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    Default Tease Denial Story

    Orgasm Denial Story

    source: Femdom Tease Denial - Femdom Stories - Tease Denial Stories

    April was a bitchy debutante, a spoiled black haired skinny fashion diva with a bit of a deviant side and a qualified hatred for men. She had really gone to town with her daddy's money since the Emergency Depression Recovery laws of 2045 made reclaiming bankrupt citizens as slaves legal.

    Of course April still needed her ego stroked so she'd cruise the clubs for hot looking studs to fuck, but she liked her fucking at all hours, on her terms. So for a few months she bought a nice big dicked young buck to fuck her silly whenever she wanted. As time passed she realized it was the more sadistic aspects of control she liked best. She started to more fully take advantage of her control. That first slave, a blank faced but fairly hunky lad named Allen must have been fairly disappointed when suddenly toward the end of one of their nightly fucks he was told he was not allowed to cum. April had him munch her pussy to a few toe curling fully satisfying orgasms before she tied his hands to the bed and slipped into a contended sleep.

    After that April turned her free time more fully to buying males for the primary purpose of torture. This is the story of Mark, because Mark got a word in this story too.

    Mark had been the quarterback of the football team, a big strong 18 year old kid with a full thick cock and juicy balls resting in a low hanging scrotum. He was smart and funny and a star athlete so he had no trouble getting all the pussy he wanted.

    April had gotten good at picking her targets, finding the kids who would suffer most terribly under her yoke. The first thing that made Mark a good candidate was his horniness. He got off three times a day, every day. What was more, he was used to feeling good. Most of those times weren't even jerking off. He was the first kid in his grade to get a blowjob.. Cindy Markowitz was waiting in the boy's locker room when the football team got back from practice, sweating and stinking. They came round the corner, all naked except for their white towel, and there was Cindy Markowitz in a pleated skirt and pig tails on her knees in the floor of the shower.

    "What the fuck is this?" some meat head Jimmy yelled out.

    "Walk over here Mark." Cindy whispered throatily. He walked uncertainly over. The boys fell silent. She reached her hands up and gently eased his fingers of the towel. He let it drop. His dick stood partially erect in front of her. She wrapped her cool hands around his sac and he gasped. Then she took his dick in her warm wet mouth. The other boys gathered around and stared on enviously as she went to work on his package, ultimately letting him shoot his load all over her face.

    After that he was the coolest boy in the grade. Since that day he'd been one of the most oversexed boys on the planet. Girls always clamoring to date him, he'd get to fuck every night. And that was only the proper girls. He got hand jobs during class, blowjobs during lunch; he'd even assfucked a girl at a dance.

    All in all April thought he was the perfect candidate for punishment. She certainly didn't think any male should ever deserve that much sex, let alone a cocky high school football star. She thought his cum belonged permanently stopped up inside his balls. Of course, he didn't know that yet, standing before her in nothing but tight jeans his hands cuffed behind him, her lounging in front of him in sexy lacy black pajamas. He assumed he was in for a relatively enjoyable life a sex slave with a hot slightly older woman.

    "Hi honey," she purred. He smiled uncertainly at her.

    "You're real lucky that I was the one that bought you," she said. She always lied to her slaves at first. The agonizing disappointment of the first denied orgasm was even better when it was entirely unexpected. She loved the look of growing horror as a slave realized his next orgasm could be indefinitely postponed.

    "Come here; let me get a look at you." He sauntered forward, stopping about a little ways from the couch. She sat up from where she'd been lounging and snaked an arm out to wrap around his inner thigh, her fingers resting inches below his balls and pulled him forward. Her face was inches away from his bare stomach and bulging groin. He could see down her flimsy negligee to her absolutely perfectly formed cleavage. The sight of this absolute sex goddess kneeling before him, her hand wrapped around his thigh, had his cock straining with all its might to escape its tight jeans. His horniness was considerably increased by the fact that he'd been handcuffed since being taken into slavery. He hadn't cum in three days, an eternity in the mind of such a high school kid.

    She looked up at him seductively and he could feel the desire positively churning in his stomach, and with that look she slowly traced her hand up his leg till it rested above his dick. Her seductive smirk turned to a big knowing grin as she began to wrap her fingers around the massive bulge created by his cock and began to pump her fingers up and down it. Mark threw his head back, lost in the pleasurable feelings. Suddenly he felt her move her other hand and grab between his legs, taking firm and pleasurable hold of his balls. Even though the stimulation was just through his pants he could feel the sperm begin to race up and down his shaft, ready to shoot with just a little more stimulation.

    He heard April give a great throaty moan of lust. "That feel good big boy," she cooed, "is your new master making your big thick cock feel really really good."

    "Yes yes!" He gasped.

    She began to slow down and he felt the orgasm begin to slip away.

    "Look at me; I have some questions for you." He looked down.

    "How long has it been since you last came?"

    "Three days." April let her mouth drop in mock shock, but she was sure Mark thought it was sincere.

