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Jul 26, 2015
    1. cmarquette20
      Hello sorry I haven't been on line until now but I'm happy to be you friend. One of these days I will be happy to meet you for a little NSA fun and maybe more
    2. DaveUr Fave
      DaveUr Fave
      hey thanks for the message..sent u an add on yahoo
    3. Fisherman1700
      please add me as a friend love to see pics of your wife !
    4. Dantheman
      It is just that 2 pics are of different women? One with blonde hair the other with dark. The last 4 are of your wife yeah? Will you post anymore. She looks hot! Hopefully, you will the ultimate cuckold soon; out in public with your white wife and black baby
    5. Dantheman
      Hi, do you let others see your wife's pics? I notice your album but 3 pics seem of different women
    6. Dantheman
      Sounds hot! Long may it continue and your wife becomes the pretty blonde married slut for blacks. Maybe in time she will let them impregnate her!
    7. easywifeybbc
      Yes. I have n surprised my wife with 3 big black guys whom I have known in the past month doing maintenance repair on our home last week. I've called my wife n told her that I have found a BBC for her n asked her last Friday to go out n have her hair n nails done n I will be be coming home with a hot sexy lingerie so she can wear for her first BBC.

      My wife asked me if I have found him here but I told her it's the maintenance guy who worked on our home n she replied " omg honey I remember 2 of them made pass on me n I turned them down n they were kind rude n mean n I never told you about them". I said honey don't worry I will make sure everything will be ok n I bring only one them. She said" honey I am not sure about BBC now n can I get a white guy first?". I said babe, you promised me n that you will do anything to make me happy n we have been looking for a BBC over a month here n else where n I don't want any more excuses from you, do u understand? She replied n said "I am sorry n I promise I will make u happy n do whatever u say".

      When I got home last week from work my wife greeted me at the door with her hot new looks n she looks stunning. I gave her a kiss n handed her the new lingerie n asked her to try it on before Tom shows up around 10pm.
      When my wife came out wearing the hot sexy lingerie I was so hot n aroused n wanted to fuck my wife sooo bad but she said " honey u don't want the new BBC bull u bringing for me find out u touched me, do u?". Omg I couldn't believe my wife said that to me about Tom whom she hasn't met yet her bull yet n she is getting ready for him. I knew then my wife either is ready or nervous or both about her first BBC encounter. I got on the phone right away n I called Tom to stop by our home around 10pm so I can introduce my wife to him n at first he was Sooo happy n at the same time he kept saying " is this is a joke? Don't play games with me man. R u sure u r talking about your hot young blonde wife?". I said yes n I am not joking or playing games. Tom said, sure I will be there soon n hung up the phone. I called out to my wife n told her that I just finished talking to Tom n he will be here within 2 hours.

      Around 10pm a door bell rings n when I opened the door there was 3 BBC guys among them Tom n I said come on in n feel at home. I already had the drinks on the table n I asked them to help themselves n they did. Tom asked where is your wife Heather? I said she is here n I called out to my wife n said" babe I have Tom n his friends are here want to see u sweety. When my wife came out n we all saw her she looked sooo hot n fuckable n I felt kind jealous she looked sooo good n I am about to share her for the first time not with one but with 3 BBC guys n there's no turning back.

      When My wife saw them she was ecstatically shocked, shy n kind nervous probably knowing what she is about to become and turn to BBC slut soon especially she didn't expect 3 BBC guys n those guys she turned them down about a month ago. I got up n held my wife hand n I was about to introduce my wife to them n my wife said to me" honey I thought only one guy n now it's 3 of them" and just about to explain to my wife Tom got up n took my wife hand n kissed it. My wife turned to me n I nodded my head it's ok.

      Tom looked at me n said " relax now n we will take it from here now, you can stay n watch or go n watch TV in the next room. My wife said" Tom this is our first acquaintance to know each other". Tom asked my wife to remove her robe n when he saw her in in the lingerie he said get down on your knees bitch n open your mouth n not a word out of your mouth we didn't come to say hi we came to show u what a BBC can do n how u will turn to a BBC slut whore n u better make us happy.

      Omg I couldn't believe what Tom said to my wife n what he he did to her in front of his friends n me n I was not sure how's my wife reactions afterward. My wife was speechless n didn't say anything knowing the time has come to be a sex slave for BBC. Tom turned to his friends n said the bitch is ready... Who is first? One if them said I wanna be first I wanna teach the bitch how to respect n suck a BBC n they all took turns on my wife. She was sucking a cock while stroking another n the third guy had me eat my wife's pussy to prepare her... 1/2 hour passed n finally I was told to sit back n watch my wife pussy, ass n her cute innocent mouth n face destroyed by multiple BBC cocks.

      My wife was fucking each one n begging to take a break saying omg your BBC are sooo big n she tried her trick to show her cute innocent face to Tom to stop instead he fucked harder n harder n said to my wife u fucking slut I won't stop till I cum in your mouth to my make u my ho n my wife started to beg him to cum in her mouth n saying master please cum in my mouth I will swallow all n Tom took out his big cock out of her pussy n unloaded a big heavy load in her mouth n she swallows it all. The other guys took over one fucking her mouth n the other pounding her pussy fir another 30 minutes dumping all their Cumm on her face n mouth.

