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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

    Posted a number of years ago by "Al the Penman"

    For the past 18 months my wife has been .... well how can it be said
    ... a slut, a whore, a sexual pet, a toy, while they all apply, the best
    way to say it is that my wife has been the sexual property of my next-door
    neighbor for the last 18 months. The term "sex slave" is used a lot in
    stories on the net, and, I think, means different things to different
    people. In this case the term should be taken literally.

    Shelly, my bride, my wife of 18 years, will , without hesitation, obey
    my neighbor Dave. She'll do whatever he says .... anything, anytime,
    anywhere, with whomever, however, and for as long as he tells her.

    She looks, dresses, and uses her body as Dave prescribes. She'll drop
    whatever she's doing if he calls. She'll break any plans we may have if he
    wants her somewhere at some future time. How am I sure that she's given
    herself to him so totally ? Because she's demonstrated it to Dave and,
    yes, to me, time and time again.

    I' getting ahead of myself. Let's lay a little groundwork. My name is
    Alan, I'm 42 and a mid-level executive at a rather large mid-western
    electronics company. I'm an average looking guy, about 5'10", 200 pounds,
    a little thin on top and, while not in great shape, I can walk up a flight
    of stairs without wheezing.

    I guess I'm what most people would consider a "regular guy",

    with a fairly conservative, suburban, mow-the-lawn on Saturday,

    see-a-movie-on-Saturday-night life. At one time I thought of

    myself as sexually adventurous, but in reality I consider eating

    my wife's pussy living on the edge. In a nutshell I'm the kind

    of guy you'd probably want for a neighbor (when you read the

    rest of this story I'm 100 sure that you'd want to be my


    My wife's name is Shelly, she's 40 years old, about 5'6" and

    weighs in at about 130 pounds. Shelly is a relatively "average"

    looking woman. She's got a pretty face although her nose is a

    little on the pointy side and she has a few wrinkles around her

    eyes ... fairly typical on a 40 year old woman. Her body is in

    better than average condition. We never had kids (she couldn't)

    so she's a little firmer than most women her age.

    I won't lie to you, she doesn't have huge breasts that curve up towards
    the sky .... Shelly's a 37B and her breasts do droop just a little,
    although she does have rather large nipples and areolas.

    She has a medium complexion .... she gets a little white in the winter,
    but tans nicely in the summer. She has light brown hair that she wears in
    a full style at a little more than shoulder length and she has blue eyes.
    The blue eyes and brown hair make for an interesting combination that a
    good many people seem tonotice.

    Prior to her current situation, Shelly was, well,

    lackluster in bed with me. She's always been on the shy side,

    and her sexual nature wasn't any different. Despite her quiet

    nature I had always thought that she was satisfied sexually ....

    that she came to orgasm when we made love. I've since learned

    that she faked orgasm with me on a regular basis ... she was a

    good actress.

    My neighbor's name is Dave. We all live on a quiet street with little
    traffic -- a nice suburban neighborhood. Our house is on the corner and
    Dave's is right next door. Our house is a 10 year old, 2000 square foot
    ranch. Dave's is similar, except

    that he has a small in-ground pool, and a fence that encloses

    his backyard. We don't have any neighbors to the rear -- our

    side of the street backs up to a wooded area.

    Dave is 27 years old, about 6 foot, 190 lbs. He's sandy haired, built
    fairly well, and exercises to stay in shape. He's has a Ph.D.. in
    history, and is an assistant professor at a major university -he teaches
    European history. He's an interesting and friendly guy that everyone seems
    to like.

    Oh, and he has a thick nine inch cock that he uses to pound my wife
    until she whimpers.

    With that as background, here's how Chapter's 2 - 5 are laid out :

    Chapter 2 - "My wife's day-to-day submission " ... What

    happened last week .... a typical week in our

    new lives.

    Chapter 3 - "The first 6 months" ... back in time ... the

    changes in Shelly, ... what I saw and felt before

    I knew what had really happened .. told from my


    Chapter 4 - "The Capture" ... back in time , how Dave took

    total control of Shelly's life -- as told from the

    combined perspective of Dave and Shelly.

    Chapter 5 - "Summer Vacation Plans" .... Dave's Summer plans

    for Shelly (As a college professor he has most of the summer off and has
    big plans for my wife's ass.)

    Chapter 6 - "4 years later" Dave moves out of town and gives Shelly to a

    Chapter 2 Part A "My wife's day-to-day submission "

    What happened last week, a typical week in our lives

    I think the best place to get this tale going is to describe

    some of the events of the past week. In chapters 3 and 4 we'll

    go back in time 12-18 months and cover the "funny" things I saw

    happening before I found out the whole story, and we'll explore

    just how an intelligent and mature 40 year old married woman

    becomes a total whore to a 27 year old friend.

    But first ..... last week, which was fairly typical of how

    things are now. Monday morning was typical. The alarm went off and I
    slammed the snooze button 4 times before finally dragging myself out of bed
    -- it was 6:30. As I walked into the bathroom Shelly was still in the
    shower. We have a clear glass door and I sat on the stool for a minute
    watching her finish. She lathered her nearly bare pubic mound as she does
    every Monday morning and gently stroked the razor until her cunt was as
    smooth as a baby's butt.

    Dave insisted that she shave smooth at lease once a week, and in between
    for special occasions .... like a gang-bang with his buddies. She rinsed
    and toweled off. I got a little peck on the cheek and a good morning as I
    passed her, taking her place

    in the warm and humid shower. My mind began to wander a bit as

    I thought about our "situation" and all of it's ramifications

    ... involuntarily my seven inch solder began coming to attention. I
    did my best to put the thoughts out of my mind because I knew that Dave
    wouldn't let my wife fuck me again for at least a week ... He'd probably
    give me some time on her after his friends were done with her Saturday

    Dressed in a crisp blue suit and yellow tie I stopped by the

    kitchen to pour a cup of coffee for the road. Shelly hadn't

    come down yet .. she must have been in her dressing room ( Dave

    had insisted that we remodel the spare bedroom into a giant

    closet/dressing room for Shelly ... she now had a huge wardrobe

    and way too many shoes to fit in our small closet). Just as I

    was about to leave for work she strolled into the kitchen to say

    good-bye and to wish me a good day.

    My cock started to harden again. She had her pretty brown hair pulled
    back into a pony tail, her make-up, as always was a little on the heavy
    side, but expertly done, she wore a cute little white tennis skirt, a
    halter top, pink ankle socks, and 4 inch white pumps. She smiled nervously
    ... even after a year of me knowing the score, she still gets a little
    embarrassed when Dave has her dress up like this in front of me. By now it
    was about 7:30 and I had to hit the road.

    Shelly said that Dave had called her last night and told her to stop
    over and wake him at 7:45 ... and that he wanted her dressed as a slutty

    As I pulled out of the driveway I watched my wife, dressed like an 18
    year old hooker, saunter next door. I say "saunter",

    because that's the best way to describe what her ass looks like

    as it moves from side to side perched on tall heels. I know

    what'll happen when she gets there. She'll go to his bedroom,

    look in and see him sleeping .... a warm smile will come to her

    face, she'll feel her face flush and her newly shaved pussy will

    begin to instinctively lubricate. Shelly will lick her lips

    involuntarily and go to Dave .... she'll slowly peel back the

    covers, trying not to wake him.

    She'll kneel next to his bed

    and gently slide her warm, wet tongue up and down the flaccid

    shaft of his cock.

    He'll stir a little ... as though in a wonderful dream.

    As his prick hardens Shelly changes her well practiced technique from
    slow licking to a gently sucking. The more aroused and harder he becomes,
    the more my wife sucks.

    After a few minutes there's no question that her master is awake and
    enjoying his blowjob. He'll reach down and stroke her head ... she's his
    pet -- he knows it, and she knows it.

    If she's particularly good he may come in her mouth ... if he becomes a
    little restless with the blowjob, he'll pull her head up, look my wife in
    the eye, and tell her "mount".

    "Mount" is one of many single word commands that Dave's taught her to
    respond to. He'll lay on his back, prop a pillow under his head and close
    his eyes. Without speaking she'll climb on top of him, pull the hem of her
    little skirt up (revealing that she's sans panties) and lower her 40 year
    old body onto his 27 year old cock.

    She'll spread her legs as far apart as she can, and slowly, very slowly,
    rock back and forth on Dave. After about 5 minutes of the slow, but steady
    rocking motion my wife will be about ready to climb the wall with desire
    for a hard and fast fuck, all the while staring at her lover's closed eyes,
    waiting for the


    The simple act of opening his eyes tells Shelly that the time has come.
    She will untie the halter behind her neck and drop the ends uselessly at
    her side. She'll dig her heels into the bed and begin a hard, fast, and
    wild fuck.

    Dave's taught her to be free with her emotions and she'll moan
    ....she'll begin to talk, and as she approaches orgasm, she'll get to the
    point where she's virtually ready to scream.

    In a loud voice she'll ask if she can come, she'll profess her devotion
    to his cock, she'll tell him she's his cunt, that's she'll do what ever he
    tells her, that she only wants to please him ..... but could she please

    The tempo of their coupling will increase .... Dave's body will tense,
    he'll spasm and pump my pretty slut of a wife full of his load. When Dave
    comes it's the signal to my girl that she can come as well.

    She'll bump and grind and wail until she comes is a giant wave while
    siding on Dave's 9 inch pole. They'll lay together for about 5 minutes
    until they both regain some composure ... then She'll slide down his body
    and take him into her warm and wet mouth, thoroughly sucking their combined
    juices from his now

    soft cock.

