absolutly newbe wants advice how to be cuckold or......

Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by freddiee, May 15, 2015.

  1. freddiee

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    (sorry, my english is not so good) my wife had done three times in the last years and she know how i would like to see her fuck with another......
    Even it was very good and every time was very spezial and a surprise the moment, she dont like more and only want fuck with me, I am german 51 y and she is brazilian 35 y with a very hot body. She can not image wishes other person. I married 14 y ,and every time she looked to win and we was separeted some times, but the horniness lets came together again.
    Until today i dont understand her even she has really no fantasie to play. I am newbe in this site and please someone to show me how this lifestyle is. I want to know.I need help.Can be good to be also a bull, because i understand waths going on.
    I thinking to find another relationship, maybe in a spanish spoken country like espania,columbia,venuzuela or mexico its more easy.Finally i am not shure, if i want to be a cuckold for every time,but all about cuckold makes me so hot.Please bring me inside :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    This is a tough one. Are you saying you've never been a cuck yet, but you want to be? I think that's what you are saying. My advice is to go slow and every so often mention how good guys she tends to like look. Say "he looks hot honey, I sure would be ok if you fucked him ". Something like that. Don't force into it, or she will just get mad and ignore it altogther. I can just give you my experience and your wife seems like mine. I would bring it up, she'd laugh kinda. I'd wat afew weeks or months, and bring it up again._.Etc. She saw I was serious over time, and honestly the perfect situation happened in that the contactor that was working on our house was hitting on her a bit in his texts and she said he was kinda cute. She talked to me about it and said that if I wanted her to fuck him, she thought she could get it. A couple days later, I was a cuck.

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