      After one hour fucking n destroying my wife's holes my wife n I thought it's over instead Tom he rejuvenated n had my wife sucking on his cock for another 15 minutes n then he put it in her pussy for 5 min then surprisingly he made me lubricate my wife's ass n Tom started fucking her sooo good n hard till my wife was screaming with pleasure n cumming multiple orgasms like never saw her like that in all our marriage years... My wife said please Cumm for me now ... Yes I am your whore n your slut from now on please master I am all yours Tom. Tom called me and said clean my whore slut now n u did without saying a word.

      After we all finished. Tom took my wife number n asked her to text him from now on as he is her new bull n she is his BBC slut n she agreed. He told her from now on she fucks no one except what her bull tells her n not even her husband. They stayed almost till 2 in the morning n they finally went home. Tom takes my wife every week out n he whores with his friends n anyone he likes. She comes home full if Cumm n I clean it all n I ask her if Tom I can fuck her afterward but I am still waiting ... Omg my wife's holes are sooo big now n I don't think she can feel my small cock now...

      It's amazing how my pretty young blonde wife turned to a BBC slut n whore n every week Tom uses her all over again n she loves it... I say to my wife can I fuck u babe n she tells me her pussy n her holes are strictly for BBC only. I said babe I am your husband n she said she has to ask Tom first... I begged her then she opened her legs n omg her pussy so big n wide as a tunnel as well as her ass n thinking I am about to fuck her instead u look at your wife's BBC slut n start jerking off n I did without a second thought...

      Finally now my wife walks funny n definitely owned by BBC.
    8. ryanwillams4
      I tried to inbox you with my contact info but it isn't working for some reason
    9. Dantheman
      Hi, have you managed to find a black lover yet? How's things progressing?
    10. crystalcruiserau
      Thank you for the likes and thanks :)
    11. striker
      if any one want to share his wife or gf just add me I have a big cock ... yahoo : strikerzoro...skype : striker.zoro
    12. masterseansmith
      BBC on the northside of chicago...where are
      the first thing we do is tie your husband up in a chair and set him on the other side of the room
      i want to throw you on the bed and grab you by your legs throw'em up and then take your thighs and pull your ass to the edge of the bed....I drop to my knees and reach my arms around your thighs and pull your pussy lips apart and start to suck on your clit...take one finger and slide it inside you and stroke you slowly with it and keep sucking on your clit slide another finger inside and open you up a lil more and listen to u moan as I keep suckin on your clit...I can feel your clit swellin in my mouth and feel ur hands shakin on my head u want to cum your about to....and then I back away....you look at me indisgust and i smile at you...cause your so close to cumming i run my nails down the inside of your thighs and listen to moan and curse me to keep suckin your clit....and then I dive my face back in and rub my face in your pussy and then pull your pussy lips back again and start suckin on your clit your head falls back to the bed and the feelin rushes back quickly I slide a finger in your ass and stroke you and another in your pussy and stoke you harder and this time you hold it in the best you can til you just scream out in orgasm and I keep suckin away your hips are buckin and I have to pull out to hold you down to keep suckin on your clit ...you keep yellin out "oh my god...oh my god...i cant take it" and then you cum again squirtin in my face. i go over and untie your husband and let him come over and clean me of all your cum and then slide my dick inside you raise your legs up and have your husband rub your clit for you while i fuck you....i pull out and he sucks my cock and then slide back in and fuck you some more and cumm deep in your pussy so your husband can lick it out
    13. easywifeybbc
      Hi there.

      I see my wife has messaged you today. Let me know if you are real and if you are interested in my wife slut to be soon for BBC. She is really shy very pretty blonde and she never slept with anyone before but me. I want to find her a big dominant black stud who will fuck her hard and use her as his sex slave. I want someone who can turn my hot pretty innocent wife into a slutty bitch.
      Once I receive your pic and what you like to do to my wife and how you can turn her into a slut then I will setup a day and time to meet with us. Once we meet I will introduce you to my wife and its up to you if you like to chat and hang out with us watching TV or having a drink or simply you can say I am ready for the bitch and you can take her by the hand to the bed room.
      Once you are with my wife in bed don't show her any mercy while fucking her ( I know my wife very well and she will probably will use her cute innocent face to feel sorry for her n she will ask u to stop if you are really fucking her like a stud) instead fuck her harder and tell her bitch I am not your husband n tell her I am your BBC and that's how I fuck white milf slut like u whore. I want you to degrade and humiliate her have suck your balls, lick your ass and cum in her mouth and all over her face...You do all that to her then you know you hit the jackpot and more likely you can be her bull...
      If you really like and looking for hot young shy MILF like my wife then look no further....She is aware and ready to be whored for BBC to do whatever you want with her ( She was begging me to use her for white cocks instead of BBC but I refused...long story) I want her to be BBC whore...Please no disappointment. I can post more pictures of her for you if you like, just let me know what you like to see from my bitch wife.
    14. ryanwillams4
      tell me more
    15. easywifeybbc
      I am really new to this n I never done this before. I am here to please my hubby so I am willing to do it. As u can I am a pretty young blonde n my hubby wanted me to sleep with a big BBC... Kind scared n nervous
    16. ryanwillams4
      hi how are you
    17. Aniruddha Basu
      Aniruddha Basu
      would luv to see that. will catch up with u soon
    18. Aniruddha Basu
      Aniruddha Basu
      Hi dear. sent u a req in yahoo. my id is anibasu.thn2@yahoo.com
    19. Collegeguy78
      Yes. I am a bull.

      Lets chat in private. My yahoo is collegeguy7886
    20. Collegeguy78
      Great pic.

      Can we chat somewhere else other than this site?
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