    Tuesday was a calm day without incident ... it's fairly normal. Even a
    27 year old in good shape doesn't have sex everyday ....even it he can take
    it as he pleases from the neighbor lady at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days
    a week. Even though there are usually two or three days each week when
    she's not performing, Shelly never knows when she'll be called, so she's
    always ....and I mean ALWAYS, ready. When she's not given specific
    instructions on what to wear Shelly uses her own best judgment.

    She balances convenience, comfort, and what she knows gets Dave hot --
    there are, however, a few basic rules. With the

    exception of a few select outfits that require help in the

    cleavage department she is always without a bra. When she's in

    one of the "cleavage required" dresses she wears a low cut push

    up "wonder bra". It works wonders ... my demure wife takes on a

    whole new look ... and grabs her share of attention when she's


    Tuesday she wore a cotton dark print mini-skirt that was a few inches
    above her knee. Most of her skirts are shorter -- about mid-thigh -- but
    today she needed to get groceries and run a few errands and the outfit she
    wore was about as conservative as she has and can get away with around

    In addition to the skirt she wore black thigh high stockings, the kind
    that have enough elastic to hold themselves up without a garter belt, 3"
    black suede heels with bows on the back, and a dark pullover.

    As is almost always the case, she was braless -- her 37B's swinging
    loosely under her blouse. The motion of her unfettered tits moving against
    the fabric of her blouse helps keep her nipples hard and pointed and in an
    aroused state. As always she was nicely made up, a just a little on the
    heavy side of tasteful.

    Wednesday looked like it was going to be a repeat of Tuesday

    .... Shelly hadn't heard from him all day. We'd just slipped

    into bed for the night when I heard footsteps downstairs.

    "Shelly .... Shelly you little slut, get down here.", he yelled from
    the living room. Shelly immediately snapped up and out of bed .... she
    bolted into the bathroom to check her hair and make-up (yes, she's required
    to wear make-up to bed ! ...

    although no lip gloss as it stains the pillows).

    Buck naked except for the little chain around her ankle with the
    inscription "Dave's Whore", she slipped into a pair of pink

    pumps that were beside the bed for just such an emergency. She

    was out of the room without looking back ... I watched her as

    she left, her round ass sliding from side to side as she walked

    out. She looked so good ... I was so horny I felt like I was

    going to blow at any minute.

    I laid in bed for about 30 minutes listening to the action

    going on in my living room. Most of what I heard was Shelly ...

    her loud moaning and begging to come, and her final scream as

    she came to a thundering orgasm.

    A few minutes later I heard the click of high heeled pumps coming up the
    oak staircase ....Shelly came in the room and turned on the light so I
    could see her (Dave had told her to.) . She was sweating like a
    thoroughbred after a race, her hair was limp and wet as it hung down,
    virtually plastered to her ... her body seemed almost red she was so hot
    and sweaty ... she looked exhausted ...her eyes looked tired ... she was
    just plain worn out from wild fucking.

    Just as I thought her little show was over she turned around and spread
    her legs to about shoulder length and bent at the waist .. her red ass
    facing me. As she reached back to pull the

    cheeks of her ass apart I could see the come ... Dave's gooey

    liquid oozing out of her little asshole and down the inside of

    her thigh.

    She turned out the light, crawled into bed, gave me

    a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Dave says that if he thinks

    you've whacked off this week that you'll get no pussy for the

    rest of the month .... night honey."

    Dave doesn't teach on Thursday afternoons, and if there isn't

    anything going on at the university he frequently takes off. As

    a result, my wife needs to be especially careful with her

    schedule and when she leaves the house ... Thursday afternoons

    have become a "blocked out" time for her ... she's always


    Last Thursday was no exception. Dave called her at

    about 9 that morning and told her he wanted her to join him and

    his little brother for lunch. Dave's brother, Jeff, was a 18

    year old freshman at the university where his brother taught.

    Dave told Shelly that Jeff didn't "know" about her and that she should
    wear a moderately conservative outfit ... something that wouldn't give
    away her status as a slut, but something that gave enough of a hint at what
    was below the surface to get Jeff's

    attention, but just a little.

    She chose a knee length denim dress that buttoned from the scooped
    neckline all the way down the front to the hem. Normally when she wore the
    dress she didn't wear a blouse under it, and she left a few buttons undone
    at the top and several at the bottom -- the way she normally wore it she
    looked a bit on the slutty side. But for her lunch with Dave and Jeff she
    was buttoned up, she wore a cream colored blouse under the dress

    (the dress was sleeveless and scoop necked ... it was really meant to
    be worn with a top.)

    She wore one of her "wonder bras" ... it made her look a little more
    top heavy, a bit more provocative. She wore mid height, two and a half
    inch pumps, sheer black stockings, and a little less makeup than usual.

    Since my wife wasn't sure what was up she gave me a call at work and
    told me that she was going out and didn't know when she'd be home. After
    talking with her for a few minutes it was evident to me that she thought
    that it was just going to be lunch ... that Dave didn't intend to share
    his little prize with his little brother. She was going to play the part
    of friendly neighbor who happened to run in to Dave at the restaurant. As
    it turned out ... she couldn't have been more wrong.

    As instructed, she arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes

    before Dave & Jeff ... there was a 15 minute wait for a table,

    so she was in the lobby area waiting when they came in. When

    Dave saw her he grabbed his brother and pulled him over to meet

    Shelly. He introduced her as Mrs. Anderson, his neighbor

    Alan's wife.

    He asked her if she was alone .... she told him she was, and he invited
    her to have lunch with them. As far as his brother Jeff knew it was a
    chance meeting .... an innocent meeting of neighbors in a public place.

    They were seated , carried on a pleasant conversation, ordered a light
    lunch and waited for it to come. Shelly excused herself and went to the
    lady's room.

    When she left, Dave asked his brother if he noticed the way she was
    looking at them ....(she really wasn't doing anything funny , Shelly really
    thought it was just going to be a relaxing lunch with the boys) Dave
    planted the seed with Jeff . He told his brother that Shelly was coming
    onto him with her eyes, that she had the body language of a mature woman
    who wanted to get laid.

    Jeff was skeptical, he told Dave that, while she was mighty fine looking
    for an older woman , that he was dreaming if he thought she was coming onto

    Dave accused Jeff of being blind to the signs, that she wanted it, and
    in fact needed to be fucked.

    Dave bet Jeff $100 against Jeff washing his car once a week for the next
    two months that he could not only get her to spread her legs for him, that
    within an hour he would have this housewife acting like a whore and make
    her actually ask them both if they'd take her somewhere and fuck her.

    Jeff laughed at the delusions of his brother and volunteered to wash his
    car once a week all summer if he could pull thatoff !

    When Shelly returned from the lady's room she could tell

    that something was up .... she sensed a change in the mood at the


    Dave began by talking to Shelly about her aerobics

    class ... what she wore (spandex thong) ... he asked her if she

    got much unwanted attention from men at the club because she

    wore such a "brief" outfit ....

    Shelly caught on quickly ... she could tell immediately where this was
    leading, and knowing what Dave wanted, she played along. She said that no,
    she didn't get any unwanted attention ... Jeff said, "but Mrs. Anderson,
    I can't believe they wouldn't notice a woman as attractive as you in such
    a, well, skimpy outfit."

    Shelly responded, " I didn't say that they didn't notice ", she smiled
    that warm sexy smile, "What I said was I didn't get any unwanted

    With that Dave knew that she'd picked up on what was happening and what
    he wanted her to do. He asked her "Shelly, if you don't mind my asking,
    are you suggesting that you enjoy showing off a little for the guys at the
    club ?"

    She looked down into her lap for a moment, then looked up at the men and
    said, "Well, yes I suppose I do like being a bit of a tease. At my age you
    begin to wonder if men still find you attractive."

    Dave smiled at her , but said in a serious tone, "Shelly, if you like
    showing off so much why are you covered up so much right now?

    I think my brother and I would like you to go to the

    lady's room again, and while you're there lose the blouse and

    bra, and take of your pantyhose and stuff 'em in your purse.

    Then come back and sit with us, I'm sure that we'd enjoy our

    lunch a bit more with a better .... view."

    Shelley's face reddened and she looked down ... she didn't say anything
    for about a minute. The tension was thick. She finally looked up and
    said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do everything you asked".

    When Dave heard her say that, inside he became very angry and asked my
    wife, in as calm a tone as possible, "and why not?"

    Shelly sheepishly replied, "because I'm not wearing

    pantyhose ... I'm wearing stockings and a lace garter belt ...

    I'm sorry, but I don't have pantyhose to remove."

    There was a pause ... my wife stood up .... looked both men in the eye
    and said, " I'll be right back, I need to use the lady's room" .

    As he watched Shelly walk away, Jeff could hardly contain his


    "Dave, did you hear that?. Did you see that? My god Dave, she's going
    to do it, the bitch is going to do it, I can't believe it. Damn, I thought
    all those letters to Penthouse were made up ....". He muttered again, "I
    can't believe it, I can't fucking believe it, I just can't fucking believe
    it. "

    Dave, smiled to himself .... this was going exactly as he'd hoped ....
    Jeff had bought the charade lock-stock-and barrel. Dave told Jeff to
    follow his lead ...that if they played their cards right that they'd make
    this 40 year old housewife their whore for the afternoon.

    Jeff joked that it'd be great to send her home to her husband with a
    cunt full of hot cum .... "her husband would blow his mind if he knew what
    a hot slut his wife is". (How little he knew ... I know exactly what kind
    of a submissive pet she is).

    At almost the same time they saw her. She seemed to float

    across the floor towards there table. Jeff could see in an

    instant that she'd removed the blouse and bra. The tits that

    stood out from her chest in the "wonder" bra now sagged a bit

    and swayed beneath the top of Shelly's denim dress.

