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Became a Cuckold over 3 decades ago. My life, before, during and after the decades of Cuckoldness

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Pathedick, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Alright this will be the first post of many as I attempt to tell the story of my life as a cuckold. Although there will be some “embellishments to spice it up and conceal our identities” it is definitely all based on these truths, I became a cuckold over 3 decades ago., it was on going and lasted for decades, and we had many children and they are not all mine (she liked to tease that none of them were, but ALL were raised and loved like they were).

    I see many posts where the cuckold, or want to be cuckold or the cuckolds wife/girlfriend are wondering WHY? Why they feel like they do. I of course have had a lot of time to think about this, and since I’m in a scientific and technical field I tend to be analytic in a lot of my thinking. So in explaining how I because a cuckold, including one that thrives on the humiliation aspect of it, I need to go all the way back.

    I have come to the conclusion that who we are sexually has at least 2 truths. First we are born to be who we are sexually (for the most part. Yes there are experiences in life that shape it also but for the most part our sexually, our sexual turn ons, is part of WHO we are). When someone who is gay says they were born that way, I know this to be true (I’m not gay by the way but will explain WHO I am sexually much more to come). I do not believe you can truly change who you are sexually. Which is why pedophiles should never get out of jail, it is part of who they are and it can’t be cured, the same goes with rapists. The second conclusion is that who we are sexually can be VERY, or even completely different from who we are in all the other aspects of life.

    Both of these conclusions fit me and my life experience. I of course didn’t grow up thinking I was a cuckold. Didn’t even know what one was. But has I was becoming one, though various steps and afterwards I’ve truly come to believe that I was born to be a cuckold (of course my wife would add that just my small thin, very quick cumming dick and my lousy fucking ability also made me born to be a cuckold, and I can’t argue with that either). Plus I am very different in the rest of my life than I am sexually. I am successful in my field and competitive in it. I have been successful in 2 different sports, both as an athlete and as a coach and am VERY competitive in sports. I do NOT like to lose. Which is why “Loser” is pretty much the only word that I do not like used when sexually humiliating me with words. I am NOT a loser, just a lousy fuck and a cuckold. I do not like to be humiliated, made fun of or laughed at in any way EXCEPT sexually, which I most definitely do. Even the rest of my marriage I pretty much made the decisions in it on almost everything non sexual (though with her input of course and I would of course try to please her a lot). Yet sexually I’m very submissive and want to be controlled.

    So the beginning. I pretty much had a normal childhood. Father and Mother stayed together till death did they part (marriage over 50 years). They raised 10 kids. So nothing really in my childhood influenced my cuckoldness. But I have always been VERY high sexed. I discovered very young that playing with my dick made me feel good and by the time I was maybe 11 or 12 I didn’t know how at first to jack off, with the up and down motion, but I would rub my dick back and forth between my hands like you would a stick trying to start a fire and look at a teenage native girl picture I tore out of a National Geographic magazine who was topless (very nice shaped tits from my memory). The first time I ever had an orgasm I was so young no sperm came out, nothing did. I didn’t know what happened and was scared I had hurt myself. But quickly decided that I VERY much liked that feeling and started to do it more and more. I quickly learned that the rubbing and it’s friction could make me raw with as often that I was doing it and discovered the up and down motion. Back then we didn’t have sex ed until middle school so once I learned a bit more I was thrilled and fascinated when I started to shoot sperm. Even from the beginning there was something so powerfully sexual about sperm and my cock shooting cum (still love seeing cocks shoot cum or even imagining what the head of one of her lovers cocks looks like has it shoots it‘s load deep inside her).

    I was soon doing it every day and more, sometimes up to 5 times a day. I started to want to stick my dick into something, to fuck something. I tried various things, even used an empty alka seltzer bottle, if you remember they used to come in skinny glass bottles that were just wider than the tablets are and were 5 inches tall or so. Due to the fact my little dick was even skinner and smaller then I could stick my little stiffy into it and jerk off with it and because it was glass I could see my sperm shoot into it.

    Has I entered my teenage years and really got into girls I wanted more, I wanted the real thing. But I was not only small in statue (I was late to sprout and even then was still smaller than average, and not just in the dick department), but I was also painfully shy. I did have some girlfriends but they never were very long term, longest maybe 3 months. BUT I never tried anything with them, besides kissing. Never even felt them up. Thought I was being a gentleman and didn’t want to make them dump me for trying something like that. In hindsight that could very well be why it never lasted too long. They maybe got tired of waiting for me to make the move. As much as I wanted to, I never did. I guess I was submissive sexually even then but didn’t know it. So I kept playing with my dickie like a little boy (not knowing it was a little dickie). For you younger folk back then there wasn’t any internet or even home computers so there was VERY little access to porn. Besides the teenage native girl I used to use the Montgomery Wards catalog for my jerk off sessions. The pictures of teenage girls and women in panties (maybe that one of the reasons I’m so into panties today). Plus I discovered my fathers stash of paperback novels under my parents mattress (all boys/men used to stash their porn under their mattress like their mothers/wives wouldn’t find it). But his paperback porn was about male dominated S & M and although I would occasionally be desperate and horny enough to check it out, mainly for the drawings of naked females and sex, it didn’t turn me on at all. That’s another reason that I say we are born to be turned on by what you are turned on by. I was young, and impressible and exposed to that male dominated S & M but it was not me. Just like some guys are turned on more by blonds, redheads or black hair. Some guys are into huge tits some smaller more pert tits (that’s me, bigger breasts sometimes look better in clothes but smaller more pert breasts look much better naked). Some guys are leg men (me) some guys are ass men (definitely me). What we are turned on by or not is part of who we are. Just like you can’t force someone to love you, you also can’t force someone to be turned on/lust you. My older brother also had some porn too (also under his mattress) but I don’t remember any of it being cuckold related.

    Other things I noticed during this time. I started to have such strong urges to have sex and I now knew about oral sex that I even tried to suck my own dick. But in spite of my being pretty limber in those days my dick was just too short. The most I managed to do was a couple of times flick the tip of my tongue over the very tip. I also started to develop the irresistible urge to taste cum but like most men/boys would fail to follow through after cumming. So I even tried to use a straw to suck it up as I came. Didn’t work though. I also tried to flip my legs up over my head and jerk off into my mouth, but that wasn’t very comfortable at all even when I was that limber (many years later my wife had me do it a few times too). Plus I don’t know why but I was always anally fixated. I liked putting my finger or a pen up my ass (or even better I found a discarded plastic cigar case shaped like a penis, a thin penis but I didn’t know any better because mine wasn’t much thicker and used that sometimes). Now you might think, with all these thoughts and desires to suck my dick and shallow my sperm, and wanting something to fuck my ass that I was gay. Well I don’t really stick any definition on myself. And don’t care what others might define me as. But I do not consider myself gay. I have always LUSTED after women and wanted women. I’m attracted to women from their hair (prefer longer than shorter), face, eyes, lips, breasts, belly, and up from their toes and feet to their legs, ass (I’m an ass man remember) to that most prized and sought after part that a female can give a man, her pussy (prefer hairy, but bald is ok too, just way over common now). I have always looked at women and wanted to hold them, cuddle them, to kiss them to stick my dick into their mouth, pussy, and ass. But I have never looked at men that way. I have never looked at men walking around in clothes and felt anything, let alone lust. I am not attracted to men, not their hair, face, lips, chest, arms, belly, feet, legs, ass. NONE of it. BUT as I stated I became fascinated by a spurting cock and sperm. I had (and still don’t) no desire to kiss a man, cuddle with a man, stick my dickie in a mans mouth, or desire to fuck a man. But I began to have fantasies about sucking a cock and feeling it spurting it’s creamy load in my mouth and since I was also anally fixated (or had a “hot horny ass” as my wife would say), I thought about being fucked by a cock. These desires has strong as they were at times weren’t near my desires for female love and sex. See I’m just HIGHLY sexed, and always have been.

