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    Default Guy gets humiliated for real when girlfriend sets him up to have to expose the truth about his size.

    This single story caused my girlfriend to begin humiliating me by outing what I look like naked, (that is, how I’m not hung) to other women for her own turn on. She became obsessed by the concept taken from the following event, and her torment of me is owed to it.

    Somehow this guy, “Mr. Collins”, did a wrongful thing at a bdsm club night, and he allowed his girlfriend to be seen totally nude by four people she told the guy specifically not to let in to watch the role play. This was her revenge on him. It involves bringing in real people into the role play, to make the guy’s humiliation all the worse.

    I was taken to a hospital in Arizona (as part of a boating trip for club members, on the Colorado River), and to a pretty large hospital, which was building a new area that was only partially opened up to the public. (The city was Parker, if you’re curious.)

    Two of the club members, both women, posed as a doctor and nurse, and acting as a nurse, she rounded up two hospital volunteers. I was taken to one of the rooms in the renovation area, and the “doctor” (whose name was Cheryl) was going through the routines of the beginning of an examination with me, when Cindy (as a nurse) walked in with the two volunteers. They wore blue and had a patch with a V on it in red. This was very weird, and I discovered that what was being done was not for my benefit, but for theirs. Cheryl and Cindy I knew from the Club, but not fully, because I had only seen them and not ever been in a role play with them. But they kept up the situation with a fast pace, so that neither I, nor the two volunteers, would have a moment to think too much about anything. Not that it mattered. What happened from their point of view was entirely plausible to two young girls, ages 19 or 20 or so. (By law they had to be 18 or older to be with patients.)

    Cheryl called me Mr. Collins, and told me what I “already knew” (but I was hearing this for the first time), that the appointment was arranged by my doctor, and that I was there “to have durmis samples taken from areas where your doctor found shaded areas on your skin during your last physical.”

    This of course was total bullshit. But the girls took it seriously, and followed Cindy’s orders to the letter in preparing and labeling a whole bunch of slides on a table to the side. While the girls did this with Cindy, Cheryl turned me away from them, and let me read her clipboard and she gave me instructions to undress while she gave a cursory examination of my skin.

    The clipboard had a paper on it that read that I was about to be totally, and 100% humiliated in a situation where genuine outsiders, the two volunteers, would get to enjoy my predicament and reactions to it, not to mention my naked body, and, the note read, with a cherry on top as a surprise, compliments of Maria (my girlfriend).

    This was weird, because one of the rules of the Club was no outsiders. But Maria was SO angry at what I arranged for her at the Club two months before, I realized they were devising this plan to pay be back in spades: genuine non-member girls being part of my humiliation.

    Eventually I was down to the tighty-whities my girl made me wear for the occasion (I usually wear boxers) which gave me the most embarrassment possible out of any underwear. To not make me look like a total retard, they were gray colored, but still tight briefs with a traditional fly, and crew cut to show more skin. Over the next few minutes I secretly took glances at the girls, and confirmed that they were occasionally checking me out, watching me offer arms and legs and chest to Cheryl.

    They were cute, one of them a dirty blonde girl who was pretty filled out without being pudgy, and an American Indian looking girl with jet black hair that hung straight down to her waist. She had a slender, athletic build. But both were definitely lookers, and their age made the whole thing very embarrassing. I never imagined that my role play would involve other people not in the club, and it made it far worse. Two girls reacting to things in real ways, were seeing me in my briefs, with my dick clearly shaped in the far too tight material. I had caught each of them stare at my cock. Part of my humiliation, I knew, was that the two girls were only about 3 or 4 years younger than I was. That is, as contemporaries, it was far more embarrassing than, let’s say, a 50 year old. (Who would have been suspicious of the whole thing anyway.)

    All of this lasted no more than a few minutes, with slides passing from the nursing desk to Cheryl, who used what reminded me of a sharp vegetable cleaner to “scrape” non-existent “samples” from my body.

    I still remember Cheryl’s words: “Mr. Collins, please remove your briefs.”

    I’d never know whether they, on their own, would have remained professional in their reaction to this announcement, because Cindy (I was told this later), purposely, while the girls knew I couldn’t see their three of their faces, opened her mouth and smiled widely for the benefit of the girls. In fact, the blond reacted in a way that showed her embarrassment for the situation, including my own. But she eventually, after watching Cindy’s reaction, puckered up with conspiracy. The American Indian girl was another story. She reacted, after Cindy made her smile, with equal relish over the notion that I was about to be totally nude. She continued to look down at the slides, but with her tongue on her teeth with anticipation. That made Cindy’s day. This was the moment of truth to her. Everything hung on the idea that the girls would enjoy, even slightly, the notion that I’d have to be completely naked. And from the girls’ point of view, the medical “professional” Nurse Cindy had given the two of them “permission” to enjoy my being naked.

    I was facing Cheryl, and not the three others, and they got a view of my butt exposed as I took off my shorts and placed it on the chair to the side. And the truth is, unlike the few other role plays I had done with the club, at that moment I became really nervous and wanted it all to end. I was about to have to stand their totally nude in front of four women, all of them seeing me naked for the first time, and three of them having set themselves up to enjoy my situation. I began to breath heavily, and thought of how the two very young women were about to check me out in every way.