    Her face was flushed and hot. The humiliation was a rush for her,
    particularly since Jeff was oblivious to her status with Dave. She sat
    down ... her food had been delivered in her absence and she stared blankly
    at her plate.

    Dave could tell that she'd done a little more than she'd been asked.
    She couldn't help anticipating what Dave wanted .... she's attended to him
    so much that it was second nature to her. Dave could tell that Shelly had
    freshened her make-up, particularly her lips, which were a glossy, but dark
    red. Her foundation, and eye make-up was also a bit heavier .... she
    always knows how to please and excite men.

    Dave spoke first, "Mrs. Anderson" .... he called her Mrs.

    Anderson to heighten the naughtiness, the illegitimacy, the

    slutishness of the situation, "Am I mistaken, or have you done

    something with your make-up ?"

    Shelly replied, "well, uh, well ... yes, I freshened my make-up."

    "Looks to me like you put it on a little thick ... did you do that for
    our benefit ? What are you trying to do, get my dick hard. Are you coming
    on to us ..... Mrs. Anderson, (he looked into her eyes) are you trying to
    look like a slut for us ?", he said as he looked directly at her glossy red

    Shell thought for a minute ... deciding how to respond, then simply
    said, "Yes".

    "I thought so ... let's eat our lunch .... Dave then looked over to
    Jeff and said, eat up little brother, I think that you'll need all your
    strength for the afternoon."

    They laughed, except for my wife, that is. She took him seriously.

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife Part 2

    The waiter had previously left the check, and had returned to collect
    the money. As he was picking it up he noticed Shelley's deeply unbuttoned
    top, and the expanse of tit she was showing. He was a bit flustered and
    red faced. Dave was amused and decided to push it a little more.

    In a low voice, so only the waiter, Shelly and Jeff could hear, Dave
    said, "We enjoyed our lunch very much and you gave us excellent service ...
    how about instead of the customary 15% tip, I give you a look at this
    lovely lady's chest .... completely uncovered, right here, right now, for
    5 seconds."

    The poor boy was beside himself, and couldn't seem to speak, so he

    Dave looked at Shelly and said just loud enough for them to hear, "Mrs.
    Anderson, please pull the sides of your top apart and hold them open for

    Shelly's shaking hands reluctantly moved to the denim fabric and in a
    slow motion pulled the fabric open, exposing her breasts to Dave, Jeff, the
    waiter, and several other diners who noticed what was happening.

    Dave then had Shelly look the waiter in the eye and tell him that she
    enjoyed the meal and hope he'd enjoying his tip. Dave counted slowly to 5
    and had her pull the top closed. When Dave said it was time to leave
    Shelly became nervous again ... she knew that, as they walked out, that
    anyone looking would get a clear view of her legs and swinging breasts.

    As she walked, her knee length dress opened to nearly her crotch showing
    the world that she was wearing sheer stockings and a black garter belt.
    Her top was very loose, as it was undone to about 6 inches below nipple
    level, and her bobbing tits, including her dark nipples, swung in and out
    of view.

    Several patrons noticed and stared as she walked by, and by the time
    they hit the front door the restaurant was so quiet you could hear a pin

    They went to Dave's car, leaving Shelly's in the lot. Dave had Shelly
    sit between he and Jeff in the front seat. There was no graceful way for
    my wife to keep her dress together as they got in, or after she was settled
    in, so she just gave in to it. Her dress was split wide open at the top
    and bottom. Her sexy sheer black stockings with the 3 inch lace tops were
    in perfect view for Jeff and Dave, as was the creamy skin above her
    stocking tops.

    With her top open, Jeff couldn't keep his eyes off her tits. He was so
    hot he was about ready to explode.

    As they began driving, Dave told Jeff to check and see if their little
    whore was wearing any panties.

    Jeff pulled back her dress a little further and snuck a look up her
    crotch ....

    Dave said, "No, no, no, not that way .... use your fingers. I want you
    to see if she's as hot and wet as I think she is.

    Still unsure of himself, Jeff laid his hand on my wife's knee and
    slowly, tentatively moved it up her leg.

    Shelly was in a slutty daze and stared blankly at the young hand making
    it's way up her stocking covered leg to her creamy slit. Jeff stopped to
    caress the sensitive skin above her stocking tops, gaining confidence with
    every inch. Jeff's fingers reached their destination, "She doesn't have
    any on, she's wet and sticky, and, if you can believe it, she shaves her

    With that Shelly said, "I took them off in the lady's room, I thought
    you'd want me bare down there, and yes sir, I do shave, in fact, I shaved
    smooth this morning."

    Jeff asked where they were going...a motel perhaps? "Hey Jeff, wouldn't
    it be a kick if we took her to her own house and fucked her in her own
    bed", Dave said.

    Jeff replied, "But what if her husband comes home ?" "Well, I guess
    he'll need to get in line if he wants some pussy too !" , he cracked.

    Dave and Jeff had a good laugh.

    It was about 2 PM when they pulled in the driveway. Dave had sense
    enough to raise the garage door from the car and enter the house from the
    garage. He had fun exposing my Shelly in the city, where there's a low
    likelyhood they'd be recognized, but near home he's cautious ... he wants
    to preserve his situation, and having the rest of our neighbors and friends
    find out that my wife is his whore would blow the whole thing.

    They followed Shelly into the house, watching her sexy ass sway before
    their eyes. They walked into the living room and Dave and Jeff plopped
    down in comfy chairs.

    Just as my wife was getting ready to sit Dave said, "Mrs. Anderson, you
    have a lovely home, and I'm quite sure you have a lovely body as well.
    Lossen the belt and pop those last few buttons so we can judge for

    Shelly undid the belt and dropped it to the floor. She slowly released
    each of the remaining four buttons until the dress hung from her shoulders,
    open about 12" all the way from top to bottom. Shelly's slightly sagging
    breasts and shaved pubic area were on display and open for business.

    She shrugged the dress from her shoulders and stood, wearing only her
    garter belt, stockings, and heels.

    "Shelly, I think a slutty housewife like you should be on her knees with
    a cock in her mouth, don't you ? You better start with my little brother,
    he's about ready to spurt anyway. I'm sure watching you give me a blowjob
    would put him over the edge, so go ahead, do him first. "

    With that, my wife walked to Jeff, who was 22 years her junior, her
    beautiful tits bouncing and swaying back and forth as she walked. She
    stopped in front of him, slid to her knees and said, " Jeff, honey, can I
    relieve the pressure on you balls for you? Would you like me to suck your
    cock until you come down my throat."

    Jeff was speechless, and all he could do was nod.

    Shelly took his rigid 7 inches into her warm mouth. She swirled her
    expert tongue around the head of his prick before slowly, but steadily
    sinking it down into her throat. She's an expert cocksucker and can deep
    throat a 10 incher with ease (she's practiced on enough of them).

    Jeff couldn't believe it ... it made him unbelievably excited to see
    this 40 year old married slut with a bit of gray in her hair (he could see
    a little gray as her head bobbed in front of him), virtually naked in front
    of him with his cock buried in her throat. Within 30 seconds of putting it
    in her mouth and down her throat he shot his load.

    She's been taught to pull back and let the man shoot into her mouth so
    he can see how eager she is to take it, but in this case there was no time.
    He truly surprised her with how quick he came.

    "Well Jeff, I guess you were well primed ... I'm sorry you came so
    quickly and didn't have time to enjoy it more. But I'm sure that I can
    coax a cock as young as yours back to full strength in a few minutes."

    Saying that, she turned to her master, Dave. "May I please suck you,
    Dave?", she siad in a husky, sex filled tone.

    "Surely my pet", he said as my wife of 18 years fished his prick from
    his pants and began what would be a frenzied 10 minute blowjob.

    Shelly licked his prick, she swirled her tongue around its crown, she
    took each of his big balls into her mouth and gently sucked, she slobbered
    up and down his shaft making it wet and gooey with her saliva, she began a
    firm and steady up and down motion with her head, bobbing up and down on
    his cock. She caressed his balls with her hands as she worshipped his cock
    with her mouth.

    She gave him a truly slutty cocksucking. Finally, after about 10
    minutes, with Dave nearing his breaking point, she shoved her head down on
    his prick, lodging it in her throat, and began the final strokes of a fine

    Finally, on the 9th stroke of the cock imbedded in her throat she felt
    Dave pull up on her hair, his signal that the hot liquid was leaving his
    balls and on it's way home. She pulled her head up so the tip was still in
    her mouth and sucked.

    She sucked the tip of his cock like a straw until he came in big white
    spurts in her waiting mouth.

    Jeff watched, amazed, as her mouth and throat muscles swallowed his big
    brother's load.

    As Dave sat back with a big sigh he looked over and saw his little
    brother, his cock in hand, slowly jacking it .... watching Shelly. Then
    he looked down at my wife, a little of his cum stuck to her cheek and a
    shiny patch of sticky pussy

    juice on the puffy lips of her bald cunt. She was ready to be fucked.
    She needed it and Jeff needed it. Dave didn't need to say a word --
    Shelly, still on her knees, backed up a little until her ass was about a
    foot from Jeff's chair. She bent over and put her elbows and forearms on
    the floor, lowered her head, arched her ass up a little and slightly spread
    her legs. She was quite a sight.

    She patiently waited until Jeff slid off his chair and nuzzled his cock
    up into the opening between her legs. Jeff began sliding his prick up and
    down the slippery opening, lubricating his cock with her juices until, all
    of the sudden Shelly couldn't wait any longer. With her greedy cunt in
    need, she quickly pushed herself back and onto his young cock.

    They both let out a gasp of surprise ... Jeff at the suddenness of her
    move, my wife at the feel of his big cock in her little snatch. The boy
    seemed to snap, and really began to pump her in earnest, with quick, deep

    My girl loved it and moaned loudly as she was fiercely pounded by her
    young stud from the rear. She was glad she'd blown him earlier ... he was
    able to make it last a little longer this time.