    So I graduate high school and I’m off to the Navy. How did I go from a virgin very young sailor to a decades long cuckold. Well though I may be wordy (and therefore not interesting to everyone who is just here for a sound bite like it seems more people are interested in now) if you are interested you’ll have to wait to find out till the next installment. I promise it gets better both for me and those reading my story.
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  2. Pulley

    Pulley Member

    Great start. Looking forward to the next chapter. So much there in common so far. Thanks for sharing
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    "Great start. Looking forward to the next chapter. So much there in common so far. Thanks for sharing"

    Thank you, I work long and extremely varied hours, but will write it up as soon as I can. Interesting that there is so much in common with you, so far. I guess that's not completely unexpected but most times I feel that I'm so very different from anyone I know.
  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Installment 2: The virgin sailor finally gets that most Wonderful of a woman's gift, pussy.

    You know the saying “horny sailor†well it couldn’t have been more fitting for me. I tried to find a girlfriend but didn’t know how to go about doing it. I beat off my little stiffy as often as I could in my dorm styled barracks room (after the totally open barracks of boot camp where I managed very few orgasms). 6 months into the Navy I got a new duty station for the next 9 months and came up with a new plan for meeting girls. It was the late 70’s and though I liked Rock and so did my friends who always went to rock clubs, I figured out the place to meet girls on the weekend was the Disco. So my friend and I went to one determined to get at least a dance with a girl. We both threw caution to the wind after a few beers and asked girl after girl and we both struck our miserably (me more so than him) due to our haircuts giving us away as sailors and with the military not being too popular at that time and place. We left dejected and pissed off vowing never to return. I decided to try one more time and that’s when I met my wife. She was VERY petite which I was always attracted too (maybe due to my smaller than average statue) , she was barely 5 foot tall and less than a 100 pounds. But she had on tight stretch pants and I was immediately LUSTING over her very nice ass. She was there with a bigger blond friend (she was brunette) I got up the courage and with my beer went over and offered to buy them drinks. We started to talk but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask her to dance for fear of another rejection. Then she asked me to dance. Wow, it was all I could do to not yell, “Hell Yesâ€. We danced, and I’m probably only a slightly better at dancing than I am at fucking which means not very good. But although she's no Ginger Rogers she looked so damn SEXY dancing with those legs (even in pants I could tell they were sexy legs) and that ass moving in front of me. I was wearing tight stretch disco pants too and was afraid that the hard on I had was visible (didn’t realize that it didn’t create much of a bulge).

    We danced and danced. Even slow songs where I resisted grabbing that ass but it felt great to be holding a girl after several months. I’m not really sure why, but I did something I had never done with my girlfriends. I tried to get her into bed. She was just so Sexual and arousing. I started to try to convince her to come back to my barracks with me, she played with me, saying “what would we do there†to which I replied “maybe we could play games†she said what kind of games were you thinking off. Me being the future cuckold that I was replied, totally lamely, “backgammonâ€. Yes I’m serious, I did. She said she didn’t know how to play backgammon but maybe we could play a different game. I really thought I had a chance. But her overly protective friend stepped in and I went back to the barracks alone with my little stiffy again.

    Of course the following weekend I convinced a friend to take me back (besides being a virgin longer than about anyone I knew I also didn’t have a car, or worst yet a drivers license). Plus she and her overly protective friend, due to the fact that though she had a drivers license she didn’t have a car either). We danced the night away again, only this time I reverted to my usual self and didn’t try anything but some kissing which I got. This went on for a month of more. Then she told me that her and her friend wanted me and my friend (fellow sailor that was my ride who also was trying to get into her friends pants) to come with them to the Keys (we were in Fla.) for a 3 day weekend. I almost came in my pants, I knew what this meant and she made it very clear in her invitation. Shortly after that we were both in the back seat of her friends car and I got to 2nd base for the first time ever. I got up the courage and started feeling her breasts, but though her shirt. It was Wonderful to finally be holding a woman’s tit, even if it was though a shirt. I did take a quick peek down her blouse before we had to stop because her friend returned.

    We got to the Keys, and for the first time ever I was in bed with a naked woman. Got to 3rd base but no score. Not that she didn’t want too and I desperately wanted to. Really don’t know why for sure, it could be she was just nervous with her friend (and her friends boyfriend in the next bed, but in the dark and with music playing to help cover sounds). It could be (and probably was) that I was just even more a pathetic fuck then since I didn’t have a clue how to get a woman excited enough to make her juicy enough for entrance (and my wife was almost always wet). I just never quite got it in, in spite of how small I was, the whole weekend. I managed to rub up against her enough that she appeared to be cumming, at least a little. She gave me a handjob or two (that felt wonderful in spite of her not being too good at that, she was used to fucking). It wasn’t until a weekend or 2 later that we got another hotel (alone as I had my friend drop us off) and I finally got into my first ever pussy (with a rubber of course). What a TRULY HEAVENLY, WONDERFUL feeling. She had a REALLY GREAT pussy, and that’s not just my opinion. Others of her lovers would tell me the same thing. As I used to tell her, everyone that samples your pussy, ALWAYS comes back for more. I’m getting ahead of myself here, but that is what was so powerful a turn-on and torture at the same time when she started denying me and my little dicklet her pussy. I knew how WONDERFUL the sensation it was to slide into her and feel her velvety soft warm and wet pussy wrapped around my little stiff dickie. I knew what those other men, a lot of them my friends, were getting to feel it wrapped around their cocks but I her husband would go a long time between getting to feel that. But we both believed in not denying me completely because it was even SWEETER torture to be occasionally allowed access to that pleasurable pussy, to remind me again what I was missing and they were getting, and then I was quickly denied again.

    So how did I go from getting my first pussy to a long time cuckold. That’s coming next.
  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Installment number 3: Phase One, Step One

    Well of course she had me hooked after my first taste, and feel of pussy. We continued to meet up every weekend at the disco and sometimes her friend would drive her and my friend would drive me to the beach during the day. When there I off course couldn’t keep my fingers out of her bikini bottoms. But this is how I became a long time cuckold and realizing and accepting, eventually even embracing Sexual Humiliation. So the first step was pretty Painful, and so were some of the others along the way. It was not something I wanted at ALL in the beginning or even some of the stops along the way. But in the end it was a journey of discovery that was well worth taking.

