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    1. johnhooker77
      wow.... i feel like your soul mate way you expressed yourself was amazing ...beautiful as well...i read these words and feel you so deeply:

      I am, I think, a bit different than the average guy. This doesn't mean it's better or worse than another person, just different. I'm more emotional than most guys, and in some cases this is good, maybe, but in this situation, it is not good. I behave much more like a woman would, and my wife behaves a bit more like I picture how a man would handle it. It's kinda fucked up, but we go well together. We make most decisions together after talking it out.

      About a year ago today, my wife was having some issues, I won't go into the specifics, and I supported her, so I explained that in a way this is similar to her issue. You don't always succeed on a first go around. We agreed that at this point I'm a "whiney bitch", and it's tough on her and how she feels. So._._., we go to plan B. She will stop fucking or looking to fuck other guys for about 6 to 9 months, but she can talk, text, web chat with anyone she wants. It's not like this will be too terribly tough for her as it's only been a month, and while she does enjoy it, it's more about making our relationshp better, not worse She'll include me where appropriate, but not all the time. This way she can make some friends, and I can have more time to think and adjust. Not perfect, but still may work later on. She also will try to step up the hmiliation, which is somthing I absolutely love and thank her for. I'll keep updating, but probably not much of interestfor awile. Thanks for everyone's post and the interaction.

      i hope we become good friends....thanks,

    2. cuckold_wittol
    3. semsem
      thanks for your post.
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