    After about 5 minutes it was obvious to Dave that his little brother was
    about to blow his load for the second time in a half an hour.

    "Jeff .... Jeff ..... JEFF !", Dave called, breaking is brother's
    concentration just as he was approaching the home stretch. "I think the
    little slut has another hole that you haven't been in. You may want to
    sample her ass before you come."

    He liked the idea and started to pull out of Shelly's pussy, but he was
    too far gone, as he was maneuvering his dick towards her tight pink rosebud
    the thought of what he was about to do was too much for him and he shot his
    sticky cum all over my wife's ass -- a huge load considering he'd come down
    her throat within the hour.

    Dave chuckled and told him that if he could get it up a third time that
    he was free to use "door number three" as he put it.

    By this time Dave was ready for a ride as well. He sat back on the
    sofa, his cock like a 9 inch rocket pointing to the sky. He had Shelly get
    up and turn around so she was facing away from him and towards Jeff's

    He has her sit down on his cock and begin a slow fuck. He told her to
    reach back and coat her fingers with the juice that Jeff's shot all over
    her ass and to use it as a lubricant while she played with her pussy ...
    all the while looking Jeff directly in the eye. Dave told her to tell Jeff
    the truth about their relationship and how she was used.

    She was really getting off on the humiliation of telling this boy about
    her role as Dave's sex pet -- she was really turned on and vigorously
    rubbed her hairless pussy.

    Dave told her that as soon as she got him to blow his cum into her tight
    cunt that she was free to cum herself.

    Jeff watched in amazement as Shelly, my previously demure wife, went
    wild on his prick, whipping her ass like a sling ... up and forward , back
    and down -- over and over, fucking her master like a machine .... feeling
    him build toward the climax that would be her trigger, her approval to cum.

    She let out a scream as she felt the first jet of Dave's gooey cum
    splash into her snatch. She picked up the pace of her sticky fingers until
    she tensed and came in a big wave ...

    Dave could feel the convulsions deep in her pussy for a full two minutes
    after she began to come.

    As she came down from her sex high she slid off Dave's prick onto the
    floor, collected her breath, turned around and slowly and thankfully licked
    clean the prick that had given her so much pleasure.

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife Part 3


    (Sub-title - The Taking of Shelly)

    It started about a year and a half ago. Dave moved into the house next
    door. He was a friendly guy, 26 years old and very good looking. He'd
    just received his Ph.D.. in History and had accepted a teaching position
    at the local State University. Shelly & I were both intrigued with him
    from the start .... he was a pleasant enough guy, intelligent and very
    well respected in his field, despite his age. He wasn't married, and from
    what we could tell, he didn't have a steady girlfriend, in fact, we never
    saw any women at is house. For a while we wondered if he might be gay.

    In retrospect, nothing could have been further from the truth.

    The remainder of this chapter will be alternatively told by Shelly and
    Dave. They'll give you a little insight into what was happening ....
    behind my back, that is.


    Hi, my name is Shelly .... Shelly Anderson. Both Dave and Al usually
    call me Shell..... and Dave frequently calls me slut, whore, or cunt just
    to show who's in charge. I'm 41 years old (about 40 when this all
    started), I'm 5'6", I weighs in at about 130 pounds, and I think I'm
    average looking -- whatever "average" is.

    When this all started I was in pretty good shape for a 40 year old. I
    never had kids (I can't) so I'm a little firmer than most women my age.
    Over the last year I've gotten into even better shape .... Dave insists
    that I work out at the health club 5 times a week to keep in shape and
    improve my stamina and flexibility.

    I'm a pretty normal sized 37B and my breasts do droop just a little, and
    I have rather large nipples and areolas. Without getting too far ahead of
    my self I will tell you that Dave, the young man who controls me sexually,
    is considering having me go through a breast augmentation .... he'd like
    me to be more on the order of a 40C or D.

    I have light brown hair that used to be about shoulder length, but today
    it reaches midway down my back when it's straight, but not quite so far
    when it's made up and teased .... Dave usually likes to see me with "big

    Before I came to know Dave I led a split personality of sorts ... that
    is, I had a pretty routine and unimaginative (read into that, unfullfiling)
    sexlife with my husband, but had a wild and kinky secret fantasy life and
    masturbated daily. O.K., on some days several times !

    While I had all kinds of wild fantasies .... everything from biker
    gangbangs, to being a high-priced call girl, to being in a harem, I'd never
    considered at any time actually doing any of it or cheating on my husband.
    It was just something I did in my mind to get off.

    Dave changed all that. I can clearly remember the day it all started
    for me. It was about a week after he moved in ...... Al had left for work
    and I was in my bedroom getting ready to slip out of my flannel PJ's and
    get dressed, when I glanced out the window and ..... BOOM ! There he was.

    He has a pool in his backyard .... I watched him lift himself out of
    the pool and walk towards the diving board for another dip. He was an
    absolute hunk .... with a hard, tan body, and little speedo's that hid
    very little. His chest was large with just a little hair, his stomach was
    firm and slightly rippled with muscle, and the pouch of his suit was packed
    with young cock. I know what they say about a cock when it's cold and wet
    .... and I thought to myself, if it's that big cold, well ... I shivered
    at the thought of what it's engorged size must be.

    I stood by the window for another 20 minutes ... I couldn't move, turn
    away, or close my eyes ... in fact I didn't even want to blink ! After I
    was about 10 minutes into watching Dave I suddenly realized that I had my
    right hand in my panties and was slowly rubbing my clit. My face flushed
    red and I instinctively looked around the bedroom just to make sure no one
    saw my lewd behavior.

    Silly, silly, silly ! I knew I was alone, but felt like a schoolgirl
    caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Embarrassed or not, I continued
    the slow circular motion on my clit as I watched my young neighbor around
    the pool. My pussy was hot, wet, and open. I slid my long index finger in
    the slippery opening while I rubbed the hard little clit with my thumb...
    all the while spinning a wild fantasy about Dave.

    As in all my fantasies, it had a heavy dose of dominance and submission.
    As Dave started toweling off I knew the show was about over and started to
    fuck my fingers in and out and around my cunt at a feverish pace ....
    determined to cum before my fantasy lover was out of sight. It happened as
    I watched that tight ass walking towards his back door ... I felt the warm
    tingly sensations start, the first spasm rocked my body and my wet cunt
    squeezed and convulsed on my fingers as they continued their in-and-out
    path. My knees grew weak and I actually lost my balance and fell to the
    bedroom floor.

    As I lay there catching my breath from what was the most intense orgasm
    of my life, I remember the hypothetical thought that drifted through my
    clouded mind .... If I was ever going to live a fantasy I'd sure want it
    to be with him ! I didn't really have any intention of doing anything, it
    was just a random .... hypothetical thought.

    That day began about two months of almost constant fantasizing about
    Dave .... during the day, getting groceries, having dinner, talking with
    Al, and especially when Al and I made love. I was a bit more "active" than
    usual when I fucked Al because in my mind I was being ravaged by Dave. Al
    noticed I was a little more "lively", and seemed to like it.

    As the weeks passed I got kinkier and kinkier with my fantasies and
    masturbation sessions ... it got to the point that one hot Saturday
    afternoon while Al was watching TV in the family room, I stood in the
    kitchen wearing thin lycra running shorts and a T-shirt, and slowly humped
    my pussy against the corner of our kitchen table while watching Dave out
    the window.

    Just as I was about to cum, I heard Al get up and start walking towards
    the kitchen ... my pussy yelled, " the hell with it, let's CUM !", while
    my logic said, "Al won't understand ... STOP !" ..... my mind won, and
    while extremely frustrated, I backed from the table and tried to look
    casual as Al strolled in.

    Al needed to make a run into town to the hardware store .... said he'd
    be back in an hour or so.

    Boy was I relieved ... I'd have plenty of time to get into a wild
    fantasy about Dave and really enjoy a long hot finger fuck, and if I was
    lucky, I'd still be able to spy on the object of my lust, Dave.

    Not 60 seconds after watching our car drive away I was back in the
    kitchen looking out the window for Dave .... he was gone.... Damn! Even
    though he'd gone in his house, I was still determined to enjoy myself and
    slid my shorts and panties down to my knees and sat back in a kitchen chair
    with my legs parted. As my fingers found my hot spot and started a slow
    finger fuck I closed my eyes and started to drift into another world .... a
    world where I was Dave's whore, where he'd make me do all sorts of nasty
    things, where I could be the slut I'd always fantasized about. I started
    talking, not loud, but still very audible ... I was carrying out a dialog
    with Dave in my fantasy, and it made it seem alot more real when I spoke
    outloud ... in fact, it made me really hot.

    Talking outloud is not something I do very often when I masturbate ....
    it's kind of embarrassing and I have to be extra hot and horny .... and
    really into the fantasy to do it. Today was one of those days. The more I
    talked, the more aggressively I rubbed my slimy cunt, the hotter I got, the
    more, and louder I talked.

    I must have really been into it because I was speaking at a full
    conversational volume .... loud enough for someone in the next room to
    hear -- luckily I was alone. "Yes Dave, yes sir, yes master my pussy is
    yours", I said as I rubbed my cunt. "Yes master, whatever you say ....
    you want my ass ... yes sir, I'm wiggling it for them .... Oh, please ...
    Dave, I mean master, please let me suck your cock while he fucks my ass
    ..... oh, thank you sir I'll be a good cocksucker, I promise", I said ,
    really getting into the D/S fantasy. I was building to a great climax ....
    and my fantasy got really kinky, "No master, I don't care if my husband
    minds, he doesn't fuck me like you do .... O.K., yes sir, no I won't fuck
    him again until you give your permission, oh, yes master, I'm your slutty
    pet". Then it happened, my orgasm hit with a jolt and I squeezed my legs
    together, imagining Dave's cock pistoning in and out of my slutty hole,
    driving me over the edge. As I started to catch my breath and come down to
    Earth I heard a little noise and quickly opened my eyes. They bright
    afternoon light overwhelmed me and I squinted, looking for the source of
    the sound.