    It started at the disco one night. We had been there awhile, the 4 of us, as usual. She was feeling no pain from the drinks when it became VERY obvious to me, her friend, my friend and people around us even, that she was flirting with another man across the room. I was soon to discover that she was not the most discreet flirter. Guess she didn’t want the man of her desire to be struggling with whether he was miss reading her looks/actions. She would actually STARE at the man (with LUST in her eyes), showing that she was entranced by him. Then do other flirty sexy things with her face and body when she got his attention. I don’t even remember what he looked like, but he was also obviously in the Navy (she had a thing for military, especially sailors). What I do remember was the Cuckold Angst that is mentioned often with this lifestyle.

    Cuckold Angst, to me actually has 3 distinct, Phases. I won’t say 3 distinct feelings because there are MANY different feelings involved. The 1st Phase of Cuckold Angst is the most Painful and the Hardest to deal with and accept. Luckily for us cucks it tends to be also short lived, at least in my case. I will get to the last 2 phases soon enough. The first Phase is what we feel because it’s the way we are “Supposed” to feel. The way that society and culture have programmed us to feel. If a man is with a woman, his girlfriend or ESPECIALLY his wife and she’s making it clear to her boyfriend/husband, let alone that man’s friends or relatives that she is interested or even openly trying to seduce another man, well then the man is “Supposed” to be not just totally embarrassed but also ANGRY, HURT, CRUSHED and FURIOUS. It doesn’t matter why she’s doing it. Even if it’s because she’s sexually unfilled, or is just a victim of her horniness and need for a sexual adventure. The man is supposed to feel those things. Definitely NOT the feelings and reactions a cuck feels. A cuck accepts it, maybe even loves it, and get hard when it happens but since I had no idea what a cuck even was I felt and reacted has I was “Supposed” too. ANGRY, HURT, CRUSHED and FURIOUS, and definitely EMBARRASSED (therefore HUMILIATED) because she was doing it in front of my friend and others. I tried to get her to stop. She apologized, but then started in again. This repeated itself a few times. I then got drunk (I guess my submissive side was coming out even at the start). When I got drunk enough and angry enough I stormed out of the place to the parking lot. Since I didn’t have anyway to leave that’s as far as I could go. She came out to talk to me and I confronted her again. She again kept saying she was sorry, that she didn’t know why she did things like that but she couldn’t help herself and that she didn’t NOT want to hurt me though she knew from my obvious reaction that she did. By this time I was so drunk that I proceeded to throw up, more than once, with her trying to support me. Not a very fun night for anyone.

    But that wasn’t enough for me to not show up the following weekend. Things were normal for while. But sometime later it happened again. With the same result, except this time I told her we were though when I finally walked out. Yet I couldn’t sleep that night, I didn’t want to lose her. So the next morning I talked my friend into lending me his car, even though I didn’t have a license and he had only given me a few lessons. I drove to the next town where she lived, and too her house (I had gotten her address). She got into the car and told me the way to nearby woods near a lake. We parked, talked, with me playing the part of hurt puppy and her the repentant girlfriend, and then she seduced me and we had sex in the backseat. Awesome sex, So I was hers again.

    That is the 1st Phase of Cuckold Angst and it was also my VERY first step towards becoming the Submissive Cuckold I became. It was Painful and NOT Pleasurable. But in the end, a necessary step for most of us. As I said, luckily for most of us that Phase is short lived.

    There would be MANY more steps and 2 more Phases but the Journey had begun.
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    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Installment number 4: The Discovery

    So after she had discovered that I was totally Pussy Whipped for her and would forgive her indiscretions no matter how hurt and angry I got, even after I told her we were through, she got a little more flirty when the mood hit her. Don’t get me wrong, she did love me and most of the time we were a just like any other couple, but there just were moments when her love of sex would drive her to do things no matter if they hurt me or not. At those times she would start her flirting as before but then it would go a bit further. See I had finally gotten my license and brought my own car, a sports car, even though I couldn‘t really afford it (guess it’s true what they say about guys who buy sports cars trying to compensate for being inadequate in other areas). So with a car I could take her out without her overprotective friend always along. So there were times when she and I were at the disco by ourselves. So one time during one of our first alone, I went to the bathroom and when I came back she wasn’t there. There was a couple of couples sitting at the table next to us and one of the girls says to me “she asked us to keep an eye on her purse, she’s out there dancing”. She had a bit of a smile on her face as she said it. I looked and sure enough she was out on the dance floor shaking her body and very Sexy ass while smiling at the sailor she was dancing with. It felt like I had been gut punched. I immediately thought about walking out, Again. But then realized that I would almost surely be coming back to her with my tail between my legs wanting to have her reassure me with sex that she was mine, and that would be more humiliating than staying here and taking it in front of those around me. I tried not to look at them, but I had to sneak peeks out of curiosity of how far she might take this. Plus she did look so SEXY out there enjoying herself.

    When after a couple of dances she saw me and said something to him and came back over to me. I started to act like I thought a man should act and asked what did she think she was doing? She replied, it’s only dancing. He asked me to dance and I thought what’s the harm in a dance. I’m still with you so you shouldn’t be upset over a dance or two. Now why don’t we dance? So she took me out and watching her move her petite body and GREAT ass made me forget and forgive just like she knew it would. The months passed with scenes like this happening intermittently. Over time they became more brazen, till I found her dancing with a guy and when a slow song came on she stayed out there and went into his arms. I then saw his hand go lower and lower till it was on her ass and finally he was caressing her shapely fine ass and even squeezing it. Again I had a RUSH of emotions but mixed in with the ones I thought I should be having I was also fascinated by watching his hand cup the super fine ass cheeks that were supposed to be mine to touch. She was so callipygian and I was such an Ass man, those buttocks were supposed to be in MY hands. The song ended and she came back to me, again. Again I said “What the hell, a slow song?” She replied again, “it was just dancing”. I said, but he had his hand on your ass and squeezing your cheeks. She replied that I was seeing things has she would know if her ass was “caressed” and besides I’m here sitting with you again. Then cupped my dick under the table and kissed me. Forgiven (but not forgotten) again.

    The months passed and in spite of these intermittent episodes we grew closer and closer together. Then came the time for me to transfer. It was going on 8 months since we had met. She had her doubts (fueled by her friend) that I would be back and wouldn’t move on to another girl. But we spent the last couple of nights there at her friends parents house (they were on vacation) and when I left I left one of my uniforms, and my Brute cologne (it was the 70’s what can I say) on the bed with a note, saying “hold onto these I’ll be back for them”. She loved the gesture. Now I was going to be 1300 miles away for 6 months and then who knows where after that. We stayed in touch through the “old fashioned way”, snail mail and VERY expensive phone calls. But now it was back to just my hand for relief of my VERY high sex drive a drive that had me still beating off most days even when we were together as I only saw each other a 2 or 3 times a week. The first time I had a 4 day weekend I drove the 2600 miles round trip to get 48 hours with her (and her body) . She loved the fact that I had indeed came back as I said and even spent the 48 hours in a motel room with me. One other time we got together for over a week when I sent for her for the holidays and since my family lived close by, she met them. Yes I had MANY thoughts about what she might be doing all those months still going to the disco with her friend, but I was HOPING that her overprotective friend would keep her from doing more than “it’s just dancing”. She did reveal through repeated questioning that she was indeed dancing when she went out, “it’s what you do at a disco”.

