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Thread: Sex Butler

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    Default Sex Butler

    I'm only a wannabe at this point as my wife hasn't made the leap but an Alpha Bull suggested that among other things, that I become their "Sex butler" bringing them their wine and snacks and clearing their dishes during their sessions in the marital bed and then leave when requested. I've done a search and couldn't really find a list of expected duties of a "Sex Butler". Can some one give me a list of those duties that would usually be expected?

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    Aenm, I have never heard that term, but I do like it. I will tell you what is normally expected of me. Mistress will always have me drive her to her ‘first dates’ with a new prospective lover/bull. She likes for us to arrive at a cozy bar near our home a few minutes before he is scheduled to arrive and we will pick a table in an out of the way corner. She will sit across from me at the table as if we are ‘just friends’ and wait for his arrival. We will make our introductions upon his arrival, and she will generally have him sit next to her just after they have hugged hello. She will then have me take his drink order and run off to the bar to get our drinks, while they get to know one another.

    As they chat and get to know one another over the first couple of rounds of drinks, I generally can tell if she is going to want to take him home, and on to the ‘next level.’ If she REALLY likes him, she will cue me by asking me to ‘pay our bill’ and she will then ask her new lover/bull to drive her home. When she chooses to ride home WITH him and have me follow, I know she has made her choice and that she will be taking him as a lover!

    I pay for our drinks and hurry on out to our car, and discretely follow them in his car just to be sure she is safe. When we get close to our ‘gated community’ I will pass them on the road in order to have the gate open for them to simply drive in. I then go ahead to our home, open the garage door and pull the driveway in so that he can park his car inside the garage. We all go inside, and I will be tasked with pouring them another round of drinks from our bar at home and they will sit down in the living room. She will sometimes ask me to go off to the office to give them some alone time, or we may all sit and chat in the living room. At some point, she will begin to get quite close to him and then they end up kissing and making out… this is always an AMAZING time for me! Whether I am ‘peeking’ from the office or sitting on the couch across from them… I am always in HUGE cucky angst when she begins to play with her new lover.

    They will make out for as long as she wishes on the couch, when at some point she will tell me to ‘prepare’ our master bedroom for their play time. I then go to the marital bedroom and light the candles turn on nice music and turn down the bed. She will bring her lover to the room, sometimes they will be undressing one another as they make their way to our bed. She will always compliment me on how nice the room looks as she begins to get into our bed with her new lover. As she removes her lovers’ clothes, I am expecting to take them from her, or off the floor and fold them neatly for him. At this point, she may ask me to leave the room, or have me sit on the chair across the room. They will make love for as long as they wish. Sometimes I am allowed to watch, wince in angst and even undress myself and stroke while they play and I watch. Sometimes I am asked to leave the room, and I will ALWAYS sit on the cold floor outside the door and strain to hear her sounds of pleasure! I may be summoned to bring them fresh drinks between rounds of love making. And when I am really lucky, I will be called to the bed for clean up duty. WOW…. What a pleasure to be allowed to clean them both!!!

    When they have finished, and he is ready to leave, I am expected to help him into his neatly folded clothes. I then offer him another drink, and show him to his car. I am expected to ‘thank him’ for pleasing my wife, and of course ask him to visit us again!

    When I return to our bed, she is laying in bliss. I will beg her to let me lick her clean again, and of course I will beg to be allowed to make love to her. If he was a REALLY good lover, she will be ‘worn out’ and will NOT let me inside her, but will lay next to me and tell me how great he was, as I stroke myself to one or two orgasms. Sometimes she will let me inside her, in order for me to feel how stretched out he made her, I will usually cum in 10 strokes or less when she lets me inside her. I then hold her tight as she drifts off to sleep and think about how lucky I am to have such an amazing Wife!

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