    I could have died ... here I was, panties down, 3 fingers in my pussy,
    spread out on a kitchen chair moaning about having my neighbor ravish my
    body .... and there he was.

    Dave had watched and heard the entire show from the screen door leading
    to the deck. He'd come to borrow a flashlight, and got more than he
    bargained for. He looked directly into my eyes without expression for
    about 30 seconds. I couldn't seem to move .... I couldn't talk, I was
    truly stunned. He turned and walked away without uttering a word.

    The whole scene was just so unreal .... I sat for another couple of
    minutes letting what'd happened sink in. At that point you'd think I'd
    have composed myself, pulled up my panties and figured out a story to get
    me out of an embarrassing situation with Dave ..... but noooooo, my
    traitorous little slit was calling .... my shame really turned me on.

    I started in on my poor pussy one more time .... less than 3 minutes
    after cuming.

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife Part 3 - Bull's perspective


    My name is Dave. To protect our privacy let's skip my last name. I'm
    the next-door neighbor of the Anderson's. I'm 27 now, and had just turned
    26 when this all began. I'm a shade over 6 foot and weigh 190 lbs. I'm in
    good shape, and exercise several times a week. I'm an Assistant Professor
    of European History at a large university in town ...

    I've done a fair amount of writing in my field despite my age .... and
    I have two passions in life, one is Medieval European History, and the
    other is keeping an attractive older woman as a sexual toy.

    When I first met Shelly and Al it was about a year and a half ago. From
    the moment I laid eyes on Shelly I wanted her .... I knew I'd have her, I
    just needed a little time to figure out how to make it happen.

    Taking control of Shell was actually a whole lot easier that I'd
    expected. Before I get into how I took Shell, let me give you a little

    I've been interested in D/S and sexual control since my very first
    sexual relationship..... It was 9 years ago in January and I'd just turned
    18. I was a highschool senior when I became involved with a woman 14 years
    my senior. I was working at the local outlet of a large national retail
    chain .... again, for sake of privacy, let's call the store "Hardware
    World". The woman's name was Sandy. She wasn't exactly a beauty, but then
    again when we became "involved" it was quite by accident.

    Sandy had been separated from her husband for about 6 months and they
    were talking divorce. In addition to working at the Store in the credit
    department she began selling cosmetics door-to-door to supplement her
    income. I was always a pretty easygoing guy and always provided an outlet
    for Sandy when she needed to talk about her problems .... it got old after
    a while, but she was going through a tough time and the least I could do
    was be a good listener. My mother's Birthday was about a month away and I
    decided to kill two birds with one stone ... help Sandy out and get a gift
    for my mom. I placed an order for about $50 worth of perfume and such from
    Sandy. One day about two weeks later Sandy told me that the order was in
    and asked me to stop by her apartment on my way home to pick it up. At
    about five her day was over and she went home. I got off at 9, and by
    about 9:15 I was ringing her doorbell. When she opened the door I was a
    little surprised .... she'd showered, put on fresh make-up and perfume,
    and was dressed very well -- not "dressed-up", but well put together. It
    wasn't what I'd call an overly sexy outfit, but it was very feminine.

    She wore a pink button up top ( I could see a hint of frilly lace bra
    underneath), cream colored slacks, and sandals. She smiled warmly and
    invited me in. After a few glasses of wine and a couple hours of pleasant
    conversation I figured it was time to make an exit and mentioned that I'd
    better get going. Sandy slipped into her bedroom to get my order ....
    when she came out her expression was subtly different .... she was
    obviously a little nervous. She handed me the package and we made our way
    towards the door.

    Just as I was about to leave, she leaned over and gave me a very warm
    and slow kiss on the cheek .... and thanked me for being so good to her
    and listening when she needed to talk. I told her she was a very nice
    person and that I was happy that I'd helped her. With that she gave me a
    nice hug and another kiss.

    This time in the lips. Being 18 and perpetually horny, my cock sprang
    to life. She wasn't really very attractive, but she had pretty legs and
    large breasts that were pushing against my chest. As she continued to hug
    me the hardness of my prick became obvious and she began to kiss me again,
    more passionately, with her hot tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I
    was losing control, her tongue was wet and warm as she slipped it into my
    ear and slowly licked my neck.

    It'd been over 9 months since this passionate lady had been fucked, and
    I was a virgin -- in other words, there was no stopping. The next thing I
    know she's unbuttoning her blouse and slipping off her bra .... when I saw
    her magnificent tits I lost my first load of the night in my shorts. My
    cock softened for about 30 seconds, until her slacks hit the floor and she
    stood before me in little lacy panties, pink with a white bow in front.

    She slid to the floor, shimmied out of her panties and said the only
    words that we'd exchange for the rest of the evening, "Fuck me please, I
    need your young cock inside me .... NOW!" And so began my first fuck.

    Sandy was a very passionate and sexual woman. The people we worked with
    would never have believed the "real" Sandy. For the next two months we
    carried on a torrid affair .... I was at her apartment on average, 5
    nights a week.

    She was fantastic in bed, she was energetic, limber, vocal, and very,
    very wet all the time. If she'd been better looking I'm sure what happened
    next would never have occurred, and my interest in dominance, wpuldn't have
    sparked and grown.

    Remember, I was still in highschool .... and my affair with Sandy gave
    me a tremendous amount of self confidence and experience, and it showed.
    At school I was beaming, I was like a different person. Some of the girls
    seemed to notice, and I became involved with a 17 year old Junior, Sue.

    Sue was perky, petite, had an average body, but an absolutely beautiful
    face and long silky black hair. I fell for her in a big way. For the
    first few weeks I kept it from Sandy. Sue was, despite her great looks and
    pleasant personality, a virgin who I learned intended to stay that way for
    a while. So I kept banging Sandy, but dated Sue. After a few weeks I knew
    I was going to have to end it with Sandy .... there was no future in the
    relationship, I wasn't interested in being with her in public, and I
    figured that sex wise, I'd be in Sue's panties within a few months.

    On a Friday night I stopped by to see Sandy ... She was waiting for me
    at the door in her fuzzy robe. As soon as the door clicked shut she
    dropped it to the floor and stood before me, naked and ready for my cock.
    She must have been thinking about a hard fuck all afternoon because I could
    see her slick juices matted around her mound and beginning to ooze from her
    slit. While my cock sprang to attention, I was able to maintain control.
    She could tell by my facial expression that something was up. I told her,
    as easily as I could, that our sexual affair was over, that I'd become
    involved with a girl my own age. She was devastated and became angry.

    Sandy leaned over, her big jugs dangling invitingly before me and
    snatched up and put on her fuzzy robe. Tears ran down her cheeks and she
    told me to leave. As I stood outside her apartment door I was angry with
    myself for letting it go so badly, but at least it was done .... Sandy
    could go her own way, and me mine.

    Later that night Sandy called me at home and apologized for throwing me
    out and told me that she wanted to work it out, find some sort of solution.
    I told her that we were through and that she just needed to get over it,
    and then I just hung up on her.

    She called me each day for the next week, twice a day at the end of the
    week, pleading with me to reconsider, to find some middle ground. Each
    time I refused, despite my growing sexual hunger. I had been without a
    fuck myself for about 10 days.

    Finally about two weeks after the break Sandy called me, she was very
    calm and collected, said that she understood my position, and that she
    wouldn't bother me any more. She also asked me to stop by and pick up some
    personal items of mine that were at her apartment. She seemed over it and
    calm, so I agreed ... in fact I told her that I'd stop by the next

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife Part 3 - more from the bull

    I was a little nervous when I knocked on her door, still a little afraid
    of a confrontation. Sandy opened the door and let me in. The apartment
    was spotless and smelled wonderful, a musky scent in the air. Sandy
    looked, well frankly, pretty good for her even though she was wearing her
    infamous fuzzy robe. Her body's not too bad, it's her face and hair that
    are usually a bit "mousy".

    Tonight though she wasn't bad. She had gotten her hair done and it was
    obvious that she was wearing alot more makeup than usual. In fact, with
    the make up and hairdo, she was alot more attractive. She smile and asked
    me in. She brought me a glass of wine and asked me to have a final drink
    with her ... sensing that she hadn't really changed, and that this was a
    "trap", I got up and started for the door.

    She started to whimper and said, "Dave ..... Dave, please wait." I
    turned and gave her as tough a look as I could muster. She said, "Dave,
    I'm sorry, I know I'm driving you crazy, it's just that ... well, .... I
    miss the sex. I really need your cock. It's not that I just want a fuck
    now and then, I really need you .... I think I'm addicted to your cock,
    well, at least that's how it feels."

    I was taken aback by her frank confession. While I was intrigued with
    the possibilities, I knew I'd just be asking for trouble, so I just turned
    back towards the door, ready to walk out of her life forever.

    "Dave !, please", she called. As I turned around, ready to tell her to
    fuck off and leave me alone, she cast her eyes to the ground, loosened the
    belt of her robe, and let it drop to the floor. She stood before me in a
    stunning little slut outfit. She wore a matching set of lingerie ... a
    half bra that pushed her ample tits up as if on a shelf, but that left her
    big nipples uncovered and available, black thong panties, a delicate black
    garterbelt, sheer black stockings with wide lacy tops, and strappy black
    "fuck me" pumps with 4" heels.