    Again the months passed and when I got leave before my next duty station, the fleet, I drove the 1300 miles with a ring and proposed. She accepted and I decided that since I was so young and just starting out that we should wait a year to plan for the wedding. I went to my new duty station, a ship that was still being built so I was actually living in a Navy supplied apartment with a few other sailors. I was now “only” 800 miles” from her and would drive there about every 5 weeks or so for a few days. But how did I become a Submissive Cuckold?

    Well sometime between when I left Florida and the wedding I found out about what a Cuckold was and the Cuckold Life. Has I said I was beating off regularly and since there was no internet, still, I was using adult magazines. I quickly found that although I loved the pictures of the women and their bodies, especially if they had a Great Ass, and legs and pussy, I also preferred the magazine with letters from readers about their sex life. So at first I was reading Penthouse (the normal magazine as I don’t think Penthouse Letters that was to become, and still is my favorite was around then), their Forum section. Maybe it’s the intellectual in me but I really liked the fantasies that the letters painted over just some pictures. I used the pictures at the climatic moment. Then one day, I think very shortly after I proposed, I tried a different magazine, it was called Gallery (not sure it’s even around now). They had a section that was called “The Girl Next Door” and it was a bunch of pictures sent in by readers of their girlfriends and WIVES. That really intrigued me, here guys were sending naked pictures of their wives to be published for the world to see. I became a BIG fan of that section (I found it much more classy than the “Beaver Shot” section of Hustler mag). But what really got me HOOKED on not only the magazine, but also changed my life forever was the letter section they had.

    I was lying in bed (with the other sailor that shared the room out for the day) and reading the letters in the first issue of Gallery that I brought and playing with my little dickie when I read my first Cuckold letter. It was from a guy who had gone to a party with his wife and they both had a bit too much to drink, especially him and he noticed that some guy at the party was getting pretty “friendly” with his wife. But he was too drunk to do anything about it. Then later he noticed that they were both gone. He went upstairs and when he heard voices from a bedroom he quietly opened the door a crack and was shocked by the sight of his wife and the guy partially naked with her riding up and down his rather large cock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing but also couldn’t believe that his cock suddenly became ROCK hard. By the time they both came, her on the big cock inside her, harder than he had ever seen her cum on him, and the guy shooting his seed deep into his wives pussy, the hubby came in his pants. When I read that I shot off like I had never shot before. I was shaking and shooting and bucking up into the air.

    When I finally calmed down, I was shocked and ASHAMED at myself. How could I be turned on by reading about some guys unfaithful wife? About some guy watching his unfaithful wife have sex with a “bigger” man, and that guy cumming from watching it? I wiped up my mess and put the magazine away without reading the rest of the letters. Yet the letter and the scenario in it quickly came back into my thoughts. Just a few hours later I couldn’t help myself and had the magazine and my dickie back in hand. But I resisted re-reading that letter and instead read the others, but then there was another one. Another unfaithful wife and another hubby that couldn’t help himself from being turned on like never before by it. I found myself cumming again while reading the next one, and then repeating it several times over the next couple of days. I couldn’t figure the feelings I was experiencing as I imagined my girl, my future wife doing that to me, doing that in FRONT of me. Having SEX with not me but with other men in spite of her being my wife. How could I POSSIBLY be aroused by that? That’s just not normal, NO man would be aroused by an unfaithful wife. YET here I was AND here was not 1, not 2 but a few to several letters from other men that seem to be VERY aroused and happy to have unfaithful wives. Maybe these feelings weren’t normal, and I couldn’t figure them out at the time, but I certainly wasn’t alone in those feelings.

    I found myself ANXIOUSLY awaiting the next issue of the magazine to see if there were more letters. I went by the store every day just to see if the new issue had arrived . When it did, sure enough more Cuckold/Hotwife letters to go along with the naked wives in the Girl Next Door section.

    So now I have the knowledge of what a Cuckold is, what Voyeur husband was, coupled with my knowledge that my future wife loved sex so much that she couldn’t’ resist openly flirting with other guys, in front of me and others, even though at least on the surface I was hurt by her actions. The knowledge of these two things and the feelings they caused in me (and then her) became the formula for what was to become my life for the coming decades. But that’s for the next installment.
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    Installment number 5: The Confessions

    So sometime after I had discovered what a Cuckold/Voyeur husband, and Hotwife was, and before we were married 2 other things happened that showed me that I was not only a Cuckold but a submissive one. Sexual humiliation entered into my life, slowly at first but has we both discovered how much it was a Sexual button it was for me, she embraced it more and more herself.

    The first thing was when I was on one of my many trips to see her, and of course have sex. We had been in our hotel room for a few days but I now had to leave. I drove her back to her parents home, and it was late at night. We were in the driveway and her house was dark, with everyone asleep. We started to talk and I again brought up her dancing with other guys both when I was there and when I wasn’t there. She again apologized and said it was only dancing and she just couldn’t help herself with her flirting sometimes, even though she truly loved me and wanted to be my wife. I told her that though I was hurt by that, especially in the past I was beginning to understand. She looked at me funny. Then came My Confession.

    I told her, “you know I’ve told you that I beat off, and I know that you finger yourself too. Well like most guys I use magazines to beat off too and much more than the pictures of other girls, I like to read letters from readers about their sexual adventures. I told her about the letters I’d read in the last few months in Gallery magazine about Hotiwfes/Cheating wifes/Cuckold/Voyeur husbands. She replied “So what did you think of those letters?†I hesitated for a moment but finally told her that those letters turned me on so much that I came VERY hard when reading them. She said, “Wow but you get so mad and hurt when I even dance with a guyâ€. I told her I know, I felt that I was supposed to react that way. That I didn’t know why though but those letters showing me a COMPLETELY different reaction by the husbands seemed so erotic it just seemed not only a more pleasurable response to that situation but also a more natural response for me. She seemed puzzled and even a little hurt, when she asked “but if you love me how could you be turned on by other guys having sex with me?â€. I told her I didn’t fully understand it myself, but I had always been so highly sexed and thought all this time that only guys were like that, to find that there are girls that are just as highly sexed and wanted it just as much was a HUGE turn on. When I read those letters and put 2 and 2 together with her complete hotness when it came to sex and her inability to resist flirting with other guys in spite of my objections and her not wanting to hurt me, Well it seemed SHE, my future wife was like the women in the letters. I hoped she understood that I did love her but also couldn’t get the image of her shaking her Sexy Ass on the dance floor with other guys out of my mind. Then she asked “Well please be honest when you answer, do you think about me having sex with other men while you are beating off ?†It was a hard long moment but I had to be honest with her and therefore completed My Confession, and replied, Yes I Do.

