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    Default Black Boss - 03 (Arc Light)

    The Black Boss -- Chapter 3
    Black Impregnation


    David Saunders took his beautiful wife Karen home after the humiliating
    scene at the factory office. The next day was Friday he did not have the
    courage to face either his white co-workers or the sneering Black foreman. Each
    of the two groups now knew that his beautiful wife had stumbled from the
    factory office covered in the Black owner's cum. David could not stand the
    smirks and put downs from his fellow white workers. Unbeknownst to him, his
    white fellow workers lived in constant fear that they too, were afraid that
    their wives would be the next to catch Michael Washington's eye. For when that
    happened they had turned up on their knees before the Black owner.

    The Black foremen's taunts were of course the hardest for David to
    accept. They were of course the most cruel; mocking that he must not be much
    of a man when a Black could use his wife as his favorite toy; when the Black
    owner could be openly using her for his carnal pleasure.

    After he got Karen home from the debacle on Thursday night David had
    drunk himself into oblivion. When he was sober enough to speak he threatened
    his precious loving wife and even on one occasion slapped her across the face.
    During his tirades he threatened to kill Michael Washington if he ever laid
    another hand on what he called his "tramp of a wife."

    On Sunday after noon I arrived at the trailer park. As I drove my shiny
    new Lincoln up the drive and pulled next to the Saunders mobile home I could
    feel every eye as I marched up to the door and without knocking walked in. When
    I walked in I quickly focused on the surprised and startled face of beautiful
    Karen Saunders. Swinging around I then spotted the alcohol soaked husband who
    had total fright written all over his face. I calmly walked over to him and
    standing face to face slapped him across his face cutting his lip.

    "I hear that you are going to whip my ass for fucking your little tramp
    with my long Black dick you fucking asshole," I stated.

    The quick decisive action robbed the irate husband of his advantage. The
    alcohol of the last three days had impaired his mind. He could not fathom the
    audacity of the huge Black man standing in front of him. As the blood dripped
    from his lip onto his sweat soaked t shirt he tried valiantly to make his
    alcohol shrouded brain respond. When I back handed him a second time from the
    other direction he let the bottle of Jim Beam fall to the floor, bringing his
    hand to his face. Desperately he tried to focus his mind on the last thirty
    seconds of his life.

    "I came over here to fuck your wife again. Is there anything you want to
    do about it?" I questioned the stunned husband.

    Grimacing, David Saunders, meekly asked, "I want you to leave. I want..."

    Before he could continue I again slapped him across the face and this
    time he brought both of his hands across his face trying to protect it. Another
    slap brought a pitiful response, "Please don't hit me."

    "I like your wife's soft and warm pussy. Do you know that she begged me
    to fuck her last Thursday. Begged me to do what her husband is not man enough
    to do; not man enough to satisfy his little tramp of a wife," I continued,
    sneering at the humbled husband. Sensing his total surrender I continued my
    verbal conquest of the cowering husband, "The first time I was with your wife
    in this very mobile home she dropped to her knees and sucked my Black cock dry.
    Does she suck your pitiful cock white boy?" I questioned.

    David was trying to force his tormented mind to comprehend the brutal
    questions that the arrogant Black male was subjecting him to. The more he
    tried to regain control of his senses the more helpless he felt. His Black
    boss had burst into his home; slapped him silly and was taunting him for not
    being man enough to sexually satisfy his ravishing wife. His heretofore
    faithful wife. The wife that was to bear his children. As he struggled to
    clear his alcohol fogged mind he seen his Black tormentor turn and summon Karen
    to his side. He let his hands fall to his side as she approached.

    The stunningly beautiful blonde wife hesitantly walked the few steps and
    stood next to me. She was trembling and her eyes were full of uncertainty. She
    was wearing David's white dress shirt and the top three buttons were undone. I
    could tell that she wore no bra as her hard nipples poked against the scratchy
    cloth. Although the shirt had long tails I could tell the only other clothing
    that she was wearing was a pair of red sating panties. The panties were
    tightly pulled against her sex and her trembling increased with each second..

    "Did you enjoy last Thursday when I fucked you in my office?" I asked.

    The question bore into her and she meekly looked at me; and then at her
    slouching husband. Looking into his blood shot eyes she then returned to my
    dark and forbidding eyes. "Yes," she meekly answered.

    Turning to her beaten husband, I again mocked his manhood. "Do you let
    your wife fuck anybody; or just Black men?"

    Trying to come up with an answer he merely stuttered, "I, uh......"

    Looking into his defeated eyes I gave my next order, "Drop your pants. I
    want to see what your wife is giving up when I decide to fuck her."

    I could see the battered husband start to resist......... The next slap
    broke open his lip in another place. "Drop your pants wimp. Do it NOW!" I

    The slap drained his will to resist. He meekly unbuckled his belt;
    unbuttoned the top button on his jeans and slid the zipper down. Meekly, he
    looked into my eyes and sensing that I was not going to show him mercy he
    pulled the jeans over his hips letting them fall to his ankles.

