he pulled her shorts off and her panties (the very panties that I had now wrapped around my again hardening dick). He undressed while she lay on the bed with her open legs welcoming him home. He had then started eating her until she was begging and pleading for him to stick his cock in and fuck her.

    She said that he teased her for awhile rubbing his cock up and down her soaking slit spreading the hair and her lips till she told him that she would do anything that night for him if he would just shove it in and fuck her. She said he did shove it in and she came twice before he came (she said he didn’t last as long as the other times due to his being at sea all that time. But she added, maybe due to her already getting at least a clue if not a good read on my Sexual submissiveness, that he still lasted Way longer than I do. Then added “sorryâ€). She went on to say that neither of them were through. After they kissed and recovered a bit she then did something that she surely never did with me (since she wasn’t to into tasting sperm), she licked and sucked his absolutely gooey cock, still covered with his cum and hers mingled together, hard again. Then she mounted him and rode him to Three orgasms this time before he came deep inside her again.

    She put on the panties that were now wrapped around my dick and was going to put in the bullet as soon as she got him to go to the guest room (she didn’t want our daughter to wake up and find them sleeping together) But he pulled her back down to cuddle and then they both fell asleep. It was then that I Finally did something that I had always fantasized about doing but always lost the nerve/urge to do once I had cum, but now I was So Horny again that I not only would do it, I Lusted to do it. I took those panties soaked with his Two Big Loads of cum and her pussy juice (didn’t know since I hadn’t finished reading the letter it was actually 3 loads of his dried cum) and my still wet load (re-wetting his loads) and put them to my mouth and licked and sucked those panties of every drop, wet or dried that I could find. All while beating my shooting dicklet with the other hand due to thinking about pretty much one thing I couldn‘t get out of my head “She had fallen asleep with not one but two loads of his sperm in her Unprotected cunt“. All orgasms are good, …some are Great, …and some just Stand Out. Has self embarrassed as I was about what I just done, that Orgasm stood out.

    After I had again calmed down, I read on. She said they woke up hours later, still in the middle of the night and they both wanted it again so he pulled the panties off and fucked her facing each other on their sides so that they could kiss deeply during it. She said that he had been squeezing her ass while fucking her in that position and then after her first orgasm and before she went off again he had started fucking her ass with his finger. After she had more orgasms and he pumped another load of sperm from his balls into My Wife, he got up and went to the guest room and she FINALLY after Three fucks and Threes loads of cum put in a single bullet into her pussy for it to attempt to protect her womb from pregnancy. Then put the panties back on and had a Great (as she said it) nights sleep.

    When she awoke it was to the smell of bacon. She got up and Don was cooking bacon and eggs for my daughter and wife. The two of them just smiled a knowing smile at each other and did a quick discreet kiss. He hung around doing “man things†around the house till afternoon when our daughter took her nap and then he called in her promise. He told her that she had said she would do anything for him if he would shove his cock in and fuck her and even though the night was over he wanted his Special Reward. She replied that as much as she wanted to fulfill that promise, she didn’t think she could, he had during those 3 sessions, Fucked her pussy raw. He replied that was perfectly ok because what he wanted was her Very Sexy Ass.

    Now has I pointed out in my installment number 7, she didn’t give me the Truly Wonderful gift of her Ass until our honeymoon, more than 2 years into our relationship. And hadn’t given me an encore of that Mind Blowing experience and orgasm but once more (maybe twice) in the over 2 years since. But she gave him her Ass and although she said that my dick is much more suited for ass fucking he still managed to get it in and she begged for his hard fucking once she got adjusted to it. She came twice more, the second one when he blasted the last of his sperm into her Ass. She added “See I told you I drained his balls like you said. Four loads into me in a matter of hours“. Then “I Hope you enjoyed the pantiesâ€.

    Even after cumming twice I was hard again at the end of the letter due to the image in my head of her sticking her Most Callipygian Ass up in the air while another man, not me, her husband, but my friend pounded it with his “Big Beautiful Cockâ€. So I wrapped those Sexy Soiled and Sucked panties around my little stiffy, while holding her Sexy polaroids in my other hand and beat off to a last little dribble of a cum. She had managed to not only drain Don’s Big balls in Our Home in Our Queen size Martial Bed, she had managed to drain my little balls from half way around the world, on the ship, in my small rack, with her Panty package and the MOST Sexually Erotic letter, by far, she had ever sent.

    Next: Don makes new sailor friends and wants to share….MY Wife.
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  20. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    I know these posts are long, so some people might skip them. If you are doing that, you are truly missing out on some excellent content. This last post was fantastic!
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