    She was silent for a few minutes and I thought that I had messed up horribly. Then she looked me in the eye and said well she had to be honest too, and had a Confession of her own. She said though she Truly loved me she also loved sex, A LOT. That though she was trying she couldn’t help but be turned on by guys she thought were sexy, especially military men. She FULLY planned on trying her best to be a Faithful Wife to me, but was VERY worried about her ability to actually do it. She explained that it wasn’t me but that she didn’t think she could be a faithful wife to anyone (but much later she admitted that my lack of size/girth and inability to fuck properly and last very long made her need other men even more). Once she had discovered sex she said that if she thought a guy was sexy she couldn’t help but want to make him feel good Sexually and of course make herself feel good in the process. Then added “I’m so afraid that you are going to think less of me for that. I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want to hurt you but I’m so glad I finally told youâ€. She waited for my reply. I took her hand in mine and placed it on the crotch of my jeans and said “Does this feel like you are going to lose me, or are really hurting me?â€. She said, “My god your are so hard. Does just talking about this do that to you?â€. I said, well it’s not something I can deny the evidence is in your hand. I then added that it was very late and I needed to get driving the 800 miles back but hated to drive with a hard on that far, I wished she could climb on me for a quickie. She replied that it was too risky that her parents might wake up and look out the window and she also wished she could suck me to help but couldn’t risk that either.

    Then she said “I’ve always wanted to watch you beat off, please do that now†and unzipped my pants and pulled my dick and balls out. I started beating off and she started playing with, caressing my balls, VERY lightly, almost like just touching the hairs on them, but it felt WONDERFUL. She then told me to imagine her doing some of the things I had read about in those letters. To picture her, my future wife doing those things with other men. I came VERY quickly as she talked to me and caressed my balls while I was beating off. She was fascinated by my shooting my cum all over myself and then giggled and handed me a tissue to clean up. That was the FIRST of what was to become a staple in our sex life. Me, having to settle for my own hand and being GRATEFUL if she thrilled me with her assistance of her hand on my balls, and her words in my ears.

    So that was the Confessions. What was the 2nd thing that happened, well that will have to wait till the next installment, I’ve got to go.
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    My Cuckold Life installment number 6: Bareback Sex could there be anything better.

    Here’s the 2nd thing I mentioned in the last post, the one that started me down the Humiliation pathway. Who knew that it could possibly do that, since it started out having nothing to do with that, or the Cuckold life.

    So after out Confessions, we started to discussed our fantasies in letters (no email remember), and expensive phone calls. It was a semi slow process for the both of us at first. We were both feeling this whole thing out not sure where it was going to lead us. Not wanting to over step, or over push, or over pressure on either of our parts. Each step was taken tentatively and with a nervous pause to wait for a response. I revealed to her that it was a HUGE turn on to me that she was such a Hot woman, who loved sex so much that her commitment to me, even her marriage vow to me would probably not be enough to keep her faithful to me. That she might indeed let other men have access to her Sexy body. Even spread her legs and welcome another man between them. She revealed that has much as she loved me and wanted to be my wife, she had been so afraid that everything I had said turned me on about her, was actually true. She would have made me a Cuckold without my knowledge and so didn’t want to hurt me.

    Then a few months before the wedding I got a call from her and she was all upset. She had let me know that she hadn’t had a period in a few months and I told her in in spite of us using rubbers she might be pregnant but she said that she often missed months and had never been regular (once she went 8 months without a period and no she wasn‘t pregnant). But I wanted her to go to a doctor anyway. So she had and she wasn’t pregnant, in fact the doctor told her due to a cyst on her ovaries and a hormone imbalance, she didn’t ovulate to often. Therefore it would be very hard for her to get pregnant and she might never have children. She knew how much I wanted children and therefore was crying and said she was afraid I wouldn’t want to marry her now. I told her to not to worry, I believed it would all work out and whatever happened in the way of children was what I would accept.

    Shortly after that she flew up to spend the holidays with me and finish planning the wedding. It was just over 2 months till the wedding. As soon as we got back to the house I had already brought us, we of course couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Has I opened a condom she stopped me. We had always used condoms, she had tried using the pill but had too many problems with it, so she had always insisted on condoms. She told me now though “you don’t need to use those anymore, remember what the doctor said, I probably can’t get pregnant at all, the odds are slimâ€. I figured she was right and besides we were about to be married soon anyway. So I mounted her and slipped my dick into a pussy without a rubber for the first time ever. It was like losing my virginity all over again.

    Wow the sensations were overwhelming. To actually feel her tremendous wetness surrounding my dick. To feel her Velvety Softness wrap around and caress my dick. Truly Overwhelming. She has a Great pussy which is why men Always came back for more (that and her enthusiasm during sex of any kind). Well the sensations were too much for me and I came VERY quickly. She had just gotten started and hadn’t had time to enjoy what she loved so much, Fucking. But I just couldn’t hold back, I buried my dick as deep has it would go (not yet knowing that wasn’t very deep when it came to other men), and starting shooting with a loud “Oh my god I’m cumming, I’m cumming already. I’m shooting inside youâ€. When I said that and she felt me shooting inside her she suddenly started to have an orgasm herself in spite of us just starting to fuck. That just made it more intense to me, keeping me more vocal, which fed her orgasm. She explained later that she TRULY loved both the feeling/sensation of a man cumming in her and the thought/realization that she was being inseminated, completely filled with sperm and having NO birth control protection. That thought became VERY overpowering to both of us.

    So the humiliation aspect entered my life in that this new bareback fucking was just too much for an already quick cummer like myself. The rubbers had helped deaden the Best parts about fucking. The feelings of the Awesome wetness, sloppiness, and the sensations of a Hot Wet pussy not only wrapped around your dick but wildly moving on your dick while desperately squeezing it, trying to milk it. And she LOVED to milk men. This caused problems in our sex life in that I wasn’t lasting very long at all. There was very little actual fucking going on for her before I would be saying I couldn’t hold off anymore. At first the thought of being inseminated would still get her off, but over time when she KNEW I wasn’t going to last long and therefore she KNEW she wasn’t going to get a good fucking, she started to sometimes not reach orgasm. That meant I was FAILING at fucking her the way that she needed it. And in my opinion the way she deserved it. She was such a Sexy woman that loved sex so much that I felt she deserved Every orgasm that she had. Yet she started to miss orgasms, first here and there but then more and more often. My analytic brain knew that this meant I was failing her. I was inadequate. I tried to overcome it by using that analytic brain and started to do scientific equations in my head while we were fucking. Trying to take my mind off the way that she and her pussy were making my dick feel. That helped, to some extent and helped me to give her at least some orgasms, but again usually only when I was shooting my sperm into her. But I was not always successful in redirecting my focus. It’s not an easy thing to do when she’s riding up and down on you and your dick.