    Looking down at his pitiful specimen of manhood I started laughing. The
    more I laughed the more he felt humbled. He dropped his head and stared at the

    Turning towards Karen I mocked her cowering husband. "No wonder you were
    ready for a real man." I then unbuttoned each of the remaining buttons while
    Karen absently stared at her husband's under endowed manhood. Once the buttons
    were free I slid my hands between the open shirt and roughly caressed the hard
    nipples of my new fuck mate. I squeezed the nipples between my finger and
    thumb and smiled as Karen winced at the pleasure/pain. I let my fingers drop
    to the waist band of her bright red panties and inserted my searching finger. I
    heard the white wife gasp as my finger made small circular motions under the
    waist band of her red panties.

    I could see that David was intently looking at my manipulations of his
    blonde wife. His small manhood was trying to assert itself.......

    After several minutes I could tell my gentle stroking was heating the
    tight body of Mrs. David Saunders. Her eyes closed; her tongue probed her lips
    and she gently rubbed herself against my hand.

    Softly, I asked, "Can your husband satisfy your needs?"

    Her eyes remaining closed she quietly answered, "No.... He can't even
    remain hard anymore."

    "How large is he?" I asked.

    Her tongue dueled with her lips and she softly moaned, "He is not as
    large as you. He cannot fill me as you have........ He cannot bring me to
    orgasm...... Oh God, it's time. Don't tease me anymore. I need you!!"

    As his wife moaned David's insignificant white boy cock strained to reach
    it's full stature of 4 inches. I looked down and seen the minuscule organ
    twitch as his wife begged for my Black cock.

    Turning to the husband I ridiculed him even more. "Take my pants down
    white boy. It's time for your wife to see a real cock. A Black Cock that she
    will beg for."

    The blood had dried on his lips as he sank to his knees in front of the
    Black man seducing his wife in their home. Carefully he unbuckled the belt and
    gently lowered my pants pulling them off my feet. I could see his blood shoot
    eyes open wide when my huge Black cock sprang free of the pants. Since I never
    wear any underwear my Black cock shot free and hit the astonished white boy
    husband in the face. A dash of pre cum smeared his right cheek. From his
    subservient position on his knees he looked up as I continued to stroke his
    pretty wife's now sopping pussy hole under her red panties.

    "Take your wife's panties off. I think she is about ready to pull my
    Black cock deep into her pussy. Does she look ready to you wimp?" I

    David, kneeling, was speechless as he watched his wife undulate against
    my fingers; trying to embed them deeper into her deep wet passage.

    When David hesitated Karen urgently pleaded with her husband to remove
    her panties. "David, please take my panties down. I need Michael's Black cock
    in me," she begged. When he again hesitated she grabbed his ears and pulled
    him forward. Desperately she begged her husband. "Please........... Please
    take my panties down. I need a man."

    Karen's painful grip on David's ears forced him to awkwardly scoot
    forward so that he could grasp the soaking panties and slide them down his
    wife's long beautiful legs. He inhaled the sexually charged fragrance as the
    panties were lowered over the Black fingers that were now lodged in the tight
    wet hole of his wife. As she lifted her legs she slid down and stretched her
    long legs in order to give me, her Black lover even greater access to her blood
    engorged and throbbing pussy lips. She was now thrusting against my pleasure
    producing digits and moaned deeply, "Oh my God, Please Fuck MEEEEEE!!!"

    Looking down at the cowering husband I could see that he was looking at
    my large uncircumcised Black cock in horror. I was sure that he could not
    comprehend how my large cock could fit into his wife's tight chamber of love.
    "Massage my nut sack asshole," I ordered. As he grasped my large egg sized
    testicles I mocked him further, "I think I am going to unload my spunk into
    your tramp wife. How about it white boy; Don't you want a little Black
    bastard growing in your wife's womb?"

    Looking up at me he begged, "Please use a rubber. Please," he whimpered.

    "If you want me to use a rubber go get one of yours," I ordered. He
    started to pull up his pants but I quickly corrected him, "You want me to use a
    rubber shuffle back to your bedroom and get it white boy." As I laughed at the
    spectacle of the white husband shuffling to the back bedroom I continued to
    stroke the beautiful wife to a within a single thrust of her release before
    withdrawing my fingers making her writhe even more. Karen's tormented mind was
    near disintegration as she craved her release; her release that never came. As
    her tormented body relaxed I reinserted my fingers and commenced the gentle
    stroking hoping to keep her at a fever pitch. The strategy worked to
    perfection as the tight perfect body thrust against my hand.

    After what seemed like an eternity to the distraught housewife her
    husband finally shuffled back into the living room with his hand full of cheap

    When he shuffled into the room I pulled his wife close to me and gave her
    a passionate deep throat tongue kiss. Her tongue eagerly sought out my thick
    tongue and dueled with it to bring me closer to hardness. Her hips ground into
    my hard cock and standing on her tip toes tried to entice the hard Black cock
    into her dripping love tunnel. As much as she tried she was too short. She
    became outraged as her husband desperately attempted to slide the dry rubber
    over the end of my hard Black cock. Competing with him to encase my cock she
    finally reached down and slapped him along side the head causing a shooting
    pain in his ear. As he backed off she kicked him; trying to force him away
    from her and I so that she could get her pussy closer to my pleasure inducing
    Black cock.

