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Jul 24, 2020
    1. Donald_Cuck
      My cock got rock hard when I read your response to my comment about sucking my wife's bullfriend. Thank you for being a real man.

      Your obedient cuckold friend
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    2. Explore with me
      Explore with me
      like your style,,,,,,,,,,
    3. Kasia1988
      Hi Wayne I have emailed you with your request
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    4. Frodo6969
      Thanks yo Sir. I get so proud of them when I watch the being fucked by a black cock that knows how to treat white women.
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      2. Explore with me
        Explore with me
        Sep 26, 2017
    5. KCcuckoldBRIAN
      Heya. Saw you on B2W also. We are KCCUCKOLDCOUPLE on there.
    6. Cuckcupl
      Thanks for commenting on my thread. You are totally right.
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    7. wycome38
      thanks for the reply, message me any time for a chat
    8. Kyle1213
      She has had sex right in front of me only about 5 of six times and with the same guy she is seeing now . The other times I was made to go to my room . In one case actually carried by force to my room my one of her first boyfriends.
    9. dazzed
      I'm sure it would be a pleasure for all of us for her to watch you fuck me.
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    10. small9
      Thanks for the reply to my post. Things are going very well.
    11. jaggu008
      thank you for liking my post - innocent cuckold
    12. Bebi_Barker_hotwife
      Thank you, makes me happy that you like my post. I'm Bebi, and want to meet friends and friendlys, shared tastes and experiences.

      Bebi Barker
    13. subhubjon
      Wayne, every time I see one of your posts, I think of you sitting there with that big cock. Wish I could bring Sue to you and let you fuck the shit out of her. So far she's told me she pick her own men but I'm not giving up. Tonight she's going out with a fucking guy I used to work with. I hate the bastard and I know he's going to gloat about fucking her with his big cock. He's fucked her several times in the past couple of years and everyone at the office I used to work knows. I run into them occasionally and it's always so humiliating to have them look at me like they do and worse yet are the few that have actually said things like, "I saw your wife with Ray.... the other day." Think of me the next time you dump a load into some poor smuck's wife or down his throat.
    14. subhubjon
      Where did you try to send a message? My mailbox is relatively empty.
    15. easywifeybbc

      Thanks for your interest and requesting seeing my wife and yes she is definitely hot young MILF and you won't be disappointed if you are selected to be her bull. Finally she has agreed to fulfill my fantasy and make me happy to prove her love to me and keep our marriage together. About her, she is a pretty young blonde MILF, who is truly loving, caring and the kind next door good girl neighbor.

      She is from Eastern Europe with great smile, personality and a hot body you would love to fuck her all day long. She is really shy, unsure about this since its her first time and she has never slept with anyone or has shown her nude pictures to anyone until now. She is ready, waiting and willing to fuck her first bull to have her holes stretched and busted....A must.

      I had asked my wife to pose nude and think of a big bull how to get him excited and make him happy and repeatedly say I want a BBC while I took hot pictures of her knowing soon to be my wife will turn from a hot innocent wife to hot slut whore for BBC.....hmmm. I promised her that I will put her hot sexy nude pictures in a private album for friends only to see them and probably the man/men she is going to fuck with him soon if the chemistry is there.

      I have a big surprise for her first encounter bull. I am looking for a big black stud guy with a big 9" inch or more to fuck, penetrate, stretch and destroy her holes the first time. I want to surprise her big and make it memorable with her first BBC, to make her cumm multiple orgasm and hit her G-spot which I couldn't. I want to see my wife from cute innocent wife to a hot slutty in bed for BBC. She never dated or had any friends with black guys before and now she will turn to BBC slut...Karma is a bitch...LOL.

      We have been married for more than 10 years and we love each other and our marriage is strong. She is looking for a well strong dominant BBC who can last 30 minutes or more not 3, take control in bed and most importantly fuck her nice and hard, and to teach her to be submissive as his sex slave ( Believe me when she feels u pounding her holes and fucking her hard she will use her cute innocent face and start crying out for you to stop instead pull her hair gently and tell her I am not your husband bitch you are my slut from now on and I am your bull then her holes will loosen and open up all the way for you and she will start moaning and cumming like never before and she will start begging you to cumm as well....then you know you hit the jackpot when you tell her come on bitch open your mouth for my load and make sure u swallow all my cumm whore n now u r owned bitch.) Once you fuck her hard and show her no mercy and treat her like a slut in bed you know she is your bitch and you will be her bull from now. Trust me she will do anything from now on to have u and see u again. You can take her out for the night, a day or so and share her with anyone and always remind her she is your bitch and slut to make you happy. All this after we meet you and she feels comfortable in the beginning but once in bed, she is totally yours and you can do whatever you like with her....No pain of course.

      She was taught at young age to be obedient and submissive in bed but since I felt sorry for her when she gave me that cute innocent look while I was fucking her she knew I was not stud and dominant in bed and I tried later to be tough and stud but she dismissed it and never took me seriously. My loss is your gain...
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    16. JimmyWTBCuck
      Mmmmm. I want to suck your cock. I want to lick your balls and have you rub it all over my face. I will worship it until you are ready to fuck my throat. Dont let my gagging and tears bother you. I will cum when you do. Little Jimmy
    17. Dirtycuckold
    18. msslave
      Thanks for liking my post on "She Wants What"?
    19. Proud_husband
      She does. I love showing her off
    20. nycuckcpl
      Hi thanks for message. Where are you located? Can you describe yourself a bit? Yes, we are looking for someone who is serious in the cuckold lifestyle.
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