    So the lost of the rubbers and the start of bareback sex changed our lives forever. We both loved so much Everything about bareback sex that we never wanted anything but bareback (though much later she would occasionally tell me to put on a rubber to torture and humiliate me since she never had her lovers put on a rubber). Just another step on our journey to our long time cuckold lifestyle.
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    one of the best cuckold evolution stories ever told, keep it up man.
    want more and a little faster the coming parts please.
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    WOW Thank You very much. I know I can be "wordy" and/or long winded especially for today's Twitter/social media society that just want's quick sound bites, but that's me. That's who I am just like a Submissive Cuckold is who I am, Sexually. I'm older, therefore old school My Cuckold Life didn't happen over night and therefore takes time to tell. Unfortunately I average almost 60 hour weeks at work and have a live in girlfriend that doesn't know this side of me, Yet. So I post as often as I can. Besides, a good story (especially an almost entirely true one) always leaves them wanting more.
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    A correction to my first post here

    Sorry I just reread my first post here and when I was talking about my father's porn I said it was "male dominated" S & M stuff. I'm afraid I wasn't clear, it wasn't the male that was dominated, it was the female that was dominated by the male, and that's why I said "it wasn't me", "wasn't what I was into". I never wanted to dominate a woman, or I guess even a man. Wasn't me.
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    I agree! Awesome writing. I look forward to more posts. Great job.
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    Again Thank you for that. Maybe because I enjoy doing it because I hope that at least some other cucks or want to be cucks identify with at least some of it and it helps them or even more importantly their wives to understand and ENJOY their own unique sexual side.
  14. Pathedick

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    My Cuckold Life Installment number 7: Those halting, sometimes painful, but ultimately oh so Pleasurable steps between Fantasy and Reality

    So after a couple of weeks with me, and our new favorite past time, Bareback sex, she returned to Florida. Then just about a month later which was also about month before the wedding in a phone call she reveals that when she went to see her doctor to get a prescription to bring on her period again (he gave her that the time she had gone when he told her that she probably couldn’t have kids), she said that the pregnancy test they gave her during the visit didn’t come out negative, but didn’t come out positive either. So she went back a week later and she, the woman that would have a very hard time getting pregnant if she could at all was, Pregnant. Guess doctors are wrong sometimes just like the rest of us, but since she ended up having 6 children I guess he was VERY wrong. She was crying again when she told me thinking I would again not want to marry her with her already pregnant but although I was quite Shocked I told her it was fine. She was going to be my wife in a few weeks and though I was hoping to wait for a couple of years before we had kids, everything would be fine.

    Now you might wonder, was it me, during that visit for a couple of weeks that impregnated her? Well based on the time frame from when my first daughter was born and that trip to see me with the bareback sex, it MIGHT have been. But facts are also that the time frame is just a little long, and that daughter’s looks could OR could not be my genes and since I never got a definitive answer about her activity’s during the year and a half since I had left Florida till when we got married. I had only managed to find out that she had indeed messed around “at least some sexually†with guys but would say, in the way she used to say “it’s just dancingâ€, that it was just some foreplay type messing around. For some reason she wasn’t forth coming with details and I learned to stop asking when she wasn’t going to answer. She never admitted to having fucked anyone while we were apart, but I do know that based on how much she got into the bareback sex during our visit, that IF she had gone back to Florida and gotten fucked, I know it would have been bareback with insemination at the end. Therefore, I don’t know. I think I probably impregnated her but then again she did like to tease me that none of our children were from my little dicklet and balls.

    We didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy and a few weeks later we were married (a cousin of mine and his wife told us a few months later that she had told him when she saw my wife walk up the aisle in her white wedding gown that she looked pregnant). We told the families about us being expecting a month later.

    I’ve read many stories over the years about cucks getting cuckolded on their wedding night, even being denied the wife’s Wonderful gifts while another man or men enjoy them all on the wedding night. But although I LOVE those stories that didn’t happen to me. But I was denied on my wedding night. I had stupidly booked a hotel a couple of hours drive away for the first few nights of our honeymoon. During the drive she was dressed in a Very Sexy dress and Very Sexy black stockings and she TEASED me the whole drive so much that I couldn’t focus on driving and kept slowing down, taking us longer. I hadn’t had anything but my hand in 2 months and was so HORNY for her body and pussy but by the time we got there it was so late and she was so tired that as I went to the car to get the rest of her bags she fell asleep on the bed. I didn’t try to wake her and therefore got NO sex on our wedding night. I may not have been Cucked on our wedding night but I was teased relentlessly for hours and then denied. Such is the beginning of married life for a little dick Cuckold.

    Now she did let me have her gifts the next day and even gave me a gift she hadn’t given before, her VERY Sexy Ass. She said she wanted to let me fuck her in the ass (she told me later that I’m Much better suited to ass fucking with my short and very thin dickie). I lubed my dick with only her copious cunt juices and then very slowly and very gently worked it in till it was all the way in and she was moaning. Then I started stroking it and she told me “Oh god yes, it feels so good, fuck my assâ€. Then has I fucked faster, trying desperately to not cum because I was looking right down onto that Very Sexy ass that I had always been in lust with from that first night and was now fucking that same ass, she reached under and between her legs and started fingering her clit. She let out a Very loud groan and had an orgasm setting me off shooting into her ass. Though we both really enjoyed it, it wasn‘t something that she gave to me too often. But because of that those times that she did give me her ass were etched deeply into my memories.

    So now we’re married but she’s pregnant and she wouldn’t even drink any coffee let alone alcohol (except a sip of champagne during our wedding toast), so we didn’t go to clubs. Therefore all our sex was with each other. With just our fantasies to fuel us. Fantasies that kept growing and refining as we opened up more and more to each other and I read more and more Cuckold letters in magazines. When I read the first letter where the husband cleaned his wife’s very sloppy and cum filled pussy up with his tongue after another man had fucked her, I came Explosively. When I told her about that she was surprised but intrigued. She wanted to know why I would want to do that. I admitted to her my fascination with cocks, especially shooting cocks and cum and even my liking things put in my ass. She of course was wondering if I might be gay. I explained to her, just like I did in the first installment of this thread that I wasn’t. That I had always lusted after girls/women and everything about them. But had always had some interest in what it would be like to be fucked like a girl to see what she felt when a cock entered one of her openings. She seemed to understand and even admitted to having fantasies about sucking a woman’s breasts and maybe even her pussy.

    So the next time she gave me a Lick Job, …oh wait I never told you about her “Lick Jobsâ€. Early in our marriage she would occasionally treat me to what we called her Lick Jobs. She never developed the taste for cum that I eventually did since an early boyfriend unexpectedly shot off in her mouth and she didn’t like it (probably because she wasn’t mentally prepared for it). So she would start out by licking and then sucking a cock then she would go lower and start licking the balls then she’d go lower and start licking the underside of the balls. Then lower still towards the ass and your hole. She would encourage you to also jerk off while doing it if you’d like. When she reached your asshole with that VERY Talented Tongue (as I came to call it and my friends agreed whole heartedly) it would almost send you into orbit. The Greatest part about her Lick Jobs, besides that Talented Tongue was that she Really loved doing it because she loved the affect on the man, the way she was making him feel. Her enthusiasm was Very evident, especially by the look (especially her eyes, her big eyes) and smile she gave you after you came. That huge grin made it clear that she had enjoyed doing it almost as much as you did receiving it. Almost. So the next time she gave me a Lick Job after licking my asshole for a while and she could tell I was very close because I couldn’t even touch my dick for fear of cumming, she placed her finger at the opening to my ass. I was shocked , Pleasantly, and my ass involuntarily started to hunch up and down. She giggled a little and said “Wow you do have a Horny ass†(she liked to call it that after that day). She then Really shocked me by saying “that’s my lover’s Big cock at your asshole, he wants to stick it in. Would you like that?â€. I moaned and before I could answer she said, “that’s a yes if I ever heard oneâ€, then shoved her finger in. I came all over my belly while she looked on and the grin afterwards that she gave me was even bigger than I’d seen before. That became one of our staples for getting me off. Not real often, as she liked to keep it a Treat, but semi often.