    Cheryl took hold of my cock while pretending to take samples from my lower torso. She squeezed until I was rock solid, then acted surprised and embarrassed and said aloud, Don’t let that bother you, Mr. Collins, there’s nothing you can do about it. Males occasionally react the way you have.” The bitch gave me a hard-on, and pretended for the girls’ sake, that I was getting hard on my own. Cindy, who told me what happened afterward, said that at that moment, while they were busy with the slides, she whispered to the girls that I was fully erect, and the three of them made faces of total anticipation.

    She called Cindy over, and finally Cindy called over the volunteers. The girls came from behind me to pass Cindy slides and looked down at my fully erect cock. I just looked up at nothing, feeling totally humiliated. And unlike the other role plays, this was real. Cheryl was simply matter of fact about it, telling me openly not to be embarrassed; that it happened now and then during many types of exams. She then told Cindy “that under the circumstances, she was better able to fully see a redness (there was no such thing) on my penis, and the extent of the irritation.” (There was, of course, no irritation.)

    To make sure, Cheryl announced she was going to record the area of the irritation for the benefit of the doctor who had sent me to her. My heart was pounding at this point, and the girls were looking at the slides in their hands, and my cock that was at attention, and trying not to let me see their near smiles. The blonde one seemed to have some empathy for me, but the American Indian girl was nearly on the edge of bursting out laughing as I saw her cheeks get full. My erection that moment was a full, stand up version, the tip of my penis pointed at the ceiling, and the girls were taking it all in as they followed Cindy’s instructions.

    Cheryl, right before the girls’ eyes, worked her scraper, and pretended to take samples. Cindy, like the others, placed cover sides over them and the girls labeled the slides and placed them in a Dexter box. (I didn’t have a name for that until now.)

    Cheryl said she wanted to measure the area on the shaft of my penis, and that it was probably what Dr. Lee was worried about. I couldn’t see the girls’ reactions, and my heart beating a mile a minute. Then to my horror, right in front of the girls, she took out a measuring tape, and placed it against my fully erect penis, extending it several inches beyond its full measurement, and began pointing at, seemingly for the benefit of Cindy, the length of the imaginary roughness.

    Of course, what she succeeded in doing was to place the tape measure at the base of where my cock ran from my balls upward, showing the girls the full measurement of my erect penis.

    It didn’t matter whether the girls were following the discussion of Cheryl or not. What was being fully displayed was the measurement of my cock, showing the tip of the head of my penis to end at its full length against the tape measure, way under the 5 inch mark.

    I tried to hide the fact that I was breathing heavily, but during this, the girls lifted their eyes up to meet mine, and we all looked at each other briefly, with total acknowledgement that they had learned the most intimate fact about me, that fully erect my penis didn’t make it to 4 ½ inches.

    To send this humiliation home, Cheryl said to Cindy, right in front of the girls, who were doing nothing but stare at my size, "About two inches of roughness on a 4 inch shaft; no sign of roughness on the corona of the penis. Is that about another inch?”

    Cindy, right in front of the girls, corrected her. “I don’t think his shaft is 4 inches.” Then, in a nearly saddened voice, “His penis isn’t 5.” And she re-measured. This was complete, total humiliation. Cheryl then said, “His shaft is . . . Oh . . . 3 3/4.” Then Cindy said, “More like 3 5/8.” She paused, then said, “Also, the corona of his penis is less than an inch. His total length is (and she paused purposely, as if she didn’t want to say the number) 4 3/8”.

    I was dying inside. At that moment, pretending they just realized what they had done, Cheryl and Cindy smiled, and Cindy purposely lowered her head, as if she knew that she had completely humiliated me by correcting the length of my penis downward. When her face was finally lowered so I couldn’t see it, but the others could, she smiled over the extreme embarrassment she had created for me.

    The volunteers were eventually dismissed, and when the cost was clear, they got me out of there fast and Maria executed her “cherry on top”.

    Out in the hall, Maria, dressed professionally and with a white gown over her clothes, cut off the girls as they walked back toward the lobby, and the functioning part of the hospital, before they had the chance to join their friends. It was part damage control, to prevent them from talking about this mythical procedure, and part fun to make her day and their day. She introduced herself as new in dermatology and told them she just came from Nurse Ryan (Cindy), and was told they assisted in the slides for a durmil gathering. They told her they did. My girl became conspiratorial, and pressed them for how they handled it. They became embarrassed, especially the blonde. The Indian said that it was really embarrassing for “the guy”. When my girl asked why, the Indian replied because I was naked, and fully erect. My girl reacted with laughter, and the blond followed suit. Then my girlfriend lowered her voice and told them not to mention the procedure to anyone. She told them that medical procedures are confidential. At that moment, she said they became serious, but then, my girl said to them that Cindy told her I was measured by the doctor, and that got the attention of the volunteers.

    Maria began to act like “a woman” before them. She said, “You got to see him measured up while fully erect?” She began to laugh, and they followed suit. “Totally nude, a hard-on, and his manhood measured.” She laughed again, and they were all laughing. Their laughter, Maria told me, was really building and fun. (I had been whisked away to the car, and got all of this later.) My girl asked them in a real fun, conspiratorial, and nervous voice, if they got to see how big I was, and as she said this, she smiled at them, wiping away all of the professional talk she stated a moment before. The blonde nearly had her mouth open, but the American Indian girl looked straight at my girl and said, “Oh, yeah.” My girl asked her, “Well, how big is he?” The blond died but the Indian girl gave her my exact measurement. “4 3/8”.” “No way!” Maria whispered loudly. Then the American Indian girl said, “My boyfriend’s got at least two inches more.” They all laughed again and again.

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