Zack the Quarterback vs My Wife, the Principal

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    I was working as a janitor at the same school my wife was the Principal at. She was nice enough to throw me a bone after I was released from my rather prestigious job at an advertising firm, and quite frankly, we needed the money, so I took the job cleaning school toilets. I never felt it was beneath me, it was an honest job for an honest pay.
    The only snag were some of the students, the seniors, specifically the ringleader, a jock named Zachary, or "Zack". Everyone was afraid of Zack, because if you weren't his buddy, he was your bully. So if he laughed, you laughed, or got laughed at.

    After watching Zack bully student after student, one day I stepped in and saved some nerdy kid from getting swirled by Zack and his jock friends. That was probably not such a great move, because while Zack completely stopped picking on kids his age, he isolated me has his target afterward.

    I think the appeal of picking on me was the fact that I was older than him, not even a student, getting pushed around by someone much younger than him. It made him look even more menacing than he was. Add to the fact that I was the Principal's husband, and it just made what he did to me so much more fun for him.

    My wife was well aware of Zack's bullying, often trying to punish him, with no success. She tried having him kicked off the football team, but he coach wasn't having his star quarterback taken off the field. She tried giving him detention, but any room he was in was a party, so that didn't work. She tried talking to his parents, but they dismissed his behavior as normal for his age. My wife started to get frustrated, spending a lot of time trying to bring Zack down, often talking about him when we were together for dinner, in bed, in the car...for a while, all she could talk about was Zack.

    I didn't tell her about all the things Zack was doing to me, because I was embarrassed. Zack overpowered me anytime he pushed me around, his over 6' frame dwarfing me, his cocky smirk looking down at me, his blonde hair shining in the light, his big chest meeting my head....he was intimidating. I tried to fight back anytime he would shove me in a locker, or swirly me, or shove his dirty sweatsocks in my mouth, but I really had no chance against him. Everyone knew he was doing it to me, because everyone would laugh when he did any of it. I was in no position to do anything about it either - I couldn't quit, and I couldn't tell my wife, because I didn't want to tell her one of her students was slapping me - a grown man - around every day.

    One day my wife was summoned to the gym's locker room, because Zack had gone too far. I was tied to the bench, doused in piss, my mouth gagged on a sweatsock, and my nose/mouth covered by a jockstrap. My wife untied me as the faculty snickered. I was so humiliated.

    Zack was immediately ordered to come to my wife's office, where I was too, but I couldn't look at him, I didn't make eye contact with him, I was shamed. Zack knew it, I could see his cocky smirk in my peripheral vision. He patted my cheeks a few times and ruffled my hair, saying "sorry buddy, no hard feelings", chuckling and winking at my wife, and I could have sworn I saw her blush. She asked him to sit down and he sat right ON her desk, his feet dangling. She asked him to sit down and he told he to "come over here and make me.". My wife sighed.

    Zack was facing suspension for what he did, but Zack dismissed it, telling her she'd tried that before - the football team would never allow any absence from him. My wife dropped her poker face, telling Zack she didn't know what to do with him, that he acts like he runs the school, and the rules don't apply to him. Zack told her he pretty much did, and instead of trying to figure out what to do with him, she should start thinking about what to do to him. Zack jumped off the desk and stood face to face with my wife, putting his big meaty hands on her slim waist. Instead of pushing away, she moved in closer, telling him to stop, but not fighting him at all. With me sitting right in front of them, Zack touched my wife's face, his thumb tracing lips, telling her that she should just give in "just like all the other bitches in this place". Their lips were a millimeter apart and my wife closed her eyes and moaned. Zack laughed and pushed her way, wiping something wet under my nose before he left. I asked my wife what was all about, but she asked me to go home and wash the piss out of my hair, because she had a lot to think about.

    I fell asleep on the couch that day, didn't hear my wife come in. When I came to bed, I heard moaning coming from the bedroom. Peeping in, I saw my wife laying down with her eyes closed, a big huge white dildo between her smooth white legs, as she stroked her 34D tits. Her blonde hair covered our white duvet pillows - she was in ecstasy, whatever she was thinking about. I let her be and remained on the couch for the rest of the night.
    On the way to work my wife told me to man up and handle Zack if he tried anything like what he did the previous day again. I realized she was going to find out everything sooner or later, so I came clean about everything Zack did to me - the swirlies, the gym-socks in my mouth, the locker stuffing, the piss showers, the jockstrap licking, the smacking around, all of it. My wife sat in silence listening to it all, but not with compassion or sympathy. She seemed impressed, almost in awe.

    I was cleaning the outside of my wife's office later and Zack walked in, winked at me, gave me the thumbs up, walked into my wife's office and shut the door. I was curious about how she was going to handle Zack, so I ease dropped on their conversation. I was shocked to hear my wife, who always stood her ground, who always championed for the weak, give in to Zack, telling him that I told her about all the things that I did to him, about how she's never been more turned on in her entire life, and that all the time she spent fighting him was clearly her lying to herself about how much she wanted him. I was speechless, and debated going in, as their was dead silence for a good 5 minutes.
    I finally decided to barge in and wished I hadn't. Zack had my wife naked - her blouse was torn off, her bra was ripped off, and her skirt was torn open. She wasn't wearing any panties, I couldn't see any. Zack was hovering over her on the desk like the brute that he was. They broke the kiss as my wife unbuckled his jeans and he took his sweaty t-shirt off. With one hand, he picked her up and threw her on the couch, then stood in front of her, triumphant. My wife got on her knees on the couch and kissed Zack again, kissed down his chest, to his stomach, and pulled his boxers down, getting hit in the face with the fattest cock I've ever seen. Zack grabbed a handful of my wife's long blonde curly hair and shoved her head towards his big dick. Her mouth inhaled at least half of his cock as she sucked and slurped all over it. Zack saw me standing there, jaw handing out, by boner ready to burst out of my pants. Once again, Zack smiled, winked and gave me the thumbs up.

    The next hour was a blur to me, I never, ever expected Zack's situation with me to end like this. My wife couldn't have cared less that I was standing there watching Zack manhandle her. He treated her like she was just another girl, fucking her in every position, all over the office. At one point, Zack was fucking her doggy style in front of me, on the couch, his hand tangled in her hair as he tugged it, his other hand grabbing her ass as he thrusted in and out of her. I came in my pants and Zack saw me do it, laughing at me as he fucked my girl even harder.

    The aftermath was not what I was expecting either. Zack stopped picking on me, but he's still fucking my wife, pretty much whenever she wants. He's well over legal age and it's all consensual, so no laws were broken. All the male faculty high-five him discretely, and all the male students here worship him more than ever before. He's over at our place a lot - I try not to be home when he is, because when they fuck, it's loud. My wife told me she has no intention of leaving me, at least not now, she's just infatuated with Zack, she's not in love with him, and is fully aware she's just his current girl until he moves on to the next one. "Guys like him get what he wants", she said to me.

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