    So now were married and the stage is all set for those Fantasies that we’d been using to help each other reach higher sexual peaks/orgasms, to become Realities. That is coming in the Very next installment, I promise.
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    Oh I think I've made it clear to those that are interested enough to be paying attention, that this is the story of my life as a cuckold from before it started and as it developed and after. The scenes I'm describing so far happened over 30 years ago. Therefore my first daughter that I mentioned my wife being pregnant with in the last installment is now in her mid 30's. She and her siblings were raised by a loving mother and father, in a normal in every way family in spite of the mother's and father's sexual secrets/lifestyle.
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    If you have specific fixes that are needed in your story, feel free to PM me with very specific details and I'll be glad to fix the issue for you.
  17. Pathedick

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    Thank you saturn, no there aren't any fixes needed to my story, except for improved grammar probably. I posted my last post due to a overly defensive reaction to some things I had read elsewhere and therefore wanted to preemptively make it clear that our children were raised in a normal way. It was also, I admit posted after I had a bit too much beer.
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    Installment number 8: Sometimes Resistance Really Is Futile.

    Pre-warning this one and the next installment will be even longer than I usually am, because they are about not only the most pivotal point in our Sexual lives but pretty much one of the biggest in our lives. Period. Therefore it deserves that I “try” to do it justice. So please bear with me.

    So after our first daughter was born we of course had our hands full being new parents with it‘s big learning curve, too full to be thinking about the cuckold learning curve. She was so protective that she didn’t find someone that she trusted to baby sit for over a year. So we didn’t get even a single evening out alone for all that time. Then just before our 2nd anniversary it happened. Yes I too was surprised that it took close to 2 years for her to fulfill both of our fantasies since we both wanted it to happen. But that’s the way of life sometimes. Patience is the way sometimes. Take note want to be Cuckolds, Patience and not forcing it will produce better results in the end.

    The ship I was stationed on was about to go on an over 8 month deployment in less than a month and a bunch of my fellow sailors/coworkers some of which were my friends decided to gather for an evening at a bar to party. My wife had just found someone she trusted to baby sit and I invited her to come and have some WAY overdue fun. She dressed in a sexy dress and we went to the bar. When we arrived the others had been there for awhile and I could see some of my fellow sailors and friends notice how sexy she was looking, especially her legs. Not many of the other guys had brought their wives and therefore she got Plenty of attention.

    So lets set this stage. We have a Hot woman who Loved sex, who Loved to flirt with men, especially military men, who hadn’t been out partying in close to 2 years (rarely even drank even after the baby when she used to get drunk almost every weekend before she got pregnant), and mix that Hot woman with horny sailors (are there any other kind) and some alcohol. What do you think happened? What did I think was going to happen?

    We both were having a good time, it was good to be out together without the baby after so long. But after a couple of drinks I noticed that VERY familiar look in her eyes, she had her almost Laser like sights set on a man that she desired and was starting her Very obvious flirting to make sure that man (and anyone else paying even remotely, attention) knew she wanted him. But every time we had discussed my desire for her to cuckold me, and her desire for sexual adventure I had always had pretty much one rule, maybe even the Golden Rule. I didn’t want it to be anyone we knew. I wanted a stranger. Why? Well I didn’t want the embarrassment of people I knew, knowing that I was a cuckold (or at least I thought I didn’t want it). BUT this man wasn’t just a sailor, wasn’t just a co-worker, this man was pretty much my Best Friend. Yes she had met him before, a few times, but then he was married and with his wife. Now they were separated and getting a divorce. I subtly tried to get her to stop with the same negative results has those times at the disco. It only worked a LITTLE back then because she felt so guilty but now she had the knowledge that I was not only not Man enough Sexually to keep her satisfied but she also knew that I desired her to be with other men, to Sexually satisfy herself and Cuckold me. I stood NO chance of getting her to tone it down, let alone get her to stop. And believe me he got the message loud and clear, I could tell, easily since he was returning her lustful looks and I’m sure that some others there intercepted those messages too. But eventually I managed to get her out of there and take her home.

    On the way home I said, “what were you doing back there?” She replied “having fun”. I said “But Don is not only someone we know but like my best friend and you know the rule that it can’t be anyone we know”. She said that she was sorry, that again she couldn’t help herself, but she also couldn’t understand why I had that rule. She thought if I wanted my wife to fuck other men that I should also be able to handle it being any man that SHE wanted to fuck. I tried to explain to her how embarrassing it would be to me to have my coworkers let alone friends know that I was a Cuckold. She could only partially understand though.

    After we got home and went to bed she did what she knew to do when I was upset with her, seduce me and sooth me with sex. She got me hard with very little effort and she was not only wet but soaking wet. I climbed on top of her and entered her Wonderful pussy with very little resistance. I started thrusting and she responded, more than usual. I noticed her eyes were closed and it dawned on me. I said “are you wishing it was Don on top of you fucking you? Is that what you’re thinking about?” She said “I’m sorry but, Yes”. I was so horny and hot that it all made me even hotter. I gave in and said “ I hope your husband doesn’t get too mad at me for fucking his wife, but you’re so Sexy I couldn’t resist your flirty invitation”. She picked right up on it and said “It doesn’t matter what he thinks, you’re so sexy and I wanted you to fuck me .So Please Don Fuck Me hard”. I thrust hard but in a couple more thrusts her words put me over the top. I told her “I’m going to shoot my cum deep in your hot pussy now” to which she responded “Yes Please Don shoot your sperm in me, fill my pussy with your cum”. We both came together. Mine was very intense and hers was much better than I had ever seen her have with me before, but then again I guess it wasn’t really with me but with Don in her mind.

    Then after we calmed down she quickly said “Put the bullet in, we forgot the bullet”. The bullet was what she called the spermicidal suppository (we called them that since they are shaped like a bullet and are supposed to kill, sperm) that we had started to use after our daughter was born. As I said she couldn’t use the pill and after we got a taste of bareback sex didn’t want to go back to rubbers so we chose them. Now when used properly the “bullets” are at best 80% effective. No not the most logical choice for someone like myself whose profession involves so much science and logic, but then this was sex and you don’t always think with your “big head” when it comes to sexual matters. It just fit our lifestyle and desires the best for us and gave us at least some protection. So I quickly inserted a bullet (they are supposed to be inserted 10 to 15 minutes before sex has they take time to dissolve and form a protective barrier). Then we cuddled and fell asleep together.