    I was speechless. I'd been fucking her for 2 months and had seen her
    naked countless times, but never like this. She had never "dressed to
    please", in fact I suggested once that she wear a little teddy and she
    about had a fit, so I dropped the subject.

    Her head still down, she said," Dave, I'm begging. I'll do anything you
    want, any time you want, I'll dress however you like, and you can have me
    in any way that pleases you ......". She choked back a little sob and
    continued, "and, well ... if you still want to date girls your own age,
    it's your decision. I won't try to be your girlfriend, I just want you to
    fuck me, and fuck me regularly. I'm willing to do anything you want if I
    can just have that from you."

    I was truly stunned and didn't really know what to say. I just looked
    at her for a full two minutes trying to figure out what to do. She started
    to squirm a little ... wanting me to react.

    I found her submission to be a huge rush, and finally said, "O.K. you
    slut, I'll give you what you want, but it'll be on my terms."

    I walked over to her, reached down and roughly grabbed her slutty mound.
    As I held her pussy tightly in my hand and felt the stick juice flowing
    from it, I said to her in a low voice, "From now on this pussy is mine, not
    yours, and I'll do with it what I please, " grabbing her nipples between my
    thumb and forefinger and pinching down, she winced as I said, "These big
    cow tits are mine, and I'll do what I please with them, in fact, this
    entire slut body of yours is mine to do with as I please .....agreed ?" She
    didn't answer, so I pinched her big nipples harder and said, "AGREED?"

    "Yes ..... yeeeesssss, I agree", she whimpered.

    I walked behind her and reached to her front, mauling her jugs and
    sloppy cunt until her breathing was heavy and her skin glowed red, flushed
    with the rush of sexual stimulation to the brink of release. I moved my
    mouth to her ear and began talking to her while at the same time finger
    fucking her hot hole.

    "Sandy, you've always wanted to be a slut haven't you ... I'm going to
    put you through the paces, you'll do things that you've never had the guts
    to even fantasize about .... you'll be the cheap whore that you've always
    wanted to be. Who knows, maybe I'll rent you out to the basketball team,
    they're always looking for cheap pussy."

    She couldn't take it any longer, the humiliation was too much for her
    and her squishy pussy convulsed on my fingers, squeezing like a vise as it

    Abruptly I let go of Sandy and she lowered herself to one knee, catching
    her breath .... "That was so good! You're right, I love the thought of
    being your slut. I've fantasized about it, I need it, and I promise you,
    I'll be a good whore."

    To make a point, I turned and walked to the door, turned back and said,
    "I'll be here tomorrow night at eight ... be ready for me. And don't be
    wearing any of the dainty virgin clothes like you have on now .... I want
    you to look like the slut you are. Wear more makeup as well. If you're
    going to be a slut, you better look like one."

    I left her sitting kneeling on the floor, watching me leave ... I'm
    sure she was trying to figure out how she could possibly look sluttier than
    she did at that moment. Needless to say, when I showed up the next day,
    she had outdone herself .... and over the next 6 months my use of her and
    her acceptance of my dominance grew.

    She was a superb slut, who reveled in submission and humiliation. When
    I left for college that fall I gave her to a friend a couple years younger
    ... it satisfied her need for raunchy, humiliating sex and it got me out
    of her life without a scene.

    I've had several unfulfilling relation ships with women my own age over
    the last 7 years, but none satisfied my need to completely dominate an
    older woman .... the need and desire that Sandy had planted years ago.

    When I first met Shelly it was about a week after I moved in. She and
    her husband stopped over to drop of a small "welcome to the neighborhood"
    gift and to introduce themselves. From the moment I first laid eyes on
    Shelly I knew she was going to be the one. She was 10 - 15 years older,
    but still in great shape, a few wrinkles and a few gray hairs, but a pretty
    face and a nice body. She isn't what you say is a beautiful woman, or a
    knockout, but she is attractive, desirable, and sexy. I didn't know how,
    but I resolved then and there that someday, somehow, she'd be on her knees
    asking for permission to suck my big cock.

    Over the next several weeks I had a sneaking suspicion that I was being
    watched .... it's one of those things, you don't know how you know, but
    you do. I was sure that she was watching me around my pool. School hadn't
    started yet and I had alot of free time to lounge around and work on my

    I started fantasizing about Shell .... the nasty things I'd make her do
    when I took control of her mind and body. My imagination went our of
    control .... she was pretty, but I'd make her better, I'd have her
    exercise, change her hair style, maybe even her hair color, I'd change the
    way she dressed, and maybe I'd order her to undergo breast enlargement.
    Sandy was about a 40C and I thought that was a perfect size .... yea,
    that's what I'd do, the housewife next door would be my sex slut and I'd do
    whatever I wanted with her.

    After several more weeks of being watched (by now I was carefully
    watching her watch me ... I think she masturbated while watching me, but I
    can't be sure) my big opportunity finally came -- quite by accident.

    I blew a circuit breaker in the basement and needed to borrow a
    flashlight to go down and flip it on. I walked across my backyard and
    through the gate in the fence that goes around my pool and separates my
    house from the Anderson's. I walked up to the screen door off their
    kitchen, and just before I knocked I saw her.

    Shelly was sitting back in a kitchen chair, her running shorts and
    panties at her knees, her legs spread, wildly frigging her pussy. The dark
    patch of hair glistened with the sticky juice that oozed from her, her eyes
    were closed .... she was in deep concentration.

    I almost jumped out of my shoes when I heard her say out loud and in a
    pretty loud voice, "Yes, Dave, yes sir, yes Master my pussy is yours....
    yes Master, whatever you say .... you want my ass ... yes sir, I'm
    wiggling it for them .... Oh, please ... Dave, I mean, Master, please let
    me suck your cock while he fucks my ass ..... oh, thank you sir I'll be a
    good cocksucker, I promise". I about creamed in my pants .... she was
    fantasizing about me, she was a closet slut, and she not only fantasized
    about fucking me, she fantasized about being a little submissive slut.

    I realized that I'd hit the jackpot! She was going to be mine, but I
    still had to play the hand correctly ....

    I didn't want to blow the opportunity. I stood there for another 5
    minutes watching her fuck herself to a huge climax ... the whole time she
    continued to carry out a phantom conversation with me ... her fantasy

    I had decided not to confront her at the moment, but to think it through
    and plot out my next move. Just as I was ready to turn and sneak away, I
    bumped the door ever so slightly, but it was enough. Shelly's eyes opened
    with a start and she stared directly into my eyes.

    I held her stare without expression for a full two minutes or so. Then
    I turned, and walked back to my house. The act of leaving her sitting
    there with her fingers still in her cunt, with her legs spread, the juice
    matted to her hairy mount .... well, I knew leaving her without a word
    would prolong the situation and force her to address it with me.

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife continues

    I wasn't disappointed. About 8PM that very night I heard a knock on my
    front door. It was Shelly

    "May I come in?" She told me that it was Al's bowling night, and that
    he'd be out for a few hours, and that she needed to explain. She was
    dressed conservatively enough ...just as you'd expect from a 40 year old
    conservative housewife. She had on a blue button up blouse, khaki slacks,
    and running shoes ... she wore little, if any makeup.

    "I'm sorry for what you saw today. Sometimes I just need a little extra
    release, I hope it isn't something that offended you, and I apologize." She
    diverted her eyes, looking down, and continued, "And I'd be very
    appreciative if you didn't mention this to my husband, Al, please."

    I didn't respond, I just walked into my living room ... she followed

    "Dave, is all forgiven and forgotten ?" she said.

    Again, I didn't talk, I just looked towards the ceiling for a while,
    making her fidget a little. Then I responded, "It's OK, Shelly. I
    understand. I'll forgive," I gave her a sly smile and then said, "but I
    don't think it'll be very easy to forget. I'll make you a deal, Shelly. I
    won't tell your husband about our little encounter this afternoon, if
    you'll do one thing for me."

    A look of relief spread across her face as she said, "Sure. Name it".

    "Well Shelly, I'd like you to tell me what you were fantasizing about,"
    I said.

    She was shocked, and shot me an angry (and maybe a little horny) look,
    "I absolutely will not! You may have watched me masturbate, and I'm sure
    you know I was fantasizing about you, but I'll be damned if I'll bare my
    inner fantasies with a stranger. Heck, I don't even share them with my
    husband !"

    "Well, then, have a good night, Mrs. Anderson. Oh, and tell Mr.
    Anderson that I'd like to talk to him in the morning."

    "He'll never believe you, and you have no proof. So, go ahead. As far
    as Al knows, I'm as pure as the driven snow. Completely innocent. Hell, I
    bet he thinks I don't even like sex. So go a head Mr. Smart Ass."

    She started towards the door.

    "Shell ..... Oh, Shelly ! , I called.

    "WHAT !" she yelled as she opened the door.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I've video taped our entire
    conversation. The camera is set up in the corner of the living room,
    behind a plant That's why I got you into the living room before we talked.
    I think Al will believe whatever story I decide to tell him and if you
    aren't just a little more cooperative I think I'll embellish what did
    happen just a bit," I laughed.

    She literally ran to the livingroom. She saw the Camcorder and ran to
    it, popping the tape compartment .

    "Shell .... this what you want ?" I asked as I dropped the tape in a
    desk drawer and slammed it shut ... and locked it.

    She started the bitch routine again. "Give me the damn tape, Dave, NOW!
    I'll call the police."

    "Go ahead, you cunt, call the police."

    .... "I'll, well, I'll .....", her voice drifted off, she knew she'd
    been beat. "Please Dave, can I have the tape? Your little game is over,
    you win", she said, in a much quieter voice.

    "Before I told you I wanted you to tell me about your fantasy .... with
    lots of specific details. Are you saying that you'll do that?" I asked.