    "Three days!?" She exclaimed, her hands going immediately to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

    "You mean to tell me a big cock stud like you hasn't gotten to cum in three days!? You poor baby. Don't worry sweetheart, mommy is here to make all the terrible ache in your balls go away." She cooed in a baby voice as she extracted his rock hard cock and cum heavy balls from his jeans, dropping them around his ankles. With a firm grip she began to stroke his dick very slowly with one hand while she lovingly fondled his balls with another.

    April was absolutely dying laughing on the inside, thinking about what a cruel mindfuck this was for the boy, making him think he was the luckiest slave in the world. There were few things in the world that made April as wet as explaining to her slaves that they were in sexual heaven with her, as opposed to the sexual hell the could be in with another master, and then watching their horror as they realized they were in hell after all.

    "Your ball sac must be very uncomfortable with all that backed up cum in it huh baby?"

    "Yes, yes it is."

    "Oh poor thing. You're very lucky. I'm really sweet and super-duper attentive to the condition of my male slave's sacs. I see to them personally. You know how much I care about the condition of my male slaves balls?" She let the question hang in the air as she lifted his cock up and leaned forward and began to lovingly lick his balls. He gave a long moan of pleasure.

    It pissed April off when girls worked hard to please their men. She would never lick the balls of someone who was actually going to fuck her. In that context she found it ing. But here, when her warm tongue was working toward the cause of agonizing unrelieved blue balls, the act of licking the horny youth's scrotum had her pussy positively soaking her panties.

    She slowly took Alan's nuts fully into her mouth and began to stroke his dick firm and hard. It was too much. Within seconds Alan's balls began to tighten.

    "Ooooo fuckk yesss," he moaned. "Oh god oh god oh god."

    And then suddenly all sensation stopped and he felt her fingers tighten around the base of his shaft.

    "I bet you didn't think your new master would be this good to you did you? Giving you a blowjob! Sucking your nuts. You're the luckiest slave in the world."


    She smiled at him and gently bounced his balls up and down on her palm.

    "I know I know. You thought you'd be shooting all the jism out of these." She began to firmly massage his nut sac and Mark felt the desperate need grow. "And don't worry, you will soon. But I am your new master after all, aren't I? And it wouldn't be right for a slave to cum before his master would it?"

    Marks nodded like an obedient puppy, tears filling his eyes as his swollen balls became positively painful.


    About 5 minutes later Mark was tied naked to a bed, spread eagle with his genitals exquisitely exposed. April had stripped down to lacy black lingerie. Her stomach was taut, her legs long and tan and perfectly smooth. She danced over to him, sliding across his naked body slowly and firmly, letting her perfect naked flesh rub against him, letting her breasts rub over his thighs, briefly over his cock, and then all the way up along his belly and chest. Soon she was mounting him, gripping his ribs firmly between her legs, letting her barely covered pussy rest inches before Mark's face.

    She leaned forward and cooed in his ear. "You sexy thing you. Your naked body and big dick are making me so horny. First I'm going to have you eat my pussy for a couple nice pre-fuck orgasms, and then and I'm going to ride you all night long. Bet you can't wait for that can you?" she giggled as she reached back to fondle his balls again.

    Mark nodded a frantic yes; the stupid kid genuinely believing that he'd be getting to shoot a giant load into April's sweet pussy within the hour.

    "Miserable little fucker's torture has just begun," April thought to herself with a smile as she began to strip of her panties for a little sexual relief of her own.

    After April had mounted Mark's face and he had frantically slurped away at her pussy to three great orgasms she gagged him and then draped herself over him, sleepy and satisfied. Her breasts rested on his bare chest, her sweet smelling hair was draped over half his face. One arm was wrapped around his body; the other was draped below, resting ever so gently over his cock, her fingers just tickling his balls. Her warm legs were intertwined with his and her hot breath was in his ear.

    "I'm sorry sweety." She whispered in his ear. "I'm too tired to fuck and I want our first time to be really good so you're going to have to wait until tomorrow."

    Mark began to scream in panic into the gag, so all that came out were tormented moans.

    "Shush!" Her voice suddenly turned sharp. "Don't you dare question me slave or you won't be cumming at all!"

    Mark immediately hushed himself.

    "That's a good slave. Be good like that and you'll have a great time with me. But don't you dare go talking back like that to me again." April laughed. "Or even moaning back at me. You should be thanking you're lucky stars you have a nice girl like me to play with your privates. Sometimes people get sold into really religious families. You know, like an upstanding middle class husband and wife who like to pretend that their slaves don't have sexual needs. Embarrassed by the thought of them masturbating they just jam their dicks into cages and try to forget about it. Can you imagine that? Your dick in a cage so tight you can't get hard while your balls just fill up with massive quantities of backed up semen? Knowing that that day of relief will never, ever cum. Would you rather be in a home like that then with me?"

    Mark shook his head, absolutely terrified.

    "Good, then stop whining and you'll get your cummies in the morning."

    With that she contentedly went to sleep, leaving a miserable Mark lying awake, staring at the ceiling with a rock hard dick and thinking about his old life of fucking tight wet pussies. Each memory made his cock twitch and his night a little more miserable.

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