    The next day was a Duty Day for me. For those that weren’t ever in the Navy, a duty day is when you have to spend at least 24 hours on the ship so that the ship has minimum manning. Sometime during the early evening I just started having this uneasy feeling. Now remember this was well before cell phones, or internet and the ship didn’t even have any pay phones on it. But I managed to get the key to the division office and used that phone. I called her and she giggled a little when she heard it was me and said “guess who’s here?” I quickly had a guess and said “Don?” She said yeah remember he left a coat here the last time he was at our house and wanted to get it before the deployment. Now Don was not only now living on the ship but his soon to be ex-wife had their only car. So my analytical brain did the easy math. He Knew I had Duty and was stuck on the ship for the night, He knew my Sexy wife wanted him. So he just happened to need this coat so bad suddenly that he took a cab ride over to get it when I wasn’t there? That added up to only one thing, he was trying to fuck my wife.

    I told her, “you know why he’s Really there don’t you? He’s trying to take you up on the offer you made him with your eyes and body language last night”. She said you don’t know that, but a girl could get lucky. I reminded her of my Golden Rule of no one that we knew let alone my best friend and said “Don’t do anything with him”. She seemed very frustrated when she replied, she wouldn’t. I hung up but my mind was more than racing. Remember back in my Installment 3 of this Cuckold Life, I mentioned that I thought Cuckold Angst had 3 distinct phases and explained what phase one was, well this was Phase 2.

    Phase 2 is when the Cuckold has accepted that he desires it to happen and hopes that his wife makes it happen BUT is filled with conflicting emotions (at first) about if it’s the right thing for him, her, them and their marriage. He desperately wants his fantasy to happen but is also fearful of the results. That’s the Phase I was going through right at that moment. Then something happened. I started to rethink my Golden Rule. Why was my potential embarrassment so much more important than her Sexual needs and desires. Would it really be so bad for her to fuck my friend? Shouldn’t her sexual satisfaction be more important than my embarrassment? I quickly wished I hadn’t forbid her fucking him and wanted to call and tell her so. But I had no access to a phone. I couldn’t find the guy with the key to the office.

    Time passed VERY slowly. Since Don lived on the ship and he hadn’t come back I could only pace and wonder what was going on at my house. Finally after about 3 hours I got the key to the office and called. She picked up the phone and sounded a bit funny. I asked if Don was still there and she replied no he had just got in a cab. I asked if anything had happened. She said “No I didn’t fuck him, you told me not to”. She sounded Very frustrated. I replied, “I know I said that, but I rethought it and realized I was wrong and if you want him you should have him”. She burst out “NOW you tell me, it’s a little late!”. I apologized and explained how I couldn’t get access to a phone till now to tell her.

    I then started pumping her with questions about what happened for the last 3 hours. Slowly, a little at a time, as I assured her that I wouldn’t be mad at whatever she told me, since I wished I had given her my blessing to have the sex she wanted and needed, she revealed more and more. They talked for a while, then after she finally got the baby down to sleep she complained about her neck being stiff and sore. He being such a good friend of mine and a gentleman (or a Horny sailor/man) offered to massage her neck and sat next to her on the couch. She said that would be great. That of course led to a back massage which she enjoyed which led to him putting his hands under her shirt to massage her back. Then working his hands slowly around towards her front and her breasts. Once he reached her breasts she turned to look at him and she said she couldn’t “resist”. She couldn’t stop him and couldn’t resist leaning in and kissing him, open mouth. He continued to massage her tits and tweaking her nipples. As I said the way to wife’s pussy was through her tits/nipples. She started feeling his crotch and the bulge in his jeans. Finally she broke the kiss and got up and kneeled between his legs and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his shorts off. She said to me, “I hope you don’t mind but he has a Truly Beautiful Cock”. I asked if he was bigger than me and she said yes (I was sure I detected a giggle also).

    She proceed to give him one of her Lick Jobs till she had him ready to pop. Then he got up and took her clothes off and laid her down on the living room floor and started to eat her. When she was going crazy enough he mounted her and slowly entered her. Enter her Pussy, No bullet, No Protection. She said it felt Heavenly as he started fucking her. BUT then in spite of being close to orgasm and him too, she suddenly couldn’t do it. Couldn’t finish it, she felt too guilty after I was so against her fucking him. She told him to stop and to pull out. He was VERY confused and of course as frustrated as she was but she explained that she was Truly Sorry but she couldn’t go through with it. They had to stop. She said has frustrated as he was he respected her wishes and then went into the bathroom (where she suspects that he finished with his hand). They talked some more and when his cab came she apologized again, with another kiss.

    The whole time she was telling me what happened I had the HARDEST dick I had Ever had in my life. When your dick is that Hard it is easy to be thinking only of getting off and so I told her how hard I was and she laughed and said well go ahead and play with it. I pulled my dicklet out of my pants (the office door was locked) and beat off to a HUGE orgasm, VERY quickly while she described more details.

    But then I felt Guilty. Here I had got my pleasure, while I had not only denied my best friend his, but much more importantly I had denied her the orgasm(s) she so deserved to have with who she desired. I told her that and she said well now what? I told her I would fix it, I would make it up to her, I would talk to him and tell him the truth and that it was ok if he wanted to have sex with my wife. She told me not to embarrass him (she’s worried about his embarrassment, not mine). I assured her I would to it tactfully.

    Shortly after he got back to the ship and I intercepted him before he could undress to go to bed and told him I needed to talk to him and to follow me. We went to a remote area on the outside of the ship were I felt we wouldn’t be disturbed or overheard. He looked VERY worried when he said what did you want to talk to me about? I told him “I know where you were, and I know what happened”. He said “What happened?” I replied she told me Everything that happened. He told me how sorry he was and if I was going to hit him he wouldn’t fight back. I assured him I wouldn’t hit him. He looked confused. I then, SLOWLY and not without Embarrassment revealed my Cuckold desires. He was intrigued and said “Really, Why?”. I replied I didn’t know why but she was so Sexy and the thought of her being so Hot that she’d have sex outside our marriage REALLY turned me on. As the conversation went on and on it became easier and easier to talk to him about it, after all he was my Best Friend. I even told him that she had revealed all the details and that I knew she had given him one of her Lick Jobs. He grinned and said, “yeah, Wow that was Amazing how her tongue made him feel”. I told him I knew first hand many times, and that she truly loved doing that to a man.

    When we finished I then popped the question, “How would you like to finish what you and her started?”. He looked at me and said are you serious, I nodded and he said “I would love too”. I replied she would too. That was a Wednesday and he had duty the next day and so we decided to wait till Friday night where we would triple date if we could get the baby sitter again. The next day when I told it all to my wife she was THRILLED and made sure the baby sitter was arranged. I tried to get some sex from her that Thursday night, as I was SO Horny, but she said no she wanted to save it for Don, she wanted her pussy to be nice, clean and, Ready, for his Cock. So I went to sleep with a Very Hard dickie and her Sexy naked body next to me, complete with wet pussy pressed against my leg.

    Now with all I’ve just told you probably EVERY one reading this would say I was already a Cuckold. But to me in the same way as my wife was so close yet so far in her fuck with Don, I too thought I was still not a Cuckold, officially since they hadn’t finished the fuck. So VERY close, yet so far.

    But That and Our Lives, were going to change, the Very next day.
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    Pathedick! We need more installments sir. Your story is amazing and wonderful.
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    Thank you, it's coming soon, but with my schedule it takes time. I hope it's worth the wait though.

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