    "Yes," was her meek reply.

    "Since you've been such a bitch the last few minutes, I have another
    stipulation. While you're telling me your fantasy, I want your pants and
    panties down and I want you frigging yourself again. This time though, I
    want you looking at me, rather that with your eyes closed," I said.

    "I can't ... I just can't, I've never... "

    I cut her off, "Listen, you married slut. You've been watching me,
    fantasizing about me, and finger fucking your hairy twat while thinking
    about me ever since I moved in. Isn't that right!"

    She didn't respond.


    "Yes," she said quietly.

    "SAY IT LOUDER YOU WHORE !", I bellowed.

    she yelled.

    Smiling, I said, "Not as happy as I'm going to be when your slacks and
    pretty panties are around your ankles and you're playing with your sloppy
    hole and telling me your fucking fantasy," I said, in a low, but very
    serious voice.

    Resigned to her fate she slid her hand to the snap of her slacks, popped
    it free and drug the zipper down. Her loose pants fell to her ankles
    revealing very sexy white thong panties with light pink bows.

    "Did you wear those pretty panties for me Shell?, I mocked.

    "Fuck you," was her reply as she hooked her thumbs under the elastic
    waist of her panties and pulled them down past her hairy mound and to her
    knees. "I hope you're satisfied, you asshole," she said watching me watch
    her show.

    "Get busy, you slut," was my only reply.

    She sat on my sofa .. ready to start.

    "No, I want the sofa. You sit in the chair," I said.

    She shrugged and moved to the big overstuffed chair in the corner.
    Little did she know that my other video camera was pointing directly at the
    chair from across the room and behind another big plant.

    "Wait," I said, getting up and walking over to her. "Don't touch
    yourself. I want to prove a point." I surprised her by shoving my hand
    into her lap and between her legs, she snapped her legs together in an
    instant, trying to fend me off. Being bigger and stronger I was easily
    able to snake my long index finger into her hole. She sighed as I hit the
    mark and sank my longest finger in to the knuckle. I held it there for
    about 15 seconds, then slowly pulled it out, sticky goo clinging to my

    "This excites you, doesn't it, Mrs. Anderson. You slut, you're getting
    off on this aren't you. You really wanted this all along .... don't deny
    it, your traitorous cunt tells the truth. Have you ever been this fucking
    wet before, Shell?"

    She looked away in embarrassment.

    "Well get to it girl, frig yourself and tell me your hot little story.
    Tell me how much you want my cock."

    She continued looking away, but began. She started by moving her finger
    tips in an up-and- down motion over the top of her hard little nub, warming

    "Talk, you slut!" I reminded her.

    "I need to get into it for a few minutes ... would it be O.K.. if I
    was silent just for a short while?" she asked with a pleading look.
    "Please ?"

    "Fine, but it better be worth it. I wanna hear a hot story, and it
    better be told with a little enthusiasm, if you know what I mean."

    "Yes Dave, I know what you want, and believe me, you'll like it."

    After a couple more minutes of gentle rubbing she started. "In my
    fantasy you're my master and I'm your sex slave. You control everything
    about my sex life.... when I fuck, who I fuck, how I fuck, when I cum ....
    everything, totally.

    "You know I'm a married woman, but you don't care. In fact, you like it
    better. You know I'm very ashamed that you can take me as you please,
    despite my marital status. You know that I love my husband and have no
    intention of leaving him, but you also know I'm totally devoted to you and
    your 8 inch cock."

    "It's nine inches, Shell, not eight," I corrected.

    She groaned, but continued, " I fantasize about the first time you take
    me, and how on that very day you allow one of your friends a crack at me as
    well. To you I'm nothing but a possession, a cherished possession, but
    'owned property' all the same. My fantasy goes something like this :

    "On a particularly hot Sunday Al and I ask you to join us for a cook
    out. During the evening we all have a bit too much to drink, and as a
    result, at dinner you spend quite a bit of time with your hand under the
    table and in-between my legs. I feel helpless to resist.

    "Later you sit next to me on the sofa, your muscular body just a few
    tantalizing inches away. You confidently let your arm slide around my
    petite shoulders right in front of Al, while the two of you briefly discuss
    current events of the day.

    "When Al leaves to use the restroom, I try to break away, although
    unsuccessfully as your steel tight arms hold me in place. I feel your warm
    lips brush against my neck. I could feel my nipples harden against my
    blouse. Prior to your arrival I'd removed my bra and slipped on a tight
    cotton shirt that I tied just under my breasts. I sat quietly as your
    fingers grazed against my aroused and hardened right nipple. As I turned
    to tell you to stop, felt your warm hand beginning it's journey up my
    tanned thigh.

    "I knew it had to stop, but when I opened my red painted lips to speak
    you leaned over, your tongue softly caressing my warm lips and slipping
    into my inviting mouth. At that point I knew all was lost and returned
    your kiss, a deep long soulful kiss ... the kind that sends electric

    pulses through my body. I moaned softly as I felt your long index
    finger slip between my heated thighs until it reached the soft and wet
    folds of my slippery cunt. I nearly fainted as your finger caressed my
    sensitive clit through my thin shorts ... only a thin band of material
    separating your finger from the inviting wetness.

    "I started a quiet moaning and humped myself against your rubbing
    fingers, eager to cum. As I approached release I heard my husband of
    twenty years walking down the hall. You heard as well. Amused, you lifted
    yourself up and walked to the kitchen, allowing me, your plaything, to
    gather my wits and rearrange my clothes before the arrival of my husband.

    "The rest of the evening was pleasant enough and at about midnight, and
    feeling the effects of the excessive alcohol, Al excused himself and
    stumbled up to our bed. I told him I'd be up as soon as I showed you out.

    "Al was out like a light. Rather than leaving, you told me to fetch an
    after-dinner brandy. Although apprehensive and nervous I walked to the bar
    and produced a small snifter of brandy. I nervously handed you your drink
    as you casually ordered, "Take your blouse off. I want to see your hard

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    Default My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife continues part 2

    I was shocked and anxiously looked towards the stairs to my bedroom.
    Looking into your eyes I meekly replied, "Please, you must leave. I have
    never been unfaithful to my husband."

    You were angry and not accustomed to receiving "no" for an answer.

    "Remove your blouse. Don't make me tell you again. If I can sit on
    your sofa and finger you, I can see your breasts."

    Lowering my eyes, I slowly unbuttoned the three buttons holding the tied
    blouse together. Still looking to the floor I untied the tails of the
    blouse and quietly let it fall to the floor.

    You sensed your control and lost no time in giving your next command,
    "Lose the shorts."

    Totally submissive now, I unbuttoned the top button and unzipped the
    tight shorts and let them fall to the floor. Modestly I returned my gaze
    to the floor. No man other than my husband had ever seen me naked. I was
    a virgin when Al and I were married 20 years ago, and I've been with him
    ever since.

    Your next words were, "Spread yourself for me."

    Obediently I spread my long tanned legs, but I just couldn't look you in
    the eye ... my mind raced, 'Where was I, what was she doing, would my
    husband see?' ..... I couldn't think straight.

    Amused, you lowered your right index finger and rubbed the tip against
    the wet folds of my little pussy. You coated your finger with the cream
    that oozed from my well lubricated pussy ... then you smiled as you
    brought the finger covered with my juices to my lips to clean.

    "Only a true slut would be standing naked in front of a man she barely
    knew," you said, mocking me. "Are you a slut ?"

    Searching for words, for a justification of my situation I meekly
    sobbed, "I am a slut."

    "Do you fuck your husband .... slut?" you asked. .

    "Yes," was your reply.

    "From now on the only cock you will allow in your holes will be mine,"
    then the shocker, "and any men I chose to let fuck your slut body," you

    Although humiliated, I looked up and asked, "Will you fuck me now?"

    Amused at my subservience you answer was, "You've not earned it. I
    don't have class until noon tomorrow. After Al goes to work you'll come to
    my house. You and I both know that you'll come ... you need young cock,
    you're a submissive slut and you just plain have to come, isn't that right,
    Mrs. Anderson ?"

    Trying to regain just a bit of self-respect and decency I remained

    "Not talking Mrs. Anderson? O.K.., have it your way, but just realize,
    if I walk out your door now, like this, that you'll never have my cock.
    You'll be worse than a slut ..... you'll still be a slut, only a very, and
    I mean very frustrated one," you said, getting up and walking towards the
    door. Just as your hand began turning the doorknob I heard myself say, in
    a low voice, "I'll be there ...".

    "What? I couldn't hear what you said."

    In a louder voice I said, "I'll be there."

    With a serious look you replied, "You'll be where, and you'll be there
    because ? And be specific, you whore. If I don't completely understand
    the specifics of what you're saying, and what you're implying, then, I'm
    outta here now, and forever."

    Collecting all my courage, it rolled, "I'll come to your house in the
    morning after my husband leaves for work. I'll be there because I want, no
    I need you, to fuck me." I looked at you for your reaction, hoping that I'd
    said it correctly.

    "Well, alright. Never let it be said that I wasn't willing to help a
    housewife in need .....", and you opened the door. Just before you closed
    the door you turned back to me and said, "Remember, you're a slut. Dress
    appropriately. If you look hot enough I may fuck you ... if you aren't
    dressed like a whore then I'll shove your ass out my front door .... and
    if I'm in a bad mood you might be bare assed naked when I do it. That'd
    give the neighbors a little something to talk about, now wouldn't it."

    You turned and walked home leaving me standing naked in my living room,
    breathing heavily, a streak of wetness slowly making its way down one of my
    long tanned legs.