    The beautiful Mrs. Karen Saunders was far more aroused that I so I played
    with her tormented mind. "Go wait for me on your martial bed. I haven't
    fucked you in your husband's bed yet. Get your ass back there and I may bury
    my hard Black cock deep in your belly."

    Although temporarily disappointed she begrudgingly scurried down the long
    hall way looking over her shoulder and begging with her eyes for me to follow.
    Her husband was squatted the floor in stunned silence.

    Slowly, I started back to the waiting wife who was laying on her back,
    her long legs widely spread. Looking over the erect nipples on her ample
    breasts she held her pussy chamber apart; begging me with her eyes to hurriedly
    bury my Black pole deep into her belly.

    David, meekly sobbed, "The Rubber?"

    Looking down at the defeated white boy husband, I continued my mocking,
    "If your wife wants me to............ I may withdraw before I fill her womb
    with Black seed."

    Once I got to the martial bed of the Saunders, I knee walked between the
    widely spread legs of the beautiful wife. Her eyes still begging me I let the
    purple head of my hard Black cock gently insert itself between the petals of
    pleasure. The desperate Mrs. Saunders scooted her ass downward and inserted
    another inch of Black manhood into her hole. As her pussy stretched to
    accommodate my hard Black cock she moaned and reached for my shoulders hoping
    to pull me deeper into her thrusting hole. Her liquid was coating my cock and
    I allowed another inch into her chamber; allowing the pretty wife a mercy

    As I allowed another inch to wedge itself into the tight canal David
    Saunders shuffled into the room and slid down the wall wedging himself
    between the bed and the wall. He had a tight grip on his manhood and was
    stroking himself in the same rhythm as my piston plunging into his wife.

    As I slipped each inch into the writhing wife I allowed her to adjust to
    the thick Black log forcing itself into her tight love channel. However as I
    felt my needs bubble to the surface I pulled the tip out and in one brutal
    hammering stroke buried myself into the warm and wet hole of Mrs. Karen
    Saunders. Karen scream echoed throughout the trailer. Once my cock was buried
    into her womb no mercy was shown. My constant pile driving cock was forcing
    the eighteen year old bride to continually adjust to each new sensation.

    "Do you want my seed; Do you want my Black bastard in your belly?" I

    "Oh god yes...... Fuck me you Black bastard....... Fill me with your
    fucking Black seed.... Fuck MEEEEEEEEE." she screamed.

    Her poor husband, wedged between the bed and trailer wall merely pleaded;
    "No Dear God..... Don't lose your seed. Don't Dear God........."

    David's pleas went unanswered as I felt my nut sack tighten and then in a
    explosion of lust flooded Karen's womb with potent Black seed. The spunk was
    buried deep in her belly as explosion after explosion of seed filled her inner
    chamber. I left my Black cock lodged into her tight hole for nearly ten
    minutes and only after it started softening did I raise up and allow it to
    slide out. Looking down at the contorted face of my white bride conquest I
    stroked my Black cock emptying the last of the spunk on her belly. I then
    leaned forward and rubbed the sticky discharge over her face. Her tongue
    darted out and attempted to clean my fingers.

    "Order David to clean me," I told the beautiful wife.

    Sensing her dominance over her mentally broken husband she pulled herself
    on her elbows and looking down at her stunned husband, gave him the command,
    "Clean my lover with your tongue. Do it well and you can lick his seed out of
    my pussy........."

    The order was simple. David pulled himself to the edge of the bed and
    sticking his tongue out cleaned my semi rigid pole. When he finished he again
    fell against the wall.

    "Leave my seed in your wife," I mocked.

    "Later this evening I am rewarding two of my foremen with your wife.
    Until she becomes pregnant I don't want you sucking our Black seed from her.
    She can take a shower; but I don't want her taking a bath. Your wife is
    currently one of four that will be the first to be impregnated with Black
    seed," I continued.

    Karen was gently massaging her nipples as I spoke. She was calm and
    serene after her intense orgasm.

    David, his head throbbing from the now raging hang over was trying to
    contemplate the latest revelations.

    Still nude; I allowed him a preview of the next few weeks of the happy
    white couple. "Next week, Karen will be accompanying me and three or four of
    the Blacks at the plant, to my country cabin. You will not be allowed to have
    sex with her before that time. We will breed her. After she returns I am sure
    she will be carrying our Black child. You will be allowed to raise the child;
    never knowing for sure who the father is."

    "When she returns she will also be wearing a tattoo on her neck. It will
    be a Black tattoo and will allow everyone to know that she is a whore for Black
    pleasure. Her tattoo will signify that she is available to any Black who may
    wish her company. Do you understand David?"

    The humiliated husband could not speak but merely nodded his acceptance;
    acceptance that his wife was no longer his.........


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