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    Default The Cuckold husbands club

    My wife Rachel has become really fit.Her best friend Diane got her a membership at 24/7
    fittness for christmas and shes always at the Gym.Recently she admitted to me she gets soaking wet while she is on the stairmaster watching all the Men pumping Iron.She also told me one evening when she was working out with Diane.That wile Diane was helping her with a perticulaly hard strech she was so excited she squirt herself so badly Diane had to lend my wife a pair of her spare panties,she keeps at the gym."it happens all the time" Diane told my wife "wait till your working out with a personal trainer,they will really start pushing your limits"
    Needless to say Rachel has stopped giving me any attention in the bedroom.She started working out with this huge personal trainer "Bobby".And she comes home very late at night smelling like sex.When I ask her to take a shower she refuses and tells me to get used to the smell. Before I new it I was her cuckold,doing all of Rachels chores, getting our girls Casey and Hailey to school and back,making dinner and getting the girls to bed ,all so My wife could have more time for the gym.

    Last weekend my mom came over to watch the kids so Rachel and I could go out.I was so happy we would finally be able to talk about things.As soon as we got in the car Rachel
    told me that we were going to Dianes for a Party.When I asked her what kind of party
    she said "You'll See" When we got to Dianes she answered the door in her gym gear.We walked in and A half naked mustle man was in the living room giving some kind of bizarre aerobics class in front of Sue and Lisa friends of Diane's. "Thats Bobby" my wife told me Diane then took me by the hand and wisked me past the sean."Come upstairs Steve I want to show you something.
    When I entered Diane's bedroom it was lit only by the television which was showing Bobby and the girls working out on the big screen.I sat on the bed and watched as Bobby started to strech each of the girls downstairs."Looks like hes getting them ready huh"Diane
    whispered in my ear as she sat next to me on the bed. "Can I get you ready"She asked.
    Diane stood up and dropped her silk gown to the floor,she was naked underneith."take your clothes off Steve,I want to see you.I took off my clothes saving my underware for last."Well ? "she said.I removed my underpants and saw her chuckle at my small size."Lay on your belly over this pillow I want to spank you wile you watch your wife work out,naughty boy" I got so excited to get some attention finally.
    Diane spanked me over and over,and I started getting an erection.I pressed against the pillow the friction making me quite hard.As I felt the plessure for the first time in weeks, I was unconcerned as Diane quickly cuffed my feet to the bed.Then my hands were restrained.I rubbed against the pillow and moaned in my bondage.Diane gave me a few more spanks and then slapped me hard across the face to get my attention."Hey slave boy
    you remember my husband Ramond dont you" As I looked up there was Diane's husband completly naked in front of me."And you remember Lisa's husband Frank right" Lisa's chubby
    hubby stood behind Frank already jacking his crank."And well you never met Sues husband Steve but you will".I started to kick and scream,as Diane slapped my face again."shut up bitch".She yelled at me.
    Before she left Diane gave the boys a stiff drink and A viagra each she explained to me I was being initiated into the Cuckold Husbands Club,and as it's newest member I must be raped by the horny husbands as we watch our beautifull wives fucked by "Bobby the Stud"
    "Now Im going downstairs to have some fun,and will check on you later.You boys have fun"
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