    The next morning I woke and went through the same morning ritual that I
    have for the last 20 years. After I put on my makeup I pulled on my robe
    and headed downstairs to see my husband off to work. I found him in the
    kitchen. As I leaned over to kiss him goodbye and straightened his tie, I
    noticed him looking at my face with a questioning look

    It was the extra makeup. I thought for a minute that he was going to
    ask,. but then he looked at his watch, gave me a pat on the butt and was
    out the door.

    Good thing he didn't ask, I don't know what I'd have said. I didn't
    have a ready excuse for the extra heavy amount of make up I was wearing so
    early in the morning. After a light breakfast I went to my room and began
    looking through my closet.

    I chose an outfit that Al bought me for our 20th anniversary fantasy get
    away weekend ... our 20th was 3 weeks away. Sitting on the bed I pulled
    on sheer black seamed hose; carefully hooking the tops to the garter
    clasps. I pushed my breasts together with a wonder bra and stood to check
    it out in the mirror.

    For a lady of 40 years old I could still turn a man's eye, even a young
    man of 26, I thought with a hot rush. The next stop at the closet brought
    a short black mini-skirt ... short but very loose on the bottom.... Al
    called it a little flippy skirt. He bought it for me because he said it'd
    be easy to pull up the bottom and tuck it in the waistband for a quick
    standup fuck .... as I looked in the mirror I wondered if that was how is
    would happen this morning. I buttoned up a white silk blouse and carefully
    tucked it into the little skirt.

    Finally, I opened the shoebox and pulled out a pair of three inch high
    heels. They were suede black leather. There really wasn't much to them. 6
    strips of leather crisscrossed the front, and a single strap around the
    heel, and a single strap with a tiny silver buckle went around my ankles. I
    rarely wore heels, and never any this high.

    As I stood, a little unsure of my balance, I again looked in the mirror.
    I understood why Al bought the shoes. Perched on the high heels, my legs
    looked longer and sleeker, my ass looked firmer and rounder, and my posture
    forced me to stand more erect, my breasts jutting forward (the wonder bra
    didn't hurt either).

    After brushing my hair and checking my makeup, I was ready .....
    catching my reflection in the mirror a final time, I smile at the finished
    product before me ... I smiled subtly.

    "Yes, Mrs. Anderson, you've dressed appropriately," I said to the woman
    in the mirror.

    As I opened my front door I got a sudden fear ... my conscience
    reminded her that I was a married woman; married and faithful for almost
    twenty years. Thoughts of the previous night, and your cock, put my
    marriage out of my mind. I walked out the front door and turned towards
    your house .... I was relieved that none of our neighbors were out and saw
    me in my slutty outfit.

    Softly I knocked on your door, nervously looked around the sleepy
    neighborhood. Becoming anxious, I stopped knocking and twisted the gold
    door knob and let myself in. I saw you leisurely lounging on the sofa.
    You turned towards me and began sizing up what you saw. Your beautiful
    nine inch cock started hardening. You realized that you resist arousal for
    a while longer to completely mold me , the sexy and eager housewife
    presented before you, into your own prize sex toy.

    "I see that you have dressed like a little whore. Do you dress like a
    tramp every morning Mrs. Anderson ?"

    "This is the first time," I replied.

    "Tell me what your husband would think of his wife if he could see her?"
    you asked.

    Trembling a little, I quietly said, "I'm not sure, he trusts me."

    "When I make you mine I will mark you. Everyone will know that you are
    my little whore. Does that worry you ?" you asked bluntly.

    At the thought of being marked as your whore I could feel the
    temperature between my legs rise and the folds of my pussy lubricate. I
    felt the wetness, felt it creep down the top of my long legs, sliding
    slowly down, down towards the top of my stockings as I stood before you,

    I was quite a sight, a 40 year old happily married housewife, standing,
    trembling slightly as if in heat, dressed like a whore in front of a much
    younger man I barely knew. Before a man who had just told me that he was
    going to mark me as his whore for the world to see.

    I realized that I needed to fuck you more than I've ever needed anything
    in my life ..... I knew that I'd irrevocably passed the point of no

    "Unbutton your blouse," came your simple order.

    My fingers went immediately to the pearly white buttons and one by one
    released their hold. When the buttons were undone I pulled open the front,
    exposing my lacy wonder bra. My nipples were peaking out above the top
    .... instinctively I wet my red lips with my tongue.

    "Remove your blouse."

    I pulled it from the waist band of my little flippy skirt and let it
    fall uselessly to the floor.

    You rose and walked to me .... reaching out to caress my hard nipples.
    When you pinched hard I let out a small gasp, but remained completely still
    and obedient.

    As you continued your manipulation of my breasts the doorbell broke the
    silence, catching me completely surprise. You returned to the sofa and
    gave your next order; "Well slut, show my guest in."

    Shelly was really getting into her fantasy .... her breathing was
    labored, her face was flushed a bright red, her forehead glistened with
    sweat, and her eyes never left me. It was obvious that she was building to
    a huge climax and was almost there.

    "Shelly ", I said .... no response .... she just continued the fevered
    pace of her fingers, sticky with the cream that oozed from her slit.
    "SHELLY !" I said, loud enough to break her concentration. "Do you want to
    stop now ?" I teased.

    "No, I'm so close .... I'm close, I'm close, I'm close", she moaned.

    "Mrs. Anderson, you mean that I've given you the opportunity to stop
    and leave, and you refuse. You want to continue finger fucking yourself in
    front of me ?" I taunted.

    "Yes .... Yes ... YYYEEESSS !" she hissed back, continuing to build.

    I walked to my old Camcorder ... the one I'd already shown her, stuck a
    tape in and walked directly in front of her and hit Record. "Mrs.
    Anderson, I'm recording you again .... you like it don't you ....". There
    was no response, so I went on, "Shelly, if you don't answer me I'm going to
    grab your hand, make you stop what you're doing, and throw you out ....
    now ANSWER me !" "Yes", she moaned again ... this time for the camera.

    "Yes what, you slut", I pushed. "And remember, I'll stop you .... and
    you know I can." "Yes, I'm a slut ... and yes, I want you to ... OOOHHH,
    OOHHHH, here it is, OH, here it ....COMESSSS, Oh my god, OHHHHH AAHHH ....

    Shelly continued moaning and groaning for a full two minutes. I could
    see her cunt muscles squeezing and contracting around her probing fingers
    the entire time. As she started to come down from her sexual high, I
    firmly said to her, " Shelly, you want more than your fantasy don't you?
    You want it to be real, you want to be mine .... you know it, I know it,
    and pretty soon the world will know it. Isn't that right ..... and
    remember, when you answer that I'm taping you, your words and expressions
    are being captured on tape."

    "No ... no, not really ...", she looked down ... saw her hand wedged
    between her legs and knew. She knew she was a slut, my slut, and finally
    admitted it to herself, "You're right, I'm a cheap slut, and I crave it ...
    raunchy sex, the embarrassment of it all... I need it, I want it and have
    for so long."

    The words were rolling from her lips (and onto tape), in fact I was
    amazed at how quickly she came around and how badly she really felt the

    "Will you fuck me now ?", she asked quietly and politely. When I didn't
    respond, she asked again, "Dave, will you please fuck me now? I need your
    big cock in me. My fingers were good, but my horny puss feels so empty.
    Please put your cock in me, put it in deep, deeper than any man's been in
    me before .... please."

    How could I refuse such a plea. "Turn around and face away from me ...
    I won't be fucking you face to face until you've earned it", I ordered.

    She turned away from me and waited. "Remember the recorder is still
    going, I'm getting this all on tape ... that's fine with you isn't it? ...
    Oh, and state your name full name for the camera and ask for what you

    "I'm Shelly Anderson, and I need you to fuck me Dave ..... please,
    please put it in.", she whimpered.

    "Bend over and put your elbows on the floor, lay your head down, and
    arch your back and present me your ass."

    As she subserviently complied I knelt behind her, took my member in my
    right hand and guided it home.

    As I began a slow steady fuck I gave Shelly a few of the key rules by
    which her new life would be lived. More would come later.

    "You've become my submissive slut; you will obey me at all times. When
    I call, you come. You'll have sex in any fashion I choose; you will dress
    as I prescribe; your primary concern will be my satisfaction. You'll fuck
    your husband only when you ask for and receive my permission. "Except as
    I've said, you'll continue with Al as in the past, I have no interest in
    taking a whore like you as a wife, and I have no intention of supporting
    you .... that's between you and Al. I'll let you keep your new life a
    secret from your husband for a while .... but eventually he'll know, I'll
    make sure of it. As in your fantasy, I will mark you in the near future
    .... I've not decided the manner, but rest assured, I always mark my

    After my little speech we were both approaching orgasm .... the squishy
    sounds of my big cock plowing her pussy from behind, and the slap of my
    balls against her ass were driving me closer, but I held off until Shell
    couldn't control it any longer. Within 30 seconds after her release, I
    pulled my cock out, laid it on the top of her ass, and shot a big creamy
    load on her back, with a few shots of my cum stretching to her neck and

    "You're a pretty good fuck Shelly .... now get dressed and get your ass
    home, I'll call you tomorrow ... you'll be ready, won't you?", I said,
    looking directly into her eyes with my most serious look.
    "I'll be ready", was her soft reply.

  8. Thanks tslave, cuck4life, bmctex thanked for this post
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    Default Good story

    Best story I find on the web.Take another man,s wife ,control her life for me
    is most powerfull imagination


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    Smile The Story


    Thanks for posting

    Where could I find the rest of the story? I looked in ASSTR and it only has up to chapter 4.

    Plus I believe the contents are alittle different.

    Would enjoy reading the whole story.I really enjoy stories along this plot line of "prim and proper" women, families who change.

    Once again thanks for posting.


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    I love this story... ASSTR was a deadend for me too.

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